What up everyone? This my final blog and as promised I'ma shine some light on up-and-coming West Coast artists and producers that I think got the potential to really pop.
1. THE SLAUSONBOYZ: www.myspace.com/theslaunsonboyz

2. KID CALI: His myspace isn't up yet but it's comin' soon. Look for him on the All Money In mixape droppin' this fall.

3. YUNG BRODEE: http://www.myspace.com/yungbrodee

4. RIMPAU: http://www.myspace.com/rimpau85

5. J- STONE: He is locked up right now but when he comes home next year he gonna tear the streets up. 

Producers that I think are next up.
1. RALO: He did my first single "Hussle Is My Last Name." I been fuckin' with him since day one He got crack. 

2. 1500:  They are poppin' already but they bout to get even bigger. People still sleepin' on them. 

3. ROBINHOOD: He is the in-house producer for the Slaunsonboyz and he got a track on my album. 

4. PHONIX: He did that new 50 Cent song "Sugar" and a Joint on Jadakiss's album. He also did my record, "The Hussle Way."

5. THX: Is a monster! 

This concludes my week long bloggin'. I hope y'all fucked with it. Hussle Music, Cinematic, All Money In No Money Out...—Nipsey Hussle