Rihanna, Steve McNair and domestic violence double standards

Never mind what Chris Brown may or may not have done to Rihanna’s face. Steve McNair got shot four times while trying to take a nap. And yet, I’m not hearing nearly as much discussion about domestic violence in the wake of the latter incident. What gives?

Could it be that the perp was a smokin’ hot Arab broad? You guys know I don’t even dine on halal meat. If a woman isn’t white or black, usually in that order, it’s that much harder to, erm, bring myself to the point where I’m interested. But I keep seeing this broad who shot Steve McNair on TV, and I’m wondering if I’ve been mistaken.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why Arab dudes keep their women walking around in beekeeper suits. They know their women are working with something the rest of the world might like to see. And chances are Arab men aren’t adding a whole lot to the equation. We all know AIDS is running rampant over in India, because because a normal sized condom is way too big for an Indian man. And what’s the difference, really, between and Indian man and an Arab?

Chinese dudes made the mistake of letting their women just wear any ol’ shit, and you see how well that’s worked out for them. All of the best-looking Chinese women (I know) have been taken by white guys and black guys, leaving Chinese guys either stuck with broads who look like Margaret Cho, or sitting around the house all day playing video games.

I’d suggest some sort of wardrobe solution for the black community, but I’m not sure if there is one. It’s not like we have to worry about our women getting snapped up by men of other races. A lot of black women, regardless of what they say, couldn’t get with a Chinese guy if they wanted to. Have you seen some of these video games lately? And god forbid black women should wear any less than they already are.

No but really. It’s obvious to me black women don’t give a rat’s ass what happened to Steve McNair, because he got killed while stepping out on his wife with a smoking hot Arab broad. I’ve been checking some of my favorite blogs by black women, and I’m not seeing any discussion about how a brother can’t even take a nap anymore without worrying about getting shot by one of his jump offs, or how any po-faced discussion of domestic violence in the wake of the Rumble in the Lambo has since been rendered moot by the fact that Rihanna lived to throw Chris Brown under a bus, whereas Steve McNair will never get any more stank on his hanglow, Arab or otherwise.

Er, I hope he doesn’t!

Keep in mind, it’s not my aim here to hear any more talk about what a huge problem domestic violence is, what with all that’s gone wrong with the world these days. I’m just saying. If people want to act like Steve McNair deserved to get riddled with bullets while trying to rest up so he might could drop a few more loads on his jump off, i.e. while trying to do her a favor, I don’t want to hear any more talk about how Chris Brown is such a monster for allegedly laying hands on Rihanna, after she did whatever she did to set him off.

As a matter of fact, I’m not even sure if Steve McNair was so wrong for what he did. Yeah, he upgraded from the woman who was raising his kids. But it’s not like he told her he was going downtown to help inner city school kids train for the SAT, then he went around the corner and copped a blowski. Steve McNair wasn’t even with his wife at this point, and you can’t cheat on someone you’re not even with. Yeah, the kids probably would have been better off with him at home, rather than around the corner playing hide the genie in a bottle, but it’s not like they wouldn’t have been taken care of. His wife was probably about to take him to the cleaners for child support and alimony. Have you seen the house they lived in?

All he did for that women and those kids, and this is the thanks he gets? It’s hardly any wonder so many brothers are out here exercising their options.

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    • valdez

      1st off, the bitch was FAR from “smoking hot,” as u put it.

      “We all know AIDS is running rampant over in India, because a normal sized condom is way too big for an Indian man.”
      This shit had me LMMFAO!!

      but in all seriousness, it’s def. an unfortunate situation, to say the least. i just kept asking myself, of all the bad bitches, why the fuck would mcnair give this beat down, psycho-lookin bitch the time of day??

      in that regard, it’s hard not to feel like he brought this shit on himself. yeah, black women are fucking crazy, and they have hella stank attitude, but at least they don’t go blowing their fucking man’s head off while he’s sleeping. SMMFH.

      so that being saig, i’m torn. i feel bad on the one hand, but at the same time it was his own stupidity for dealing with this broad on a regular/girlfriend-type basis in the first place.

