Why Jay-Z shouldn’t have cockblocked Chris Brown

BET played itself the other day, letting Jay-Z cockblock Chris Brown’s tribute to Jacko. No fishsticks.

I know there’s supposedly some confusion as to whether or not this really happened, but I’m pretty sure it did. The Source, which is apparently still in business and has a website, all but said it definitely did. Then Chris Brown’s people tried to act like they didn’t know what happened. Yeah, Chris Brown was rehearsing for a Jacko tribute the day before, but it was never clear if he was officially part of the program.

Maybe they wanted to make more room for Trey Songz, or whatever other no-named ninjas performed that night. I remember watching the intro the other night and thinking there was a sizable drop off in star power after the first few acts. I even said as much in my Twitter. Nullus. But I had to turn it off after about 20 minutes. There’s only so much of that shit I can take.

I don’t generally fuck with any of these MTV awards shows either, but I do recall seeing Chris Brown do one hell of a Jacko impression at one of them a couple of years ago. My little brother may have been watching it. He lacks my ability to discern worthwhile pop culture from… you know, Chris Brown. He’d probably get along well with most people on the Internets. Alas, what would he write?

This year’s BET Awards could have been Chris Brown’s moment. I heard Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson and some insignificant modern day R&B acts along those lines did Jacko songs, and I can’t imagine any of them were worth a shit. Meanwhile, Chris Brown’s one true talent, other than laying a smackdown, is his Jacko impression. And obviously he could have used the positive press he would have received.

If it wasn’t for that damn Jay-Z. Word on the street is that he refused to perform “D.O.A.” (or did he just premier the video at the end of the show?), if Chris Brown was allowed to perform. And so Chris Brown was informed that his services wouldn’t be needed, and Jamie Foxx had to improvise a few extra minutes, when Chris Brown would have been performing.

Here’s how BET played itself. First of all, who gives a rat’s ass about Jay-Z at this point anyway? Given a choice between airing the video for “D.O.A.” and a Jacko tribute by Chris Brown, I’m going with the Jacko tribute every day of the week and twice on Tuesday. If anything, BET was doing Jay-Z a favor by agreeing to air his video in the first place. When’s the last time anyone saw a video on TV?

MTV never would have let this happen. Remember a few years ago when they stuck Kanye West in a basement somewhere during the VMAs, where he couldn’t cause a scene? That’s why BET stays losing. I mean, aside from all of the minstrel shows it airs. It’s basically a gayer version of MTV. And MTV is run by teh ghey guys!

Anyway, since when was it decided that it was Jay-Z’s responsibility to punish Chris Brown? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If Chris Brown deserved to go to jail for what he did. The fact that he more or less got off lets me know he wasn’t completely in the wrong. Don’t believe me? Go and randomly put your shoe on a woman and see what happens. Even a black chick. Rihanna was clearly out of pocket.

And even if she wasn’t, what ever happened to letting a man move on with his life? Wanting to constantly hold an old crime over a nigga’s head is for white people. And you’d think that a Michael Jackson tribute, of all things, would be a good opportunity to acknowledge that, yeah, sometimes people do fuck up, but it doesn’t mean we should just throw them under a bus.

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  • Pierzy

    Isn’t Chris Brown’s entire career a Michael Jackson impression?

    • geico lizard

      and Usher and Timberlake. I believe the Jay Z rumor because he hasnt denied it. When people say he has a secret son he comes out to deny that but snaking this kids comeback and tribute to MJ, Jay Z has nothing to say. Go buy a pack of Camels and smoke them in honor of the GOAT cockblocker JZ.

  • cramzy

    BET or VH1 or MTV should have a separate tribute show for Mike. I think it’s deserved. Get Usher, Justin,Ginuwine, Omarion,Chris Brown,Ciara,Neyo,and make it happen.

    • http://www.datpiff.com/MaxProfit.profile.html Max Profit

      Nobody Cares about Chris Brown!
      Just cause you beat a case that don’t make you innocent.

  • $ykotic

    Yeah my dude called me Monday and told me this.

