Was there ever any genre of music more aspirational than rap music? Not even gospel music wants to live as much as commercial rap does. I don't think they make enough Maybach cars for all of these rappers to drive. It's not like we would enjoy rap music about being broke motherfuckers either. That's the reality I'm all too familiar with.

But with all the trappings that money can afford that still doesn't make you any more of a man or a citizen in this country. A Harvard professor was terrorized and abducted by police from inside of his home. This was a blatant act of state sponsored terrorism. I'm no fan of that professor but I wonder when the feds come calling to the Maybach rappers if they will start rapping about the realest shit ever.

We all want to be rich and wealthy, but mostly secure. The idea that money and education can buy you security is forever shattered by the arrest of the professor. Why else would someone go to college? Why else do we work our asses off? If we can't go into our own home and close the door then what was the point of all of this shit? If its just to earn more money to spend more money then I need to know that now.

We heard so much talk that America was now post-racial because the president was Black. We even heard songs that exalted in this fact. I still haven't heard the song that says we are at our core a racist nation of cowards. Everyone hides behind their guns and their authority. Manhood has become effeminate because men are scared of one another. We are like hyenas and jackals with badges and guns.

Rick Ro$$ was once one of those people with the authority to terrorize with impunity. Now he just works as the cheerleader for the prison industrial complex. More than 1 million African American males are locked up behind bars. The crimes committed are a direct reflection of the poverty that we have promoted across this country. Would Ro$$ be the first rapper to put his interests behind those of the 1 million? That would be the realest shit he ever wrote.