Blood Is Thicker Than Cristal…


Continuing with the ‘True Blood’ inspired drop titles is my meme all week. I’ve been meaning to have this discussion with you all ever since Jackpot put the idea in my head. Does Jay-Z need another Dame Dash? Maybe not the actual Dame Dash himself but someone like Dame Dash who is opinionated and outspoken and dedicated to his artists being the freshest.

Without Dame Dash we would never have been given the character of Jay-Z. Most OG New Yorkers that still fux with this rap shit know that AZ (not the Firm rapper – NaS weedcarrier) from Harlem was one of the original streetpusher rap stars. AZ didn’t have anywhere near the talent that Jay-Z had but he was living the lifestyle for real, for real. Word to Rich Porter and Alpo.

Dame also built that Roc-A-Fella brand by putting in a stable of hard spitters like Beans and Freeway. Dame brought in KanYe West and Just Blaze. Dame was smart enough to leave out Saigon. Jay-Z was certainly the engine that made the car go fast, but Dame was the engineer that masde sure the machine ran correct. Who was more important? It should be obvious that you need them both.

The debate surrounding Jay-Z’s latest single “We Run This Town’ is focused squarely on the fact that KanYe West with half the verses of Jay-Z put in twice the amount of work. He clearly pwned that track. KanYe deserves another verse on that song. Hopefully there is a Roc-A-Fella Def Jam remix (Jadakiss, Fab, KanYe and Jay-Z) and Jay-Z redeems himself for not blacking out the first time.

I believe that Dame Dash would not have allowed Jay-Z to leave the studio the first time with that song as it was. Dame, who is the master of motivational slick talk would have asked Jay-Z is that was all he had. Dame would have told him from the gate that KanYe just ethered him on his own shit. Dame would have asked Jay-Z if that was how he was going out from now on, as a second stringer? Whatever it would have taken to get the best out of Jay-Z is what Dame would have done.

This is why Jay-Z had to get away from Dame Dash, but he still needs someone like him in his life. The yes men will not push Jay-Z to find out if he has a next level. They are only concerned with making him feel relaxed and comfortable. Dame Dash does not relax. He doesn’t sit still. He doesn’t shut up. And Dame Dash would be the only one man enough to tell Jay-Z to his face that if he didn’t have any more good music in his mind then he should really retire.

The Jay-Z Dame Dash track record of music they created together is undeniable. The shit these dudes have done separately is wholly forgettable. Blood may be thicker than Cristal, but champagne tastes so much better.

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  • El Tico Loco

    True observation, to me Jay Z never sounded hungry “cakeaholic” pushed him, Kanye killed that track because he don’t like being outdone, but he ain’t hungry anymore either just look at his earlier beats compared to the new ones.

    • El Tico Loco

      Pierzy? whooa! it is a full moon for real

      • Pierzy

        Appreciate it, Tico!

  • Yessir

    HOV’s verse on ” We Run This Town” was not good at all. I heard that is really Rhinna’s.

    Maybe that is a track just to KEEP THE REGISTERS RINGING.

  • P. Harris


    But if not, here’s my piece…

    DP, Best blog I’ve read all day and that’s some true shit. In a world full of suck ups and yes men a person who is not afraid of you is needed. You need someone who is going to call you out from time to time, shit like that keeps you on your toes…

  • Pierzy

    Supposedly, that’s why they couldn’t stay together – if Dame didn’t like a Jay verse or song, he would tell him and it’s obvious that Jay likes to have a lot of “yes men” [pause?] around him in the studio.

    The best collaborators are those that don’t always agree but work towards the same final goal.

  • Jerzee to LA

    Amen DP.

  • Bobo D

    True, Jay needs a Dame Dash behind him (no homo). Dame handled the business so Jay could concentrate on his rhymes. Or maybe the secret to Jay’s success was some guy dancing with champagne bottles, but I suggest he try the former.

  • latino heat

    American Gangster was far from forgettable. Dame executive produced The B.Coming, the best album of Beans carer. other that that though they haven’t done too much worth remembering.

