BLOG: Building With The God…[With Exclusive Video]

ob4cl2 invite

Getting this invite sent to me was like getting my birthday present exactly one month before my new year.

I’m an unabashed Wu stan and we all know that.

It’s prA’li my dream to be buried with my purple tape.

So it’s no big deal that I super stan out extra hardbody for Raekwon and Ghostface. These are the dudes that were my age and saw some of the same things that I saw. They described them in a way that my mind’s eye could immediately register. The Wu-Tang Clan was my escapist cinema soundtrack.

Enter The 36 Chambers – This was me and my dudes staying out late going to see karate movies on the Deuce in rundown pissy sensimile smokefilled theatres. Shaolin Avengers, Flying Guillotine and anything from the Shaw brothers. The Deuce was the livest shit I had never seen. people were fighting and pulling out guns and trampling each other. And when I snuck back out to 42nd Street the following weekend to the chagrin of my dad I found out that they were doing the same shit all over again. I was transformed. Hail Meg!

Return of The 36 Chambers – Ol’ Dirty Bastard is the one Wu member that I connected to the most. He was the most spiritual dude ever in rap music. I think he contained a part of every Clan member in his persona. Dirty would get wild. Dirty would get crazy. Dirty was filled with love even for people that didn’t love him or understand him. Dirty had compassion for humanity. Fuck that, Dirty was a Black man. This chamber is my Blaxploitation period. The movie this album describes is Coonskin.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx – This was the greatest album I had ever heard. From the rhymes to the beats to the song interludes there was never an album in Hip-Hop that did the shit the purple tape did. Albums were only filled with songs. This album was filled with stories. The interludes offered narration to bridge the chamber’s chapters. The new album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is great, but nothing can duplicate this album in my life. The words and music were pulled right up off the concrete on the streets. Those were my dreams to have remarkable cream. They still are. Word to ThunderCracker. Rest in power.


On the rooftop of his record label’s Manhattan offices, Raekwon the Chef spit some of his Wu classics and some of the new hot shit from the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 project.

As the sun was setting for the evening the sky in the background became purple.

I think that was Ol’ Dirty blessing this project that appears to be re-uniting the Wu.

Wu-Tang is 4ever.


RAEKWON – ONLY BUILT 4 CUBAN LINX 2 PROMO CONCERT from dallas penn on Vimeo.

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  • Grand Prixx


    wuts god DP,you’ve turned into my fave blogger since billy x(unless you were him or yall share the writing idk) but loving the posts especially as of late..OB4CL 2 is gonna b musical crack! cant wait
    p.s.sent you some traks chek ya boi out(word 2 tony grands(wut up fam?),ask hm bout me..)

    • Pierzy

      I don’t know if it’s because he is a member of a group (excuse me, THE group) but Rae, like Ghost, is never brought up in the conversation with some of the greats. However, the Purple Tape is musical perfection from beginning to end.

      And yes, Dallas Penn = Billy X. It’s like a Peter Parker/Spiderman thing.

      • Silly Willy

        I think Ghost get mentioned because of his skills, versatility and consistency. He pretty much put out quality work on the regular.

        Rae on the other hand, as skilled as he is, never occurs to me to have outshined anyone in any of the collabos he did.If he did, then it’s not as often as a Ghost or a Meth. OB4CL is a certified classic, but Rae’s not holding the whole project on his own. And he hasn’t been as regular as say Ghost, Nas or Jay for quality solo albums.

        Just my 2 cents.

        • Silly Willy

          BTW, is it me or another one of Bol’s posts got sent to X-spot Pandora Box ? When will they release a Lost Posts Edition of the mag ?

        • Curtis75Black

          You know, I always felt Rae was the shining star with 36 Chambers !! Everything from how he entered the track to the way he was spittin’ his verses to the skits on that cd was on point, He made me want to pick up OBFCL !!

          Ghostface is the man when it comes to the solo joints basically because he’s not afraid to fail. He does him and I truly believe if he wasn’t on Def Jam he would be looked at like Inspectah Deck, Hot solo’s but no one hearing them. Ghost remains a favorite of mine basicially because you have no idea what to expect or how he’s gonna come on the next track.

        • Tony Grands

          Co-sign Ghost not being afraid to fail. That’s that “people’s champ” quality that most folks can relate to, even if he’s spitting some the most obscure verses in rap history.

