BET played itself the other day, letting Jay-Z cockblock Chris Brown's tribute to Jacko. No fishsticks.

I know there's supposedly some confusion as to whether or not this really happened, but I'm pretty sure it did. The Source, which is apparently still in business and has a website, all but said it definitely did. Then Chris Brown's people tried to act like they didn't know what happened. Yeah, Chris Brown was rehearsing for a Jacko tribute the day before, but it was never clear if he was officially part of the program.

Maybe they wanted to make more room for Trey Songz, or whatever other no-named ninjas performed that night. I remember watching the intro the other night and thinking there was a sizable drop off in star power after the first few acts. I even said as much in my Twitter. Nullus. But I had to turn it off after about 20 minutes. There's only so much of that shit I can take.

I don't generally fuck with any of these MTV awards shows either, but I do recall seeing Chris Brown do one hell of a Jacko impression at one of them a couple of years ago. My little brother may have been watching it. He lacks my ability to discern worthwhile pop culture from... you know, Chris Brown. He'd probably get along well with most people on the Internets. Alas, what would he write?

This year's BET Awards could have been Chris Brown's moment. I heard Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson and some insignificant modern day R&B acts along those lines did Jacko songs, and I can't imagine any of them were worth a shit. Meanwhile, Chris Brown's one true talent, other than laying a smackdown, is his Jacko impression. And obviously he could have used the positive press he would have received.

If it wasn't for that damn Jay-Z. Word on the street is that he refused to perform "D.O.A." (or did he just premier the video at the end of the show?), if Chris Brown was allowed to perform. And so Chris Brown was informed that his services wouldn't be needed, and Jamie Foxx had to improvise a few extra minutes, when Chris Brown would have been performing.

Here's how BET played itself. First of all, who gives a rat's ass about Jay-Z at this point anyway? Given a choice between airing the video for "D.O.A." and a Jacko tribute by Chris Brown, I'm going with the Jacko tribute every day of the week and twice on Tuesday. If anything, BET was doing Jay-Z a favor by agreeing to air his video in the first place. When's the last time anyone saw a video on TV?

MTV never would have let this happen. Remember a few years ago when they stuck Kanye West in a basement somewhere during the VMAs, where he couldn't cause a scene? That's why BET stays losing. I mean, aside from all of the minstrel shows it airs. It's basically a gayer version of MTV. And MTV is run by teh ghey guys!

Anyway, since when was it decided that it was Jay-Z's responsibility to punish Chris Brown? I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If Chris Brown deserved to go to jail for what he did. The fact that he more or less got off lets me know he wasn't completely in the wrong. Don't believe me? Go and randomly put your shoe on a woman and see what happens. Even a black chick. Rihanna was clearly out of pocket.

And even if she wasn't, what ever happened to letting a man move on with his life? Wanting to constantly hold an old crime over a nigga's head is for white people. And you'd think that a Michael Jackson tribute, of all things, would be a good opportunity to acknowledge that, yeah, sometimes people do fuck up, but it doesn't mean we should just throw them under a bus.