Never mind what Chris Brown may or may not have done to Rihanna's face. Steve McNair got shot four times while trying to take a nap. And yet, I'm not hearing nearly as much discussion about domestic violence in the wake of the latter incident. What gives?

Could it be that the perp was a smokin' hot Arab broad? You guys know I don't even dine on halal meat. If a woman isn't white or black, usually in that order, it's that much harder to, erm, bring myself to the point where I'm interested. But I keep seeing this broad who shot Steve McNair on TV, and I'm wondering if I've been mistaken.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that's why Arab dudes keep their women walking around in beekeeper suits. They know their women are working with something the rest of the world might like to see. And chances are Arab men aren't adding a whole lot to the equation. We all know AIDS is running rampant over in India, because because a normal sized condom is way too big for an Indian man. And what's the difference, really, between and Indian man and an Arab?

Chinese dudes made the mistake of letting their women just wear any ol' shit, and you see how well that's worked out for them. All of the best-looking Chinese women (I know) have been taken by white guys and black guys, leaving Chinese guys either stuck with broads who look like Margaret Cho, or sitting around the house all day playing video games.

I'd suggest some sort of wardrobe solution for the black community, but I'm not sure if there is one. It's not like we have to worry about our women getting snapped up by men of other races. A lot of black women, regardless of what they say, couldn't get with a Chinese guy if they wanted to. Have you seen some of these video games lately? And god forbid black women should wear any less than they already are.

No but really. It's obvious to me black women don't give a rat's ass what happened to Steve McNair, because he got killed while stepping out on his wife with a smoking hot Arab broad. I've been checking some of my favorite blogs by black women, and I'm not seeing any discussion about how a brother can't even take a nap anymore without worrying about getting shot by one of his jump offs, or how any po-faced discussion of domestic violence in the wake of the Rumble in the Lambo has since been rendered moot by the fact that Rihanna lived to throw Chris Brown under a bus, whereas Steve McNair will never get any more stank on his hanglow, Arab or otherwise.

Er, I hope he doesn't!

Keep in mind, it's not my aim here to hear any more talk about what a huge problem domestic violence is, what with all that's gone wrong with the world these days. I'm just saying. If people want to act like Steve McNair deserved to get riddled with bullets while trying to rest up so he might could drop a few more loads on his jump off, i.e. while trying to do her a favor, I don't want to hear any more talk about how Chris Brown is such a monster for allegedly laying hands on Rihanna, after she did whatever she did to set him off.

As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure if Steve McNair was so wrong for what he did. Yeah, he upgraded from the woman who was raising his kids. But it's not like he told her he was going downtown to help inner city school kids train for the SAT, then he went around the corner and copped a blowski. Steve McNair wasn't even with his wife at this point, and you can't cheat on someone you're not even with. Yeah, the kids probably would have been better off with him at home, rather than around the corner playing hide the genie in a bottle, but it's not like they wouldn't have been taken care of. His wife was probably about to take him to the cleaners for child support and alimony. Have you seen the house they lived in?

All he did for that women and those kids, and this is the thanks he gets? It's hardly any wonder so many brothers are out here exercising their options.