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It is often the artists from the most disenfranchised, impoverished nations that can speak to the true nature of Hip-Hop. To combine all music, art, culture and people into one is the essence of Hip-Hop. With the use of the drum and the voice.

A few weeks ago when J.Period was working on the Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ mixtapes he told me of this project to combine the sound of K’Naan with some of the world’s most respected musical messengers. K’Naan hails from Mogadishu, Somalia. A region that has been embroiled in violent conflict for the past two decades. So many rappers fantasize about their communities as warzones but few have survived in one and even less speak of the peace, justice and love that our world needs right now.

With this idea in mind J.Period and K’Naan began crafting this project. A mashup mixtape with music honoring the great FELA KUTI, BOB DYLAN and BOB MARLEY. The project sounded too monumental from the outset. I’m glad J.Period was able to pull it off.

The full 3-part project is set to be released on September 1st over at J.Period’s website. Here’s a preview of what J.Period is calling ‘The Messengers’ featuring K’Naan in tribute to FELA KUTI, BOB DYLAN and BOB MARLEY.

‘Let’s Start’ (Fela Kuti Tribute)

‘Relationship’s Lay’ (Bob Dylan tribute)

‘Belly Full’ featuring Kardinal Offishall, Steele and Bajah + Dry Eye Crew (Bob Marley tribute)

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    What’s good Dallas…

    Whether I fux with dudes or not, I love the fact (not just an idea) that hip-hop is global and it has been said that music and mathematics are universal languages and hip-hop is definitely a part of that.

  • Silly Willy

    It’s great to see hiphop artists acknowledging the greats outside the culture now and then. I still couldn’t believe seeing Snoop in a Metallica Tribute a couple years ago…..

  • General

    “The project sounded too monumental from the outset.”

    When I first heard about this I thought it could be really nice, but then started thinking that it could also be a hot mess…

    Not really a huge fan of K’Naan, but I did like these tracks and thought that he did them justice…

    Kinda reminds me of the old Fugee shit…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    So does Hip Hop from Africa make Hip Hop from say, New York, obsolete? Does the scale of violence and strife in Africa suddenly make the NY slums look like a fantasy land full of opportunity? It is certain that one day we will hear of the absolute worst case scenario of living and I wonder will that make these US based rappers seem like pussies?

    I’m going this way because it seems to be an accepted point of view that anyone other than blacks cannot relate to Hip Hop because they don’t know “What it’s like to be black in a white establishment.” So I’m asking those of that train of thought, what happens when a hardcore dude from Africa steps up with his translation of Hip Hop? Will that make the stories from the mean streets of the US seem like fairy tales?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Detroit P

      yes and no.

    • Jericho

      People who claim music for one specific race generally don’t know shit so I wouldn’t worry too much about the “you can’t get hip-hop if you’re not black” clique.

      It’s like people who claim black people can’t fuck with rock music cos its “white music” Anyone who knows anything about music knows that modern rock music is a stripped down version of the original rock as pioneered by legends such as Chuck Berry.

    • these posts are racist


      I disagree with Billy. Just because it is worse to live in a slum in Cairo, doesn’t make the kid in a housing project in Chicago or a white kid in a trailor park in Michigan any less of a sad story. Its all relative, like a cousin.

      As far as hip hop being FUBU…i think this has been prove untrue over and over. All races have embraced hip hop…its Global now (shout out to DJ Khaled). My only issue is that often times, other races come off artificial as they use slang/accentuate their words to match a cat from the Bronx when that’s not how they talk. It just comes off phoney and fake…and that is the antithisis to what hip hop is supposed to be about…raw/real…doing what’s really you.