          Rae is just the opposite, extra-fly & super flossy. That yin/yang effect might not ever be duplicated in Hip Hop.

  • Grand Prixx

    oh yeah,i been getting flack for this statement 4 a couple years but..i like Ghostface catalog more than jay-z’s(the truth is the truth)..i rank jay higher in the greats list,but other than Nas(say what you want about Nastradaumus but Lost Tapes n his other unreleased shit>90% niggas careers)ghost got it when it comes to catalog in my book and he’s borderline top 10 all time in my book(top ten if you dont count dead people)
    p.s.n i’m only 22 so im not biased by a generational many agree bout the ghost statement tho(waiting 4 tha backlash….)

  • Grand Prixx

    y did they move the everlast blog to the features(did i make a impct on that..doubt it lol..maybe)

  • geico lizard

    I know that is Raekwons signature facial expression but my grandmother makes the exact same face when she takes out her false teeth.


  • Federal Ranga

    Everybody make sure you hit up my link on myspace or youtube and become a part of the new movement to bring awareness to the gay community’s contribution in hip hop. I already have Mutada, Tony, and Persian signed up. We need your help to stop the discrimination in hip hop against our people.

    Be Proud

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Haaaa! For the first few moments of video, I was looking at Rae thinking, “Damn, must be a lot of muthafuckas in that piece” because one dude’s head kept popping in view…then I realized it was you, DP. Hahaha….

    Anyway, I like that dudes are approachable. Like I said once before, they’ll speak with you if you step to them correctly. Ghost or Rae. That’s the thing about Wu…they’re world-renowned and yet in person, they’re humble.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Oh, and that’s the first time I’ve been able to post on this blog for a week. Y’all missed some classic Herbz because of some bitch ass firewalling of my comments. Muthafuckas…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • Tony Grands


        That’s because you told us how to block out the advertisements.

  • romil

    yall crazy Rae was outshining most of the Wu tang members in the early days. Go listen to CREAM !!!

    Rollin in MPVs every week we make 40 G’s

    Rae always been one of the most influential Wu members. His downfall was not dropping enough classic material after Cuban Linx.

    To be quite honest most of the downsouth Wu fans liked Rae because he was always on the drug street slang.

  • capcobra

    classic footage.

  • Dallas Penn

    GrandPrixx what up?!

    Pierzy, Curt75, OG Matt, all Commission what up?

    I can’t tell y’all how good it feel to just stan out with no reservation. OB4CL2 is sounding like a classic album and Blueprint 3 is looking like an unholy shit sandwich.

    Euro techno rap? C’mon Jay, even KanYe didn’t do that.

    • Grand Prixx

      good look on the shout DP
      i BEEN tellin niggas jay losing it..niggas in my state(DelaWhere) b on this nigga dick so hard!..when i was locked i started a convo bout rap(as i usually do) and i told em i think OB4CL n the Infamous(prolly my fave album all time..or at least top 10,the way my list re-arranges) and niggas thought i was crazy(niggas did give props to OB4CL but Infamous?4get it) and when i said that in 95-99 prodigy was as hot a lyricist as jay niggas told me 2 fill a sick call sheet lol..i need 2 get up NY or somewhere niggas appreciate GOOD hip hop cuz these niggas b having me ready to choke something lol

  • BeerGangsta

    Rae is my favorite Wu member. I wish I could have seen you on stage yesterday. Rae will knock Joe out in 10 seconds. Slaughter sucks they only sold 20k CDs in 2 weeks. That sorry.

  • 11KAP

    Yungins just don’t understand. lol

  • Tony Grands

    GZA doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Unlike Rae & Starks, his window’s basically closed now, but during the Wu-era, Genius was outrapping most cats. Probably still could.

    Am I the only one who got duped into buying “Words From A Genius” when he was signed to Cold Chillin’?

    • Curtis75Black

      GZA is a emcee that could’ve been where Ghost was but to me all of his albums were the same. He always had that one track with his crazy wordplay (labels, teams, alphabets ). He never changed it up, never took chances with his sound. I don’t want to hear liquid Swords unless I play it.

