Put That On My Maybach…


Was there ever any genre of music more aspirational than rap music? Not even gospel music wants to live as much as commercial rap does. I don’t think they make enough Maybach cars for all of these rappers to drive. It’s not like we would enjoy rap music about being broke motherfuckers either. That’s the reality I’m all too familiar with.

But with all the trappings that money can afford that still doesn’t make you any more of a man or a citizen in this country. A Harvard professor was terrorized and abducted by police from inside of his home. This was a blatant act of state sponsored terrorism. I’m no fan of that professor but I wonder when the feds come calling to the Maybach rappers if they will start rapping about the realest shit ever.

We all want to be rich and wealthy, but mostly secure. The idea that money and education can buy you security is forever shattered by the arrest of the professor. Why else would someone go to college? Why else do we work our asses off? If we can’t go into our own home and close the door then what was the point of all of this shit? If its just to earn more money to spend more money then I need to know that now.

We heard so much talk that America was now post-racial because the president was Black. We even heard songs that exalted in this fact. I still haven’t heard the song that says we are at our core a racist nation of cowards. Everyone hides behind their guns and their authority. Manhood has become effeminate because men are scared of one another. We are like hyenas and jackals with badges and guns.

Rick Ro$$ was once one of those people with the authority to terrorize with impunity. Now he just works as the cheerleader for the prison industrial complex. More than 1 million African American males are locked up behind bars. The crimes committed are a direct reflection of the poverty that we have promoted across this country. Would Ro$$ be the first rapper to put his interests behind those of the 1 million? That would be the realest shit he ever wrote.

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  • $ykotic

    I’ll give it to Ross, DP. He came up with the classic slogan:

    Deeper Than Rap.





    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


      I know you saw that today.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        Well, yesterday I should say.

  • HNIC

    True indeed, we live in one of the most racist nations in the world. Albeit, it isn’t as blatant, or as prevalent as it was in our ancestors’ days, with the public lynchings, fire hosing, attack dogs & the like, it still secretly exists, in much more isolated/covert instances. Not to blame all white people for all of our pitfalls, because, I know that now, more than ever, we have more of an opportunity to take personal ownership of our own situations & the ability to make better decisions to change our own conditions/surroundings. It still doesn’t excuse what happened to the Harvard educated Professor, recently.

    Moreover, I firmly believe that Society has engrained in us from birth that the end all, be all of success is money, which in turn affords you the cars, clothes & the hoes… I suppose. It is also Society, or more specifically the “Powers that Be”, behind the scenes (COINTELPRO), that previously controlled this corrupt system that created the ills that have so easily beset us; i.e.: drugs, alcohol & easily accessible weapons, which in turn begot broken homes, which in turn begot gang culture, to those seeking a sense of belonging, or a sense of family & community with those who struggled thru similar circumstances. Not to mention the “Blaxploitation” movie era, which glorified & perpetuated the pimp mentality that initially began in slavery days, which is where I believe the decay of our culture began.

    Not only that, we have some of the worst public school educations, where the children who aren’t fortunate or privileged enough to attend private schools or those too poor to afford to move to a more “well to do” area, fail to reach their full potential, due to Teachers who have given up on them &/or students who don’t know any better to want to achieve more than what they presently see. It’s kind of like the Chicken & the Egg theory, but, with much more devastating results.

    Without having a man as the head of the household, who had/has a level head on his shoulders to dispense wisdom to the youth, it created chaos within homes, due to a lack of structure, discipline & provision for their families. So, we now find ourselves in our present conditions. Every man for themselves, survivalists, with almost primal mentalities, coupled with men being raised in homes where their primary authority figure was/is their mothers (Not to take anything away from single mothers, who were forced to take on that role, due to fathers not accepting the responsibility of taking care of their own children. I have the upmost respect for them), we now have the effeminate males who don’t know any better, seeking love from whoever will provide it & relying primarily on their own emotions. Thus, increasing the number of minority males in our jail populations & raising the A.I.D.S. epidemic to outrageous proportions within our communities.

    I said all that to say this; some rappers are a symptom of the greater problem(s) that exists. To paraphrase 2Pac; “We were given this world, we didn’t make it.”

    To correct the problems that exist, we must first start within our own homes, by “being the change that we want to see in this world”. We wouldn’t place such a high premium on materialistic things, if we re-defined our definitions of what success & happiness are and if we began to reward & acknowledge positive actions & constructive values displayed from within ourselves & by others from within our own communities, instead of glorifying & exemplifying the “I don’t give a fuck” mentality, due to being in impoverished conditions. Then we would begin to see the difference in our communities, which would in turn, inspire the rappers that we listen to, to make more uplifting, meaningful music.

    • *BLOCK*


      BLOCK BITCH!!!!!!!!


