With the summer winding down I just realized I missed the two biggest tours of the season: Wayne’s America’s Most Wanted Tour and Rock The Bells. We can call that a Music Ed FAIL! Still, like the late Christopher Wallace once said “things done changed.” I feel like hip-hop hasn’t had the super knock out tour in a minute!

Back in the day we had Jay’s Hard Knock Life Tour, Diddy’s Bad Boy and the Family, Dre’s Chronic Tour, The Cash Money/Ruff Ryders Tour and even Def Jam’s Survival of the Illest. The new concerts just don’t seem to compare. Granted, last year Kanye did his thing on the Glow in the Dark Tour—actually Ye’s set was one of the best shows I ever seen in my life. But the tour as a whole didn’t have that knock out line-up, while I enjoyed Lupe’s and N*E*R*D’s set, they couldn’t touch Kanye’s performance.

I did go to a lot of smaller shows this summer though. I’ve always liked the small club, it’s a more intimate setting. Drake killed it when he came to S.O.B.’s earlier in the year, shouts to the homie Kozza for hooking me up with a ticket. Mickey Factz and his GFC family threw a dope show with their Black Apple party in July. Unfortunately I missed Kanye’s G-Shock party, but I did catch my first Wale performance and was really entertained. Next up is Jay-Z’s September 11th show at Madison Square Garden, who got some tix for me?

What about ya’ll? What shows did ya’ll go to this summer? What are some of your favorite tours or shows of all-time? –Rob the Music Ed