    Now is this enough proof that Hov was smashing Ri-Ri?

    Jay you know I got love 4 u. 111 Nostrand Ave. Marcy son.

    But that was a hoe move. CB would have done a MJ tribute justice. Stop blocking that lil n*gga’s food and let him eat. If you’re that salty then go approach that man and air him out.

    • anutha_level

      true. nigga is a little too old for the school yard bully shit

  • epinz

    I think j’s irrelevant to the music climate today. If this was 2000-2005 I would understand, but not now. Plus, what the fuck does D.O.A have to with michael? BET let the politics control them instead of what was best for michael. Also, from what I hear, his fam wanted cris specifically to do the tribute to him!

    • $ykotic

      What it do epinz?

      “his fam wanted cris specifically to do the tribute to him!”

      My homie told me that too. That’s what had me aggie about it.

      I would NEVER stop a cat from eating. Everyone needs food to enrich their body, mind, & soul. I’m tired of n*ggaz getting bread and acting fool.

      Turnabout is fair play.

      • epinz

        what it is syk?

        been a minute. i feel u on that though. i dnt like jim jones for nuthin, but i felt him when he was talkin bout jay was fuckin niggaz $ up with that d.o.a shit, like as if niggaz did a deat of chipmunk samples when the roc was doin all that sped up sample shit back then.

        • LawrencePeoples

          Whaddup $yk and Epinz?

          Honestly, the DOA jawn needed to be made for ONE reason: to keep all of these other cats from ultimately embarassing themselves. Have you heard “Birthday Sex” dude sing that song, sans autotune? Sheesh, it IS NOT pretty. There’s a difference b/w blockin’ a n*gga from eating, and folks saturating an artistic element, and NOT BRINGING ARTISTRY WITH IT. Think about it: Ron Browz made “Ether”; but yet he wants to Jump Out the Window with the autotunes and shit. Somebody had to DOA, and Hov did it. What if Wayne, or whoever folks find relevent NOW said it?

        • $ykotic

          @ LawrencePeoples

          Peace fam! What’s the word? Elevation & prosperity to you…

          I’m happy that DOA was created. Everybody can’t do what the next man does. We all kinda know that Browz was the target for that one. But the industry is full of dickriders. Who ever’s selling copy that formula. Even the labels are guilty of this practice.

          But Hov “allegedly” blocking Chris is not cool. I know dudes and labels are doing damage control right now but my dude is a reliable source of info.

        • http://twitter.com/lawrencepeoples Lawrence Peoples


          Peace fam! As usual, elevation is a continual process. Happy to be climbing still…

          Nah, Hov’ blockin’ Chris ain’t cool. That’d be like fans blockin’ Hov’ ’cause they think he’s still involved in a criminal element. In a way Jay forgot about what we learn on the street at a young age…you stay out of folks domestic disputes. Chris was wrong either way…she’s a chick, dawg.

          Still, tho’…you don’t take food from other people. Bad things, man…bad things….

  • P-Matik

    Man, if people still act like Arruh Kelly is this generation’s MLK, then they need to let Chris Brown do his thing. He’s already been judged by a court of law.

    Bol, you’re right though. Jay-Z is already beginning to show cracks, biting Kanye and what not. Who cares what he says. Only slow people still sit around watching videos and that D.O.A. was garbage anyway.

  • General

    Thats fucked up is Jay did do that…I know that the rumors are that he did, which to me was more a move for Jay’s ego than anything…

    How you gonna stop someone from payin tribute to MJ??? Fuck Jay-Z. D.O.A.??? how bout D.O.J.

  • therealwayno

    BET was just worried about the message the would send letting a woman beater be a main feature on the show.

    So they let Wifey Smacker Don Cornielius host the OJ’s and they let Weezy F sing “Every Girl” with 12 year old girls on stage.


  • http://myspace.com/devitan Devi Gargon

    Along comes the Jay-Z haters brigade…..

    I’m just gonna play devils advocate for a second.

