Aye, Okay!

AYE AYE AYE WELL OK DAMN BURR!! What up! First, let me tell ya’ll that ya boy don’t wake up early…ever. My eyes don’t blink til like 3pm…unless it’s the money calling. Well ok!

Today is pretty basic for the boy. Just fed the dogs. I have two pit bulls, Killer and Bruiser. They’ll put the business on yo ass too! Sitting here in my beautiful backyard right now, letting the dogs run around. I’m hittin the studio later. Gonna go knock out a few bangers. Working on the mixtape, Alaska in Atlanta, and my new CD, The Otis Williams, Jr Story – they both go real hard, no homo!

Got a few things to do around the house before I step out. Just bought a new home. BRAND new! First one living in it and I’m building it the way I want it. Rich nigga shit! Aye aye aye well damn aye aye ok! I’m outta here like last year!

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Well ok! Pretty boring drop from “the boy.” Ok!

    XXL Guest Blog = Twitter Remix

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      P this one is gonna be interesting…

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

        Okay $yk! Aye!

      • Silly Willy

        “P this one is gonna be interesting…”

        Well, if it’s interesting enough for Grands, TPAR and Herbz to wild out (no cougar boytoy), then……AYEAYE!!!

        Until then, yaaaawwwwwnnnn……

    • joe p

      fuck this nigga … you suck oj … ” my shit go hard no homo” do rappers these days have like normal personalities ? like why do they always have like this weird way of talking its like all an act lol like just say it tight check it out … it all seem like an alter ego or someshit … but bsides that you suck anyway oj i hope you fall off hard ” no homo” lmao fuckin douche

  • louie mo

    ron and boi are goin to have a field day with this shit ……………..aye!

  • P. Harris

    co-sign all the above…

    I can’t wait to read these comments…

    • King Don III

      OJ keep doin’ ya thang! Fuck the haters! You be making this nigga blush buying a new crib in htis economy! <3

  • latino heat

    are you serious XXL? i thought you couldn’t do any worse than Shakur. you proved me wrong. is this moron even literate?

    Pierzy i was thinking the same thing, this is just a bunch of random Twitter thoughts not a blog.

    • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      Co-Sign, but think of it this way… Whoo Kid’s shit didn’t even make it through the whole week… I say give him a chance to make up laugh it up… Aye!!! I’m sorry, this nigga retarded as fuck. I didn’t think the nigga was so short.

      E8 up!!! youtube.com/federalranga

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    No. Yall. DIDN’T!!!

  • these posts are racist

    I hope all those who went in on…Shakur, comment in the same manner here. This is just silly…ignorant and ignorant. Please go hard on him, No Homophobe.

    Imagine if anytime someone said something that could be link to black culture, the person, in an attempt to distance himself from black people added “No Nigs” or something equally offensive.

    Dear Oj Da Juiceman, your lyrics/delivery and music is wack…and your bigotry alongside your weird sounds you make makes you look mentally disabled (no disrespect to the mentally challenged).

    by the way, the only co-sign you’ve gotten was from Spencer Pratt…that speaks volumes.

    • HNIC

      Co-Sign! OJ is WACK!!! He’s a disgrace to hip hop & the black community. OJ, if you can actually read this (AYE!), please read a book & step away from the microphone… permanently.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      TPAR, I completely co-sign your view on the whole “no homo” thing. It’s so blatantly and patently offensive.

    • DetroitDraper

      As me not being a Homo(No homo by the way)I find very little to no problem with the term no homo. I usually agree with you TPAR and it actually is offensive to homosexuals but why the random gay defense? By the way that “No nig” line was hilarious


    • Silly Willy

      I pretty much get the point you guys are making about the no homo situation. But remember, it’s “no homo”, not “no faggot”……

      I mean, homo is the apocope of homosexual, which the homosexual actually is. There is no problem with a statement with “no black”, as opposed to “no nig”,as far as I’m concerned.

      I don’t see why the word homo could be offensive to homosexuals. I’m black, tell me I’m black. If a dude is homosexual, he just is, nothing derogatory about that. Who are we to judge how a man chose to take care of his tonsil inflammation ?

      Maybe your beef is with the whole “no somethin…”. In which case, I feel you, no homo…..

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

        Actually as someone that has very close friends that are gay (waiting for the closed-minded immature jokes and comments), “homo” isn’t really appreciated. Gay is appreciated, “homo,” “fag,” etc are not.

        • Silly Willy

          I see ya, Pierz ! But to me it’s just a sign that some work has still to be done between hetero and homosexual community, if there is such a thing.

