BLOG: Biggest Buzz Ever?

I didn’t think it was possible, but Drake’s buzz seems to keep getting bigger. Last week, Drizzy got possibly his biggest look to date when “Forever,” a track featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, leaked onto the internet. Not only does the song feature three of the game’s best artists, but the rookie arguably got the best verse on the song. With two other significant leaks, “Killer” featuring Nipsey Hussle and Jay-Z’s “We Off That,” the focus is once again back on Drake’s music and not his recent fumbles.

The day “Forever” dropped, my cubicle neighbor Jesse Gissen said, “Drake has the biggest buzz ever.” Well, I don’t think his buzz matches the one his mentor Lil Wayne had prior to dropping last year’s Tha Carter III, but at this point, he could possibly have the biggest pre-solo debut buzz ever. Times have changed, though.

Back in the early ’90s, artists like Snoop and Nas managed to create huge anticipation by releasing only a small fraction of what today’s artists put out. It’s hard to compare, but I listed other highly anticipated rookies to see where Drizzy stands historically.

Snoop Dogg: First noticed on the title track off the Deep Cover soundtrack alongside Dr. Dre, Snoop used the good doctor’s The Chronic as his launching pad—leading up to his quadruple platinum solo debut, Doggystyle. At the time, Snoop registered the biggest first week for a debut LP— selling over 800, 000 units moved in its first week, until 50 Cent broke the record 10 years later.

Nas: The Queens lyricist teased rap heads with only five verses in three years before Illmatic finally hit stores on April 15, 1994, but his appearance on Main Source’s “Live at the Barbecue,” (1991) Mc Serch’s “Back to the Grill” (1992) and his first single, “Halftime,”(1992) which originally appeared on the Zebrahead soundtrack, were more than enough to have fans craving for more.

The Notorious B.I.G.: In the summer of 94, I clearly remember my cousin Tone telling everybody and their momma, “You know who’s about to blow up? Biggie Smalls.” I guess key guest appearances on the Who’s The Man? soundtrack (“Party and Bullshit”) and Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” Remix, among many others, made him and the 4 million people who bought Big’s debut, Ready to Die (me included), believers.

DMX: Setting the stage for two multiplatinum albums in one year, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, Dark Man X made key guest appearances on records with Mase (“Take What’s Yours” & “24 Hours to Live”), The Lox (“Money, Power Respect”) and LL Cool J (“4, 3, 2, 1″).

Canibus: It doesn’t get much more lyrical than Canibus circa 97, 98. Dominating the mixtape scene with sharp freestyles, the MC outshined then soon-to-be-legends like Common (“Making a Name for Ourselves”) Method Man and Redman (twice) on “4, 3, 2, 1″ and had the balls to go toe-to-toe with LL Cool J. Bis was so nasty that Jay-Z introduced him to Clef, but never dared collaborating with him and Nas didn’t appear on The Firm’s “Desparados” which featured the lyrical monster. Unfortunately, the buzz fizzled when word spread that Can-I-Bus, Bis’s debut LP, SUCKED!

50 Cent: Never one to make too many guest appearances, 50 Cent cultivated his buzz by dominating the mixtape scene with releases like 50 Cent Is the Future, No Mercy, No Fear and Guess Who’s Back? back in 2002. Dre and Eminem’s cosigns helped create 50 Cent mania—resulting in the Queens rapper shattering Snoop’s previous record by selling 872, 000 copies in four days, 1. 22 million in one week.

Drake: “Best I Ever Had” peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles charts before Drake even signed on the dotted line, he nearly closed the BET Awards off a mixtape and is currently featured on records with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West (“Digital Girl” Remix), Jay-Z (“We Off That”), Fabolous (“Throw It In The Bag” Remix) and Mary J. Blige (“The One”) with more to come. Let’s not forget that he signed his deal for $2 million, an unprecedented amount for a new artist.

While the odds are against him, I doubt Drake, with his current buzz, could have cleared the million mark no matter the climate. I wouldn’t call what Drake has been able to generate, “hype,” but getting cosigns from today’s biggest artists (Lil Wayne & Kanye West) and working with legends like Mary J. Blige, Eminem and Jay-Z prior to your album dropping could possibly make his buzz seem bigger than it really is. Truthfully, I still think some people aren’t familiar with Drake. Meanwhile, pretty much everybody knew who Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent back in 92 and 2002, respectively. Well, Thank Me Later is likely to be a first quarter release next year, so Drake still has a few months to catch up.—Jackpot

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  • Silly Willy

    I don’t know , but Drake has the best marketed buzz ever ! Like airplays, videos, remix, featurings, tours and whatnot while still unsigned…..whatever machine is behind him is a mighty one !!!