  • Tony Grands

    Of course they need one another. Thats the way the whole “yin & yang” thing works. Who’s Jay’s “yang” now, Rihanna? Beyonce? Some balding TI who’d much rather perform ego-fellatio than be honest about Jigga’s waterlogged state of mind?

    Remember the Roc heyday, if you saw one of these dudes, the other was right with him. Now, all I see is pictures of this cat Jay walking in front of or behind his wife, no smile, no haircut, & in sandals. He might want to let The Game be the Balky to his Cousin Larry. Crazy folks are the most dedicated friends one will find.

  • Tony Grands

    Of course they need one another. Thats the way the whole “yin & yang” thing works. Who’s Jay’s “yang” now, Rihanna? Beyonce? Some balding TI who’d much rather perform ego-fellatio than be honest about Jigga’s waterlogged state of mind?

    Remember the Roc heyday, if you saw one of these dudes, the other was right with him. Now, all I see is pictures of this cat walking in front of or behind his wife, no smile, no haircut, & in sandals. He might want to let The Game be the Balky to his Cousin Larry. Crazy folks are the most dedicated friends one will find.

    • General

      “He might want to let The Game be the Balky to his Cousin Larry. Crazy folks are the most dedicated friends one will find.”

      You might be on to something. If Game don’t get that A Team role, they could do a remake of Perfect Strangers, but a reality version instead with Jay and Game, LOL

  • General

    “Dame would have told him from the gate that KanYe just ethered him on his own shit. Dame would have asked Jay-Z if that was how he was going out from now on, as a second stringer?”

    Great post DP, I think this line says a lot to what Jay is about anymore though…

    I think he has too many people gassin him up talkin that G.O.A.T. shit that he thinks he is above everyone regardless of quality…

    That is why I don’t have all these great hopes that everyone has for BP3, because I don’t think he has it in him to make a great CD without someone like Dame to put him in check when his ego overrides his talent. Its also why I say he ain’t gonna respond to Game because he ain’t got that heart to get in an all out battle with someone who can hit back hard

  • Detroit P

    Good Shit,

    “Dame was smart enough to leave out Saigon.”

    Also, I don’t think Kanye ripped that track, he was just noticeably better than Jay who has been kinda week for a while…I guess when you’ve made so much money, and have had so much success, what is there to keep you hungry?’re right he needs a Dame to tell him shit is wack, cus at this point he’s just rapping and is struggling for things to rap about…or maybe even if Dame was there he’d still be like this because his “spirit of youth” is gone…he got his grownmman on too much til he finally grew out of “young Hov” no matter how much he speaks to the contrary







  • Dallas Penn

    El Tico, Grand$, General, Pierzy, Latino, Detroit P what up?

    Everyone, no matter what their profession is, needs a good, honest editor.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      You’re right with that. You need someone who is entirely devoted to the behind-the-scenes dealings and doesn’t give a fuck about getting on the mic or popping up all in the videos. Someone far enough removed from the hype to give you an objective opinion. Jay-Z’s been feeling himself as the greatest for too long. He thinks he’s “too big to respond” and “the MJ of rap.” He acts like he can do everything solo. Thing is, his shit’s sounding mad stale right now and can’t no one bring the freshness like gay ass Kanye–just ask TPAR.

      –OG Matt Herbz–


      word up! and its funny cause i just wrote a post on my site like 2 days ago on the same topic of responsible editorial.

      and it’s true. EVERYBODY need somebody to tell them NO. even my spoiled ass…


        it’s called “Cut That Out”. check it out. tell me what yall think…

  • brand-new

    that’s real talk d.p. during the reign of the roc dynasty i often thought dame as someone jay just brought along for the ride. i didn’t know the purpose of him being there or his role. now it’s quite evident that dame was a major part of the success of the roc.

  • Avenger XL

    I agree they need each other business wise and if Jigga would take advice from anyone maybe it would be dame. But to be honest dame track record isn’t superb. He has more epic fails than wins and Jay has even out moved him in the business world. If he was so hot or such a great motivator I would say he would be somebodies phil jackson rather than waisting time with Jim Jones (Natch). This dude has more ego than business sense. I think they both got lucky and Jay had the skills to take it to the next level lyrically after BIG was killed. Place BIG in the picture and the new york landscape changes. Jay,Dame and Bigs were in the right place at the right time, to make the best of a bad situation.