  • Master Cheef

    there’s some rappers speakin on the real.

    after careful consideration I’ve concluded tribulations make you great if you’re willin’ to go through it, they can–
    hate all they want but in the end whatever god intends to be will be so put your trust in He and not the hearts of men
    we often question adversity’s purpose stressin’
    not recognizin’ the blessin’ often missin’ the message
    who’da thought I’d emerge from the ruins and the wreckage even better than I was before the automatic weapons
    the lesson I took away made my testimony compellin’ enough to leave an impression on strugglin’ adolescents
    who nobody invested put forth the effort or took a second to push it to do their best and promote forward progression
    statistically destined to be arrested shot in a second that hopelessness leads to depression they disguise as aggression
    tell the federal felon pressin’ to earn his way into heaven show up or show ‘em confessions and opportunities present
    potential is mental your destiny is in your possession ambition and education is first and talent is second
    you get what you can envision if puttin’ me in prison more important than keepin’ them out I respect your decision

    TI-the way you want it bangers section june 9

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Real niggas don’t sleep, we just take naps…..

    America is hypocrisy at its rawest [||]. But, I’ve learned to live with that. Until I’m prepared to move to Switzerland or Nova Scotia or the Moon or some shit, I just play the game, bend rules when necessary, & adamently teach my kids about survival tactics. Like my pops did.

    Everything starts at home. & knowing is half the battle; the other half is doing. There’s a pretty good reason I’ve never been arrested, shot, etc. My Pops planted those seeds while he was teaching me how to catch, mack broads, & what-have-you.

    I’m still a nigger living on stolen land. I’m just a person breathing on borrowed time. I’m going to do the best I can for my tribe, arm them with the best knowledge/weaponry I can provide, count my blessings & peace this life out one day. That’s all, that’s it.

    We went from chains & whips, to chains & whips. I can’t be the only person who sees that.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Real shit…from all that have contributed.

    • http://youtube.com/federalranga Federal Ranga


      Yo, what’s good everybody? I miss anything? DP, nice drop. I’on know about ya’ll, but living in Miami I ain’t EVER seen Ross in a Maybach.. that’s just real talk. Off subject, but I had to say it.

      A Commission! Comments section? Hmmm…


  • Dallas Penn


    Hells chea.

  • chillin mayne

    had to qoute the bible real quick… proverbs 15 verse 16…
    short article mr.penn, but realer talk it could not have been..food for thought!

    HNIC(in reply to ur comment bout usa bein one of the most rascist countries), eva been to dominican republic??..das a country of “mulattos” pretty much, the vast majority of dominicans are dark skinned as im sure u know..im half dominican(my momma) and ive lived in D.R and know it well…its the strangest thing, u will see a dominican with dark skin, that is rascist against anybody that is jus half a shade darker than them…especially with the older generation…its real sad to witness…the younger generation of dominicans are not as rascist, thankfully, because frankly, rascism is the dumbest concept ever to exist…

    HNIC…..europe(im half scottish..my pops) is openly rascist also…especially spain!!..i know uve herd of occurrences at soccer matches
    in spain…i went back to scotland back in ’05 and addidas made a commercial with thierry henry, ronaldinho, and i think eto’o talkin about “please, we are humans to” or something to that effect because of the rascism that was goin on over there…

    • HNIC

      What up, Chillin’ Mayne?! Thank you for broadening my scope to a global view of how minorities are being mistreated abroad. Prior to your post, I’m ashamed to say that I wasn’t aware of those occurrences. You’ve definitely given me something to think about. All around the world, same song… even with vast bodies of water separating us, we’re more connected, than not. Our struggles are similar, it seems. Again, I appreciate the info. And I wish peace upon you & yours.

  • young well-to-do white youth

    If you really want to know a very real way that our nation is getting fucked up, read Going Up the River: Travels in a Prison Nation.

    It explains how the U.S. prison system is ran for money, with no goal of rehabilitation in sight, only cost-effectiveness and with the local economy in mind.

    Anyway this is going to come off as racist as fuck but if you want white people to not feel that ol’ twinge of racism towards you, DON’T DRESS LIKE A FUCKING THUG

    The clothes make the man, not the skin.

    • DetroitDraper

      Clothing makes a man?…Thats just about the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Thats your cure from racism? As a Black man I have to dress a certain way for you to respect me as a human being? Lol You can hate me if you want. Im young professionally employed college educated and Im going to dress how I like regardless of how White ppl may feel. This proves what I been thought that most white ppl feel that we Blacks have to prove ourselves to you in some sort of way but you are far from right.