  • capcobra

    hip hop always try to create a new character by becoming the guy on the bottom of the totem pole…from pimps to players to hustlers to gangsters to mobsters and so forth..now that we mastered those roles it’s time we take it international..i remember that airline commercial that said go back to jamaica..that’s when they was nobodies..then niguz started saying they crazy drug dealers..then niguz started growing dreds and doing the butterfly while eating a beef pattie..same thing wit mexicans.ricans.italians.haitians.etc..i guess now it’s cool to be african..but a few years ago niguz was dissing’em…they went from bootyscratchers to bootleggers to store owners and so forth..but now they got akon and knaan so they in style i guess…i remember rae sayin “africans denying niguz up in yellow cabs..musky as fuck..waving they arms at arabs”..lmao..i say that to say this..america always imitate the people they hurt..from indians to africans..it ain’t a hip hop thing..it’s just the american way..kill the father and feed the son…and nah i ain’t listen to homie songs either.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “it ain’t a hip hop thing..it’s just the american way..kill the father and feed the son…”

      Words to let fester in the noggin today fellas. Well said cap.

      Grand$’ blog up now totally speaks on this.

      @ Herbz

      You know the answer to your question. Good stance though…


  • these posts are racist

    …trying to post a general response to this article and it is not letting me.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Just thought about you too. Come again!

      • these posts are racist

        I don’t get it…elaborate.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Waiting for your response. I knew you were dropping in this one with a deep thought…

        • these posts are racist

          Good look…I don’t know. I posted two responses and neither have been posted. I then posted a response to Matt and that one was posted. Not sure if the censorship committee has even read this blog…or maybe the irony is lost on them as it is often lost on Billy aka Dallas aka whatever…

  • these posts are racist

    Damn Billy. ive been gone for a minute and you can’t post my comment? Really?

  • Brooklyn

    a lot of international hip-hop is good, better than what is being played on our radios now. i guess because it’s new to those international peoples and we’ve been doing this for 30 + years. a lot of french rappers are dope, i can’t understand a motherfucking word that they’re saying, but they go hard as fuck on the mic, no autotune, no dancing shit, just straight street bangers. rap coming from the underclass of america, it can appeal to the underclasses everywhere, regardless of race. it just so happens that blacks are the underclass here, but in europe it’s mostly arabs and africans, in asia it’s asian people, they identify with the passion and the anger that personified rap a decade ago.

  • tronthadon

    Brooklyn you made no sense if you cant understand how can that shit go hard?…they could be telling you to fuck your mother or some wild shit and yo ass bobbin ur head and shit..”ay yo son ay yo that shit hard kid..word up”..lmao

    • Brooklyn

      i made perfect sense you just misunderstood what i said and furthermore you didn’t take my whole comment into consideration. you don’t have to speak french to feel the passion, anger, and love that these people have for what they do. their poverty makes them upset, their lack of political franchisement makes them upset, and whether you speak the language or not, you can feel that. now, you’re right, they can be telling me to fuck my mother “or some wild shit”, but that doesn’t take away from the intensity of their music.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Good looking $yk.

    Supposedly pain, strife & hardship foster the “best” music, so by that standard, I think a kid who’s grown-up in the midst of political violence & persecution would have the heavier heart to manufacture the “better” music.

    But, the kids from third world, poverty-stricken countries don’t embrace Rap music (like America), they embrace the Hip Hop culture & all that it truly entails; freedom to be one’s self. Cats from the projects glorify what the projects are, for self-satisfaction & promotion, versus a guy from war-torn parts of Zimbabwe who’s teaching the world what oppression really means.

    Racial profiling>>getting shot if you don’t join the armed liberation movement

  • Around and Around

    My posts are not posting either…XXL IT dept. get your shit together.

    These tracks are hot

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Unrelated news:

    Yung Berg is no longer under contract with Epic/Sony.

    To my best knowledge Sony has ONLY one urban artist under them. Nipsey Hu$$le. This ain’t a good look for “urban divisions” of major labels.

    Regardless of Berg’s “snafu’s” he had 3 major Top 20 songs, but only sold 130K total.

    Watch the cutting axe start dropping heavily. Everyone can’t fit on E1/Koch.

    • Jericho

      A victory for music everywhere….bum-ass rappers beware!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      What happened, $yk?

      It’s still there with a pic of Lyte.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        On my mac I clicked the date and it took me there. Even in the directory you click on his name & yesterday’s shows up. It’s not even on the front page blog listing.

        I wouldn’t have been mad if he was 86′d.