      then to make things worse, in true arab fashion, the bitch blows herself to smitherines when it’s all said & done so she doesn’t have to deal with the reality of her psychotic/extremist actions.

      so sad…

  • kelito

    McNair messed up buying her that Escalade….the jumpoff started thinkin she was wifey material after the new truck and taking her on vacations….u gotta keep your jumpoffs on strictly jumpoff positions…i come over, i deposit my load and i skate away

  • Frass King

    Bol you a legend, keep pissing them off…


    i know every pro athlete has bitches on the side. i just wonder how many of them got rid of them ho’s (or told them they love em’) when they saw wtf happened to S.Mcnair.

    “rather than around the corner playing hide the genie in a bottle”

    dis was a good ass post Bol. i hope some women read dis shit… double standard indeed.

  • Ayre

    That arab broad wasn’t hot. Your taste in women is fucked up but your post was on point (II)

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


    Good shit Byron.

    The most talk I’ve heard about this has come from Black women who say, “I knew she wasn’t Black when I heard she killed herself too. We aint going out like that!” or something to that effect.

    Ill play devil’s advocate though…..He probably had that arab broad thinking he was going to leave his wife, get a divorce, etc., & was probably telling his wife he’s coming home, they can work it out. @ that rate, it was just a matter of time before one of them chicks caught up to him. Its just horrible that he had to die over it.

    These females are already nuts, & “love” just pushes them over the edge.

    • Young History in the Making

      Yo…he really DID have ole arab girl thinkin he was gonna leave his wife..it just wasnt happening quick enough for her i suppose..and then talk about chick having bought that gun just 2 days beforehand and getting that dui and shit..he coulda saw that she was unstable…but you know how some niggas are…they dont wanna see shit thats directly in their face..

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn. While I beat up Arab pussy on the regular, that bitch took Jihad to a whole nuther level. Wait til I get my dick on some more Arab stank, I’m a murder it, gotdammit.

    Figuratively speaking, of course.

    No OJ.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • geico lizard

      Yeah she snapped and went Jihad Jenny on Steve.

      RIP Steve McNair

  • Silly Willy

    “Yeah, he upgraded from the woman who was raising his kids. But it’s not like he told her he was going downtown to help inner city school kids train for the SAT, then he went around the corner and copped a blowski.”
    …..classic !!!

    Arab broads are fan-ta-stic !!!! If only they couldn’t bellydance……alas, now I have to loooooooooove them !!!

    Bellydance (unless it’s under a beekeeper suit)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>stanky leg anytime !





  • General

    Good post Bol. Lets face it though, America is full of double standards and always will be. If it would have been McNair that shot her, I’m sure we would have been saturated with 24 hour a day news coverage on Headline News talking about how out of hand Domestic violence is in this country

    • El Tico Loco

      Co sign,

      Even if she lived she wouldn’t get 1/2 the coverage if it was the other way around, guess the lynching mentality is still around.

  • El Tico Loco

    What’s funny about this Arab chick is that McNair’s wife knew about all the other chicks but not that one. For one at 20 she fell for the oldest line used for chicks on the side “I’ma divorce my wife for u” and ate that shit up. This dude was a pro athlete any chick he gets knows what they’re in for, this little girl wasn’t built for what comes with being with a public figure, much less as a side chick.

  • sealsaa

    You forgot to mention boxer Arturo Gatti, who was found dead in his Brazilian hotel room this weekend, with his wife as the prime suspect.

    But these societal double standards are nothing new. Thats why a woman is allowed to use the kids against the man in a broken relationship, but he gets raped on child support. I don’t think anyone takes woman on man domestic violence seriously. She can raise her hand to you, but god help you if your raise your’s back at her.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


      Damn! I didn’t hear about that. Smh. Remember, we talked about these females loooooooong ago. Shit doesn’t surprise me on bit. Unfortunately.


      @ sealsaa: good ass point, i almost 4got bout dat. she (allegedly) strangled him with her purse strap (it was still @ the scene when the cops got there all bloody, SMH).

      • Silly Willy

        Then again, on a larger scale, the feelings could be mixed ways for the Gatti family.