    Keyword here is marketed.

    • General

      I don’t there is anyone’s buzz that is not marketed. Lets not forget that every artist has a machine behind them before they drop their solo debut.

      I will say that in my opinion that Snoop’s, Nas and 50′s buzz was all bigger than Drake’s.

      Snoop as you pointed out had the Deep Cover joint as well as being prominently featured on The Chronic and 50, hell I don’t think anybody to be honest will match the buzz he had when he signed to Em and Dre and the Interscope machine.

      I do think Drake will do good numbers when he drops and it will probably be substantially higher than any other debuts do in this climate, but I’m more concerned with what the quality of music he comes with. Based on his mixtape I think he will be fine.

      • Silly Willy

        What’s good Gen!

        Of course a buzz is always marketed. But I singled out Drake because the guy was basically shoved down our throats by every means even before he was signed. He’s ubiquitous even before putting out an album, that’s why I said that.

        However, I think the best buzz ever goes to Snoop. He outshined everyone on Chronic, and his style was so noticeable and so different from everyone back then.

        • General

          Yeah I hear ya on Drake. I remember when Snoop was gearin up for his release the buzz was ridiculous. And your right, the one thing that Snoop had was he stood out from everybody else…

          I do think 50′s might have been bigger just because you had 2 monsters in the game like Dre and Em signing 50 and the whole beef thing with Murder Inc who was big at the time kind of sent the anticipation of his CD to some level I ain’t never seen before. Plus I think a lot of cats was lookin for someone to really send New York hip hop into a different stratosphere too. I always think in hip hop, because of some bias’s that anytime a New York artist breaks they are almost always going to generate a bigger buzz and anticipation with everything else being equal

        • NAWLEDGE

          I think 50 had a bigger buzz. I went down to Haiti to see my fam in summer of 2001 and niggas was bumpin his mixtape. That’s right. In HAITI.

      • zayzkidd

        @Silly Willy
        I agree with you about Snoop and 50 but to tell the truth, I didn’t really learn about Nas until “It WAS Written.” So, I think Drake’s buzz is bigger than Nas was and I don’t even listen to that type of rap (sissy). I am from the south but no buzz was bigger than Snoop’s buzz where i’m from. 50′s buzz came close and Pac’s before “All Eyes On Me.”

  • Pierzy

    I think it’s extremely close between Snoop, 50 Cent & Drake. I’d probably give it to Snoop because he basically had a debut album (The Chronic) before his own debut. Remember back in ’93/’94? Snoop was HUGE!

    Drake is close though…

  • thaFace

    Negativo…still think he’s overrated and won’t sell more than 200k…which is still great considering today’s climate but won’t touch 50/ Snoop numbers

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I don’t even see Drake as Hip Hop. I compare him to the likes of Britney Spears and Hannah Montana. So, unless you start covering those two bitches, leave the bitch Drake alone. Let the Disney-type crowd have him.


    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • X

      Cosign. I don’t see why he’s being treated as the second coming of anything, unless its hip-pop in Lil Wayne’s current style.

    • BD


      drake a fag…

      and to be honest no ones a bigger eminem stan then me but i almost want 50 to go at him for doin a track him lil wang and kangay…we know em would kill him lyrically but im startin feel em went soft but i hope not

    • Escobar9300

      Co-Sign ALL DAY with Matt Herbz. This dude Dr(f)ake is softer than J-lo’s ass. This is absolutley nausiating all the hype Dr(f)ake gets. I thought the Asher Roth promotional machine was getting bad on this website a few months ago but this blows that out of the water. XXL better ask Dr(f)ake for a set of knee pads given all the time their spending down there.

  • geico lizard

    Laryn Hills solo album had a lot of buzz.