      • DETROIT

        THUG is a code word for NIGGER!

        i went to one of the best university’s in the country and i can tell you this, rich white boys dress more fucked up than poor blacks, so do hillbillys, but they don’t have the same problems outta police!

        put it like this:

        18 year old black kid with 5gs in his pocket = automatic suspect

        18 year old white kid driving a 75k range rover and wearing a 2k tag hueler = THE NORM!

        how people dress/live is a cultural thing, like krs said a long time ago “it’s like teaching a dog to be a cat, you don’t teach white kids to be black!”

        • b




    • $ykotic

      “Clothes make the man”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      “but if you want white people to not feel that ol’ twinge of racism towards you, DON’T DRESS LIKE A FUCKING THUG”☜

      How you gonna walk now? You shot yourself in both feet…

      I think we can do without your “well-to-do”.

  • General

    The conservatives of this country want you to believe that racism is dead so that they can continue with their unabashadely racist programs and platforms without impunitity…

    All you had to do was watch the run up to the Sotomayor confirmation hearings to hear and view their strategy over the past two decades which is to paint minorities as the true racists. The white power of this country knows that its days as the majority race in this country are numbered due to the ever changing landscape of this country brought on by imigration…

    For centuries our countries leaders have taught the citizens that the boogie man is the one with the darker skin tone, whether it was our anscestors who were kidnapped, imprisoned, and then forced to work on plantations with rights less than those of a common farm animal, or whether it was the actual native people of this country who only wanted what was rightfully theirs, but were pushed to brink of extinction, or those who have come from far and wide, not to ask for anything more than the oppurtunity to receive honest returns on their hard work, to today where it is anyone who practices a religion that is not in line with christianity our atleast the conservatives view of christianity…

    The incident with the professor only highlights the fact that while we may have earned our place at the “American Dinner Table” through our hardwork and perserverance, more times than not, we are not welcome

  • Around and Around

    What do you expect, these cops are some uneducated little bastards. You have to question the motives of anyone who wants to wear a gun all day and “police” the population. Hopefully a lawsuit is in the works.

    DP what’s your beef with Gates? African American Lives on PBS was the shit man! You better check that.


      “You have to question the motives of anyone who wants to wear a gun all day and “police” the population.”


  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, the whole situation with that professor is kind of sketchy. It was abuse of power by the arresting officer no doubt. As a white man, I think, well, why the fuck didn’t the professor just show some ID or other documentation proving that it was his house. But, I’m sure that a “black man in America” would have a different perspective. And that’s cool. Some muthafucka banging on my door in the middle of the morning might not catch me on my best behavior, either. And why should he have to prove it is his house? It wasn’t that he is black that got him arrested, it was that he is black and he resisted the officer’s inquiries. The cop felt his authority was disrespected, hence the arrest. Fuck the police.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Around and Around

      OG that’s what’s Fucked up, he showed him 2 pieces of ID, his DL w/ that address, and his Harvard ID.

      At that point, the officers response should have been, “Sorry for the confusion Mr. Gates” and broke the fuck out. But he’s a little dick bitch w/ a badge so he follows that code.

  • geico lizard

    This is a good drop DP you are right racism is alive and well in this country and black republicans denial of the facts are a cancer to our community.


  • Gates

    OG dumbass Herbz read the reports he did show his id, it’s not about fuck the police its just ridiculous that after he showed his id he was arrested and I’m glad Obama called the police out on it because no other president would have done so

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Obama said it was “stupid” how they treated the case. Obama knows Gates. How is that calling the police out? Plain and simple, he was taken to jail because he and the officer weren’t getting along. It might be racism, but ultimately it boils down to who thinks they are in the right. It is definitely in Gates’ right to be irate about the situation, and unfortunately, a “Disorderly Conduct” charge can be given out to someone who simply raises their voice. That’s power given by the state to officers of the law.

      It’s unfortunate that the race card had to be pulled out, and it’s unfortunate that anyone, from any cultural upbringing, can be arrested for simply speaking against “authority.”

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    “Open and shut case, Johnson” – Chappelle.

    Gates did show ID and pics of his family were hanging on the walls. The friction occured when Gates asked the police for their badge numbers and they refused. We have a right to ask for badge numbers, but too many police officers take it the wrong way and assume that we only want to use their badge # to cause them further trouble with their superiors. Not necessarily true. I ask for badge #s everytime I’m pulled over, right or wrong. It’s just good to have that info just in case the officers of the law decide to act like “pigs.” It helps to have that info on the ticket, and it “may” keep cops with bitch-made tendencies in check for the time being.

    Unfortunately, sometimes this request backfires and the “pigs” decide to show their whole asses. That’s what happened in Mr. Gates’ situation.

  • stop

    you gotta stop the angry black man shit real talk. come on this is bs. you gotta stop pullin that stunt

    • Around and Around

      No fake talk

      Curious..what’s “angry black man” about being harassed in your own home and arrested after showing ID?