        I mean, first couple years ago Arturo Gatti’s baby sister was abused by her husband, erm, make that ex-husband, former boxer Dave Hilton, who managed to molest their two daughters in the process. Now she finally started to get her life together and planned on gettin married, then her big brother is killed by her sister-in-law in another case of fucked-up domestic violence.

        The Gatti family can’t win for losing…….irony is a muthafucka…..

  • TheR

    One of your best blogs yet

  • FlapJack

    Nice one Bol

    I wrote an essay in school once on how chinese men are gay by default, since they can only have one kid, and most of them choose a lil dude over a girl, and so the male/female ratio is about 70/30 by now. So, who they spose to fuck?

    I failed tho, my teacher told me it was racist and fictional

    • valdez


  • http://www.cnicolepr.blogspot.com PR Girl

    Well written, I agree with you completely…. the double standard is terrible, I don’t understand why the rest of the world can’t seem to see that. I guess if she would have just killed herself, he’d be a complete monster and blamed for her suicide.

  • blakmamba76

    Umm whatever point you were trying to point was blind-sided by your ignorant comments about stereotypical crap about Arabs and Asians. What was your point?

  • K Ali

    The irony is that the people I hear talking the most ish about Chris Brown ARE USUALLY BLACK MEN! Most Black women I know think he paid the cost, and doesn’t need to be vilified for it any longer. Get over yourself.

    How did he “upgrade” by cheating on his wife?

  • http://www.twitter.com/FAMOUSNerd FAMOUSNerd

    You’re blog was point. And i didnt know that he was separated from his wife because on the news it said the wife didnt know anything about him wanting a divorce. Also i agree on the Chris Brown thing. Everyone needs to give it. It really sucks that there is a double standard. [yes i am a woman]

  • smog

    Domestic violence is about power and control. Specifically the systematic control of one person over another through violence. It occurs in a circular fashion that includes, an instance of violence, followed by an admission of guilt by the abuser( to get the victem back in the relationship) and then a period of time inwhich the abuser threatens the victem with violence in order to get the victem to do / act how they want them to act, this cycle continues untill the victem builds up enough courge to leave, the situation with steve mcnair, while she commited the most sevre forms of violence it was not Domestic violence, since there was no cylce of power and control. i would like to thank bol for continuing to bring up the issue of DV up for public discussion
    national DV helpline

    • Stupid Bitch

      Honestly go fuck yourself the bitch shot him in the fucking head and chest 4 times while he was sleeping. Get the fuck outta here with that ohhh because she didn’t have power over him its not the same thing. You are the same assholes who want so called “equality” but think its perfectly ok for a woman to rape a man at a child custody hearing and that no matter what she does she can never ever be hit. If she is not guilty of domestic violence than neither is O.J. and certainly not Chris Brown. If women want equality that means if they do something fucked up that would get a man hit than they can expect the same treatment if they do that. You can’t cry equality but still cling to old school rules about men and women that happen to benifit women (i.e. automatic custody of children, man pays for everything and he cannot hit her under any circumstances.

      • valdez

        good point. co-sign.

  • Lisa

    Haven’t read bullshit in awhile…but here I am, reading some bullshit! So he has a side whore and gets killed by her? Is that the story? And you want people, especially WOMEN, to feel sorry for him? Um, ok… not happening.
    Good Day

    • valdez

      so ur saying he DESERVED to DIE just because he had a chick on the side?? & i guess u never cheated before either, right??

      u sound like a stupid, bitter BITCH!!! go kill urself, like the arab bitch did.

  • Unique

    man f**k u and Chris Brown! Did u see da verdict he pleaded guilty! & f**k McNair 2!! where do u get ur facts from?? how do u figure he wasn’t with his wife any more.. &that wasnt domestic violence thats was murder period. yall kill me always making up excuses for da ignorant s**t yall do. nobody’s talking about it because they r both DEAD!! they cant make no money off it!!! Thats why..! & I guess u need all the money u can get with all the mags shuttin down huh? I think u & dat nechole blogger chic f***in Chris..