    With all of this talk of remembering peoples legacies and all, fuck the 2000 to 2005 shit. This man has a very high importance in Hip Hop for almost 15 years, and his accomplishements in and out of the game rival most of our best by a million percent. He’s just trying to restore people being their own people, instead of what others want them to be. (“Watch fade to black around the december 4th clip”)

    as far as the cock block…till yall prove it, LEGIT!, I dont believe it…until then its a mute issue!!!


  • El Tico Loco

    Most rappers been doin bitch nigga moves why are we shocked?

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • giantstepp

    IDK if its true or not, but I hope not. Let the Lil Homie eat again. Dude fucked up, no debate there. But he deserves the chance to move on. Jay should holla at the lil homie straight up. I’d bet CB would clear whatever he had on his schedule, fly across the country on little notice for the chance to sit with Jay and clear this up. If CB was a grown ass man, I could see going hard line on him. But he’s a youngsta that made a huge mistake, paying for it, now its time to mover on.

  • capcobra

    i forgot how that ether song start….oh yeah….FUCK JAY-Z!!

    • reggie

      You know wut all the victims in the school yard say behind closed doors? You sound like one..Nas lost..Nigga ended working for HOVA dumb fuck!

  • No Mames Buey

    After Joe Camel’s next Blueprint 3 album drops, Joe Camel should retire from making “big marketed” albums.

    The radio LCD fans prolly feel 40 yo Camel is too old to relate.

    The quality hip hop fans, which nowadays could be any age from 14 to 50 (rateyourmusic.com has some young gurus that will sonn you on Tribe, Pete Rock or Wu knowledge – no joke), want something on the quality level of Reasonable Doubt or Blueprint 1.

    Camel ironically should follow Masta Ace’s 2004 A Long Hot Summer & De La Soul 2004 Grind Date or any Roots album as his “blueprint” for 40 yo old man yet high quality rap.

    Album sales might be lower, but Camel would have quality hip hop fan respect, & could make bank from shows ala Prince, another old but still active artist. This is the path for Camel to have longevitiy, not appealing to wack rap fans.

    Lil Wang has the radio/LCD/wack rapper market on lockdown, Camel is too old for that shyt now.

  • epinz

    @ devi gargon

    We aint talkin bout what he does business wise, he is NOT as relevant musically as he once was. Dnt talk about him tryin to make people b more original when he’s clearly jockin j-west, has a song with drake commin when he don’t even do that with his own artist, harmonizing on songs like he’s always done it when he hasn’t, and arguably dropped his two worst project in 2006-2007, well after his 2000-2005 hey days! Nobodys hatin on his business savy( even though 50 makes more at the end of the fiscal year). He’s fell off artistically! U can’t tell me that jockin jay-z or D.O.A are half the calibure of his previous hits. And if he was standin up for women gettin beat than why not boycott don cornielius when he just finished kickin his wifes ass like half a year ago! We aint haters, ur just a stan!

    • http://myspace.com/devigargon Devi Gargon

      Legacy = forever, your talking at the moment.

      2. This is business. One black man has the power to stop another man from getting on a cable aired award show, without violence…Thats power baby!!! Negotiation= The heart of business. And its pretty gangster!

      3. Im not a stan, I just dont believe everything I hear,(about anyone!)…you shouldnt either.

  • http://www.imetarockstar.com Sandoz

    “Wanting to constantly hold an old crime over a nigga’s head is for white people.”


    Let somebody (allegedly) put hands on my sister and bite her in FEBRUARY and see if it’s “an old crime” come JULY.

    As far as Jay-Z being some kind of bitch, I ask, “Why have power if you can’t use it?”. Everybody keeps playing like a “hater” is always some kind of punk or something. Sometimes, it’s a grown-ass man who’s got a problem with you.

  • bakerboi

    For the first time in a while, I agree with you, bol. if true, that was a bitchassness move on jay’s part. i even heard that Beyonce would pull out too. com on man, you fucking a nicca lively hood man and bad shit happen when that come into play. the lil need attention as broad ri-ri should have not attacked a man in the first place. all this double standard ass shit in the US get on my nerves.

