Did Peter Rosenberg dis Eminem?

If Peter Rosenberg didn’t want people to think he’s dissing Eminem, why did he make a song dissing Eminem? It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to worry about Em retaliating.

A few people hit me up about “Em Is Over” yesterday on the late, great Twitter, because they know my history with Peter Rosenberg. Nullus. In a post, a while back, about Busta Rhymes’ “A-rab Money,” I mentioned how it was ironic that Peter Rosenberg was making light of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, during Israel’s horrific attack on Gaza, when his father is a high-ranking member of the Israel lobby. The younger (but somehow balder) Rosenberg tried to claim this isn’t true, but I proved, using the world’s most accurate encyclopedia, that it is. (If you can’t find any of this in this site’s archives, I’m sure it’s due to some technical glitch.)

I figured it was probably just some dumb joke from his morning show on Hot 97, but I had a listen, and I was like, Damn, they really went in. They called the guy white trash, and a closet case. They told Nick Cannon, who supposedly knows Karate, to kick his ass. They even dragged his kids into it. I bookmarked the video and figured I’d do a post today or tomorrow about how Eminem should get in Peter Rosenberg’s ass (no fishsticks), but he probably won’t, because his manager, Paul Rosenberg (supposedly no relation to Peter), owner of RapPravda, wouldn’t allow him to.

I was gonna tie it into how Em never did dis Asher Roth for jacking his steez, (kinda) dissing him on “As I Em,” and just generally being an embarrassment to white rappers, and yet, he’s somehow found the time to make not one, but two songs about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. It used to be, Eminem would pick a fight with every white rapper in the game, just to impress his black friends. Now, here’s a white rapper with an entire song about Eminem on his album, and Em doesn’t have shit to say, other than a few compliments in XXL, and then again in a video on this site. The fuck? Clearly, shenanigans were involved.

I checked Twitter again, a while later, because what else am I gonna do, and I saw Peter Rosenberg was conducting damage control, with a series of tweets (my bad) about how people couldn’t possibly think “Em Is Over” was serious. The rest of the Internets must have heard it and had the same reaction I did, and so Rosenberg was afraid Em might pwn him the same way he did Mariah and Nick Cannon, i.e. harder than a motherfucker, even though he knew good and well his cousin Paul would never allow that to happen. But he probably didn’t check with Paul (I could have given him Paul’s cell) before he went in. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

Rosenberg also put up a post on his blog, about how he couldn’t believe people were taking “Em Is Over” seriously, and how he thought Eminem might actually like it. Then my old pal eskay posted a link to it in his sidebar, to help get the word out. Whether he was ordered to, or if he just did so out of the kindness of his heart, I’m not sure. But I couldn’t help but be reminded of when he refused to report on Asher Roth’s Don Imus moment, on the outside chance it was the was the work of a haX0r (perhaps the same haX0r who killed Twitter today). And now here he is running the interference for Roth’s best friend forever, Peter Rosenberg. Coincidence? Nah, right?

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  • General

    Brothers or not you know them TI’s all stick together. I’m sure Em might have let Roth go as a favor to someone, but more than likely when he looked at the situation he saw that the only way Roth was gonna succeed was if Em took the bait and therefore gave Roth that added attention and perhaps added fans who hate Em…

    As far as the song that Rosenberg did, I do believe it was not intented as a true dis, but more as a parody sort of track…

    Hell, even Fabulous said he would pick Em’s side over Mariah just cuz he didn’t want Em going in on him on any tracks, LOL

    It would be nice to see a worthy opponent step up and take their shot at Slim so we could get more of the vintage “Nail in the Coffin” type tracks before that Relapse 2

    • Detroit P

      Hell, even Fabulous said he would pick Em’s side over Mariah just cuz he didn’t want Em going in on him on any tracks
      Yea I lost all respect for Fab for saying that..how do you make claims that you’re a top tier rapper or that you’re underrated…and then admit to dickriding another rapper because you’re scared of what’ll happen when you don’t…and I kno he wasn’t serious as a heart attack when he said it, but he still said it, jokingly or not, that aint hiphop

  • these posts are racist

    “…horrific attack on Gaza.”

    For all your faults, you are on point when it comes to the destruction Israel has effected on the Palestinian people, as well as your general understanding of how AIPAC/the Israel Lobby works against American National Interest and uses our tax dollars to control an entire people and force them to live under apartheid and oppression.

    Em is over in the sense that hes like 36 and is a multi millionaire…he won’t be dissing anyone at 40…so yes, Em is “over”. But Marshal Mathers will live and is able to do whatever he wants with all his money.

    • Hanch

      So if Mexico was launching Rockets at us over the border you wouldnt want us to fire back or go in there and kick some ass? Just a question cause to me the thing with Israel and Palestine is a 2 way street, If you dont want Israel’s tanks coming through there blowing shit up then it would probably be smart to quit launching rockets over the border into there city’s. Seems like Common Sense to me but hey what do i know. I also am not saying i agree with what has happened but im just saying, kinda playing a little devils advocate here

      • these posts are racist

        And who is mexico in this scenario? Palestine is not an independent country, its occupied. The US does not occupy Mexico. Israel has taken over land that Palestinians own and live on, kicks them off, then brings in jews from around the world to live on it. It controls the lives of millions of Palestinians but does not grant them equal rights under the law.

