The Price of Shame

Depression is some serious shit. While we’re not all clinically depressed, we all get down from time to time. I feel that. Soulja Boy freaked the fuck out last week after realizing all that glitters ain’t swag. Bow Wow may very well have felt the ripple effect that shimmers off of the niggas in your circle.

Either that or Bow Wow saw the attention Soulja Boy got for his freakout and decided to try a cracker-less one.

Let’s say Bow Wow is truly freaking out and dealing with serious, clinical depression somewhere. If such is the case, that’s not really funny. Mental illness is a motherfucker. I wouldn’t say Bow Wow hasn’t had to work hard, because he’s been in the enterslavement industry pretty much all his life, but it must be hard to have peaked at age 12 without anything remotely secure to look forward to. Life must be rough without the guidance and prodding of the great star-making machine.

The further south Bow Wow’s career has gone (no ATL), the more ignorantly he’s behaved in the public arena. Prince Bow should be in the new World Star Hip-Hop navigation banner alongside Soulja Boy, [insert street corner battle rapper here], James Makes Money, Max B and Portuguese Idaho—I think that’s his name. Being known to the next generation of kids (pron: “target demographic”) as one of the faces on this Mount Rushmore of black online fuckery doesn’t leave much for a nigga in the way of future earning prospects.

I mean, when you been had hundreds like sha-pow, sha-pow, suddenly being unsure where that next stack is coming from is sobering like a motherfucker.

Bow Wow’s always looked a little sad to me. For a while now, he’s been that lonely rich kid with nothing but a lengthy XBOX Live track record and weed crumbs to show for a life of entertaining people who now only want a new hip-hop Hot Pocket to microwave.

Now let’s say Bow Wow just saw the attention Soulja Boy received for his “cracka-lacka” rant and wanted a piece of the Twitter action. His micro suicide note then becomes the darkest and vilest of all New Jack City II-era publicity stunts. As we observed in The Curious Case of Mario Lavandeira, you fuck with uncontrollable forces when you try to throw your multitude of fans into a frenzy that involves emergency services.

At least, I hope some of the 17 fans Bow Wow has left would try to get him some help when they read that shit.

Maybe Bow Wow realizes that shit isn’t going to get any better. Maybe Lamborghini Moss feels he’s already seen what he believes will have been his best days. Aspiring rapsters take note. This is what happens when the bright lights stop flashing and you haven’t invested enough into creating a worthwhile, fulfilling life.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Don’t tweet your distress, dammit!

I don’t necessarily hope that the suicidal tweets are genuine, but if they are, I do hope the little nigga gets some help and that we take the important lessons from this shit.

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  • Pierzy

    What up Mexx? I think you nailed it at the top. When you peak early, it’s hard to live the rest of your life. Many female tennis players retire by the age of 22 or so…most athletes retire in their mid-30’s…that’s a lot of life left over and it’s quieter and lonelier than the one you’ve lived up until that point.

    He should just move in with JD and they can be like the new age “Perfect Strangers” or something…

    – The Real P.

    • HNIC

      “He should just move in with JD and they can be like the new age “Perfect Strangers” or something…”

      LMAO!!! Which one of those niggas is Balki?!

      • Max Profit

        Little ni**as just need a good kick in the ass.

        “Stop all the cryin’ you are not tryin’”

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    lil nigga jus havin writers block and Columbia crackin the whip on that ass. nigga stop makin bullshit music and deal wit’ some real shit and you’ll be fine.The world didn’t stop growin jus your music, them teenyboppers that once wnet ape shit over you is now out here in the real world dealin wit’ day to day issues, this alone should give you enough fire to make a cohesive, thought provokin’album. Or am I asking jermaine to write too much?

    • Jamal7Mile

      “nigga stop makin bullshit music and deal wit’ some real shit and you’ll be fine.”

      I agree. I don’t think he knows anything else besides the entertainment industry. He need to “get out there” and get his hands dirty. Did he finish school? How about doing some community volunteer work? Ain’t no shame in that. I heard he gotta wicked jump shot so why not coach a pee-wee league? He’s 22? Why not marry the missus and start a family?

      When he ended that twitter post with “good bye”… uh-uh, I didn’t like that one bit. It’s time for his Mom to step in. I’ve seen what the music biz can do to people and I wouldn’t wish that shit on nobody.

      • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

        on point as usual.

      • Ron Mexico

        “goodbye” is a terrible look, jamal.

        fucking around or not, i got a chill reading that.

      • Capital G


        Checked your blog yesterday homie, the name is bananas! Tried to give you dap and the shit said something about illegal characters in URL so I’ll catch you here. Best of luck with the new endeavor, holla at Grand$ his shit is always a good read.


    Yo i cannot feel sypathy for rich kids who claim they the best or act cocky and never wrote they own albums. And when does getting no attention and sales music wise mean you can go into depression like a il bitch a wanna one ya self over it. This nigga is lame i would have prefered a Negro Please about his staement ” As if anyone could give a fuck”

    I respect the drop Ron but WOW WOW is a little nigga i would rather rob and beat up than be concerned about and i aint even that type of dude.

    • Ron Mexico

      yea. i think that’s pretty much where the shame comes in.

      and cry your average 9-5 nigga a river when you’ve been having to deal with the hardships of carrying a black card and fuckin hot bitches every day since age 16.

      but there’s a sadness to being wealthy and unhappy. niggas need to know that there’s more to life than chasing money and fame. bow wow is showing this in many many ways.

      • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

        amen! cuz’ this two week shit is bonkers! I bet you this nigga never seen a W.I.C voucher!

      • FLOSS

        @ Ron Mexico

        I feel you big homey , and yeah it is sad for anyone to be in his mind state and i guess turning to God would be the best thing to do, then maybe he will realize all the blessing he has placed in front of him and the shit he has done already the “Tyrone Tha Hustler” will never get to do or see. Niggas are quick to hate but so slow to love – Black Ice

        Im still not feeling sympathy for him but i will pray for anybody that i feel needs it seems like the lil nigga needs guidance, whats good with his fucking Moms it seems like JD is his parents shit thats where the problem starts.

  • Tony Grand$

    Poor kid.

    JD pimped & pandered him into pure obscurity. Now, his mom’s going to have to pick up the pieces of a shattered man(child). That arrested development will have a dude during theme songs & voice-overs for cartoons & shit.

    I doubt dude’s going to off himself, though. He seems like the “Thank God first & foremost or you’ll have nothin’” type to me. Too bad God doesn’t buy CD’s.

    God bless the little nigga though. Shit, God bless us all.

    • Tony Grand$

      Oooohhhhhh yeah, almost forgot……

      Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to check me out & bless me on my site, Mex.

      “Preciate that, dude. For real.

      • Tony Grand$

        Seriously I really do appreciate that Mex. Please stop by my house sometime I have a great Star Trek figure collection and we can stay up all night and you can sleep in my bed, uh, sorry, I’m just really excited that you paid me some attention. I love you, uh, I mean thanks

        • Tony Grand$


        • Capital G

          What the fuck is going on here? First diet tony, then Pee-lite or 3rd Testicle or whatever Jamal7 named the kid. Now you have a straight imposter? What’s wrong with these fucks? Comment under your own name and stand behind your opinion. Goddamn these lames.

    • Around and Around

      So if JD pimped him, maybe BW should go track down Another Bad Creation.

      I’m sure ABC went through this same shit when they realized they couldn’t hit Aeisha anymore.

      • Tony Grand$


        I been said he should’ve hooked up with Kris Kross long ago. Once Mr. Janet Jackson started inching away from him.

        I think it was Omarion signing with Young Money that sent him over the edge, though.

    • Ron Mexico

      maybe he need to holler at loon and them in riyadh.

      and you’re welcome, mane. it was a good read. shouted it out on the show.

      • Tony Grand$


        That’s what’s up. Good looks, sir.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I agree…….Maybe he should do some regular ppl shit like joining the Peace Corps or the fuckin army. Then maybe he could write some real fuckin shit. However, I’ve never been a fan and maybe he should try to contact all those little girls that used to love his ass who are now grown ass women probably on Drake’s dick!!!

    • Ron Mexico

      church! bow wow hasn’t had a real life. how can he know what real people can identify with when he’s been dickie roberts his whole life?

      • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

        he jus has to up his pen game, Bono got stuuuuuuuuuuupid bread but he still concentrates his music and energy into exposing the worlds problems and what we can do to help in his music. Now bow weezy is a faaaaaaaaarr cry from bono but if he learned about wordly issues and got involved then intelligently wrote on these topics I wouldn’t be mad at him.Havin that type of bread can expose you to diffrent things that most of us could never comprehend or get the platform to speak on.

