Pastor Mason Betha is back for what seems like the hundredth time (really the third) after dropping a couple decent verses last week on Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Trey Songz’s “I Need a Girl.” M-A-$-E also released the duet “Get It” with his homeboy-turned-nemesis-turned-homeboy Cam’ron. The song is cool, nothing I would write home about, but is it me or is hip-hop not as excited about this reunion as one would expect?

The homie Rob the Music Editor made a good point to me yesterday that “Get It” could’ve been presented more as an event rather than just a random track shipped to the Web on a weekend. This is the first time they’ve done a song together since their friction over Mase not appearing in the “Horse & Carriage” video. Why didn’t Cam try to bring Mase out at Summer Jam to perform “Get It” and “Horse & Carriage”? On top of that, they’re letting another rapper, B. Rossi (Mase’s artist), share in the shine.

The lack of excitement could be because people aren’t really checking for a Mase-Cam reunion, since neither is at the height of their career. Five years ago, perhaps it would be a bigger deal. Mase had already made amends with Cam last week when he called up New York’s Power 105. Jim Jones, who’s in a real forgiving mood, also called and apologized to Betha “for everything I did when I was younger.” At this rate, we should expect a Cam’ron & Juelz track in about 9 years, when no one cares anymore.

What made the Nas and Jay beef squashing significant, besides them being huge artists whose verbal jabs were vicious, was that it was the perfect timing. It was neither too early nor too late. Their reunion came as a shock and they turned it into something big. Even though it was rumored that Nas would come out during that Powerhouse concert, I don’t think people really believed it. I was at that show in New Jersey, and when it happened it felt like history in the making. Whether or not it was just for show, I was proud they deaded their beef for the good of hip-hop. (That said, I’m not a huge fan of “Black Republicans” or “Success.” Maybe those two shouldn’t do songs together unless Nas’s voice is being sampled.)

So, what reunion would be a big deal right now? Would you care about a Game and 50 Cent track? Jay-Z and R. Kelly? Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy? I think seeing Jay and Dame on stage together would be huge, just because that was such a complicated break-up. And if Jimmy and Cam’ron hopped on a song – like right now – maybe I’d care. I’ve also been saying for the longest that Foxy Brown and Lil Kim need to do a song together. But time is running out on their relevance. If/when they finally realize that it’d be good both for hip-hop and their careers, it might be too late. As of now, though, I’d still like to hear the Ill Na Na and Queen B mix it up, and for the sake of women in hip-hop throw Nicki Minaj on there, too. Ladies Night Pt. 2. —clovito

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  • General

    I think you hit the main point, which is that 5 or 6 years ago this would have been a big deal, but now, I don’t think there is a whole lot of people that could give a shit if Mase and Cam are workin together again…

    I don’t know if you noticed, but Cam’s last CD flopped commercially as well as Mase’s last one too, so it doesn’t seem that there is a huge buzz to hear from either of these guys…

    I know Cam has a loyal following, but it appears that it is not nearly as big as some thought or what it used to be…

    As far as a reunion track, I do think a Game and 50 track would be huge, but how about we get a Big Boi and Andre 3000 track someday soon

  • B Nevz

    I wouldn’t really be too siked about Jay and Kells. Jay and Dame, dat’s another story. Game and fifty would be great, they were one of the biggest duo’s in Hip-Hop. Foxy and Kim would be nice to. Gucci and Jeezy??? Who wouldn’t wanna see that? Only problem, it’s real niggas beefin, which gucci almost got robbed/killed from. I don’t see dat happenin sometime soon but all is possible

  • Pierzy

    While it’s good in general (who needs two fighting?), it’s not like a Jay & Nas track. It’s cool but that’s it…

  • Pierzy

    I was really hoping to see an N Sync reunion though

  • Incilin

    I agree with General, Boi and 3000 would be pretty hot. I’d be more interested in Puffy and Mase doing tracks, than Cam/Mase.

    I couldn’t care less about Jay/Kellz or Foxy/Kim. In fact, if Jay did get back to Kellz I’d be pretty pissed. And I don’t want Jay/Dame reunion until we all finally get to find out all the facts of their breakup.

    Dipset missed their moment with Summer Jam, if it happens now it’s all just gravy.

    If Game and 50 squashing it would be nice, but no one would believe it.

    And I don’t know why people hate Black Republican so much. It’s a brilliant song! Probably the best track on HHID.

    And how about Chris and Rhi Rhi? Nah, just playing.

  • clovito

    co-sign a Big Boi and Andre track, although people are checking more for a solo Andre I think

    • $ykotic

      Clovie your blog game is on 1000 man.

      Keep ‘em coming.

  • Chris Cash

    The Game and Dr.Dre
    Wayne and Mannie Fresh
    The Game and Jay (yeah i know, but still)
    Chris Brown and Rihanna (lol)

  • epinz

    Its prolly just me, but, I would luv to c little brother and 9th get back together.

  • epinz

    @cris cash

    10000% co sign on the atcq!!!!!

    Also, nas and az!!!!!

  • og bobby j

    id like to see an em and royce track
    maybe a 50 and jada track….cause i hear there beef is deaded.

    and although i dont care for either…a gucci and jeexy track would be huge for the south….

  • Federal Ranga

    Man, give me a Flipmode Squad track anyday…

    Cam’ron & Ma$e? Naaaaaw, pimpin. Mr. Betha had his chance and shot down the Down & Out remix. Just what I heard… Jackass….

    Killer Mike & Big Boi would be a big deal to me… are they still beefin?

