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With the summer winding down I just realized I missed the two biggest tours of the season: Wayne’s America’s Most Wanted Tour and Rock The Bells. We can call that a Music Ed FAIL! Still, like the late Christopher Wallace once said “things done changed.” I feel like hip-hop hasn’t had the super knock out tour in a minute!

Back in the day we had Jay’s Hard Knock Life Tour, Diddy’s Bad Boy and the Family, Dre’s Chronic Tour, The Cash Money/Ruff Ryders Tour and even Def Jam’s Survival of the Illest. The new concerts just don’t seem to compare. Granted, last year Kanye did his thing on the Glow in the Dark Tour—actually Ye’s set was one of the best shows I ever seen in my life. But the tour as a whole didn’t have that knock out line-up, while I enjoyed Lupe’s and N*E*R*D’s set, they couldn’t touch Kanye’s performance.

I did go to a lot of smaller shows this summer though. I’ve always liked the small club, it’s a more intimate setting. Drake killed it when he came to S.O.B.’s earlier in the year, shouts to the homie Kozza for hooking me up with a ticket. Mickey Factz and his GFC family threw a dope show with their Black Apple party in July. Unfortunately I missed Kanye’s G-Shock party, but I did catch my first Wale performance and was really entertained. Next up is Jay-Z’s September 11th show at Madison Square Garden, who got some tix for me?

What about ya’ll? What shows did ya’ll go to this summer? What are some of your favorite tours or shows of all-time? –Rob the Music Ed

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  • lol


  • cramzy

    glow in the dark was thoed. Coulda done w/o Rihanna and NERD tho’. Ye’ killed the whole show solo

    • Lowedwn

      yeah Rhianna live is like Rihanna on record…garbage

  • Grand Prixx

    its Pierzy!!! homie(gotta leran proto-call..)

    nice drop tho,the only show ive ever been 2 is the Big Sean+Mike Posner Who’s Next show at SOB’s(thanx vsatten) but i was salty i couldnt go to RTB,especially last year(ima huge tribe head and nas is my personal g.o.a.t. so hearing they were headlining was a wetdream) but i’ll make sure i catch the next one against all odds lol..and we could have more tours like the old ones if people put their egos aside instead of bickering over who’s headlining and b.s. like that..its all in the artists hands(shit a tour wit huge indie artists could be the best of the year,considering the climate of the industry) think about it..

  • Lowedwn

    I got to see Rock The Bells & The Great hangover this summer. Both were good with strong performances.

    Favorite tours ever, damn too many…Smoking Grooves tour(’95,’96,’97), Outkast-Stankonia tour, The Glow In the Dark & Graduation tours, Cash Money/Ruff Ryders, Slim Shady/Styles of Beyond and the greatest tour ever, The Fresh Fest.

  • General

    2 favorites were the Up In Smoke Tour with Dre, Em, Snoop, and Cube and the Anger Management tour with Em, D12, Xzibit, and Ludacris on the bill…

    I can’t lie though, probably the illest live performance I saw was Alicia Keys (I know) at the House of Blues

    • latino heat

      co-sign General
      i seen Alicia Keys last year at the San Jose Arena with my girl. she is the best live performer i’ve ever seen. i ain’t afraid to say it! not to mention we were about 50 feet from the stage and she is sexy as hell in person.

  • Pierzy

    I appreciate it, Grand Prixx!

    My favorite summer tour ever is Smokin’ Grooves ’98, where I sat 2nd row at what used to be called the E-Center in Camden, NJ. I’ve seen better performances (Jay & Mary J. was sick and NaS tore down The Electric Factory), but the line-up was crazy.

    - Black Eyed Peas were the opening act (a lot can change in 11 years)

    - Mya

    - Gang Starr

    - Busta Rhymes (with Flipmode)

    - Wyclef & The Refugee All-Stars (including Canibus and Pras, who performed “Ghetto Superstar” with Mya)

    - Cypress Hill

    - Public Enemy ended the show in spectacular fashion

  • alderman j

    Alot of you eighties babies dont know nothing about this, but the FRESH FESTIVAL is the best show i ever been to, FAT BOYS, RUN DMC, KOOL MOE D, ERIC B AND RAKIM, SALT N PEPA, DANA DANE, DOUG E FRESH, SLICK RICK,all in one show GREENSBORO NORTH CAROLINA, MID TO LATE EIGHTIES, nothing touches that, i saw hard knock life, roc the mic, up in smoke, nitro tour, prince, but FRESH FEST cant be touched, the dancers, the laser light shows, the lyrics nothing comes close, maybe the up in smoke with all the west coast acts. But if you wanted to wild out at a show, them DIPSET shows was no holds barred, we had a ball at them joints!!! BUT THE FRESH FEST RULES!!!

    • westcoastaggie

      I think I heard of that one. Too bad that city will NEVER ALLOW that many BLACK PEOPLE party ever again.

    • Grand Prixx

      wish i had a time machine to go back and see just one show on that tour lol..imagine a lineup equivalent of fresh fest’s featuring today’s artists..think i just jizzed myself

    • Jamal7Mile

      At the time, my parents thought I was too young to go to Fresh Fest. They would’ve had to be the chaperone so both me and them passed, lol. I regret that today. The first one (and best one) was Run-DMC headlining with P.E. in the late eighties. EPMD had just released “You Gotsta Chill” and opened for them.

      Up In Smoke was bananas!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Co-sign The Fresh Fest. Some of the best tour shows ever.

