Droppin’ Cake on Drake

It’s no secret; the music industry is full of snakes, gossip-mongers and supposed stand-up dudes who actually sit down to pee. Still, there are plenty of good folks in the business and through it all I’ve realized that my word is everything. So if I say I’ma do something, god willing I’ma do it. When Drake dropped his free mixtape So Far Gone way back in February I said publicly (meaning on Twitter) that the tape was so good and if Drizzy ever decided to retail the tape, I’d go out and buy it. Seems like the Young Money soldier called my bluff and will be releasing So Far Gone as an EP of sorts on September 15 and since I’m a man of my word I’ll pony up the $9.99 or whatever an EP costs. Drake ain’t the only one though; here are some other free mixtapes/albums I’d spend loot on. The least you can do is Google ‘em and download. – Rob The Music Ed

J. Cole- The Warm Up

Earlier this year the homie dropped his second mixtape (Do yourself a favor and check The Come Up), and it did not disappoint. If you like hard beats and true-to-life rhymes then check it out, if you don’t then shoot yourself.
Standout Songs: “Grown Simba” “Lights Please” “Dreams”

Wiz Khalifa- Flight School
I been bumpin’ this tape for a minute, but after seeing Pittsburgh’s native son rocking these joints live in Brooklyn yesterday I can officially say I’m a fan. If you like big, anthemic singles check the little homie out. He has a knack for melody and catchy hooks, oh yeah his bars are pretty dope too.
Standout Songs: “Get Sum” “Teach U To Fly” “Never Ever”

Nipsey Hussle- Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol.3
Interestingly enough, the homie Nipsey was actually selling this joint on his website for $10 until the Internets proceeded to throw a bitch fit. “Mr. Hussle in the House” eventually switched his steez and offered it as a free download. YOU’RE ALL WELCOME!
Standout Songs: “Rich Rollin’” “The Hustle Way” “Payback”

U-N-I – A Love Supreme
Along with Rick Ross, OB4CL II (yup I’ve heard it TWICE) and So Far Gone, U-N-I’s A Love Supreme is shaping up to be one of my favorite albums of the year. Reppin’ Cali’s bubbling underground, Yonas, Thurzday and producer Ro Blvd created one of 2009′s most soul-wrenching works.
Standout Songs: “Hollywood Hiatus” “My Life” “Lauren London”

Donny Goines- The Breakfast Club
Nobody works harder than Donny Goines and his free download The Breakfast Club is the proof. Besides having one of the best album covers this side of the Internets, the Harlem representative made sure he gave fans the music to match.
Standout Songs: “Don’t You” “She Likes” “Bring It Forward”

Stalley- MadStalley
Who’s Stalley you ask? The Ohio MC is hip-hop’s breath of fresh air. Sure some folks hated on the mixtape’s name, but MadStalley is simply a Madlib-inspired, lyrically infused head-nodder. Stalley’s passionate delivery and the tape’s sonic fluidly alone, are worth the price of admission.
Standout Songs: “Worldwide” “Navi Song” “Masterpiece”

D. Julien- Live Love Learn
The glitz and glamour are nice, but when the hype dies down what are you left with? Beats and rhymes. The 18-Year Old Brooklyn MC does a great job putting his lifelines between the paper’s lines. Trust me keep an eye out for this kid, he’s gonna be a problem.
Standout Songs:
“Shine On” “Absolute Perfection” “Memory Lane”

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa- How Fly
The XXL Freshman alum Curren$y actually perfected the art of giving out good quality music. In 2008 he dropped six mixtapes starting with Independence Day and ended with Fin…. Then earlier this year he retailed This Ain’t No Mixtape with Amalgam Digital. I copped mine, how ’bout you? For his latest he hooked up with Wiz Khalifa for the high-inducing How Fly. I’ll smoke to that!
Standout Songs: “Car Service” “In The Middle” “Rollin Up”

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  • Silly Willy

    I’m not one to quibble, but a whole song about Lauren London ? Really ? from U-N-I and the mixtape is titled Love Supreme……sounds fishy.

    Great drop by the way, I’m gonna have to check em out!

    • http://www.myspace.com/povmuzik point of view

      WIZ KHALIFA-yeah the Flight School tape definitely should’ve been an album Wiz know exactly where the rap game is headed ‘Bright Future’

      CURREN$Y + WIZ KHALIFA = also another great mixtape i think the sound is just a little muffled it should’ve been sent off for mastering first but none the least still a great tape my song off there is ‘Friendly’ ‘Checkpoint’ and ‘The Life’

  • yoprince

    great drop. stuff to check out

  • RonTucker

    Cool Kids X Don Cannon- Gone Fishin’
    Diz Gibran- Soon You’ll Understand

    • Semaj Raff

      co-sign fam, was at that cool kids/clipse concert last night…it banged of course the gone fishin mixtape was def on point only prob was that each song is like 2:30 tho

  • Vietdram

    I see you Stalley!