  • haze5

    LMAO. SHAPOW! good shit, ron.

  • sankofa

    Maybe the pot of gold needs some prozac.

  • DetroitDraper

    Draper!!! I never wish death upon anyone there has to be more to life than money….Im sure with all that time and MONEY lol he could find a hoby, a religion or maybe even a real woman to fill whetever void he has in his life.

  • $ykotic

    The oldest saying:


    Bow Wow needs a wifey. Bet he’ll have some good album material after that…

    Once again the curse of the “child celebrity” continues!

  • Dallas Penn

    Bow Wow and Soulja Boy should fake their deaths. You know dead rappers get better promotion.

  • HNIC

    Perhaps he should continue his acting endeavors, after completing some more acting classes. We all know that’s where the real money is. Just ask Will Smith, Ice T, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, LL, Mos Def, Common, etc… etc… His rap career has probably run its course. Sometimes, you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em & know when to fold ‘em. (Word to Kenny Rogers!)


    ron ron no one cares about bow wow this fool ethered his own career. when it was time for him to turn the leaf he was getting up there in years. what did he do start doing songs with omarion. he wanted respect but did the opposite went back to what worked. i could have respected bow wow if he went out trying to make some good music. other than beating the dead horse over and over again. maybe that new jack city 2 was his grown up album but to little to late

  • harmen

    kay bow wow is rich is fuck even tho his last album caught a damn cinder block [30 00 first week(smokey n craig voice daaaaaaamn!!) and that shit prbly havent even broke 100 k yet] but he’s rich as tits!! yeah we all get depressed and is nothing to play around with but fuck no need to tell 50 000 people bout that shit go talk to ya moms man or some close family fuck taht’s not a time to let others disect ur life it’s a time for privacy

  • Shawty J

    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. I knew starting his career so young wasn’t a good thing, and I knew he’d eventually come to grips with his dwindling popularuity and star appear. I didn’t think I’d feel sorry for him when he came to grips with, but to a certain extend I do. I’m two months younger than this dude and couldn’t imagine feeling the way he feels right now. “Good bye” is a phrase used when expressing some form of finalty, kinda gives me the chills….

  • Gina K.



    Here is da dayum proof….


  • yoprince

    i hope the lil homey is alright.

    there’s one thing you can do in life to always replenish your positive energy: give to those less fortunate than you, and make it personal. touch someone’s life positively bow wow and you’ll feel it in your own.

  • that nigga

    I mean, when you been had hundreds like sha-pow, sha-pow, suddenly being unsure where that next stack is coming from is sobering like a motherfucker.
    Sha-pow, Sha-pow?? Thats some funny shit.

  • Pana

    Looking at my watch and it seems like a good time for mom to step up. I couldn’t watch my son go through this!




    i honestly think solja boy and bow wow have just gotten into smoking weed and their minds can’t handle it.

    • yoprince


      yea.. diving headfirst into purple kush and silver haze could have its effects. should’ve got their feet wet with some midget.

  • Master Cheef

    maybe he can do like game, and get some magazine covers pointing a gun at his head.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Bored? Take Your Ass To The Zoo, Play Some Soccer, Or Take A Trip To The Sahara, Do SOMETHING You Little Motherfukker.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Bored? Take Your Ass To The Zoo, Play Some Soccer, Or Take A Trip To The Sahara, Do SOMETHING You Little Motherfukker!

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Bored? Take Your Ass To The Zoo, Play Some Soccer, Or Take A Trip To The Sahara, Do SOMETHING You Little Motherfucker

    And Why The Fuck Isn’t It Letting Me Post

  • UNITURNZ2000


  • UNITURNZ2000


  • Kane Corleone

    Portuguese Idaho? i was reading the comments and cuz just pulled my coattails to the game! French Montana! Damn Mex that was a liver punch,rofl

  • Ron Mexico

    Im Ron Mexico and I’m homosexual

  • Ron Mexico

    Im ron mexico and imma homosexual. hey that rhymes…im a genius

  • esco702

    It’s a wrap boweezy hey you want some attention tell everyone that JD touched your booty it almost worked for RazB