Eye Jammies

No Derelicts of Dialect.

The only bit of hip-hop news this weekend not involving Brisco’s chain or eyebrow weaves is The Punch Heard ‘Round the Hippie Park. By now you’re all aware that Joe Budden got punched in or around the eye at Rock the Bells by one of Raekwon’s ice water carriers. While you may not have seen the deed–which I hear was filmed as well–you’ve likely seen Joe Budden’s reaction.

If you haven’t, here it be.

Joey’s been asking for a four-finger ring temple stencil at the hands of one Clyde Smith for some time now. I hear Smith left the box and headed directly to Rock The Bells, stopping only at CVS for some Oatmeal Creme Pies. I can imagine there’s no greater joy for a fresh-out convict than that first piece of Tom & Jerry shit-less Oatmeal Creme Pie.

Anyway, I digress. Where was I? Right. Joey’s been asking for a four-finger ring temple stencil since forever. I don’t want you people to think that because he’s mouthing off he deserves to be attacked. He has every right to be an asshole. But, homie should also have been aware of the potential consequences of a backhanded apology to Method Man that simultaneously antagonized the rest of the Clan.

These niggas smoke dust and shit. You know they don’t think rationally. Raekwon has an album called Immobilarity. I mean, come on.

Here’s the part that confuses me to all fuck. After “weaving out of” the single thrown punch that simultaneously damages his shoulder and eye–forgive me, side eye–why is Budden live streaming the healing session and taking questions? Is this is all for easy police report reference or something?

This is why they never should have gave you niggas USTREAM. Now that webcams can follow an aspiring rapster everywhere, they think it’s a good thing to “live” every possible moment in view of the public eye. Not that Budden says or does anything of importance in his video whining session, but please keep in mind that you must take anything a nigga says or does in front of a camera with a grain of salt.

99.9999999% of the time such videos contain Tom & Jerry shit.

I just can’t figure out what inorganic bitch-assness the camera is supposed to be showing us this time. Can you? Best case scenario, Budden got in front of the camera holding an icepack because he didn’t know what else to do with himself. Worst care scenario… I’ll let you tell it.

In the meantime, Joey, [Negro,] please turn the camera off and let wifey or one of the Butcher Shop Boys take care of them wounds. The camera will still be there to cause you more turmoil upon recovery.

Questions? Comments? Requests? This bread is hard as a rock. ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • Silly Willy

    Pierzy !!!

    Is Joe pullin a Perez Hilton ? He shoulda just leave it there and move on.

  • Ja$e

    “These niggas smoke dust and shit. You know they don’t think rationally.”
    LMAO some shit is just funny cause it’s true.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    I think it’s pretty clear that Wu-Tang doesn’t care about anything other than their roots. These dudes have been the same from before they had a deal to being the biggest thing in music [summer of '97 was the summer of Wu] to now…

    Seriously…Protect Ya Neck [and your eye]

  • Bobo D

    “Budden got in front of the camera holding an icepack because he didn’t know what else to do with himself. Worst care scenario… I’ll let you tell it.”
    He just had it there so if someone saw a liquid substance coming from his eye he could pretend that was the icepack. “Nigga I can’t crying, thats just ice melting”

  • Bobo D

    Something about the punch, brought some memorys to me. And seems that around this time last year, Mike Jones got knocked out too.
    I guess August is the fight season for rappers.

    • Lowedwn

      More like steal on a rapper season.

      Didn’t “Alfadavit” steal on Shawty Lo about this time last year as well?

      The funny thing was too, I was there on Saturday. When Slaughterhouse came out I noticed Budden wasn’t really facing the crowd constantly and he had the fitted pulled down extra low too. Shoot…all makes sense now, including the “time” issues that ended up cutting sets in half.