      And I also miss the “How Can I be Down” & “Jack The Rapper” conventions.

  • Sincere

    The Up In Smoke tour and Roc The Mic were 2 of my favorites

  • thoreauly77

    out in the san bernardino desert there was a festival called audiotistic. playing was mos def, talib kweli, living legends, outkast, and many more. right before outkast was coming on, a friend of my sisters gave me a little something to add to the experience; turns out it was pcp. i spent the entire set and the rest of the festival leaning against a fence, staring at a murky pond and the dirty ducks that swam lazily in it.

    still though, best festival i ever went to!

  • David HussleSoft

    Hardknock Life and Up and Smoke

  • DBlock

    Smoking Grooves tour…

    -Cypress Hill
    -Busta Rhymes

    I swear Busta came out at least once during everyone’s set. First for Scenario with Tribe… then Wyclef started playing the “Woo-Haa” remix on his guitar… can’t remember why he came out for Cypress tho… smoking had overtaken grooving by then…

  • ChiTown

    I’d have to say the roc the mic tour. 50 was in his prime(damn look how time past!!). The Glow in the Dark tour when Kanye was here in the CHi was fuckn classic and I have to say Jay-Z when he was here last month, he killed that shit!


    Just went to see Cudi and Asher a couple of weeks ago(w/88 keys,no Bobby Ray),at the electric factory,great show. I went to Ye’s Glow @ the garden, amazing, all around definitely different tastes of music, but that’s what you want when you go to a show, to be entertained and experience something you don’t see or hear on the reg.

  • Bennie

    The Jay Z and Friends Tour when the R Kelly bs jumped off. Not to cancel any of the dates, Hov grabbed all of his industry friends to come rock shows with him. His stop in Atlanta featured:
    Mary J Blige
    Crime Mob
    Lil Scrappy

    I felt blessed to see all of those acts in one building on one bill

    • Pierzy

      Yeah I saw that when it came to Philly…

    • latino heat

      @ Beenie

      correction Jay-Z did cancel some of those dates. i know he at least canceled the Bay Area show at the Oakland Arena. and bitch ass Ticketmaster returned the price of the tickets but kept over $20 in additional fees that i paid. FUCK TICKETMASTER!!!

  • Prince Caesar

    The last show I seen was a Lil Wayne show in Atlanta at Club Chocolate. That was in 2006! I don’t like Wayne at all, but, the show was dope. I gotta give it up, he did his damn thing. I think the Hard Knock life tour was one of the best of all time…Jay and X in there prime..what else needs to be said.

  • Incilin

    I went to Rock The Bells myself a few years ago but didn’t really get to enjoy the music itself that much. Outdoor festivals really are a bitch. (It rained for a while, going to the bathroom, trying to eat some food) The only act I was able to really appreciate was Rage Against The Machine, tho they were headliners anyway.

    I prefer the small club setting myself. The best show I ever went to was Wu-Tang at Webster Hall. They fuckin tore it down.

  • latino heat

    i went to RTB this year for the 3rd time in 4 years. dope show as always. not a fan of the 2 stages though. it’s a hell of a workout literally running between the 2 stages.

    my 1st concert was Hard Knock Life Tour back when i was still in high school. classic shit.

    can you believe i missed a free ticket to the Roc The Mic Tour because my old roommate couldn’t wake me up?! the graveyard shift is hard on the body in case you never tried it.

    did anybody hear about the Cash Money concert back in January 2000 at the Oakland Arena that ended up in a full scale riot? i remember it was in the Source afterward. that was the wildest shit i’ve ever seen in my life people getting thrown off the 2nd level of the arena and shit. i had first row tixs but never made it to my seat cause the place was so crazy. the opening acts were Eve and Ginuwine. Cash Money never made it to the stage.

    as far as overall best show i’ve ever seen (rap wise) Redman / Method Man with the Outsidaz at The Merrit Time Hall (r.i.p.) in S.F. in 2000. CRAZY ENERGY through the whole show. i prefer small venues to arenas and outdoor venues.

  • Pana

    Yes! Fresh Fest @ the Garden! Everybody held their addidas in the air when RUN DMC performed My Addidas! (except me. I had on some pink jellies! Damn my feet still hurt!)

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I know you didn’t just drop “jellies”! Ha!

    Clear or the hot pink?

    NY memories.

    The name plates, name buckles, door knockers, fronts from Grandma @ Albee Sq, Starter hats, Kangols, adidas/Fila/Ellesse/Sergio Tachini/Troop suits, Wallabee’s & Bally’s(shouts to Jewman(BX), MCM “Dapper Dan” suits, POLO FOREVER, 54.11′s, Nike Cortez, LEATHER TRIM GUESS DENIM, leather suits, TIMBERLAND RED MOCCASINS, CAZALS & YSL’S.


    • Pana

      @Syk well the hot pink ones of course. Btw I got my first front from Albee Sq! My big bro paid for it. 18kt. Gold with the Panamanian flag stenciled out. $80! Ha! I miss those days.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    The Great Hangover Tour was hella dope!

  • realBOSTON

    Rock the Bells was so fuckin dope

  • BIG Ry

    Smoking Grooves Tour was crazy! I think it was 1996 when I saw it.Cypress Hill,Busta Rhymes and A Tribe Called Quest,The Roots(Best live performance I’ve ever seen)and Parliament Funkadelic.No tour I’ve seen since has been better than this one.

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