  • fuck chris brown


  • Staxx

    You’re comparing apples and oranges.
    Steve McNair is not Rihanna and the Arab chick isn’t Chris Brown first of all so of course you’re not gonna hear an outcry. Nobody knows who these people are and they don’t make money off of their public persona. Little teen boppers weren’t on the look out for the new Steve McNair album and didn’t read about him in People Magazine and he certainly wasn’t performing concerts around the world. The Arab chick didn’t build a public image that was based on innocent youth, tailored to introduce teenage girls to their new hormones.
    Secondly, the majority of domestic violence that occurs is against women so of course people are going to automatically label men beating women as domestic violence, but that doesn’t mean they think a woman beating or killing a man is okay. If Rihanna and Chris’ roles were reversed and she shot him or caused him physical harm i’m positive everyone would be outraged and think Rihanna had mental issues.

  • anutha_level

    (dead or alive) bitches ain’t shit…

  • http://twitter.com/sugahjones sugahjones

    I think you are right it is a double standard.I think his murder is being pushed under the rug simply because of his marital status. If he’d been a single guy, people would have more to say.

    I am a black woman. I think the arab chick proved that it’s time for another race of women to carry the burden of “angry”. Sheesh!!

    Like you, I believe the wife knew or expected him to cheat. What more do you expect from athletes? It’s apart of the game. I think if people would just play thier position..life would be much easier. If you don’t like what’s happening, you get a new position and keep it moving.

  • MzChris

    I don’t know about double standard. It could just be that it’s a sensitive subject and people don’t want to discuss about men being with their girlfriends while still married. I do take issue on that young chick because she had some nerve to take another persons life. She must’ve thought she was his first and last but I’m sure she must be getting hers now.


    oh shit bol you must have had wheaties for breakfast when you wrote this one.

  • Dumb ass article

    This article is stupid, how can you compare murder to a famous singer beating up his girlfriend.

    The woman who killed McNair is dead, if she wasn’t dead she would of been on trial for murder, and even though she is dead, people are talking bad about this woman.

    Double standard when the defendant in the case is dead. Stop with the bullshit please, also
    McNair played with fire,He didn’t deserve to die, but if you make stupid decisions in life, sometimes they will send you to the grave.

    That fact that you claim the Mistress was a upgraded makes your point more ignorant, and less powerful.

    What can you expect on this website.

    Chris is a celebrity with a boy next door image,so Yes he will get judged in the media.

    What double standard, do you want Chris to kill himself and Rihanna?

  • dedee

    first off know your facts he and his wife were still together. Every REAL news outlet has stated that as well as his close friends. Also according to the Police who conducted an investigation he co rented that place with another man so it was a booty pad no doubt, but I don’t feel violence in any case whether a man or a woman is the victim can be provoked or is deserved, both parties, Chris and the Crazy Kazemi had other options such as leaving

  • bruinswag

    this was a terrible blog riddled (no pun intended) with some of the most ignorant ranting ive ever read… the only thing that makes it worse is how many ppl are leaving posts upping this dude for such trash… no wonder our community is getting more stupid by the year

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  • Nujerz

    You can add Arturo Gatti (pro boxer) getting choked out by his wife to this list of double standards as well.

    You know how many bitches be hitting there husbands,BF etc but dont get reported cause of the shame of getting fucked up by your woman lol.

    • Capital G

      Are there even shelters for battered husbands?

  • They let any DUMB ASS write an article

    The reason the news hasn’t been all over this guy like Chris Brown and Rihanna is that 1. The Chick is a nobody 2. Can’t even remember dudes name 3. Neither one has a big fan base. …… All I can say is Fuck Chris Brown. And Fuck you for your distorted lame ass article.

  • F**k U

    They let any ignorant a** write an article…

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    “playing hide the genie in a bottle”

    Bol you are a funny muthafucka. That shit had me laughing.

    “that bitch took Jihad to a whole nuther level” -OG Herbz

    On some real shit homie. That bitch had to kill McNair then herself hoping for mercy from Allah

    & yea this is some double standard shit….thats why I get my homegirls to fuck up bitches

  • jonjon23

    The news about McNair was really terrible and hit hard. He may have made some mistakes,but he took care of his family, wasn’t abusive, and gave time and money to charity. He was a great guy. As far as females trying to bash him for stepping out on his wife: most of these chicks would step out with a rich and famous public figure if the opportunity presented itself–so don’t even front. McNair just happened to run across a crazy broad.