  • General

    Goin on camera with the icebag afterwards is not a good look…

    I may not agree with how it happened, but you are right that he has been askin for it for a while, lol

  • shawnb

    Dat nigga joey stupid anyway….dont he know Wu Tang got what?…..a million niggas in dey squad(NOT TO MENTION THE STANS)….protect yo neck and yo eye…co-sign to the fullest
    WU TANG-1

  • shawnb

    Maybe joey and Crooked I should switch names now(mwaahhahhahhahahahahahhhaaaaa)…..dis shit is too easy

    • BIGNAT

      shawnb good one homie mwhahahhahaha

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Anybody notice the ads above???

    “PUNCH and time clocks”

    “Time cards & swipe BADGES”

    “Get PUNCH timeclock”



  • el capitan

    This is some Aaron McGruder shit… The incident remind me the Metaphor tha Great Vs Tubesteak vid

  • el capitan

    Joe Tubesteak Budden

  • HNIC

    From this day forward, I will be referring to Joe Budden as… wait for it… “Glass Joe”! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • V.O.R.


  • P. Harris

    “These niggas smoke dust and shit. You know they don’t think rationally”


    too funny… mickey factz on youtube with a 10 minute story too… he says it was a sucka move…

  • capcobra

    rae better destroy that tape.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      destroy the tapes, leo! destroy the god damn motherfuckin tapes NOW!

      • Lowedwn

        too late, I heard that “faggot nigga Chauncey” already got a copy

        • Moi

          I told you not to be showing the tape

  • http://216skillz.com 216skillz

    So here we are in another let’s all hate Joe Budden session. We don’t even talk about the let’s run around and smack up niggaz that say they rap better cuz we raw niggaz individuals. How stupid is that? How stupid is it for Raekwon to record it for IceWaterTV? How stupid is them to continue to address Joe Budden if he’s nobody? How many rappers do you just not care abou, but Joe Budden yall hate. I think he’d rather you feel one way or the other than be indifferent. Game Over. Wu Loses

    • Eazy E


  • Ayre

    Dick riding “real G” SMH at cheerleaders

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine




      Anybody notice the ads above???

      “PUNCH and time clocks”

      “Time cards & swipe BADGES”

      “Get PUNCH timeclock”




  • KF UK

    Joe you hurt youself more with this video than the dude who punched you upside your dumb head.

    Jesus seriously how much do you want to hurt the slaughterhouse collective with shit like this?

    “Wu tang clan aint nuthing to fuck with word is born god” ~ scuse me i just came over all 1992

  • mazemayhim

    If it was Ghostface and Clyde Smith, Joey woulda felt what Ma$e felt lol oh, by the way, it’s not cool when u can exchange war stories with wifey smh

  • http://tonygrands.blogpot.com Tony Grands

    Now, all we need is for Tahiry to develop some substance abuse problem, & well have an official replacement for Bobby & Whitney.

    • BIGNAT

      hahhaha you guys on a roll today with the jokes

    • Brooklyn

      they can upload a clip of them sharing a crackpipe and joe talking about how he pulled shit out of tahiry’s ass. i miss the bobby brown reality show, that shit was funny as hell.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        First episode has to be them high as shit, sitting in the middle of the living room floor, lit candles in the background, holding his & hers frozen bags of vegetables to each others faces.

        Arguing over the rotation of the sherm stick…..

        @ the end, she drops the “blunt” in his lap & he slaps her in the other eye.

  • midwestcoast

    @ the end, she drops the “blunt” in his lap & he slaps her in the other eye.

  • http://happynappyhead.com Seattle Slim


    Maybe it’s my age…
    Maybe it’s where I’m from…

    But he got hit. Knocked the F out…

    And he got on USTREAM??? I mean, I thought you had to a) go into hiding until you’re ready to be roased or b) go back to the lab, plot and scheme to catch that cat and return the “love.” Instead he got on USTREAM to “talk” about it? *logs off hip hop* I can’t…

  • http://www.obeseamerica.com sankofa

    much ado about nothing