    • Lowedwn

      good call, almost forgot that one too

  • Curtis75Black

    This is a different time. The buzz that Snoop, Canibus, Nas and even BIG and Pun (fucked up you forgot about him) was all lyrical. They had a constant spaz on every track that featured them !! You couldn’t tell them they wasn’t special and was gonna blaze as soon as their debut dropped. Drake, sorry to say, is more Internet based hype, sort of like how Slaughterhouse and Asher was. Constantly being pushed and talked about here and there but rarely heard off the net. We heard and saw everyone else. Nowadays, that’s not the case. So my opinion is No !! He doesn’t have the biggest buzz.

  • Enlightened

    HELL NO!

    IT’S SNOOP DOGGY DOGG – Hands Down!

    Anybody who is old enough to remember that time could not argue that.

    He was coming off of a starring performance on arguably the Greatest Hip-Hop album ever.

    Shit is a stupid question really to even try to compare that.

    • zayzkidd


      Yeah, I am old enough to remember and you are right, no one comes close to Snoop Doggy Dogg. He’s the reason Gangsta Rap went to selling big numbers in the first place. What made me a big fan was that “Doggy Dogg World Video,” I thought I was a true pimp after that. Hell, I was about 10 years old. Lol

  • Jhon da Analyst

    XXL is censoring comments about this fag Drake!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Drake is a rapper, cookie cutta style…… Fuck him!!! No homo……

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Cookie cutta rapper……..Fuck him!!

  • cindy bagtaz

    Allz I know is you niggaz be smelling like chicken nuggets in here and ruining MY buzz.

  • thoreauly77

    biggest buzz ever? definitely not. last year, many, MANY, of my students (high school) were talking about drake every day, which was strange because they were mostly listening to mac mall, yukmouth, and other bay shit. that being said, am i missing some sort of point here? is this post just a living room cypher amongst us hiphop nerds?

  • these posts are racist

    I think the Kid has talent. His buzz id ridiculous and from my memory is much larger than any of the rappers discussed in this drop…he’s benefiting greatly from the internet and the fusion of pop/rap/urban/suburban culture that Snoop, etc. did not have the ability to use.

    Young suburban girls love him because he’s young and handsome and they know him from Degrassi high…cats in the hood like him because he’s co-signed by the street certified rappers, lil wayne, etc. Drake is the salad bowl of where hip hop is right now…He’s a young Kanye West. That’s his greatest and weakest asset. His raps are all the same…same rhyme scheme, same tone, etc. He sounds way too much like Kanye…he needs his own thing and needs to switch it up before people get bored of him.

    My prediction: He’ll do well initially, but will fizzle away very soon. He is not one of the greats.

  • David Husslesoft

    I think its between 50 and Snoop because there buzz was word of mouth mostly no twitter and very little internet.

    When Snoop was buzzin he was gettin heavy play in NY at a time when nothin outside of NY was gettin play there

    I also remember when 50 was poppin I went to Chi Town and DC and niggaz was playin the mixtapes heavy in the streets before he even signed his deal. Like every car that came by had 50 is the future and Im like what the fuck? With no radio play?

  • AZ40

    i think 50′s was bigger, but drake’s as big as Asher Roth thanks to XXL suckin’ his nuts

  • murK

    Some of you need to get out more. It’s ridiculous that some of you don’t think Drake isn’t going to sell records. SMH. As far as the biggest buzz..It has to be a tie between snoop & 50. They both debuted with classic albums. Drake’s got a classic mixtape, but we’ll see about his album. The track ‘Forever’ is hot fuego…lyrically speaking.

  • abdulnasir

    co-sign on AZ-40, i think 50 had a bigger buzz. we couldn’t go nowhere without hearing of 50 back in ’02. to hear about drake, u mostly have to be on the interNUTS, specifically sites like xxl, xxl. now ur website shouldn’t have much trouble to gel (with wack audiences).

  • X

    It’s a tie between 50 and Snoop for biggest buzz. Even a fair share of people who didn’t like most rap seemed to know who those two were before they really exploded. It didn’t hurt Snoop being predominately featured on one of the landmark hip hop albums of all time either, as Pierzy pointed out.


    Damn xxl what why?
    Get over drake overatted ass dick.
    Shit is disguisting.damn

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • Federal Ranga

    Drake gotta buzz… but Snoop takes the cake. A nigga could’ve fooled me back in the day and told me that the Chronic was actually Snoop’s album the way he tore it up just to GET to Doggystyle.

    E8 @ 5pm!!!