  • http://suckapunk.blogspot.com Suckapunkin

    the last sentiment is kinda weird coming from a man who demanded Pimp C be sent back to prison

  • avon

    you right on the mulfuckin money no one gives a shit about music by jigga anymore and chris brown should have performed bet sucks they should have also put out the bat signal for usher and timberlake and why did the cameras keep showing ginuwine but bet aint let the man perform i knw ginuwine is a pure bitch but the niggra can sing and dance

  • LawrencePeoples

    Chris Brown was WRONG: let’s get that clear. Cats are always try’na find a way to condone slappin’ a chick up; but c’mon…if a man (and ALL men should be able to) can lift his own body weight, more than likely he’s already twice as strong as that woman he beat up.

    If she came at the dude with a pistol, knife, etc…and he had to defend himself, whatever….but to beat a brawd over another GUY?!?!? So many men lose their life or freedom everyday, simply b/c they get more emotional than women do.

    Lastly, tho’…nah, Hov’ shouldn’t have blocked. AND HOV’ is my dude…but he knows that there’s nobody out there killin’ any of MJ’s steps like Breezy…NOBODY.

  • DBlock

    Wonder what Jay-Z’s career would’ve ended up like if the Un stabbing was held against him.

    • BIGNAT

      DBlock brings up a very good point. also jay-z has made fun of that incident in a few of his songs. i guess stabbing a guy in the buttcheek is not as bad as putting your hands on a women. both these guys got money though any of us regular guys try doing stupid shit like that. you know we going be taking a trip going be gone for a couple summers.

  • newyawka631


  • Big Family

    I was saying the same thing on Facebook. And it could’ve went a few ways

    Sarcasm- “Wanna Be Starting Something”
    sympathy-”you are not Alone”
    Repentance- She’s out Of My Life
    Resurrection- Man In the Mirror.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Perhaps BET figured that it would be a bad business move to have him perform @ the last minute because they thought he may bug out & slap Wayne’s daughter around.

    Or worse, bring out Bow Wow.

    I guess it would be a bad look to have a show dedicated to an accused child molester held down by a convicted woman beater. Although, when does the BET use discretion?

    Or, maybe Jay-Z really did have a “hey, you kid’s get offa my grass” moment & wanted to prove he’s in charge of something other than Beyonce’s purse & Memph Bleek’s rap career.

    On the real though, I don’t think he had him banned. Remeber, he doesn’t even really own a noticable percentage of the Nets.

    • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

      Perhaps BET figured that it would be a bad business move to have him perform @ the last minute because they thought he may bug out & slap Wayne’s daughter around.


      comment of the day!

  • *Secret*

    Jayz is a hater for what he did! Thats a real selfish thing to do too! The show wasn’t a who Jayz wants to perform this was a tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson and Chris Brown would have represented MJ real well. Especially if the family would have wanted to see him perform. So that was a real bitch move on Jayzs part! I would have rather seen Chris Brown sing with Neyo at the end instead of Jamie Foxx anyway!


    bol showing compassion wtf is going on around here

  • Beast McCoy

    The BET Awards would have been the best opportunity for CB to mount a meaningful comeback but of course Rihanna’s Sweet Daddy had to stick his nose in it. I believe CB is great talent in this paint by the numbers genre we call R&B so, why would BET be dumb enough to pass on the opportunity to utilize him in the wake of the demise of his precursor. I mean when was the last time, Shawn made a worthwhile impact or song. To tell the truth most of these award shows are aimed at girls 13 to 25 and last time I checked no girls I know in that category gave a F@#k about the Jigga Man. I guess they met they one light skin/mulatto male quota with Drake. BET is slowly dying and this is the reasons why… because they KNOW how to totally botch up even the most fruitful opportunities. I’m still pissed over the demise of Rap City & Video Soul.

  • sealsaa

    “Fuck Jay-Z” -Nas

    Don’t know if this is true, but if so, shame on both Jay Z and Black EMBARASSMENT Television. Michael Jackson is an icon, and certainly bigger than Jay Z’s ego. The music industry as a whole wouldn’t be the same if not for Michael Jackson’s influence, and he deserved the best sending off that BET could give him, and they failed.

