Hi, my name is Lana Moorer. You may know me by a name in which I came to be called much later in my life---MC LYTE.

Before I hit the planet of Brooklyn, there was a man who was undoubtedly unhappily married who ran away with the babysitter of his children. He was 33 and although she was merely 18 they didn't allow the 15 year difference to stop their ♥ affair.

They fled from Far Rockaway, Queens where they both lived and headed to the borough of Brooklyn. Two years later that babysitter was knocked up with a baby girl who would one day be known all over the world.

Well, I don't think I've ever told that story quite like that, but it is the truth and nothing but!

My story is like most from the hood. Single mother, latch key kid..and oh did I forget to mention my father went back to his wife and 5 kids? Oh yeah, forgot to mention the one thing that probably changed my life forever.

I'll never know what I would have turned out like if I had him there, but what I do know is without having a father to help raise me... I'm a force to be reckoned with. I'm strong, independent and feisty!!

Luckily for me, my friend's who have loving dads have shown me that type of fatherly ♥ I was missing. That's how beautiful God is...if he sees your not getting the ♥ from one area of your life, he'll be sure to have it come from another. Thank God...literally : ) -MC LYTE