  • giantstepp

    This entry probably wont qualify because it wasnt an initial debut. But “All Eyes On Me” had a crazy buzz with Pac just being released from prison, signing with Tha Row and in the heart of the East/West “beef”. He named the record that because litterally in the Hip Hop world, all eyes were on him.

    Otherwise I’d say 50, GRODT was crazy with anticipation. It was the last time I got caught up in Hip Hop buzz. Nowaday, I hear the new dude it when I hear him. I aint seriously checking for nobody at this stage in the game.

  • Cal

    the xxlstaff suck new rapper dick like it was going outta style! Drake had arguably the best verse? GTFOH!!!!

    • G2

      ^^^^Exactly! What song were they listening to?

  • capcobra

    the winner is curtis…50 was touring off mixtapes..15k a show and throwing his own afterparties…a mil before the deal and still on the grind…who else you know got paid to tour so they can perform mixtape freestyles?

  • Incilin

    I wonder if fans really do agree with Drake’s buzz, or if its just industry people. The reason I say that is because when Vibe did their best rapper poll (the one that started Joe Buddens/Raekwon/Method Man beef) Drake lost in the fill-in round to Kid Cudi, by a wide margin.

    Same thing now with MTV’s hottest list. I voted for Drake with no hesitation as the hottest rapper around, but it turns out he has less than 1 percent of the votes while Joe BUddens and 50 Cent have over 20 percent. How does that make any sense?

  • latino heat

    i gotta agree with a tie between 50 and Snoop. it was 2 different time periods so the promotion was much different. Snoop didn’t need a million garbage mixtapes to get his name out. just one classic album. 50 only needed 4 or 5 tapes and was everywhere.

    as far as Nas goes he had no buzz on the west coast when he came out. if it wasn’t for Yo MTV Rap’s i wouldn’t have heard of him back then.

    DMX had a great street buzz just off those guest spots you mentioned. people forget about him when they mention this topic. he debuted at number one and most people in the mainstream had no idea who he was. DMX brought Def Jam back during this time period after being pretty irrelevant for a few years. kinda like they are now.

    • Tony Grands

      @latino heat

      “as far as Nas goes he had no buzz on the west coast when he came out.”

      I have to disagree with you there. I’m born & raised Los Angeles. Back then, if you knew Hip Hop, you knew about NaS. You undoubtedly had “Breaking Atoms” & listened to 3rd Bass, therefore you knew NaS was coming [||] & no pun intended. I only know a few people that had the “Zebrahead” soundtrack, but the folks out here that really lived & died this Hip Hop shit were on him from day one.

      Before the ‘Net erased regions, a cat really had to have a buzz to make it all the way cross-country with only a few guest appearances, like Nas, Snoop & 50 did. People translate sells into buzz nowadays, but it wasn’t like that in the 90′s.

      NaS, 50, & Snoop generated certifiable attention without downloads & leaked tracks. Drake (& the ilk) has it easy, per se.

  • 6thward

    50 easily his buzz was so crazy by the time he dropped. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone and could sell GUnit rice he was that hot.

  • tudor

    “Snoop registered the biggest first week for a debut LP— selling over 800, 000 units moved in its first week, until 50 Cent broke the record 10 years later.”

    you’re wrong, Eminem broke the record in 2000, not 50

    • Grand Prixx

      they meant DEBUT album,ur thinking the marshall mathers lp..slim shady lp prolly went gold the first week but em was still viewed as a novelty around that time(imo)

    • Pierzy

      Yeah he was speaking on debut hip-hop albums…

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  • BKK718

    “Drizzy got possibly his biggest look to date when “Forever,” a track featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, leaked onto the internet. Not only does the song feature three of the game’s best artists, but the rookie arguably got the best verse on the song” – 1st off yeezy,weezy & shady are SOME of the game’s best artists, not THEE. 2nd, XXL GO F$%K YOURSELF! eminem had the best verse on that song by a landslide. ur boy “drizzy” barely got 2nd and that was a distant 2nd at that. 3rd, 50 had the biggest buzz of any hip hop artist ever had. no need for discussion there. look it up!

  • Prince Caesar

    I don’t think Drake is anywhere near having the buzz that 50 had when he came out. I was only 17 but I remember every persons’ house I went to or car I was in was playing 50. It took me a few months to even start liking his music, but, let’s get real niggas everywhere was fucking with 50. Drake is being forced fed to the audience by these rappers that are co-signing him and all the websites that dick ride this wack nigga.

