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Do what I do…

I usually have to take on the likes of XXL commenters who don’t know shit from Shin-ola on these drops I post when they tell me that my age has something to do with the tastes I have in rap music. Only an idiot would think that someone in their late thirties or even their forties wouldn’t be good at rapping. This shit is not skateboarding or playing freeze-tag. Those are things that children are good at. Putting together lyrics that relate to the universal struggle of looking good (feeling good) in order to secure the sexiest piece of poon is best left to the people that have experience in getting ass.

I like young rappers though. Kid Cudi is one of my faves, but he comes from Ohio which is a state that has a long history of churning out people who can make good music (yes G.O.O.D. music). I also fux with Asher Roth who could have pwned the frat boy summer anthems if not for Drake and his deal with Mephistoles (no Sylvia Rhone). Still and all, the best music that I have heard in 2009 has come from old head rappers. By old head I mean people that were 30 yrs old or better. DOOM, Mos Def, Eminem, Raekwon, Ghostface and SlaughterHouse.

The fact that only Eminem has been able to sell records means ZERO to me about the quality of the music that those people I just mentioned have produced. In my mind the main reasons why rap record sales are primarily in the shitter these days is because our economy sucks balls. If I can stream some music from zShare, DivShare, iMeem, SoundCloud, Pandora or motherfucking MySpace why in the hell would I buy it?!? The answer is that I wouldn’t. I can use that $15 bucks to put towards my recreational drug budget. Loud Pack anyone?

The crazy truth is that only dinosaurs and retards are still buying CD’s. Hence the fact that country music still moves off the shelves, but even that is showing some signs of slowing down. So if you are one of the dinosaurs that thinks the sale of a compact disk determines the quality of the music contained therein you might should prA’li set yourself on fire with a fuckin’ meteor. One of the best albums of 2009, fuck it, the 2000′s decade is about to drop in two weeks and it may only move 100K in its first week. Or it may not even reach that number since I haven’t heard any of the leaked singles on the radio as yet.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is over ten years in the making. From the time its predecessor was released as the master plan for cinematic rap the music industry has gone through a massive upheaval. There have been all kinds of gangster mafia biography copycats that have diluted the sharpness of OB4CL and there is no shortage of rappers looking to craft their own rags to riches sagas on their own CD’s (Ro$$ anyone?). But you should remember who taught you to call the diamond ‘ice’. You should remember all the language that you have been gifted from these rappers who now have some grey hairs in their beard.

Think about all of that when September 8th comes around and you have to make that decision on how to spend your recreational drug money. I’m copping that purple like I always do.


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  • GO-Getta’

    “This shit is not skateboarding or playing freeze-tag”.
    Only few rappers are as good as their age but most nah

    Busta’ still that dude
    Nas can still snatch that hip-hop crown
    Rae – OB4CL2 gonna b’ classic based on leaks
    but Jay just not that dude no mo’ but keeps making business moves & setting trends.

    PS:Diggin’ tha pic.

  • TC

    LOL. How’d I know this post was coming…

  • latino heat

    you’ve been working some funny hours this week D.P.

    i agree that the best music has come from “the old heads” this year. but that’s been true for at least the last 5 years or so.

    why are you going in on people that still buy cd’s so hard though? i thought that would be something you would appreciate. i still show artists love when i think it’s worth it (B.O.2!) i would have got S.H. if i could have found it but instead had to buy it it online.

    i just can’t get my hopes up for OBFCL2 though. it’s like the chick that keeps taking her abusive boyfriend back thinking it will be different but ends up the same way every time. more ass whoopins and heartbreak. but in this case more pushbacks and more letdowns. see Immobilarity and Lex Diamonds Story.

  • SbuJah


    truth is these up and coming cats dont live/never lived in the hood and dont relate to black people on that deep connection shit [II]… (see drake, bow wow, yeezy) so of course they gon sound soft as monkey balls.