    I do give him the credit for bringing artists to Roc-a- fella since JAy-z is an artists he can’t say the next man is nice or ill(unless it is Memph Bleek do the homie do the homie). But the folks Dame signed haven’t done ish and Kanye made ish happen for himself because both of those dudes where using him for beats. They didn’t believe in him as an artist that record deal was given to keep the beats coming. It was expected to flop, that’s why Jay snubbed him until he grinded his weight up. Dip Set also did it for themselves through various antics, guerilla marketing and the mixtape game. Everyone else they signed where solid rappers but they never marketed them correctly or coached them into character so they didn’t see the success they could have had. And don’t get me started on the clothing line and Pro KEds………… These dudes were just grinding at the right place at the right time. Take all that away and neither man has a thing of value to add.

  • Brooklyn

    i’ve been saying the same thing for a long time, since jay and dame split the music really hasn’t been the same. i guess jay felt that he got too important to have a nigga tell it like it is, but every successful person needs somebody that knew them from way back when to give them a reality check and shrink they heads when it gets too big. you can’t count on niggas you meet after fame, because they’re too caught up with your fame to tell you the truth. anyway, them niggas need to stop acting like bitches and squash their beef. maybe president obama can invite them to the white house and have them talk it out over a couple of coronas.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    We all know it but ain’t nobody got the balls to say it. Anywayz my man combat jack was saying something similar to this in another article; once these niggas get so rich they trade the johnsons for the merkovitz kna’mean. Only thing is the latter really don’t give a fuck about you, just thier return.Lyor wouldn’t watch a Jay-z video in the mall if he wasn’t bringin him that guap off his camel back feel me? Dame on the other hand was trying to build but didn’t read the blue print (no Lisa rio’s intended). I feel bad for whoever fux with this roc nation shit cuz’ Jay ain’t gotta track record for buildin an artist up like Dame did and now the music be extra garbage. You need a loud mouth nigga on ya team, that nigga says what ere’body else feels and treats ere’body like shit alike from label head to artist.It just levels shit out. *goes to youtube to see Dame cuss niggas @defjam out*

  • Devi Gargon

    I think folks are convoluted a bit… Dame and Jay( and Biggs) made a record company. Dame has a purpose in making the company succeed. So what do you want Dame for executive production!!! See yall gotta know what your asking for exactly… Also yall seen fade to black and backstage….where was Dame in all those sessions???? Yall realy acting like these dudes were right under each others nuts cause that the way the videos looked. After the cameras stop rolling, Jay has his carrer and Dame goes back to grooming all of the talent. As far as Run This Town, ….yeah Kanye kinda got him,Jay comes off better on the unedited version. It’s funny Jay gets compared to himself. But truthfully any year he drops, the quality of product he puts out next to most of these cats who dont know who the fuck they wanna be is leaps and bounds ahead. American Gangster-2007 what else came out that year (as a whole album) that was close lyrically or PRODUCTION wise!! Kingdom Come (not a favorite of most), but do yall remember the other albums that dropped that year!!!!

    Dame and Jay are done…its like waiting for Cam and Jim to get their act together!!!

    And speaking of yes men….How about Lil Wayne!

  • EmCDL

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I thought ‘American Gangster’ was his better (noticed I said better, not best) album he has put out thus far. As far as someone in his asscheeks to make better music, I have to say I agree with that note. I doubt he will get back together with Dame but I’m sure there will be someone with guts enough to step up to him and tell him his shit is wack…oh nevermind, its probably alot of folks who already do that LOL

  • yoprince

    i have to agree with DP… and it’s a good post cause i never looked at shit that way. Dame would’ve never let that garbage Run This Town come out that way. Everything would’ve been better about that song, b/c Dame would’ve realized the full enormity of it as an event. he would’ve never let three of the biggest artists in music right now come out with such an ehhhh track…

    people keep bring up American Gangster, but seriously, when you’re sitting around thinking, “I feel like fuckin with some Jay right now,” do you pop in American Gangster?? i seriously doubt it. you might bump Roc Boys, but honestly it is pretty forgettable, other than some good background noise.