      You gotta stop being a bitch ass homo coward and that’s real

  • Luc

    Our president has been a gift and curse. A gift because it shows these folks that we are not as brain dead as they had always claim but also it gives them carte blanche to be openly racist while screaming we are in a post racial america with a smile on their faces.

    Funny thing is the officer’s name that arrested the professor is James Crowley, ironically similar to Jim Crow. Maybe he is call that among his white friends while sharing drinks about the arrest.

    What is also ironic is that this professor has researched and written about racial issues in America and yet as he was getting arrested started screaming is this the way that black are treated in america, that shows that this professor research was merely based on data and not the reality.

  • Brooklyn

    racism exists everywhere although this country was founded on the principle that people of color were only 3/4ths of a human being. with that being said, i co-sign with the commenter above that said that europe is racist too; blacks and arabs in france get it almost as bad as we do, and just like over here they also live in “ghettos” and france even has housing projects. france recently passed a law forbidding muslim women to wear their veils and hijabs, which wouldn’t have happened had more gallic french people been muslim instead africans and arabs.

    but the situation with prof. gates was based on his race as well as his status. he was a middle class black man with a good and stable job, nice home that was probably paid for, car, and a family. he was living the american dream and he didn’t have to sell drugs, rap, or otherwise entertain the crackerocracy in order to get to where he was. the cops that arrested him made less than he did, probably lived in worse conditions than he did, and no doubt had a fraction of the intelligence that he did. they felt threatened and they saw the need to attack him. it’s the same thing they did to henry ossian flipper, the first black man to graduate from west point, who was court martialed on some trumped up charges, the boxer jack johnson, hell, even michael jackson. the idea of a black man with power threatens the powerless white man’s idea of what this country stands for. this is a country that was founded on the idea that a black is only 3/4ths a person. how can someone that’s 3/4th a person be more powerful that they, the people for whom this country was made for, and still favors? those cops couldn’t fuck with prof. gates financially, intellectually, or socially, so they decided to use their badge to make him feel inferior. in the words of NWA, “fuck tha police”

    • OG Matt Herbz

      It was actually 3/5ths, cousin…even less than 3/4ths.


      –OG Matt Herbz–

    • BIGNAT

      any race that came over here even the irish and scots were treated like second class citizen. the way the u.s. worked was first come first served. you came first we going be in charge okay we need a way to build a economy. we need to make lots of cash without spending much. slaves okay africans then every other race we bring over here as well.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma



  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma
  • chillin mayne

    id say its worse in europe(some parts) than here brooklyn….at a soccer game white fans threw bannana peels onto the pitch(field) and made monkey sounds because the opposing team had a african player on their team…routine checks happen a lot, in scotland i have a chilean friend and he got pulled over for no reason, it wasnt even a wealthy part of town….

    on that note, yall should check da music video on youtube “routine check” by the mitchell brothers…its a little outdated but its a real song and its bangin

  • Dallas Penn

    I don’t have a beef with Gates per se. I have read shit from him and he seems to be disconnected to Blacks that don’t mesh with his academic and assumed class background.

    The idea that the clothes someone wears can negate their skin color and the racism that people express is contrary to this very story.

    Gates is a property owner. The mortgage to the house he was abducted from has his name on it. The cowards that abducted him did this as a means of terrorism. The fact that they are not subject to discipline makes this act state sponsored terrorism.

  • Dallas Penn

    That Jim Crow connection was murderous


    “The crimes committed are a direct reflection of the poverty that we have promoted across this country. Would Ro$$ be the first rapper to put his interests behind those of the 1 million? That would be the realest shit he ever wrote.”
    our jails are making career criminals people go in for doing simple crimes. come out knowing better ways to steal, scheme and kill. most jails have stopped the programs to earn degrees while being locked up. you going lock a man up tell him to serve his time but give him nothing to better himself while he is in there. then wonder why he will be back why he turned into a heartless monster.
    until they realize they spent there youth behind bars then try hard to chnage. or just go crazy because they just going go back to what they know

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Racism Is Everything. What Are We To Do…

  • X

    I think the Gates arrest was BS (especially after he showed them ID), but America is not at its core a nation of racist cowards. There’s a small percentage OF ALL RACES who are racist cowards, but the whole system is not like that. Also, the person who said the conservatives have a racist agenda is completely and utterly incorrect. People who make unnecessary racial issues out of things are the DUMBEST individuals on the planet. Not saying this one is unnecessary, but the ambulance chasing concerning this topic happens far too often in our society.

  • Dallas Penn

    On another day on another thread I will break down the difference between racism and bigotry.

    In short, racism has a whole structure and infrastructure that supports it. Bigotry does not.

    Neither are morally justifiable but one of them still has the social / political / economical backing of governments and authority.

  • X

    The full text of the police report in the Gates case is worth looking at. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/0723092gates1.html