      • Curtis75Black

        Now Tony, don’t get me wrong – I knew exactly who he was when I first heard protect ya neck and thru ‘ShadowBoxing’ ft. Meth, I made my own song lol !! From the era he came up in, he’s no doubt one of the best but he never has that “it” factor. He’s sort of like Jadakiss to me, someone who raps a certain way to remain relevant to certain people, of that makes any sense? Gza, I would love to hear him on a Erick Sermon Produced track, Marley Marl, DJ Scratch or Premier – something funky and upbeat with some flare !!

      • Tony Grands


        Agreed. It was like he got stuck in his “greatness” & refused to budge. Same thing I think Method’s been going through for awhile.

        GZA’s could have made a slight dip back onto the radar with his 50 Cent diss, but that was merely the sound of the gate closing shut on him for the last time. The last time I heard him do something new, was on Chappelle’s show, & it was almost sad to see what he had become.

        I still bump “Liquid Swords” every crimson moon. & Cappa’s first album.

  • EmCDL

    Damn I remember seeing that purple tape back when I was in middle school; one of the dudes in my class had it and was bumping OB4CL in the classroom while the teacher had to step out. I got the actual cd now and waiting on OB4CL2! Commission!

  • DownSouth

    To me, all of the Wu hold their own. Rae, Ghost, and Genius are the three of the cleanest wit it. One of my all time fav verses comes from Bobby on the Forever al, ‘Impossible’. I have to rewind that verse everytime I hear it cuz it’s so fly.


  • thoreauly77

    whatup DP- as a certified wu-stan since the jump, i first and foremost want to say, “fuck you for getting to hear the exclusive shit and the album already!” nah, kidding, you worked hard for this man.

    also, a couple years back, on state street in santa barbara, RZA played for about an hour and a half, a few wu bangers and mostly bob digi. i remember rhyming along with every track, and some guy trying to punk my spot because i’m white (oh, hell no!). shit was cuckoo. a friend got us in through the back cause he knew the bouncers, and that was also where the after-party was, which essentially consisted of RZA drinking shitloads of free tequila. i approached him and was like “man, i can’t believe your playing santa barbara”, and he’s all (in his elmer fudd impediment mind you), “yeah, who woulda fought i’d be in santa bobwa, wight?” ah shit, i was rolling! so we drank a few more tequilas and i walked back down state street in full stan mode!

    great drop dallas, if just for the reminiscing.

  • latino heat

    just one question D.P. what was all the dead flies (bees)? by the Wu Forever album cover? was there a hidden message to that or am i just slow and i totally missed something?

  • latino heat

    typo. i meant to say, what was with all the dead flies around the album cover? please explain.

  • Dallas Penn

    Those were bees and when you think of Wu you think of Killa Beez right?

    I’m kind of a weirdo. I collected the bees and I took a pic of them next to the Wu-Tang Forever CD. The bees were like the guardians of that shit.

    Was I high when I made that pic? PrA’li.

    • latino heat

      thanks for the clarification D.P.
      i still think the pic was kinda creepy though. but you get style and originality points.

  • enzo

    all the wu members hold their own. thats the beauty of the wu. however I don’t understand why kniccas sleep on Rza’s lyrical skills. Bobby Digital is my favorite wu solo joint because Rza comes off on some fly super hero hethon type shit. Although I do miss his old Gravediggaz 36 chambers raspy style delivery. He hasn’t spit like that since like 95. To me Raekwons best work was cleary the OBFCL 36 chambers and Wu Forever. He spit some ill shit on Wu Forever. One bar that comes into my mind in particular of that Wu Forever junt:

    “something to conquer
    stomp you like that cat Blanka
    ten toy truck ten karat on ya monsta”

    I always think of Rae stomping on a cat like Blanka from that Street Fighter video game.

    thats an ill line

  • enzo

    also the cover art for the new OBFCL2 junt is pretty dope too. Same style as the first cover but with a purple hue. Nice touch

  • Sleepy Wonder

    How Come No One Ever Mentions “No Said Date”?

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Because MOST haven’t heard it.

      “No Said Date”-Masta Killa

      Is the most slept on Wu member drop. 2nd is “Liquid Swords”(which I have bought on 4 different occasions).

      “Grab The Microphone”, “No Said Date”, “Secret Rivals”, “Digi-Warfare”, “Old Man”, “Queen”, “School”, & “Silverbacks”, where TUPAC gives The Wu a superior co-sign, are all fire.