  • Incilin

    I’m going to have to disagree with all this for two reasons; ever since their split Jay has gotten richer and richer and Dame has gotten poorer and poorer, so you can’t tell me Jay can’t make moves without Dame.

    “I believe that Dame Dash would not have allowed Jay-Z to leave the studio the first time with that song as it was.”

    Secondly, yeah maybe Dame would have said something about the Ye track, but then again did Dame say something when Eminem “murdered” Jay on his own track? (I don’t believe Em murdered him, but the general public seems to think so). And how come Dame let Jay leave the studio with that god-awful Blueprint 2? Did Dame say anything when Jay made songs like “I Know What Girls Like”? Or when Jay went ahead and did a second album with R Kelly? What was Dame’s input worth then?

    If you want to make the argument that Dame is a better A&R than Jay, well fair enough I’ll agree with you. But then again, ever since they split Dame hasn’t introduced anyone into the game and he pretty much rolls around with Jim Jones and no one else. Meanwhile Jay is moving with J Cole, Wale, Drake, etc. I know what your going to say; those guys suck and they never accomplished anything etc. And sure your right, but I could say the same for Dame post-Jay.

  • The Southern Comfort

    I always digged Dame and reckon he had a big part in the Roc. You look at the guys who blew from there, it’s Cam and then Kanye and in a lesser fashion Beans – all put on by Dame pretty much and during the split were being fought over by the two of them. I don’t think Jay has much of an eye for talent, his time as pres at defjam was not great but it’s just he in himself is a powerful brand – Dame couldn’t match that. It is strange that since the Roc Dame has achieved fuck all but as far as continuin a legacy Jay’s done more harm than good.

    • BIGNAT

      that is what i was thinking dame tried to grow the brand at all cost. jay hated that dame was bringing on other people that he didn’t like. even though he was making the brand stronger because these people were all under rocafella. dame was a hypeman that didn’t even need to hit the stage. i think that maybe jay didn’t like how many things dame was doing without his okay. jay can’t argue with gold and plat albums though. a force in rap that seemed like it was never going end with all the talent they had. in the end dame could not get back on at the level he wanted to be at. jay-z seems to have not have his edge since the black album. most of the artist that were on the roc have fallen on bad times. would it have been the same if dame was there who knows but i don’t think it would have hurt to have him around.

      • BIGNAT

        “Dame was smart enough to leave out Saigon” hahhahahaha LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Good Post DP, I Wonder What Dame Is Up To Right Now…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      PRA’li reading this…

  • Yessir

    How the FUCK are you gonna disrespect AZ like that.

    Besides MONEY and FAME. AZ is up there with JAY-Z and NAS.

  • GO-Getta’

    1st thing 1st “Run this…” track was Riri’s 4 her upcumin’ album.Jayz just added sum lame verses.’Ye had always wanted 2 better Jay.

    Big hommie is surrounded by yes-man & weed-carries & B3 does’nt even ‘ve a worthy single 2 generates the public interets.
    D.O.A did sparks sum debate but lack hit material & it flopped.
    Swagger like us is already on TI’s previous album who’s gonna listen 2 that now.
    Run this…Uugh.

    Sumbody plez get on the phone & tell Dame & Biggs ass that Jay legacy is on its all time low.



    • Tony Grands


      Hit me on my blog & leave me a contact email!!!!!!!

  • UNITURNZ2000


  • megulito

    one of the best posts ive read in a minute very on point. these guys really do need each other (damne more thn jay-z obvioulsy) and like someone said the whole music game got fucked up in this whole beef. jay hasnt be hungry he used to freestyle all the time dropping on mixed tapes and shit and now you just gotta wait for a dope album (if that). as for the run this town thing kanye pulled a jay and jumped on the finishing verse and killed the shit not that jays was bad but it was more complicated and had a lot of semi obscure references that to really get u gotta re listen and look shit up (if you didnt know) but on like 5th listen the verse was kinda dope. ive been hoping for the longest for music to get its shit back together there should be way more lox/roc nation track since he sined jada and snoop jcole should be out there and roc nation should be filling the huge gap in music right now being created by the mass abot of pop shit