  • David HussleSoft

    I still feel like people are sleeping on Nipsey. The album is a classic

  • RedStorm

    Aight. This may be r&b, But that Trey Songz anticipation is the best mixtape i herd all yr, regardless of genre.

  • westcoastaggie

    Good List. I gotta add H.O.P.E. Follow The Leader

  • capcobra


  • Smartz

    that Wiz Khalifa joint goes hard….

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Wale-Back to The Features

    Young Chris-The Network

    I won’t include Raekwon because this seems like a new school drop.

  • geico lizard

    “supposed stand-up dudes who actually sit down to pee”

    Drake said he sits down because it takes stress of his joints.


  • geico lizard

    “supposed stand-up dudes who actually sit down to pee”

    Drake said he sits down because it takes stress off his joints.


  • Smartz

    That live love learn mixtape is the truth… dont sleep on D Julien… the homie is nice!!!!!

  • lexusuno

    Wiz, D.Julien, Nipsey, J.Cole have the hottest tapes on the list

  • B.C.

    Naledge – Chicago Picasso
    Wale – Back To The Feature

  • Enlightened

    This is the most obvious problem with hip-hop and the one that is talked about the least…

    forget the QUALITY of material for a second, it’s the QUANTITY.

    If you can name this many free albums that are good, imagine how many more thousand there are that came out this month alone.

    Then all the mainstream artists put out mixtapes all the time too.

    For example, 50 Cent dropped what 3 this summer? I haven’t heard any.

    Ten years ago, you could LITERALLY BUY EVERY HIP-HOP ALBUM THAT CAME OUT and not go broke.

    I had a friend that used to do that shit in college, and we would sit there, blaze one, play Playstation and listen to all the new releases back to back every Tuesday. Sometimes 2, at the most 4 or 5.

    Kanye hit the nail on the head one day when he said he doesn’t know the lyrics to songs like he used to. IT’S TOO MUCH SHIT. I’m a lyrics nigga. I know whole albums from the intro to the outro like I’m sure many of you do, but lately…

    I don’t know the words to shit. It’s too much shit. Good AND Bad.

    • latino heat

      co-sign Enlightened

      i have about 1,200 – 1,300 cd’s cause i used to cop EVERYTHING. but now who can honestly keep up with shit constantly coming out. i haven’t checked out a mixtape in about 2 years. and i know how to get it for free, i just have no interest. when i do hear a tape i usually give it 1 maybe 2 listens and i’m done with it. i’d rather wait on a proper album.

      • Mr. North

        I agree with that. It all started with Squad Up. Wayne and everyone else is dropping so many mixtapes I think it ruins the anticiation for the album in most cases. Releasing 7 mixtapes before an album comes out is ridiculous to me. Too much material to not be listened to ever again.

        • CLEVER

          I Agree, I think they should stick to focusing on making a Great album. Stead of trying to stir-up a buzz, If your hot, you shouldn’t have to drop so-many mix-tapes, stick to dropping a single, if they like the single, they might check out your album, then they might cop your album if its hot!, ya dig!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      You ain’t lying E. The game is over-saturated.

      We touched on that on Grand$’ blogspot but we need to create the forum here to spread the word.


      “Fans v Heads:The Battle for Hip Hop”.

  • lu

    XV – Everybody’s Nobody is another free album you can add to the list them songs were fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smartz

    yo that Live, Love Learn is the truth, dont sleep on D.Julien the homie is DOPE !!!!!

  • John Cochran

    The mixetape scene is pretty good right now. I must say alot of folks are dropping tapes better than alot of major label artists albums. 50′s two tapes were hot(war angel,forever king), Havoc’s new tape, From noe on, is hard as nails, but what I bang the most right now gotta be Pac Div- Church League Champs. I love that shit, I wish they drop a retail version cause thats a collectable. Drake shit was hot but I refuse to ride around baning the same thing everyone else is. Imma leader like that.

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Nice post. I heard the Donny Goines shit is on point… I’ll probably just give that one alone a listen and MAYBE Nipsey Hussle’s…


    @ geico
    You was thinking the same thing I was right? HAHAHA!!! E7 up! youtube.com/federalranga

  • DRE


  • J-City

    Wale- Back to the Feature
    XV- Everybody’s Nobody

    I’d buy both right now if I had the option.

  • BK2LV

    SeDrew Price – The Day After Tomorrow

    but besides that good list

  • Nasah

    Haha I See You Stalley

  • daydeezy

    first off mixtapes have made niggas careers so on that note they will never die period and the thing about mixtapes is the exposure of your craft, putit this way for you simple simons and for you future entrepreneurs, sometimes you have to give away shit for free, fo free and then you will see a real basis of what your trying to do, and to build your clientele then ride the wave ya diggg, If I could rap i would put out a cd whenever i finished one, if they wont listen for free they dayum sho not going to pay for it…Cant Hate on Drake he doing his thing and its not him you have to give props to his marketing now come on who is going to buy a CD with 7 songs ???? YOU ARE … and if not Your Mans an neem, believe somebody will, the last cd’s that came out with only 7 songs was in the 70′s and 80′s….

