I thought I was going to be the one to post the Esso video for his single 'Don't Stop' from his new 'Off The Wall' mixtape, but I see that someone from the XXL office is fuxing with Esso as well. That's good for Hip-Hop. I'm tired of talking about all of these old moufs trying to still rhyme.

The 2009 freshmen class is somewhat pared down in comparison to the 2008 group. You would think that with the internets being the powerful distribution tool that it is we would be seeing a bum's rush of MySpace rappers coming to the fore. It ain't happening though. The people that I am getting familiar with are the dudes getting their grind on the most classical way.

Being in the streets and getting on any microphone available. That is how I have come to meet six of this year's freshmen. These dudes are really F.R.E.S.H.

Esso - The boy Esso hollered at me during an Asher Roth listening party. I like his style and his outlook on rap music. While his attitude is that of an old mouf rap purist his technique and flow are very new. Esso has the mind to be in rap for a long time. I hope he chooses the music that best complements his style. The 'Off The Wall' mixtape was a project that Esso spoke to me about several months ago. Too bad Esso had to kill Michael Jackson for it to be so good. Oh well, at least we know who's blood is on the dance floor.

Che Grand - I run into Che Grand all the time with the fellas from Tanya Morgan. Che is another asset to Hip-Hop because of his background and worldly knowledge. Rappers from Africa have every reason to be as motivated by gangsterism and capitalism as anybody but these dudes usually rhyme about everything else other than bullshit. If American rappers would go to Africa I think they might be convinced into elevating their content as well. Che has a project called 'Everything's Good Ugly' that should be on your to listen to list. Word to Dart Adams.

Nipsey Hussle - I'm not as familiar with Nipsey Hussle as I should be. I feel like I met son in an airport or somewhere random and he handed me a CD. Respect this man's grind that he always has some product ready to distribute. Now I'm gonna spend the weekend digging through my apartment to find that CD.

Pill - Before any of you clowns claim I am hating on the south's new artists I will shout out the homey Pill from the 'A'. He's another cat I met on some random shit when his manager caught me using the computers in the Apple store. Fuck my co-sign though since Killer Mike fucks with this cat hardbody. Y'all have heard of Killer Mike right?

Diz Gibran - Diz been on the radar of one of the best coast Hip-Hop blogs in the game - 2DopeBoyz. Just recently Diz was here in New York City putting in work shaking hands and kissing babies. That's what I call politicking. Diz is nice enough to have caught the ear of Pete Rock and landed a track on the Jay $tay Paid project. Diz is poised to blow up for real for real and I hope he does because sonn is nice.

Wordspit - This is my dude right here. Don't get it twisted either with his Star Wars and video game memes, he can really spit. I'm gonna do a project with this dude in the near future because I want to get him some exposure. I want to give exposure to all the rappers I just mentioned because they all maintain the vision that I have for Hip-Hop.

I apologize for not listing J.Cole here but my peeps at Pardon Me Duke hold him down hardbody. Is there anyone else that you are checking for that I need to listen to?