        So if Mexico came to your neighborhood and took over your home and forced you to live in a tent under its complete control yet never allowed you to vote or have any rights under Mexican law, what would you do?

        • DetroitDraper

          I’ve seen recently that for some reason you receive alot of backlash on this site but if not on anything else I agree with you here.

          MAYNE HOL’ UP

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        @ Hanch

        You should go back and study the real history on that conflict.

        What you just dropped is realistically an American propaganda standpoint to justify the $ and arms being sent over there.

        Start with the 3-Day war of 1947.

        • these posts are racist


          What up…i see you fam.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Thanks. You do get a lot of flack TPAR, but you’re far from being ignorant.

          Me personally, I would like to see you utilize those axioms & synapses you possess and give a little more insight.


          The Southern Comfort says:

          And a shout out to the Commission and the other regulars – this site never lets me post but your comments are a real education (and worryingly informed) and they keep me coming back.


          See what I mean?

          Love, Peace, and Happiness

        • these posts are racist

          Good lookin Sykotic,

          the advice is taken and appreciated. BTW, what is the Commission, i must have missed the post/comment that established this…

        • 3030

          i personally don’t agree with half the shit you post on here, but you’re spot on in your posts about israel and palestine. Respect.

  • Vakuru Chaivo

    Them jews are way more gangster than gangster itself …gaza, west bank and even em can’t mess with them. This jew thing is deeper than rap

  • http://Jaystone22@yahoo.com JAY STONE

    What do you expect.
    ‘The choosen people’ control this country.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    It would only matter if it were PAUL Rosenberg that dissed Eminem

  • http://www.mikestreezy.com mike streezy

    I wanna hear the track now. Thats crazy. Startin to sound like Em’s going to have more than enough people to drop disses on in order to beef up the publicity for the next album! But check it out, I got free downloadable tracks at http://www.mikestreezy.com if you get bored nawmean!

  • hate

    you know bol, for all the shit everybody always give you, you still the only 1 speaking the truth.
    thats prolly why they hate you

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    TRACK WAS BOOTY JUICE (nullus) thx the heavens it was a “joke”.

  • Enlightened

    BOL -

    You need to post the Nas Anti-coonery ad over here.


    I’m starting to get mad because I’m looking and worldstarhiphop. Vladtv, nah right and all these other sites that post all this punk ass shit don’t have that up.

    Bol is the only nigga I can find that posted it.

    Shit is crazy as hell nowadays

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    LOL @ the “late, great Twitter.”

    I never did trust Twitter. What’re all you twiggas gonna do now? You better hope Twitter didn’t become “self-aware” on some Skynet shit. Facebook doesn’t look so good, either.

  • ty from linden blvd

    bol u forgot to mention the fact that rosie served u a cold bowl of ether on unkut….

  • Rx

    This is easy to read. Roth and Rosenberg went to Em to help them get on. He dissed them. So they got on another way. Now it’s pay back and Em not responding to shit cause he pussy and he scared.

    Responding Mariah was pussy not because she is a woman but because she is an easy target, Mariah Carey is a retard. Nick Cannon is behind the whole fiasco and he played Em many times cause Em never gonna diss Nick Cannon in even the slightest way or even see him man to man even though he know where he is and Nick is fucking his old bitch. He not gonna approach the nigga at all.

    So Em is over. Isn’t it obvious? The nigga is washed up, another white rapper is here and some other nigga is fucking his former bitch. No one told him to stack all those chips and stop spitting hot fire. He did it to himself.

    • Monty B.

      The words “pussy” and “scared” shouldn’t ever be in the same sentence describing Em.

      The kid is STILL spitting fire. You’re just too busy hating to notice.

  • http://www.get2knowpro.com leontheprofessional

    …whoever the dude is above me, needs to stop smoking dust.

    …i’m sick of ignorant peeps comin’ in here talking that ‘old rapper’ shit. it’s like, homie – if you dont see that roth studied em hard as fuck, then got w/ his jewish fam and pulled some “simple” strings to get on, then i dont know WTF you’re smoking.

    When was the last time ANYBODY has heard a no-name come out the woodworks w/ a MAJOR label deal..? That shit doesnt just ‘happen’. come on, homie.

    as far as Bol – you kick that real shit. you’re right. Em is a beast — regardless if he picks easy targets. Fabo aint weak for sayin the truth — joking/not. truth is, the diss is whatever Em/all of us wanna make it. and Em aint an idiot — you see his stacks of green…


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Trailer trash Marshall came from nothing, lived his life in a black man’s world. Succeeded in his craft because of his drive and ambition, not hook ups or family relations.

    Made millions, put his boys on, put his life out there for the world, and yet cats still hate.

    If you can hate on his life story, you honestly have to look at yourself and think what are you really representing.

    Uber drop, Bol.

    • these posts are racist


    • Monty B.


  • Truthfully

    wtf are you talking about? Asher never dissed Eminem. Did you even listen to “As I Em”?????

    he gave Em props. just because someone name-drops doesn’t mean its a diss. If so, The Game has dissed nearly everybody and their mother.

  • http://www.shabooty.com shabooty

    i read half way down til i remembered peter isnt paul. i get my jewz mixed up.

  • boss

    asher roth far from dissed em on as i em are u stupid? they just sound kinda the same but they’re not talking about the same stuff so not really jacking his steez.. rosenberg’s embarrassing

  • http://comeonwithitrss.info/ Alonzo Stangroom

    Amazing guide, well crafted I must say.