Do what I do...

I usually have to take on the likes of XXL commenters who don't know shit from Shin-ola on these drops I post when they tell me that my age has something to do with the tastes I have in rap music. Only an idiot would think that someone in their late thirties or even their forties wouldn't be good at rapping. This shit is not skateboarding or playing freeze-tag. Those are things that children are good at. Putting together lyrics that relate to the universal struggle of looking good (feeling good) in order to secure the sexiest piece of poon is best left to the people that have experience in getting ass.

I like young rappers though. Kid Cudi is one of my faves, but he comes from Ohio which is a state that has a long history of churning out people who can make good music (yes G.O.O.D. music). I also fux with Asher Roth who could have pwned the frat boy summer anthems if not for Drake and his deal with Mephistoles (no Sylvia Rhone). Still and all, the best music that I have heard in 2009 has come from old head rappers. By old head I mean people that were 30 yrs old or better. DOOM, Mos Def, Eminem, Raekwon, Ghostface and SlaughterHouse.

The fact that only Eminem has been able to sell records means ZERO to me about the quality of the music that those people I just mentioned have produced. In my mind the main reasons why rap record sales are primarily in the shitter these days is because our economy sucks balls. If I can stream some music from zShare, DivShare, iMeem, SoundCloud, Pandora or motherfucking MySpace why in the hell would I buy it?!? The answer is that I wouldn't. I can use that $15 bucks to put towards my recreational drug budget. Loud Pack anyone?

The crazy truth is that only dinosaurs and retards are still buying CD's. Hence the fact that country music still moves off the shelves, but even that is showing some signs of slowing down. So if you are one of the dinosaurs that thinks the sale of a compact disk determines the quality of the music contained therein you might should prA'li set yourself on fire with a fuckin' meteor. One of the best albums of 2009, fuck it, the 2000's decade is about to drop in two weeks and it may only move 100K in its first week. Or it may not even reach that number since I haven't heard any of the leaked singles on the radio as yet.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is over ten years in the making. From the time its predecessor was released as the master plan for cinematic rap the music industry has gone through a massive upheaval. There have been all kinds of gangster mafia biography copycats that have diluted the sharpness of OB4CL and there is no shortage of rappers looking to craft their own rags to riches sagas on their own CD's (Ro$$ anyone?). But you should remember who taught you to call the diamond 'ice'. You should remember all the language that you have been gifted from these rappers who now have some grey hairs in their beard.

Think about all of that when September 8th comes around and you have to make that decision on how to spend your recreational drug money. I'm copping that purple like I always do.