  • parksmcfly

    goines is for the fishes.

    d.julien sounds like jay-z damn.

    check this kids punk dis

    ‘Fuk eminem’



  • Teddy

    am i the only one who thinsk curren$y is wack as fuck?

    • http://Hoodaffiliated.com Chico

      Yes he’s fuckin dope!! But you really got to be into the stuff he talks about honestly like sneakers weed and bein fresh no shots

  • Shawty J

    Drake’s mixtape was alright, the free mixtape I really enjoyed was B.o.B.’s B.o.B. Vs. Bobby Ray mixtape.

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      This nigga said bein fresh lol damn guess dude is not into that kinda stuff

  • The $cience

    Hey everyone,

    I normally don’t comment on here, because I enjoy reading and agreeing/disagreeing with other people’s comments…but this particular post made me want to comment on here:

    I wanted to touch on the point Enlightened brought out. I agree with him on how this is probably the main reason why the music industry (F*** Hip Hop, the music industry in general) is falling apart. Every rapper out is constantly putting out “mixtape” material, whether it’s album quality or bootleg poor. I heard Drake’s So Far Gone, and although he ain’t wack, his music does nothing for me. It’s funny how it is “good” music, and that’s what the people want to hear, but yet the vibe of his mixtape, as well as other rappers mixtapes, feel so…empty.

    I’m not old (only 20 years old) but even I remember when buying an actual album was an “experience”. I didn’t buy Blueprint or Stillmatic in 7th grade because of the hype, but more for getting the Jay and Nas “experience”…as in listening or feeling what these rap Titans have to say. You can even go back to “Illmatic”, for that was an experience in itself. Now, you have people who just listen to “good” music, skip thru tracks via their mp3s, and only hunger for more free music as if the mixtape they just downloaded is old within 2 hours.

    We are spoiled.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Donny Goines that dude & J Cole may b’ the next big thing.
    Nip$ey Hu$$le ,don’t like the name but dude did deliver.
    Drizzy despite the backlash of “Best ever” video still can deliver that memorable album if he stays focused.
    Stalley neva’ heard of the dude but will mos def check it out

  • hate

    wale’s back to the feature was the best thing i heard all year. it’ll be way better than his official album. watch

  • PG

    Yes Teddy you are the only one!……Curren$y is one of the best rappers coming up……if you dont like witty phrases and metaphors then you dont like him,hell you shouldnt like rap then! His series of mixtapes from last year were probably the best from an unsigned…..then again if youre not into kicks,chicks,weed and videogames you probably cant relate.

  • Sizzle

    if u don’t know bout Wiz Khalifa after today… Kill yo self… Jets x Taylor Gang or jump off a cliff…

  • sosickneedadoc

    And what about Rock City’s Put the fuckin Album out.. That shit is hot!!

  • drakestan

    1. Drake
    2. Wiz Khalifa
    3. J.Cole
    4. D.Julien
    5. Curren$y

    top 5 but dont sleep on nipsey, west coast!!!

  • http://myspace.com/do3page sean pollard

    Ya sleepin on Charles??? How n XXL made a video for dis nigga I dont undastand dat??? Well Isn’t This Awkward is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER then So Far Gon yea Drake may have blown up off it but when it kums to da quality of da musik Im rockin to dat ova So Far Gone
    agree or disagree u have to RESPEKT MY MIND!!!

  • NeverScared

    Aside from the obvious contenders, Stalley is a true stand out on this list. No one in the game sounds like this dude. Sad tho cuz it’s seems like he’s being overlooked, I wouldn’t be suprised if he dropped a classic record

  • Joe

    Co-sign too much material.

    This is a great list, but a perfect example of that. I simply dont have nor want the time to ‘get up on’ random ass dudes like Salley, Donny Goines, Nipsey Hussle, etc.

    If that makes me less ‘hip hop’ than so be it. For me to listen to an unknown i have to hear a verse or get a signifigant cosign from somenody i know personally.

    I can vouch for the j. cole n currensy/wiz How Fly-been banginit 2 weeks straight. ther than that, this list is way to obscur. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU COOL TO CLAIM TO LISTEN TO RANDOM DUDES NOBODY KNOWS.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/hueybaker H.B.
  • http://www.Myspace.com/DLEO4 DJ DBO


  • twan508

    yo yall are crazy…these rappers make money off doing shows…not really on selling albums…so i mean they giving us FREE FIRE MIXTAPES and thats just publicity for more people to go to thier concerts…fuck albums id rather get mad free mixtapes.

  • Saint

    I’ve been listening to Wiz Khalifa for for awhile n his mixtapes are legendary from Flight School, Star Power and Prince of The City hes gonna be the next big thang in the rap game along with Drake.

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  • http://chlatesttrends.info/bookmarks/ France Gillilan

    Is actually blogengine better than live journal for some reason? Should be as it would be ever more popluar recently.

  • http://essmartthoughts.info/ Illa Vondrasek

    Why do this content jogs my memory of some other equivalent one which I just read someplace else?