          I mean, saying gay instead of homo is like saying coloured instead of black. The word gay means joyful, happy. And I know some homos that just aren’t that happy (waiting on the same closed-minded immature jokes, that train is oddly late today….).

          Homosexual is actually the scientific word coined for them, which is fine by me. If gay, which means joyful, is as homosexual as the pride flag, then should I consider myself sad and miserable ? I don’t think so.

          See? Calling a spade a spade (no NoPac).

          Fag is derogatory, no doubt. But c’mon, homo ? Next thing you know, Jeezy’s gonna rap about melanin-deprived ground mixture……..

      • render

        Stop hating…I for one would like to congratulate this nigga on being able to write in full sentences.

        I wouldn’t have given him credit for that if i didnt see it with my own eyes

        • General

          “Stop hating…I for one would like to congratulate this nigga on being able to write in full sentences.

          I wouldn’t have given him credit for that if i didnt see it with my own eyes”
          AYE! OK

  • Brooklyn

    wow…oj da juiceman? really? i guess any motherfucking body can be a guest blogger huh? the entry was a series of “aye’s” and “okay’s.” i’m dreading the album.

  • Apollo Moses

    The comments are going to be the only thing worth reading in these drops…”Damn!”

  • Moving Sideways

    This guy has to take the short bus to the studio. Aye

    He probably wears a helmet on underneath his hat. Aye Aye

    He is going to change his name to OJ ina Juicebox, because that’s the only way he drinks it at the institute. Aye Aye Aye

  • capcobra

    thanks for feeding the bears xxl…this nigga potted meat…oj give santana his aye back..you wack ass nigga..”straight shots to the head so motherfuck the juiceman”…i’d rather hear from crunchy black or chill rob g…REALLY.

    • http://myspace.com/devitan Dev i Gargon



  • RiZob

    as soon as i saw it was OJ doin the blog, i knew yall was foaming at the mouth to diss his ass…i cant even defend this shit tho, :-( so have at it! LOL

    “Oodles Noodles, Dr. Little. Pockets just like ramen noodles.”
    What the fuck does that even mean?!?!?! LOL

  • 3rd eye clear

    XXL I will not allow you to punch and kick me in my stomach!!
    You decide it’s him for a week or me!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Can’t believe dude is ad-libbing his blog…

  • these posts are racist

    In fairness to Oj Da Juiceman (how he says that with a straight face is beyond me), for being 4ft tall, suffering from mental retardation, a speech impediment and a disease that causes him to blurt out random sound like “Aye” and inserting the word “OK” randomly into his “raps”/”speech”, the guy is an amazing rapper and lyricist.

    But Juiceman, just curious about the following sentence:
    “Just bought a new home. BRAND new! First one living in it and I’m building it the way I want it.”

    So did you buy a newly built home? Or are you still building it? How are you “building” it the way you want it…when you just moved in? Is it being built while you are living in it? Just curious.

    • Silly Willy

      “So did you buy a newly built home? Or are you still building it? How are you “building” it the way you want it…when you just moved in? Is it being built while you are living in it? Just curious.”


      Tpar, please don’t ask so much, aye!

      Truth be told, if it was only for me, OJ da Juiceman should be OJ da Not-even-on-the-milkbox-aye-man. Aye aye!

      Atlanta ?……we got a problem…..you might wanna check in your zoo or somethin’…….AYEAYEAYE!!!!!

    • chillin mayne

      jajajajaj, TPAR u a trip mayne…but thats quite the question i wondered about that myself when i read that, but i figured he just has trouble expressing himself clearly

  • Grand Prixx

    oj da juiceman blog= xxlmag.com FAIL!!!

  • Yomi

    Its like the kids n high that have all they classes in the basement but now they rap AYYYYYYYYYYYYYE DUH DUH DOOF

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Juice, man fuck with you. Please, Please, Please come with some substance. Thats just some real nigga shit. Here are a few topics to discuss.

    1. How hip hop has helped you change your life. (Mom’s new crib, your new crib, etc)

    2. How your work ethic has got you to the point were you can buy a new house off rap money.

    3. How you stay motivated, and focused.

    Come on Juice, if you dont get it right tommorow. We are going to Ether you.

  • Jesus Martinez

    Damn, this nigga can read…maybe

  • The Southern Comfort

    I didn’t really think this was him, i thought it was Mex or somebody with a hoax, especially given how shakur and whoo kid were grilled.

    tell me this isn’t for real? re-tar-ded

  • sATaLyte

    #1. Don’t go spending all the goddamn money up like it’s gonna last forever shawty.