    btw still bumping that DOOM, Nas, Rae, Jay cos nolstagia is a hell of a drug

  • General

    Nice drop DP…

    The sales numbers shit has gotten old. Its the old argument of quality versus quantity. When it comes to the CD’s I buy (and yes that makes me a dinasour, lol) I’m more worried about the quality than I am how many it sold for the soundscan numbers. Em, MF Doom, Red and Meth, and Slaughterhouse all dropped the best joints this year and even CO Ricky Ross (I know I’ll get “thrown under the bus” for this) stepped up and put together a quality CD that was worth coppin. Do I care that none of them are double or triple platinum? I don’t care. When I play the shit in my ride or on the headphones at home it doesn’t sound better or worse based on the number of CD’s they sold.
    And yes, this year the best CD’s have come from the “older heads”, but part of that is that the younger cats that I think will drop quality shit just haven’t dropped this year, such as Kanye, Lupe, Game and yes I’ll say it, Drake and Kid Cudi.
    And of course Rae has got his CD comin that I think is going to be right at the top of the list for best CD’s of the year. BP3 on the other hand I predict will be a disappointment. The difference for me in the tracks I’ve heard from both is that Rae still flows with the same hunger on this one that he had 14-15 years ago, while Jay seems disinterested in really crafting top quality material anymore, which he really doesn’t need to solidify his status as a legend, but at the same time it seems pointless to put a half ass effort out just because.

    We in the same boat Dallas as both being “old heads” in this hip hop shit, but ain’t nothin wrong with that as long as you represent to the fullest for quality music whether its the older or younger generation of hip hop artists that are putting it out

  • Pierzy

    Back from vacation…what up y’all?

    Great looks on The Purple Tape photo. Straight classic.

    As far as the age thing, it’s not new and, unfortunately, will never die. Young heads think the old ones aren’t down or hip anymore and old heads remember when shit was better…it’s true in every form of music and in almost every other industry too. 12 year olds will tell you Kobe & LeBron are better than Jordan & Magic, while 60 year olds will tell you that Russell & Wilt were too. It’s the circle of life.

    I’m primed for Sept. 8th

  • Silly Willy

    Age ain’t nothin but a number, word to the late Aalyiah. Just keep it simple.

    Keep faith in quality, and show support whenever you see it. The only thing allowing shitty music to keep flowing is the lack of support for better products.

    If that makes you a dinosaur, then jurassic the shit out of it!!!

  • Dallas Penn

    What is telling is how I forgot to list Meth and Red in my oldhead rap list. So much good music this year from the geriatric rap set.

    Old Heads FTW

  • yoprince

    a subtle dig at byron i see…

  • Tony Grands

    Warning shots @ “the competition”, dp? I see you, sir. Really though. Glad you popped off.

    I’m happy you came back to put Red & Meth into the fray. Thats possibly my favorite CD of them all so far. I’m still bumping “Born Like This”; shit should be a manual on lyrical dexterity & superior wordplay.

    There’s a lane for old(er) head rap, & it’s been proven this year. Even if one stretches that group to fit Rick Ross, who I’m positive isn’t a day under 38. I don’t blame the younger generation, per se, but I do blame their lack of influence/motivation to out-do each other on the same level as cats were 15 years ago.

    The competition isn’t themselves or each other, it’s the radio, soundscan & the Internet, so of course the [artists'] focus won’t be as canonized as it once was. Dre Tellem doesn’t post YouTube’s of himself rapping incessantly for the pure sake of bragging rites. But, he’ll show us what the Slave Masters allow him to have. Thats Rap, thats not Hip Hop. Thats material, not imperial.

    Video killed the radio star, then Internet killed the video star. CD sales are declining; a trend which probably won’t ever reverse, & rightfully so it seems. So it’s only befitting that the already free music becomes even more “no strings attached”. Plus, dudes are putting out so much music, @ this rate, who’ll have time to download anything?

    & so, the disposable arts become even more user-friendly.

    Ill photography, by the way.

  • UNITURNZ2000

    That’s because the old heads know how to “make songs”. I swear all of lil waynes songs are starting to sound alike. even drake sounds like lil wayne! These guys need to learn how to craft songs! there should be like some type of adoption agency where an older rapper takes one younger rapper under their wing and shows them the ropes.

    • Tony Grands

      Co-sign UNI.

      These young rapsters look to each other, as opposed to the pioneers. They seem genuinely preoccupied with distancing themselves from the roots of making actual rap songs. So much so that, like you said, the redundancy is outrageous.

      Hip Hop ain’t dead, it’s just stuck on ‘repeat’. Originality is what’s dead.

      • westcoastaggie

        It’s neither “dead” nor “stuck on ‘repeat’…” There are plenty of young artists out here that quite talented and can put together good songs with good lyrics.

