AYE AYE AYE WELL OK DAMN BURR!! What up! First, let me tell ya’ll that ya boy don’t wake up early…ever. My eyes don’t blink til like 3pm…unless it’s the money calling. Well ok!

Today is pretty basic for the boy. Just fed the dogs. I have two pit bulls, Killer and Bruiser. They’ll put the business on yo ass too! Sitting here in my beautiful backyard right now, letting the dogs run around. I’m hittin the studio later. Gonna go knock out a few bangers. Working on the mixtape, Alaska in Atlanta, and my new CD, The Otis Williams, Jr Story – they both go real hard, no homo!

Got a few things to do around the house before I step out. Just bought a new home. BRAND new! First one living in it and I’m building it the way I want it. Rich nigga shit! Aye aye aye well damn aye aye ok! I’m outta here like last year!