Clearance Sale Pt. 2 – The Animated Edition

Like most people over here at the XXL offices I’m a certified music head. If you haven’t caught on, everyone on the staff is assigned a week to take these here internets and I’ve taken it upon myself to throw you guys a lil’ sample clearance sale every time it’s my turn to shine. Again, I’m just throwing out some suggestions cause my lazy, cheap ass will probably never get any equipment to make my own beats.

Last time I did a post highlighting some of my favorite joints from ’80s movies that I thought if flipped the right way, would make some fire. This time I’ma do the same ish, but instead I’ma focus on some music form the animated field.

Thank you YouTube. And shouts former Scratch blogger Gooch for his dope Kararte Kid/Drake mashup, no doubt inspired by this here bloggity blog.


1. I’ma start it off with this song I freaking love, but for some reason no one has uploaded it to youtube yet. It’s the first of two songs used by director Ralph Bakshi. This one is called “Scaarborough Street Fair” by Merl Saunders and it’s from the Heavy Traffic soundtrack. Just Blaze would murder this shit.

Update: I stand corrected K-Salaam chopped this up for his song “It’s Just a Matter of Time” featuring Saigon. Still wanna hear Blaze’s interpretation…

2. You know what’s dope about Michael Jackson, besides the obvious, he’s been dead for over a month now, and despite all the news coverage and the musical tributes, we’ll never be sick of him cause his music was such crack. My question is why hasn’t anyone sampled this yet – it’s already a freaking beat, you don’t have to do anything to it at all – and why hasn’t MTV or HBO played Moonwalker movie since his passing. Not only was it super awesome, but it was really freaking trippy. Fast Foward to the 50 second mark – BTW this is “Speed Demon” off of Bad.


3. Wyclef already used “Staying Alive” from Saturday Night Fever, but to me the real Travolta gem was the theme from Grease by Frankie Valli. Clef, I smell, I smell, I smell… possible comeback…



4. The theme from ‘80s cartoon Jem ”is exciting, oooh Jem – truly outrageous.” If Remy was still around and she got Alchemist to loop this up – replacing the name of course – she would be in the money. Fuck it, we need a female MC to come out now, and name themselves Jem just so they could use this song.



5. And last but not least is the second song from a Bakshi movie, Scatman Crothers’s “Ah’m A N*gger Man” from Coonskin. Your damn right it’s controversial (fun fact Bakshi wrote the lyrics), but it’s so dope. In fact it so up Mos Def and The Roots’ alley I woulldn’t be surprised if they already tried to use it. Fast Foward to the 27 second mark.




What other animated songs would make for some ill samples? Hit me? -Jesse Gissen

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  • Moving Sideways

    You know that poster came from the ’80s because even the font had Pac-Man Fever.

  • P. Harris

    I tried sampling the introduction track to the movie “Cotton Comes to Harlem” I didn’t like the outcome of my sample, but that movie has several tracks that I haven’t heard any producers get on…

    I make beats on the side

  • Federal Ranga


    Personally, I wonder if anybody would have the balls to flip Thundercats… or Silverhawks. That’d be pretty dope.

    Episode IV of the vlog now up…

    • Pierzy

      Luda flipped the “He-Man” theme song on his Pre-Release Therapy mixtape and killed it!

      Wu-Tang could do something with Voltron…

  • General

    Thats some good shit…

    Now I know what all the Myspace producers will be cookin up in the next week…

    I’m sure we’ll probably get the Coonskin intro sample on a Soulja Boy song comin soon

  • Dindadda

    Scaarborough Street Fair was sampled from Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • BishopOne

    I always thought the Claire Littley cover of “Fly Me to the Moon” from the end credits of Neon Genesis Evangelion was sick. The strings in the beginning are epic. Just Youtube it.

  • geico lizard

    Sample the theme to “Amen” and make a fortune in gospel rap music.

  • I Am Not A Crook…

    I always thought the Claire Littley cover of “Fly Me to the Moon” from the end credits of Neon Genesis Evangelion was sick. The opening strings to the full version is epic.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Did you really drop the “Jem” theme song?

    Truly outrageous! Ha!

    Can’t get that “Robot Chicken” episode out of my mind…

  • CA

    Scaarborough Street Fair was sampled over 10yrs ago by Checkmate out of BC for “These Days and Times” I know most US cats won’t know it, but it is a classic up here


    that Scaarborough Street Fair is something else i rally like that.
    well i may be older but i still watch cartoons those that are good and anime. i would have to say samurai champloo would do good. i have 4 cd’s that is all music from the show. it has lots of sick songs and also hellsing has some good songs. the soundtrack came with special box set i bought for my brother. of course i put that joint into the pc and burned it before i let him have it. also trigun had some good music one song was this crazy death metal type song. old school movies what about truck turner. also how about boss nigga i never saw the movie but with a title like that it has to have good music on it.

  • Pana

    You read my mind with #3! wow I’ve been telling my husband/producer about that for the past 5 yrs!

  • the r

    Pras already used Grease for Blue Angels….the Jetsons theme songs would be sick though

  • teh r

    jetsons theme song!

  • Brooklyn

    i always thought the voltron theme song was fire, and although it isn’t from the ’80′s, the x-men from the early to mid 90′s had a nice theme song too.

  • conceive a girl

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