Tony Starks Is Iron Man…


I might be one of the luckiest dudes in the world. I didn’t have a ticket to the Ghostface + Red / Meth show going down here in NYC and it didn’t look good for me to come up on one either. I wanted to get into the 88 Keys, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi show at the same location and when I put my desires out there on the internets I only heard the sound of crickets. I reached out to Asher’s people and they didn’t have a single ticket for the kid either. There was no way I was gonna be able to finagle my way into this concert, especially since the industry has been buzzing about Raekwon and everyone knew he was in town and would cameo at this event.

Lo and behold, CARL CHERY hit me up on my new Blackberry and told me that he could hold me down for the show. Let me say this right here, CARL is a good dude, nullus. I didn’t really know fam from any of these other young industry cats when he came and took over from Eskay at the X-spot, and we kind of got familiar [ll] at some open bar industry party in a sneaker store. You never know though what people are about at those parties since everyone is drunk and looking to bag up something that smells good. The proof to me that CARL was the truth is when I wanted to quit the X-spot after I visited my sick mom in Atlanta.

Instead of letting me go off on my way son kept hitting me on the e-mail and the cellphone telling me that the slot here at the X-spot was gonna stay open for if and when I wanted to get back on the grizzly. Any other dude in this industry would have said fuck it, especially since CARL and I don’t have any history in the first place. He had no reason to be loyal to me other than the fact that he was just that type of person. I hope this guy gets all the rewards this business has waiting for him because 99.9% of the people you encounter in the industry are shitbags or junkies. Myself included. You don’t ever come across real dudes often enough so I salute that dude CARL CHERY.


Tony Starks is one of the last real emcees alive. It has to be the situations that the Wu encountered when they first came out that has made these brothers so damn resilient and so special. It’s more than their talent that makes the Wu-Tang Clan the greatest rap collective of all time. It is their integrity to Hip-Hop. That might sound lofty and ridiculous but the Wu Tang never traded their popularity away for silly shit like clothing lines or liquor sponsorships. Yes asshats, I remember the Wu Wear brand, but that wasn’t being promoted by a single Wu artist as “their” clothing line. I’m talking about the silly shit that rappers do now to become entertainment company presidents and CEO’s and dungarees models. GTFOH!

The concert last night didn’t disappoint me. Redman and Method Man were the shit, but Ghostface tore the house down with the Raekwon cameo. Them two niggas is the peanut butter and jelly of rap music. You can grow up off their music. If I’ve seen anyone in the Wu perform the most it would have to be Ghost. He gets it in [ll] in all kinds of weather. Hardbody. From sneaker pimps shows to free ass outdoor festivals in Brooklyn. I would bet you any amount of money that Ghost would do a set for a senior citizen home. Thirty years from now that could be a reality too. It will be Ghost and his grandchildren opening up for some robots and extraterrestrials. Tony Starks G is still that futuristic.


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  • Pierzy

    What it is, DP…

    I saw the Wu perform last year (sans RZA & Meth) but Ghost bounced after about 2 songs. From the looks of it, he saw a young lady in the crowd that interested him more than performing. Either way, like I said before, Ghostface is one of the greats and he’s been carrying Wu on his back for the past few years.

    Also, your experience should teach you once again not to trust Asher Roth. You’re one of 8 people that actually like him and they couldn’t hook you up? Blasphemy.

  • yoprince

    ghost is THAT nigga. besides making timeless records, i saw the homey perform down in VA.. college crowd.. I was one of them. his energy level was at 200% easy.

    after the show, he hung out with us on the street. we smoked blunts outside and drank while the cops watched (the cops were cool that night too). he matched us on blunts. flirted with regular lookin girls. and actually listened and laughed to us telling stories about random hoes we saw walking down the street. sun was just mad cool.

  • Silly Willy

    Man, Ghost is a beast !!! And you can see he’s in it for the love of the art. Loyal to his grind to the fullest.

    …. As the homie Jackpot seems to be. I don’t know him like that, but you gotta acknowledge those kind of people because they’re so dedicated that most of the time, they’re under the radar.

    I’m always happy whenever Starks cook somethin up !

  • Worley

    Ghost is bananas in concert. Sometimes you feel like that n*gga is really a superhero. It’s amazing to see that n*gga actually saying the sh*t he says on record.

    “Knock kneeded seeva fa heeva/Diva got rocked from the receiver bleeder.”

    On another note, I always use that dude as the antithesis of all this bullsh*t about “maturity.” You still see Ghost rockin’ Wallees, a fitted, baggy pants and a big ass shirt. That is hip hop. I don’t want to see no hip hop n*gga in a suit. That’s some straight corporate bullsh*t that ain’t got nothing to do with hip hop or “maturity.”

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I’ve seen Ghost perform live a couple of times here in Atlanta. Once at the Roxy and another at Georgia Tech.