    #2. This shit was dictated I hope. I pray. Cuz I hope you did not intentionally write AYE! in your paragraph.

    #3. Niggas don’t care bout your dogs.

    #4. Stop dropping hot garbage on Gucci tracks. That shit sounds sad when it seems like he just bringing you along cuz ya’ll homeboys.

  • ChRi$

    fuck this retarted nigga…just another contribution 2 the death of hip-hop/rap…HANG YA SHIT UP OJ, KUZ YOUR MUSIC IS GARBAGE AYE OK!!!???!!!


    LMAO!!! this should give everyone a good laugh.

  • Young History in the Making


    thats a few minutes of my life that i wont get back..

  • Technique

    I try not to be a hater but DAMN!!!! What else did this fool think cats was gonna say about a stupid ass post like that?

    fuck you OJ

    Damn i hope this dude reads all this shit. I’ll keep reading his stupid ass blogs as long as everyone keeps lettin this duck have it.

    like i said

    Fuck you OJ

  • crashxdjp

    This dude got no substance, he just setting back black people decades.

  • Still a Fan of Fif

    Man, all I see is hate. I figured only fans click on the features they wanted to see.
    The thing about the hateful/hate-filled comments, is dude is making more money than most of you. So if you are so much smarter, go out and make it happen for yourself and stop hating on the next man.

  • Technique

    @Still a fan of fif

    I won’t hate on the mans paper, by all means oj get that shit.

    But i will hate on him for being a weak ass rapper and even worse of a blogger.

    No i’m not a fan of oj but i decided to read his post because i thought the dude might have somethin interesting to say. nope. nothin.

    If you read that drop and don’t think this dude should be hated on you might need that short bus as much as oj fool.

  • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

    Man, this is the beginning of the end…

    First he came through and became a part of the death of hip hop, and now he will be the death of blogging.
    First time I EVER fix my fingers to type some bullshit like this and call it a blog, I would like to commission Tony Grands to come to my crib and set fire to my computer on my front lawn.

    Fuck this, I am going to post on stormfront now, OJ Da Juiceman makes me hate black people now, word to Uncle Ruckus.

    • Young History in the Making

      word….dont trust them new niggas over there lol..

  • Freaky Ronnie

    man fuck all you niggaz on this blog. while yall on here hating im at the house eating your ol lady booty hole and all. now smell that.

  • sp

    damn, haven’t seen this many people saying “fuck you O.J” since white people heard simpson got aquitted

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Didn’t Soulja Boy say in an interview once or twice that this guy was like his mentor?

    Ugh, horrific irony…..

    OJ Simpson > OJ Da Juice man. XXL fucked around & gave the blog to the wrong one.

    Just from a literary standpoint, this cat should be embarrassed. He dropped about his dogs….this nigga either has Mike Vick delusions (” I have two pit bulls, Killer and Bruiser. They’ll put the business on yo ass too!”) or he thinks that we’re a bunch of brainless sausage suckers who care how much weed he sprinkles on his Frosted Flakes in the afternoon. I can’t hate on his cash flow, but until he uses it to buy some integrity, that’s a moot point.

    “First, let me tell ya’ll that ya boy don’t wake up early…ever. My eyes don’t blink til like 3pm…Unless it’s the money calling.” -If laziness & greed made a cologne, that would be their slogan, & he would be their pitch man.

    This is a chance to represent Atlanta with some actual, comprehensible dialogue; instead, this dude is having flashbacks of the 2-way pagers days. My best guess is Vanessa contacted him about a guest blog, & after the initial “Huh, what dat iz?”, she just said “it’s something like a tweet”.

    “Aye! Bet dat.”

    Silly me, I figured he would take such an opportune moment to try to connect with the people. I’d hate to assume that everything worth knowing about him, as a human being, is in the lyrics of his songs. That’s a sad thought.

    • General

      What up Tony?

      Co sign your drop. I just don’t understand the thought process of some of these artists. They are given a chance to connect with hip hop heads and and expand their base. If nothing else they should look at this as a sales pitch of why should I or anyone else be interested in OJ or possibly buy his Cd’s…

      I blame XXL for this shit though. Southern rappers have a hard enough time fighting the stereo type that is put on them that they are ignorant, so what does XXL do? They go out and get a rapper to try to prove that the stereotype is correct…

      He may have more money now, but if his blog is any indication of who OJ really is, I guarantee 10 years from now me and you and probably 90% of the commentors on this site are gonna have a bigger bank than him

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  • Technique

    Tony Grands 4 president!

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    What up Commission I aint been here in a minute being that xxl been acting sohh infected, but he don’t speak for the whole A I hope he bounces back and show a sign of intelligence, maybe is an Eastside thing.