        Some may take a little from wayne or kayne or jay but it’s the same as they took “pointers” from biggie, rae, ghost, big daddy kane, Rakim, etc… So u may think these songs are not good, there are plenty of cats who think otherwise.

        BTW: you “old heads” are acting the same way as our parents and grand parents acted when you were young regarding music. They stuck to the music and artists of their youth. You all are doing the same thing.

        • General

          I hear ya. One of the things I do believe us “old heads” do have to do is not to put down the younger artists, but to help bring them up…

          As I said in my comments before, for me its not which generation you come from but the quality of your music and believe me there are issues on both sides. I think Dallas’s point is not only valid, but accurate in that this year all the best quality music has come from the “old heads” thus far. That doesn’t mean that some of the younger cats want drop some great shit later this year or next year, but as far as CD releases up to this point in 09, it hasn’t happened…

  • Curtis75Black

    Nice one DP,

    I wholeheartly agree with this one. Most of the rappers that peaked or got known around my mid-20′s just don’t do anything to me. As the man stated above me “Old heads know how to make songs”. It’s not just a random 16 or 32 to a hot beat, selling nonsense. Most of these emcees have children and families, so they have matured along with me. It’s not hard to listen to any emcee with decent production around the age of 40. Straight up, what is a 22 year old gonna say to me that’s gonna broaden my horizon and scope of the world.What young emcee is gonna truly give props to Hip Hop ?

  • Jhon da Analyst

    SlaughterHouse!!!!!!!!!! The Chef!!!!!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    BTW: you “old heads” are acting the same way as our parents and grand parents acted when you were young regarding music. They stuck to the music and artists of their youth. You all are doing the same thing. -Westcoastaggie

    To some degree, I definitely co-sign. I loved the music when I was coming up. It was fresh, real and experimental. Sounds effects, Beats and lyrical styles as well as subject matter.

    One thing peeps fail to mention is that back in the days of Hip Hop, we had a more broadcasting of our culture. Radio played any and everyone that was hot (to some degree), we had The Box, Rap City, MTV that repped Hip Hop also. We had Magazines without Bias. Everyone had their share of time and exposure. Once the internet popped you swore it will get better but we fell back and stop the movement. It’s harder nowadays to peep the real artists of Hip Hop because radio and video refuses to play them. Older artists are stuck into a “oldSchool” box and constantly get pushed to the side while newer rappers getting played are just pawns of a playlist. Buying new music is a task also because most of the time, you have no idea a emcee dropped a cd. I just found out about Blaq Poet yesterday and saw his shit on ITunes.

    • Tony Grands


      I agree with that comparison. & what I didn’t understand then, I do now. There’s a difference in the music, generationally speaking, & you can’t deny that. & to lay blame on an entire group may not be fair, but thats how it seems.

      There’s no time to digest new music nowadays; everybody drops a thousand “mixtapes”, rapping over other people’s shit, @ some point it all sonically meshes together, & thats what I’m left with. I agree that there’s plenty of young cats doing it or the betterment of the music, but unfortunately they don’t get pushed to the forefront. It’s only so much digging/downloading/searching through the muck & mire to find my “new” favorite MC.

      The video/radio shows that were hip hop vehicles 15-20 years ago don’t exist; not your fault or mine. Now the opportunity to get heard is convoluted, which leds to a bunch of rappers who appear to sound the same.

      But, I haven’t given up hope, just yet.

      • latino heat

        @ Curtis75
        co-sign it is hard to know when a artist is dropping a album these days. if they didn’t have a banner on i probably don’t know they dropped. if it wasn’t for one of the commenter’s on here mentioning Blaq Poet’s album a while back i wouldn’t have known about that either.

        @ Grnad$
        i feel you about too many mixtapes i made pretty much the same comment a couple days ago on that blog about the free mixtapes. remember when you only did one tape and it was used to keep your name out there and let people know your new album was coming? now we just get a bunch of tapes but no actual album.

  • the G.O.D


    Good post on this one, all that old vs young nonsense got started by them TIs and it’s simple they are trying to keep the music diluted; I remember how they said this was a phase -and yet it is still here- at the same time you had the Flintstones et al rapping with big gold chains on, clowning us and this art form of OURS. What is happening now, you got commercials with cartoonish characters, using our words etc… Black man wearing tight jeans, being feminine to the max, what do you think they are trying to do?. Last I check Hip-hop did not have a old vs young thing, tis have created that and why?…wake up people. I gotlittle nephews 15 or 16 who wouldn’t be caught dead listening to the garbage out there.