    At the GT set, Raekwon stepped out and when they ran through “Ice Cream,” I shat myself. But it was all good: my shit smells like flowers.

    Anyway, I want to point out that Ghostface doesn’t roll with a large entourage or anything. I walked right through the crowd at the Roxy to get to the front door. I could have touched him…if I rolled like that. Then, after the GT set, he and Raekwon walked off to the bus alone except for a couple of other dudes. Me and Illegal1 walked straight up to him and Raek and would have chopped it up for a minute if some goofy ass gay nigga wasn’t there asking how he could be put on.

    I give Raek props though because this same herb ass dude lost horribly in the freestyle contest they had, but Raek still inspired him to keep at it–that was real.

    DP, I don’t know about Iron Man Nikes, but if Starks had seen you outside the venue with some blue and creams on, he would have no doubt pulled you in. Peace…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • El Tico Loco

      That was the show where he shitted on D4L right?

  • capcobra

    not sure if it was a quiz or mistake but wu did trade popularity for alchol endorsements when they did that st.ides commercial…other tan that…ghost is top 7 easy…and i listened to that new rae in the bangers’s kinda wack to me due to the beat..but i’m hoping that’s the reason it got leaked…p.s..did you wear them ironman max last night?

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Aw come on, that commercial was the shit:

      “Call me the Wallabee Champ, stressed out, can never be son. Ricochet daily, hit the deli for a cold one. Naturally blessed, yes, my rap is like a laser beam. The pawns in the bushes, St. Ides fill the canteen…”

      As a shorty, that commercial made me wanna fuck with those type drinks…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • capcobra

        that verse sounded even iller when ghost was telling ‘em how he was gon dip the wallabees like it’s marblecake son..the st ides joint and the wu wear joint is classic commercial rap.

        • Tony Grand$

          I remember Red & Meth doing those Crooked I joints.

          Back when, I always thought the illest album collab ever would’ve been Ghost & E-40. It’d be damn near impossible to decipher, but just the slanguage them cats kick would be ridiculous.

          I saw Rae & Ghost perform @ the House of Blues in L.A. (Hollywood) in like ’96. Cats had the fog machines going, & came out wearing working miner’s helmets.

        • miles archer

          I caught Ghost at the House of Blues a few years ago. He came out to 4th chamber and everybody lost their FUCKIN mind…

          DP, sometimes I wonder if I’m jus fucking with you to be argumentative… then I realize it’s just that you don’t know what the fuck ya talking about most of the time.

          Yeah, Ghostface & Method Man both did adds for St. Ides… and Wu-Wear was the blueprint for every rapper’s clothing line.

          Not only would you catch clan members in the Wu-Wear store in New York every once in a while, but, I seem to remember Raekwon doing an interview with this magazine inside the Wu-Wear store(I think it was the issue where he was rocking the “white gold tarantula” on the cover)

      • $ykotic

        I remember when that St. Ides drop came out. Cats pleaded with Wu to drop a real song off of that beat, which was absolute bananas!

        Like when Cube redid his commercial.

        For all you rookies out there, thank me later…

  • $ykotic

    All of the gods are cool. Believe that.

    I only watched 1:47 so far. The intro alone got a brother amped up.



    Straight ‘LO living tonight!


  • jump jones

    All dem boys is legends in hip hop. I remember watchin red and mef at the hard knock life tour and they killed it even wit Jay-Z and DMX in they prime.

    Ghost and Rae performed at a small club in Buff and they ripped dat sh*t. WU-TANG FOREVER

  • Ya Boy

    Ghost is one of the only real dudes left in hip hop. I got 2 see him live about a month ago and he absolutely killed it. Then I got the chance 2 meet him at the afterparty. Dude was humble as and chatted to everyone dat came up2 him.


    i put this in another poat today but it’s true. ghost is a timewarp back to 93 94 but in a way that makes him seem timeless. he not a clown with it his speech his clothes the way he talks it’s all offical it’s all ghost. i got to seem him perform friday that just passed he was stole the show. something that he said in the middle of the show got me he said. “stop the music you see i rap over my beats you don’t hear the vocals to the music. while i am doing a show i am not going play the track and rap with my own voice. you guys be getting cheated nowadays with these new cats. they be lazy with there rapping they lazy with there craft. that is why they not real hip hop they don’t even be sweating because they stand in one stop.” he said some more shit but i can’t remember it. ghost is one of my favorite rapers my second time seeing him. he put on a good show i wanted him to do daytona 500 though.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Ghostface Killah is better than he gets credit for. I’ve copped all his albums except More Fishscale.

    I would luv to see these guys live. I’ve only seen De La Soul perform once.

    Good drop…thanxs 4 da footage.

  • GIBZ

    these niggas aint even gotta rap. Just stand there and let the beat rock and the crowd does the rest. love how the crowd is the hype man lmaoo