  • UNITURNZ2000

    50 cent had a bigger buzz. EVERYBODY had his mixtapes and his music was bumping thru everybodies speakers. Drake right now only has one hit song and not alot of people have heard his mixtape. ask around and alot of people dont know who he is still. 50 was well known and once he dropped he had everyone, even all the white people singing “ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!”

  • nabz

    this dude is way over rated.

    case closed.

  • Joe

    Nahh, its not even close. Especially if you ‘adjust for inflation’ so to speak and consider there was no Net when all those guys dropped.

    Maybe a few months ago i would have to think about it, but he’s made some mistakes, mainly: Getting on songs wit random nggas. Nobody wants to hear Drake w/ Npsey Hussle, Saukrates, or any other no name. His album should be dropping in 1-2 mnths, not 4-6 months. Thats a lifetime for fickle fans

    HHG is a perfect answer to this question. Just look at his listens. Wayne before Carter 3 was getting 15k on every song at least. Drake is around 8-12k, which is little more than joe budden gets.

    His singles will fade by the time his album drops, so he will need to start all over by the end of the year.


    Snoop and 50′s buzz as rookies are unmatched and probably will stay that way considering the way today’s music market has changed.

  • Brooklyn

    i wasn’t old enough to remember snoop on “the chronic” but i do remember when 50 came out and the buzz was crazy on the streets. drake’s buzz is too, but not really on the streets. real niggas from my hood aren’t waiting in anticipation for his album to drop, only those young hipster types are riding his sac like that. furthermore, drake’s buzz has nothing on 50′s, 50 had niggas hype because he could actually spit, drake is mediocre and got niggas hype because he was co-signed by other artists. humans are very impressionable beings.

  • yaOK

    Psh.. dudes overrated. Should drop his cd before his hype dies down. Think eminem did that single for himself not for drake too by the way. HE murdered those dudes on their own song. Fuckin punch-line rappers (Drake, Wayne) can’t fuck with a real lyricist.

  • WestPhillyPolo

    For one I fucks with Drake. I was late as hell hearing So Far So Gone. My peoples kept saying it was hot, but I wasn’t hype to hear it, but me being an overall hip hop listener.(I fucks with a wide variety) I gave it a try and was blown away. He’s a talented dude and I admit it. Dudes shit is hot. Now I am not easily influenced and I’m not that young(I’m 29) I just like good hip hop. I feel it’s good and I listen to everything from Sigel, Nas, Ross, Brisco, Killer Mike, Jeezy, Nipsey, Lupe, Wu, Hell Razah, Cam, Jim. So no I’m not a poppy hipster type of guy. Hot is hot though. Get off the computer and go outside sometimes. I live in Philly and I hear Drake quite frequently, from the radio to cars to the club. I hear the same in Ny and I’ve heard the same in Miami. So the buzz isn’t just on the net. Either some of you are out of touch or are just ignorant.

  • Lowedwn

    “Not only does the song feature three of the game’s best artists, but the rookie arguably got the best verse on the song.”


    Wow…really? Y’all getting out hand with this Drake riding thing. Anyway…

    I honeslty say the biggest buzz not for a debut a album, but for an album period goes to 1 of the following three albums…
    1) Tupac – All Eyes On Me — Fresh out the pen, beef with Big, signed to Deatch Row w/ Dre behind the boards, and the fact that it was a double album.
    2) Nas – I Am — highly anticapated, one of the first albums to be mercilessly bootlegged from East to West coast a good 3 months plus before the actual album dropped. Half the tracks from the original became the now classic “Lost Tapes”
    3)Jay-Z – The Blueprint — y’all should know the science behind this one.

  • jarrett

    i definetly think snoop and 50 cent take it in the contest for biggest buss wit drake comin in 3rd. snoop practically wrote all of the chronic. 50 cent had mad buss from mixtapes that i bought get rich or die tryin. i heard drake a yr ago and hes hit stardom. plus dude can spit.