      I basically dropped the whole album.

      Add this one to the list fellas!!!

      1. IRONMAN
      2. OBFCL
      5. TICAL
      9. NO SAID DATE(I said “slept on” not better)
      10.THE PILLAGE(don’t front. “Slang Editorial”, “Run”, “Supa Ningaz”, “Oh Donna”, “Milk The Cow”, & “Check for a Nigga” were heat. RIAA certified.)

      Ghost is the only one who has 3 Wu classic albums under his belt(pending Linx 2). But the list also shows that he is the most dominant, fan fave of the whole Clan because he is all over(again pending Linx 2) 6 classic albums in hip hop(I’m counting Pillage/Fishscale, but it was top 10).

      Gza had his chance with The W & Iron Flag, but he chose not to.

      Yet I’m still hearing good things about “Chamber Music”. I’ll let someone buy me “Dopium” for my born day.

      • Curtis75Black

        I 2nd that McCaine !!

      • Pierzy

        I’d put Liquid Swords even higher. That album is amazing.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I was gonna put it before Tical, but Meth had major commercial success on that album.

          Bobby Digital is #11. But RZA’s best work is on GRAVEDIGGAZ.

          Rebel I.N.S. was a beast on them Pete Rock beats. He missed the boat not getting more tracks on UNCONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, #12.

        • Curtis75Black

          Speaking of INS, what did everyone think about The Movement and The Resident Patient ?

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I didn’t cop The Movement. Wasn’t feeling what I heard.

          The Resident Patient? It was cool. I play “C.R.E.E.P.S.” & “No Love”. I always thought Carlton Fisk was gonna blow ever since he killed “Mr. Sandman”(It’s as song worth freeing our country…).

        • latino heat

          @ Syk & Curtis75

          i liked The Movement. i haven’t listened to it in years, but when it 1st came out i had it in heavy rotation for a bout a month. i’m not sure how well it aged. i never heard or even knew about Resident Patient until a few months ago. i just happened to come across it while flipping through cd’s at a record store. yes i still do that.

          i also thought Deck was gonna blow. i really thought he could have done it after Triumph, Tru Master and Above The Clouds.

        • Curtis75Black


          Well, to be honest with you, I didn’t hear about those last 2 solos until he went at Budden !! With all the Bullshit talk about how “he only had 1 cd and that didn’t even blow” I did my research On Itunes and ran across those. The Movement is nice considering what’s playing on the radio and video. I rock that whenever it comes on the Pod. Resident Patient, I haven’t checked out yet but being the Hip Hop fan that I am, I will within the week or so along with Blaq Poet. Something tells me I will enjoy his shit.

  • 619

    I still feel the ‘Ironman’ album more than anything else Wu ever put out. I still play that album from time to time. Every single beat is proper. And Ghost makes you feel certain joints like you were right there, “All that I got is you”, and “Motherless Child” make a mafucker feel like Ghost was sittin’ next to you in the livin’ room growin’ up. “Wildflower”, “Daytona 500″, “Camay”, that other joint with the Delfonics on it, haha, who else besides Ghost was up on fly old school shit enough to throw the Delfonics on a joint, and put a Jackson 5 sample on it on top of that, haha. I know some real heads on here feel me on this.

    • Silly Willy

      Definitely on the soulful tip.

      Ghost is like a wild monster who sometimes feels the need to pick some flowers and sit on the dock of the bay or some shit. And make you feel it. Supreme Clientele may be his best album, but I still have a soft spot for Ironman as my fav.

      I love OB4CL too, and oddly enough, for me, Ironman appeared like a legit OB4CL2. So yeah, I’m hyped for the new project, but I would’ve prefered another title……

  • sATaLyte

    I still feel the ‘Ironman’ album more than anything else Wu ever put out.
    Co-sign. I love OBFCL but, I have had to replace Ironman, and by that I mean purchased, at least 3 times.

    Either one of my boys heard it for the first time, loved it and then just up and scooped that shit, or I played the motherfucker to death and it was scratched up, I have just listened to that more than any other Wu album ever made.

    I can never wrap my head around why niggas do not big that album way up more.

    It may not have made the impact that Cuban Linx had, that album was incredible, but OBFCL was practically Ironman 2.