  • Master CHeef

    cosign silly willy all day. homo is the base root of the technical term.

    and plus, i dont give a fuck what a fag thinks. they can suck a dick, figuratively and literally.

    cosign render, too. OJ da Juiceman’s not illiterate like you would presume.

  • ?

    I just felt all my brain cells die while reading that…

  • Ya Boy

    Don’t hate yet he hasnt even written a proper Blog yet. Shout out to OJ AYE!!

  • OJ Da Juiceman

    Aye! first off fuck the haters. i get way more money than all yall! Aye! shout outs to Gucci, imma go hard! No homo!

    • 92FS

      No homo huh? Stop lying you faggot. That ain’t even your money. “Aye!”

  • Money mitch

    this no homo shit is gettin’ out of hand! i just take it as these dudes are so insecure about their sexuality they have to say it after damn near every sentence. to either convince those around them or in my opinion mostly themselves!

  • victoria

    i mean wht do i have 2 do get ya name tatted on me?? lol nah i aint a salker but i really dig u .l….n im ya #1 FAN XOXO

  • General

    First who Whooooooooo Kid and now wit OJ, I think XXL is just trying to make sure that “nada hoe” Shakur is not the worst guest blogger that they had…

    WTF is it with these guest bloggers thinkin that blogging=twitter

    I wonder if he is gonna have Gucci Mane guest feature on one of his blogs?


      I hate when people try 2 compare u being gay, 2 someone being Black, DOA that shit Black aint got shit 2 do wit homos!

  • no homo

    Yall niggas are so lame!!!!! Just because he wants to clear up the fact that he isnt gay there isnt anything wrong with that, if he says something that could be construed as a gay remark its ok to say NO HOMO!!! just like NO PUN INTENDED, NO DISRESPECT BUT, DONT TAKE THIS PERSONAALY BUT…..you clowns are illiterate, you wouldnt have to say no nigs dumbass because it is obvious if you say something that could be construed as a “black remark” its clear to people what color you are!!! But if you are gay and you are insecure about it, maybe you arent really gay, maybe its just a faze you are going through!!! Get in touch with who you are, and stay off the dicks of other people (NO HOMO) who exercise freedom of speech!!!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    boy xxl went down a notch every since YN got canned. I know damn well he would have put to veto an OJ blog.

    Orange Juice da Juice Man( i thought Yuck Mouth was a horrible name) can blog about whatever…..it’s his personal space.

    i don’t see how XXL chose him to rep Hip Hop. Homie can’t rap for shit…he reps for pushers not the art form. his blog should stir up discussion not laughter.

    @ the XXL flunkie. next time get 8 Ball or Luda someone with skills and hits under their belt.

    to the cocksuckers who view commenters opinions as hate go hang yrself and stop being all female bout the situation. were the life blood of a web site which is why every site has a setion dedicated to…u guessed it comments.

  • abdulnasir

    Nessa, I beg of you, let US(The Commission) write the guest blogs. COME ON!

  • @shakara_

    i want my money back

  • giantstepp

    OJ da Juice man, brother to brother, this was a TERRIBLE idea. They are gonna KILL you here bruh. Dont come back, quit while you’re ahead because it’s only gonna get worse. Real Talk…sit back and enjoy that new house and your doggs, but PLEASE don’t drop another “blog”. It could be a matter of career. You’ve been officially warned!

    *sits back and await the destruction*

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  • OJ Da Jew Mane

    Yall gonna make me cry. Please stop talkin bad about me. I promise I’ll get more lyrical, improve my delivery, and actually talk about something. Just be nice to me please :(

  • GIBZ


    I’m late as hell so ain’t much I can add.


  • fatDAN

    Alaska in Atlanta, what the fuck is that shit. Who gives a fuck if you sell shit bitch. You act like that shit is hard motherfucker. Whoever gives you the idea that slangin’ shit is something to be braggin’ about ALL the fucking time needs to get the shit slapped out of him. Grow the fuck up and pay your goddamn Homeowner Association dues bitch. Go knock out a banger. YES HOMO.

  • erica gucci gurl chiles

    hey o j luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u

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  • OfficialDeejayW

    If your “guest blog posts” contain sentences like: “Aye aye aye well damn aye aye ok!”, then chances are there’s nothing interesting or intelligent in them.

    Also OJ… You didn’t tell us how your threesome with Gucci and Wacka was last night? Um… No homo haha

  • http://meganewssubmit.info/ Essie Policastri

    Why is it that the content jogs my memory of another the same 1 I read some place else?

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