        I wanted sling more dirt over there…

  • AZ40

    After hear ABC’s i decided to listen to more of K’naan, and you right niggas couldn’t image having to go through what people go through in other parts of the world

  • Dallas Penn

    Commission! What the smell homies?

    Just for YOUR info. I posted this joint on Tuesday morning before I left the crib for my day gig. I had a mean long day and I just came home. I haven’t been on the thread until this second. I think its HEEElarious that you think you post anything so transcending and illuminating that people give a fux what you say.

    Your janky ass dial-up connection is why your commecnts don’t post. It will never be because you drop a thought that could even possibly topple the establishment. I stopped using the pan name Billy Sunday after I learned that the fire and brimstone preacher whose name I adopted was a KKKlan operative. I use my OWN name because these words are mine.

    You can call me whatever your rabbit ass mind wants.

  • Dallas Penn

    The idea that poverty is relative is some simple minded supremacist apologist shit.

    Kids in Haiti eating mudpies is DEFINITELY a worse story than the kids that live in American poverty. The smartest and most perceptive among us can realize that the lifestyle that we enjoy here in America, even the poverty lifestyle, is still subsidized from the treatment of others off our shores.

    Do you think if goods weren’t produced for slave wages abroad that we wouldn’t bear the brunt of the commerce. I enjoy $2 t-shirts @ A.J.Wright because someone in Africa is working for pennies.

    I could go on for a minute but since I am talking to tpar I’m not going to waste my breath 2nite. I’ve got another drop to draft for Weds. Dig the K’Naan tracks if you want to and understand that there IS a real difference from talking that gun shit and living thru some Hotel Rwanda shit.

    Believe that.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      My (adopted) nephew is from Haiti and, even after a year, has not been able to fully shed the horrors from his home country and I’m afraid he’ll NEVER be able to do so…

      • these posts are racist


        What does that prove? Kids in my town suffer PTSD from drivebys/police harassment and all around shitty existence and will NEVER be able to shed the horrors of the PJ’s either. What’s with this obsession to rank things? Best MC’s/GOATs/GROATS/Best website…worst place to live?

        • General


          “What does that prove?”

          Have you ever been to Haiti? I bet not. Yes everyone has their struggles and it is subjective to say whose are worse, but I promise you that if you spent one week in Haiti and we went around the neighborhoods in Port Au Prince you wouldn’t have to ask Pierzy that question

  • 3rd eye clear

    I have been to 89 countries (no tourist) and can say with certainty that pain, struggle, and hunger looks the same on each and every face regardless.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      And it’s hard to relate that knowledge to people who have only gone as far as the corner.



  • these posts are racist

    Hilarious. none of my comments post. but my comments about how my comments won’t post, post? Killumanati fill your mind and your body…

    • Dub Sac

      I wouldn’t take it personal. I tried to post about a Ghostface song on the storytelling thread and it didn’t post. Shit happens. It’s the internet.

  • these posts are racist

    Wow! Any substantive post I have written giving an overall general reaction to this drop is not coming up? Why is that?

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Dallas Penn is Billy X…WTF??

    I remember when it changed and I thought it was somebody else…he even writes in a diffrent persona. I was going to clown Billy X Sunday or You Dallas cause he sugested we listen to Ashor Roth and dance in circles holding hands. Happy Rap i think was the term.
    I should have know when homie made a video jockin Roth for no reason and stopped trying to get extra food from McDonalds for .99

    So he took a nickname and didn’t reserch it and named himself after a KKKlansman. Now TPAR and the world should sweep it under the rug and act like he’s keeping it real or someone else cause he uses his real name. I’m not mad…this is lol and real interesting.

    Good ideas in the post thought. there are degrees of poverty and eating mudpies is a lot worse than borrowing money and buying McDonalds.

  • beaver

    da last 2 tracks were good..
    da bob marley tribute is dope….i lik it

    i wanna hear sum new fugees shit..
    they are fuckin dope..
    da knaan verse on da marley tribute sounds lik sumthin da fugees would say..
    ha dats good..

    i will get this when its out.

  • http://ardentperro.info/www.xxlmag.com/ www.xxlmag.com

    1 world x 1 love x 1 mic.. Very nice :)