  • Lowedwn

    Drake = Kwame Brown

  • Curtis75Black

    I guess I’m gonna have to shut this shit down !! The biggest Buzz that rivals Snoop Dogg goes to the one and only Foxy Brown. Don’t believe me? Wanna laugh ? Peep game: 1995, LL drops his 6th album titled Mr. Smith. Gets the ball rolling with Hey Lover, followed by his duet with Leshaun with Doin It – both bangers. Now, here comes the heater !! A posse cut that features Keith Murray, Prodigy and Fat Joe , all well known artist with the track “I Shot Ya” Remix. Funny thing is there is this female spittin’ and spittin’ hard !! And we don’t even know what she looks like until the video is broadcasted. And she looks good, spittin’ hard !! Basically stole the show from every emcee on the track, including the host – LL. But she’s not done. She creeps on the Nutty Professor soundtrack and wrecks the Case track “touch Me, Tease Me” another banger. Now here’s Jay-Z with his debut Reasonable Doubt. He comes with heat with “Dead Presidents” but it’s her feature on “Ain’t no Nigga” that makes that cd a commercial sucess- all before her debut dropped in November of 96. Jay’s shit dropped in June of the same year.



  • davon

    yea till tip get the king bitch

  • zayzkidd

    Yeah, a lot of those guys had big anticipation but Snoop and 50 cents was the biggest. Nas didn’t sell nearly as many records when he first came out, it took Biggie to rerelease his first album a couple times to sell what he sold, Cannibus….well, you know how wack his career ended out, but DMX also had a big buzz but not like Snoop and 50.

  • Kinky K-Slay

    My Asian friends ain’t never heard of him, they’re like “Who he?” coz Drake doesn’t exist on the charts here in Asia.

  • GO-Getta’

    It’s pretty close between Snoop,5O & Drake. What i like ’bout Drizzy though is’nt he tryna being hard or talkin’ ’bout being a gangsta’ or gettin’ shot but he’s being respected 4 his craft. Ya dig?

    Let’s c if he can have a classic debut like Snoop btw Fiddy’s GRODT was pretty close 2 classic status.

  • eman$.

    i think 50 cent and snoop’s buzz was bigger than drake’s because i’m in france and 50′s and snoop’s buzz was international i knew 50 since he dropped his mixtapes with the unit and me and my homies we were like who is this talented guy, but drake i only discovered him thanks to,beacause his music doesn’t pass on tv (not even on french mtv base) but drake has allot of talent to and i think his career is gonna be big.

    Sorry for bad english

  • stonecrazy

    actually, Nas was on the original ‘Desperados’ (i have a Clue tape somewhere with that version on it)

  • http://-- gaddic

    50 cent’ buzz was probably thebiggest
    oh and don’t forget Banks
    Damn he was a beast(still is but a little different) back in o3 with the classic mixtapes
    And after dominating the g-unit album with his carzy punches the mixtapes led banks to almost triple platinum status with Hunger for more

    Hate to burst y’all bubles but the two higHest selling(argubaly dopest) rappers of all time
    didn’t have much rookie buzZ
    Buzz ain’t that big o deal as long as you’re very talented focused and know how to make hits you will make it as an acclaimed mc

  • money mitch

    In all honesty soulja boy had a bigger buzz than drake and everyone knows where sb’s lyrical skills are at the big difference is soulja boy created his off of myspace by his damn self. The only difference here is all the stanism going on with drake because he is down with whack ass lil’ wyane and drake is somewhat lyrically inclined i’d say if big daddy kane was a college professor drake raps at about a 2nd or 3rd grade level with cats like nas and jay-z being students in kane’s class

  • DV8

    1.Pac (fresh out of jail; signed to the Row)
    2.Snoop (fresh off The Chronic)
    3.50 Cent (killed it with the mixtapes)
    4.DMX (you cant tell me that nigga didnt shut shit down)
    5. Drake (sometimes its not what you know its who you know, i havent really heard many people in the streets talk about him, mostly the radio stations and xxlmag blowin him up)

    How about Wu-Tang’s buzz? They had shit on lock from Enter the 36 Chambers all the way through Ironman.

  • fatDAN

    The only ones saying that Drake is the next coming is radio stations, rap magazines, and bitches. His shit is wack and only a lame ass motherfucker needs to get 3 or 4 heavyweights on a song to try a legitimize his shit. I guarantee it after a few months of this bitch shit, everyone will see that his style is as crippled as his Degrassi High character. BUZZ, yeah right. More like force feeding.