Continuing with the 'True Blood' inspired drop titles is my meme all week. I've been meaning to have this discussion with you all ever since Jackpot put the idea in my head. Does Jay-Z need another Dame Dash? Maybe not the actual Dame Dash himself but someone like Dame Dash who is opinionated and outspoken and dedicated to his artists being the freshest.

Without Dame Dash we would never have been given the character of Jay-Z. Most OG New Yorkers that still fux with this rap shit know that AZ (not the Firm rapper - NaS weedcarrier) from Harlem was one of the original streetpusher rap stars. AZ didn't have anywhere near the talent that Jay-Z had but he was living the lifestyle for real, for real. Word to Rich Porter and Alpo.

Dame also built that Roc-A-Fella brand by putting in a stable of hard spitters like Beans and Freeway. Dame brought in KanYe West and Just Blaze. Dame was smart enough to leave out Saigon. Jay-Z was certainly the engine that made the car go fast, but Dame was the engineer that masde sure the machine ran correct. Who was more important? It should be obvious that you need them both.

The debate surrounding Jay-Z's latest single "We Run This Town' is focused squarely on the fact that KanYe West with half the verses of Jay-Z put in twice the amount of work. He clearly pwned that track. KanYe deserves another verse on that song. Hopefully there is a Roc-A-Fella Def Jam remix (Jadakiss, Fab, KanYe and Jay-Z) and Jay-Z redeems himself for not blacking out the first time.

I believe that Dame Dash would not have allowed Jay-Z to leave the studio the first time with that song as it was. Dame, who is the master of motivational slick talk would have asked Jay-Z is that was all he had. Dame would have told him from the gate that KanYe just ethered him on his own shit. Dame would have asked Jay-Z if that was how he was going out from now on, as a second stringer? Whatever it would have taken to get the best out of Jay-Z is what Dame would have done.

This is why Jay-Z had to get away from Dame Dash, but he still needs someone like him in his life. The yes men will not push Jay-Z to find out if he has a next level. They are only concerned with making him feel relaxed and comfortable. Dame Dash does not relax. He doesn't sit still. He doesn't shut up. And Dame Dash would be the only one man enough to tell Jay-Z to his face that if he didn't have any more good music in his mind then he should really retire.

The Jay-Z Dame Dash track record of music they created together is undeniable. The shit these dudes have done separately is wholly forgettable. Blood may be thicker than Cristal, but champagne tastes so much better.