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  • geico lizard

    “A lot of black women, regardless of what they say, couldn’t get with a Chinese guy if they wanted to.”
    Yao Ming dated Nia Long but he must have not liked it very much because he married a chinese woman.

    …RIP Steve McNair…

  • Rx

    Let me clear the Air a bit. First of all, bitches know that if a bro in demand leaves them they will be back on their feet almost instantly with a new better looking jump off. His broad prolly knew he was gonna be out so she capped him and herself so he couldn’t destroy her confidence, which is all females have in the world anyway because they ain’t jack shit otherwise. If a bitch can’t feel like she is the shit for no reason other than men like her she can’t live because she is too stupid to read or rock video games.

    The main problem Air had was he was too rich. If he was a poor broke ass nigga, she would have just fucked some other richer nigga and that would have been it. He was too chipped up and too nice at the same time which equals danger. She knew she could never find another nigga like Air if he left, so she lost it.

    Being broke is the shit man. You got chips, beware of some crazy bitch with low self confidence trying to get your chips and your soul. The best thing that can happen is some stupid bitch leaving you the fuck alone for real. Rest in peace Air.

  • c. gabi

    I have to agree with some of the other folks commenting here. There’s only a few comparisons between these two incidents.

    * Neither Rihanna or McNair deserved what happened to them. I don’t care if she did or didn’t give CB herpes or whatever bs folks are claiming. And it doesn’t matter that McNair cheated on his wife.

    * For both CB and this Arab broad to inflict bodily harm (however extreme) speaks to a larger issue. If you really think that what happened in both situations was brought on by an isolated incident such as (u gave me an std or u’re about to leave me), then you’re a fool. THESE PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES that go much deeper than that…there is something going on in their heads that has them fucked up, regardless of how functionally “normal” they seem.

    And I’ll be damned if there’s a double standard here…have you ever seen the show “Snapped”???

  • ryne rich

    i think the point is mcnairs dead sadly and never sleep around anywomen that doesnt need your money and has your kids or really loves you and if she really loves you make sure theres no guns lying around.

  • ryne rich

    i think the point is mcnairs dead sadly and never sleep around anywomen that doesnt need your money and has your kids or really loves you and if she really loves you make sure theres no guns lying around. and ive been hit by women and never touchedf them threw a phone at the wall n spit on um btu i aint gonna call no cops over a women gettin fuckin crazy thats where the double standard is. too many dudes dont care if they get hit or its mutual on the hitting

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    fuck dat’ I’m Sean Connery wit’ it.

  • Real Talk

    I wonder what black women’s blog site liked to this that brought out the angry sistas.

    Good post Bol.

  • atlg

    i neva had arab pussy i guess thats a good thing imma stick to spanish girls they crazy too but atleast they are easier to understand if they were gonna kill u or summin…

  • yoprince

    too many quotables. this was classic bol shit..



  • Carmel

    Black,white,or arab,
    Male or female,
    Violence is still wrong.

  • Renn

    1.If Rihanna did something to Chris…then u can’t expect not to get it back..but not beat.He probably just lost control.2.Steve didn’t buy her the truck or the condo.She was under stress for having to pay 2 car notes.(He cosigned).Her roomate moved out so she was responsible for rent as well.PLUS she had caught wind that he had another jumpoff and that he was not going to leave his wife.So that was sloppy.The divorce was not final..so just because everybody else thinks thats ok it’s not. Make a decision and stick with it.(A very important attribute in a man).SO he violated the sanctity of marriage.So he made his bed and he lied in it,he just didn’t realize it would be his deathbed.Let’s hope his sons will learn a final lesson from their father.Do yo’ dirt when u ALL the way gone.I’m sorry it happened like that to a brother but…the wages of sin is death….eventually..ALL sin…even me..I always include myself..I ain’t excempt..lol