Taheezo turned out to be a filthy hoo-er? Shocker!

Word on the street is that Joe Budden and Taheezo broke up the other day. Budden supposedly found out she'd been doing some extracurricular helmet washing and decided to kick her to the curb, where she belongs. On World Star, there's a video of him with an emo look on his face, like his daddy just gave it to him up the coat, while recording a song about how he broke up with his girlfriend last night, and I heard he left a message on Twitter the other day saying "It's officially over."

I checked Budden's Twitter (nullus) to see if this is true and to see if there have been any further updates, but I see his profile has been set to private. I've never followed Budden on Twitter, but I'm assuming this is a recent development, since he's got upwards of 40,000 followers, and when your profile is set to private, you have to approve each and every one of them by hand. I don't doubt that Budden has that kind of free time, but if he was willing to put forth that kind of effort, you'd think he'd be further along in his career.

40,000 is more than twice as much as the number of people who bought that Slaughterhouse album - but I'm assuming a lot of them aren't Budden fans so much as people tuned in for potential lulz and/or pictures of Taheezo's huge ass. Joell Ortiz, who might not have a girlfriend, has about as many followers as people who bought Slaughterhouse. Crooked I only has as many as Ortiz, despite all of the time he spent working on those Hip-Hop Weekly freestyles. To think, he could have just written one song people actually liked.

Then there's another video on World Star that Budden supposedly had removed from Joe Budden TV, after it was only up for about two hours. (What kind of numb nuts goes and removes something from the Internets after it's already been there for two hours?) In it, Taheezo goes off on Budden about something that happened at a strip club. It sounds like he may have gone there with Taheezo and made the mistake of nodding at one of the other hoo-ers there he banged. I wonder if it was the same club where he found Taheezo.

I can see how that might have set her off - the thought that Joe Budden could easily find another hoo-er just like her. Black and latino themed strip clubs along the east coast must be full of women suffering from tank ass syndrome and willing to do something strange for some change. Who knows how many times Joe Budden purchased a little something extra from the champagne room before it occurred to him to put Taheezo on TV. Or rather YouTube. That's probably where a lot of that "Pump It Up" money went.

I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing, if I had the means, and it was clear that was my only option. But I'd keep that shit on the low. I warned Joe Budden - back when I found out that Fabolous had taken a ride in the tank, so to speak - about going on the Internets bragging about his relationship with Taheezo. A woman doesn't just end up in relationships with two different rappers (that we know of) by chance. She's obviously a pro at this. I'm not saying I wouldn't drop a load on her, pending the results of a test for various STDs, but I definitely wouldn't be parading her around as my girlfriend, making videos of her around my kids and what have you. Who knows what she taught those poor kids.