Pastor Mason Betha is back for what seems like the hundredth time (really the third) after dropping a couple decent verses last week on Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” and Trey Songz’s “I Need a Girl.” M-A-$-E also released the duet “Get It” with his homeboy-turned-nemesis-turned-homeboy Cam’ron. The song is cool, nothing I would write home about, but is it me or is hip-hop not as excited about this reunion as one would expect?

The homie Rob the Music Editor made a good point to me yesterday that “Get It” could’ve been presented more as an event rather than just a random track shipped to the Web on a weekend. This is the first time they’ve done a song together since their friction over Mase not appearing in the “Horse & Carriage” video. Why didn’t Cam try to bring Mase out at Summer Jam to perform “Get It” and “Horse & Carriage”? On top of that, they’re letting another rapper, B. Rossi (Mase’s artist), share in the shine.

The lack of excitement could be because people aren’t really checking for a Mase-Cam reunion, since neither is at the height of their career. Five years ago, perhaps it would be a bigger deal. Mase had already made amends with Cam last week when he called up New York’s Power 105. Jim Jones, who’s in a real forgiving mood, also called and apologized to Betha “for everything I did when I was younger.” At this rate, we should expect a Cam’ron & Juelz track in about 9 years, when no one cares anymore.

What made the Nas and Jay beef squashing significant, besides them being huge artists whose verbal jabs were vicious, was that it was the perfect timing. It was neither too early nor too late. Their reunion came as a shock and they turned it into something big. Even though it was rumored that Nas would come out during that Powerhouse concert, I don’t think people really believed it. I was at that show in New Jersey, and when it happened it felt like history in the making. Whether or not it was just for show, I was proud they deaded their beef for the good of hip-hop. (That said, I’m not a huge fan of “Black Republicans” or “Success.” Maybe those two shouldn’t do songs together unless Nas’s voice is being sampled.)

So, what reunion would be a big deal right now? Would you care about a Game and 50 Cent track? Jay-Z and R. Kelly? Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy? I think seeing Jay and Dame on stage together would be huge, just because that was such a complicated break-up. And if Jimmy and Cam’ron hopped on a song – like right now – maybe I’d care. I’ve also been saying for the longest that Foxy Brown and Lil Kim need to do a song together. But time is running out on their relevance. If/when they finally realize that it’d be good both for hip-hop and their careers, it might be too late. As of now, though, I’d still like to hear the Ill Na Na and Queen B mix it up, and for the sake of women in hip-hop throw Nicki Minaj on there, too. Ladies Night Pt. 2. —clovito