  • Worley

    Hey man you can still see the track listing on that Purple Tape. You ain’t play that sh*t enough!!!

    There is no question that I’m copping that Cuban Linx II. I played the first one so much that to this day my pops still knows who Raekwon and Tony Starks are. I drove the man crazy with that shit. It’s my girl’s turn this time.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    My sentiments exactly DP…………….

  • giantstepp

    You make some good points DP but no matter how you spice it up, less than 20,000 units is not a good look even in this day with the eff’d up economy and all. Especially with the caliber of dudes on Slaughter House. They each should’ve had 20,000 apiece in the pocket as individuals x 4 would’ve given them 80,000 units first week, which is decent in todays market. The fact that it was 4 of them makes it worse. And I don’t buy for one second that artist dont care about the numbers. It’s not all about numbers, but it does matter. Nobody wants to straight BRICK/FLOP.

  • EmCDL

    Yo DP whats good! Good post dawg!

    Even though I’m a young head (24), I have an ear for the stuff that came out back in the 80s and 90s; to me, it just sounds so much better than the stuff that comes out now. Numbers don’t really impress me nowadays, I’m all about quality not quantity. All of the albums you posted on your blog (with the exception of Eminem; I got his album from a friend of mine and didn’t actually buy it) I copped the actual cds to; I actually just got my copy of the Slaughterhouse joint from Amazon yesterday and that album is complete fire! I’m still bumping Gangstarr, Nas, ATCQ, De La Soul, etc. on the regular…that boom-bap presence gets me as well as the wordplay that these artists present. So I guess you can also call me an old-head in a sense too.

    And yeah, depending on the artist, I cop their cd regardless. I’m not going to say I’m not hip with downloading free stuff (I’ve done it a few times myself) but I’m always down to support any artist I’m a fan of. So go ahead and call me a Petrodactyl if you want LOL

  • UNITURNZ2000

    Too much partying and bullshit. Too many songs about sex and hittin pussy. I KNOW there is good music out there but you have to look for it. I dont mind bcuz i am a hip hop head and I need my fix. But what about the casual listeners that have to listen to whatever is being played. There has to be variety. Its not being enforced enough. At the end of the day what do these rappers really stand for? partying and sex? That’s WACK!!

  • C. Hop

    Damn that purple tape held me down when I was in philly for a few weeks in 97. I got a railroad job and had to go there for 3 weeks for training. Never stopped listening to that and black moon. The TI’s are going for young acts with no substance cause it sells easier, you only have to go one song deep and they don’t have to worry about them offending anyone or making anyone think too much. An Ohio has a lot of talent bubbling here, check out my music.

  • Devi Gargon

    2 Parter

    Damn, yall wanna talk about full albums and buying off the strength… I bugged every record store cleck in a 20 mile radius for a whole summer for the Purple Tape. BUT, when I bought it, I immediately loved it and it still gets better every listen. That is my favorite HIP HOP album to this day!!!

    2. “Party and Bullshit” As a musician, a fellow artist saw me doing my thing and wanted to do a song with me. I asked him, what type of song do you want to do. His only words were, ” A Club Banger”!?!?! I thought it was 2002 all over again. I then asked what angle do you want to approach it with, (then i gave him an example of one of my more uptempo ditties.) He gave no response!

    Back to Party and bullshit, many of these cats just want to be seen, so they thing that club/radio single will be that vehicle to the light. BUT, when you dont have any spin to put on the already flooded market of party songs, you get party and bullshit,(shake, pop, drop, wiggle……). In my experience, most people really like my serious songs, and skip through the party joints unless they are in that mood. So I tend to make more mature music in my later age.

    I hear the excuse used that hip hop started with the party and all that…. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were from those days in the park, but they still elevated to The Message!?!?! This is the first time historically, I have seen a music regress to quality and capability that it had 20 years prior. From the lyrics to the beats, it seems like it apexed and has started to go backwards.

    That’s why these are the top quality releases this year. These artists might be old heads, but they were groomed to outdo themselves, not to do whatever seemed to work before, times (x)100!!!

  • 11KAP

    The pioneers know what’s up.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    dinosaur or not I’m copping OB4CL2 in cd form. I want the cover and liner notes and the pictures to go with my music. If I’m paying I want something in my hand.