    @ Pierzy
    Tell me that was 3rd Testicle with that NSync shit…

    That video is for you copycat…

    • Pierzy

      You know the real from the fake…

    • General

      “Killer Mike & Big Boi would be a big deal to me… are they still beefin?”

      Nah, they deaded their beef a few months back. It would be nice to see them back on a track together

  • Pierzy

    Yeah I still got a clone. Posting shit about Jay & Nas, WTF

  • Dan

    “(That said, I’m not a huge fan of “Black Republicans” or “Success.” Maybe those two shouldn’t do songs together unless Nas’s voice is being sampled.)”

    Nas did better than Jay-Z on both those tracks. Go back at look at the lyrics.

  • Curtis75Black

    The only reunion I’m dying to hear because regardless of their beef. They sounds nice on the collabo tip is Uncle L and Canibus. It’s probably too late but they have to same friends in the industry so anythings possible.

  • Brooklyn

    If Kim and Foxy did a reunion spitting like they did a decade ago, I’d be checking for that, but both of them bitches is irrelevant as hell right now. Kim is singing with Charlie Wilson and T-Pain, I ain’t tryna hear her and Foxy duetting on some Celine Dion/Barbara Streisand type shit. I’d like to see an A Tribe Called Quest reunion, a Leaders of the New School reunion, and a Martin and Gina reunion would be fly too. I also got some reunions that wouldn’t be able to happen because some of the people are dead but would be hot anyway: Big and Pac, Rick James and Teena Marie,The Jackson 5, The Lost Boyz, and Sporty Thieves.

  • capcobra

    i wanna see buck and game back with the unit.

    • Federal Ranga

      Co-Sign LOUDLY

      Love em or hate em G-Unit was what unity was all about… the cover with largest G-Unit team ever (including Olivia, MOP, Mobb Deep, Spider Loc and Ma$e) has to be my all time favorite cover…. damn I need that issue. Anybody who saw that cover probably felt like G-Unit was just gonna take shit over and would only get bigger. That was probably the biggest group crumble this decade. I would love to see them squash the BUSINESS beef (cuz I dont think any of them truly got problems witn each other) and start banging out again [||].

      Just think, how BANANAS would an I Get Money remix have been if all like 13 of them were on it? Or better yet how much more would T.O.S. sold if everybody was still involved?

      Think about it.

      • 3T

        Loved the video blog on youtube. Had me rollin, lookin like Bobby Brown’s gay son workin as a gas attendant. I think I was actually the 17th viewer of the clip, which means your still about 1000 viewers short of Loon’s last video

      • $ykotic

        Ranga my dude! Loving them vlogs.

        Get your Star & Buckwild on!

        • 3T

          Star and Bucwild? I don’t know, seems more like a gayer Perez Hilton

  • nycboy

    Certain dudes in the game need to quit with the tough guy image. If you want to air someone out why not the old fashioned way: on wax. These days everyone one wants to get on youtube or worldstarhiphop and talk about what they’re gonna do to the next guy . I see most these dudes talking wreckless than putting out good music (ex. Tony Yayo, J Hood, 40 Glocc, Domination, Bang Em Smurf, just to name a few). Some people get a hype out of all these rap beefs but really i just want to hear great music.

  • Stan-Layy

    I’d rather see a Gucci-Cam album

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    fuck dame, i wanna hear a Jay-z and Jaz-o joint.

  • El Tico Loco

    50 and Jah would make headlines (if done soon)
    Pharoahe Monch and Prince po
    Little Brother and 9th Wonder

    • $ykotic

      Organized already got back together. They’re in the studio now.


  • Tony Grand$

    What happened to Ma$e & Cam is that no one really cared. Ma$e’ been teasing us with this “one foot in, one foot out” hokey pokey bullshit for a few years.

    @ this point, a Jones & Cam reunion would be more received because Jim’s more [hated] popular than them both. Skidmarks, pet roaches & all.

    I’m glad to see Lox trying to get down with Puff again. That cats has keys to doors they (Lox) can’t open alone. Other than that, I’d be the most excited about Game & 50. Please, somebody show this dude some love before he takes himself out.

  • SJB

    Am I the only one that thinks if Dame and Jay were in the same room, and started to air shit out, Dame would just swing on him?! Homie clearly, right or wrong, feels deeply betrayed by what transpired between them. He’s still talkin’ bout the shit and it happened like 4 years ago.

    • Lowedwn

      Oh hell yeah, something about their whole falling out seems “Deeper than Rap”

      • SJB

        Good Rick Ross reference there, I like it pimp. I’m sorry but anything to do with Mase makes me skeptical off top, he’s the most wishy washy artist out there in my book.

  • Lowedwn

    Cee-Lo + The rest of Goodie Mob
    Outkast + Killer Mike
    Em + Royce
    Mannie Fresh + Juve, Turk & B.G. + C.M.B./Young Money
    K-Ci & JoJo + Dalvin & DeVante – the drugs
    Diddy + Ma$e….could be hot if done right…Noooooooo shiny suits though

    • FlapJack

      huge cosign on goodie, outkast and mannie back to CM.

      lil wayne and sanity, they haven’t been getting along for a while now

  • El Tico Loco

    Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicka, T Rock, Crunchy Black and 3 six Mafia

    Lil Kim and her real face.


    (That said, I’m not a huge fan of “Black Republicans” or “Success.” Maybe those two shouldn’t do songs together unless Nas’s voice is being sampled.)
    the voice sampling comment was a low blow