  • sealsaa

    “And you’d think that a Michael Jackson tribute, of all things, would be a good opportunity to acknowledge that, yeah, sometimes people do fuck up, but it doesn’t mean we should just throw them under a bus.”

    And Bravo by the way Bol. Very well put. Pretty much sums up all of the disrespectful shit that people have been saying about Michael Jackson since he died.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Mtv.com says that BET & Chris Brown’s camp denied this. Supposedly he was never scheduled.

    Regardless, good post Bol.

  • fastflipper

    JAY Z = G.O.A.T.

    • valdez

      YOU = S.T.A.N.

  • reggie

    Byron, you are soo full of shit…I stopped reading this mag for over 2 yrs cuz of ur shameful ass..dumn,stupid, maotherfucker!
    Do ur thing JAY…

  • http://youtube.com/thelupend Thelupend

    I’m a jay fan but I Can’t say i totally agree with jay on this one but I understand him.Knowing how much Jay-Z like rihanna it’s prob true. This was like the best opportunity for chris to prove to everyone heäs a good guy. But jay fucked up his one chance.Chris Brown must be pissed of right now.

    “Wanting to constantly hold an old crime over a nigga’s head is for white people” Sad But True

  • yoprince

    i feel like Chris Brown should have another real hit song b4 he’s given a pass… it’s the least he could do. Michael Jackson passing isn’t reason enough for CB to be performing fresh off settling an assault case. so I’m not mad at Jay for this one.

  • Avenger XL

    Folks Chris Brown was on the way down in about an album or so whether he gave o girl the dr sole face treatment or not. Pop has a short shelf life due to its lack of substance in todays market. This isn’t the pop from the past which sometimes had a more organic nature even though it was still heavily formula driven. Thus is the career span of pop tards. Ne-yo will probably be the only guy to survive this class(And I see a name change when he gets grown enough which may kill my theory)

  • Avenger XL

    O yeah and Jay-Z has clout with the TI’s. Chris Brown is just a singing/dancing minstrel clown. Hell that even looked like Lyor Cohen driving his car in the DOA video imagine if it is that is almost like a semi TI head nod that he is in their private club.

  • http://youtube.com/thelupend thelupend


  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah Chris Breezy would have done MJ mad justice on the dance tip. No one can front on that. Shit, him and Omarion probably could’ve pulled some “old MJ, new MJ” shit. Would’ve been nice.

  • UNITURNZ2000

    If he did do it, jay is just standing up for his friend. If one of your homegirls got beat down by a dude would any of u guys let that guy have any shine? or would u stand up for your friend? I know after wat happened I personally said I dont even want to see chris brown anymore. maybe its cuz of the jay-z hate. would it b better if it was ur favorite rapper?

    • $ykotic

      Ain’t nothing wrong with holding down your people.

      It’s when you become obsessed with it is when someone around should intervene.

      Like they say it was an A and B conversation so Jay should C his way out of it.

      Let CB sweep the roads and get his mind right and move on. No need for blockage.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Jay laced up his cleates put his pads on and str8 Refrigerator Perry’d CB’S tribute to MJ this dude is a hater and he relevance in the game is about to fade to black

  • Sleepy Wonder

    What The Fuck, Why Is Everyone Siding With Chris Brown? What Website Am I On…

  • valdez

    it ain’t about “siding” with who u ike the most. it’s about right & wrong. that coulda easily been any of us in cb’s situation. we also don’t know what drove him to hit her.

    bottom line is, he went to court and was judged already so why is he still being judged by jay z of all ppl?? who the fuck is jay z to decide if breezy performs at an MJ tribute. this is what u stans aren’t realizing/acknowledging.

    we’re all human, which means we all make mistakes and we all deserve 2nd chances. the more time goes by, the more i really can’t this guy jay z.

  • http://www.wild987.fm O.
    • boo

      Jay z is a faggot! hes an old ass bully, truth be told Chris prolly beat J ass