    I download and bootleg everthang but certain albums I need the cd. Like Reakwon, Prodigy, Dr.Dre, Rakim….that sounds old saying cds are old.
    Maybe djs should give up records…those been around since the 1950s

    I see where DP is coming from though…

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Good look DP. You’re a true cat.

    In the comments, I think the old heads have still listened to the new stuff, trying to grasp it, whereas the younger ones totally dismiss it, labeling it old.

    It’s totally a divide & conquer tactic, but because of the over saturation of music, it could use to be reorganized and shuffled around so at least one can get a good look in it’s lane(Thanks Grand$, I don’t need to re-type that!).

    A good all day convo going on here to break up Jay-Z @ XXL.

  • westcoastaggie

    The game is changing. One reason why we are seeing so many Mixtapes is that alot of artists are now simply dropping albums for free. It’s just simpler for a new artist to get his music out there, for free and grow their fanbase. While this fanbase may not go out and buy their “tape”, they would definitely go see them live and drop $20-$40 to see them.

    So just because SlaughterHouse didn’t sell much and the Chef probably will not either, They will make their money doing shows rocking out with their fans.

    BTW: The sooner more artists realize that they do not need Major Label backing nor radio airplay, the sooner the Industry will change for the better.

    • EmCDL

      Co-Sign completely…hell I’ma be co-signing this post all damn day! Its too much tools on the the internet to get your music out there, you just have to work for it. Hell, just google ‘musician promotions’ and a whole slew of ish pops up…some of the stuff you may have to pay for but most of that ish is free! Get ya knowledge on!

      Being on a record label doesn’t benefit you at all; you’ll be losing more money than getting it. The main thing about being with a label is about all the promotion they do for you, but thats pretty much it. And even that hasn’t been working for some of the newer artists thats out (see: Asher Roth).

  • C. Hop

    steal everything off the majors, buy your local and indie artists if you want shit to get better.


    i will get ob4cl2 if i can find it i am tired of hunting for albums.

  • DV8

    I for one fully embrace my young/old head status (young enough to enjoy sum of todays music/ old enough to know most of the shit out today is garbage) I just turned 29 2 months ago. I dont even bother trying to school these yougns anymore. It gets me aggy (you try convicing 19-23 year olds that Lil Wayne is vastly overrated). Every now and then one of these new cats catches my ear. Im just now starting to warm up to Drake a little bit (I do mean a little bit).

    BTW I must have copped OBFCL atleast 3 times since it came out (1 Tape, 3 or more CD’s) Damn theives!!!

  • AZ40

    “Only dinosaurs and retards are still buying Cd’s” Thank you I can’t understand why people are still buying them, I don’t even own a cd player i use my mp3 player…if you still buy cds are you still buying VHS tapes step you tech game up

  • Sleepy Wonder

    No Offense Dallas, But FUCK YOU For Calling Me A Retard/Dinosaur. I Already Pre-Ordered My Copy Of OB4CL2 :)


  • fatDAN

    Rap does not look like it will get better any time soon. Not with these flake flipping wannabe girly boys who think the more tattoos the better. Who cares about all these lames that wanna shine on t.v. and got to talk in some made up hood drawl that only appeals to people that have never met anyone hard core. Have them listen to Scarface and watch their fucking minds go blank because all youngsters care about is what their nickname is and how to do that next pussy dance. One day people will catch on to the lameness of today’s youth and realize they are as unoriginal and stupid as RAY-J.

  • Brooklyn

    i’m what would be considered a young head (i’m 20)but i don’t really fuck with any of these new artists. as a kid i hung out with older cats and they schooled me to the classics, so that’s what i’ve always preferred. nevertheless, if a cd is good or it’s by an artist that i like, i’ll buy it. usually i’ll preview an album on the ‘net first, if i like 3 tracks i’ll buy the cd. other than that, i only buy old school cds.

    there is an age divide though, because a lot of my peers think wayne is the greatest rapper alive, which i think is laughable. it’s not their faults though, they most likely didn’t have anyone around to show them that there is better music out there. i used to hate when my cousins made me listen to rakim, krs-one, black moon, m.o.p., pete rock, and public enemy, because i thought they were old and i wanted to listen to the newer artists. i grew up during the years of diddy’s flashy suit munificence, and i thought that was cool. but they taught me about better music, showed me what hip-hop really was, and thus prevented me from being swayed by the bullshit of modern artists.