Props to white people for putting Superhead in her place. In the past week or so, she's been kicked off of at least two different shows she was on to promote her new video ho kama sutra the Vixen Manual, when she objected to the hosts mentioning that she's basically known for blowing people. Maybe you caught the videos on World Star or Vlad TV.

The first one is my favorite. She was on one of these Good Day Sacramento-style morning shows. It may have even been called Good Day Sacramento. There were two hosts, a man and a woman. The woman seemed bothered by all of the graphic blowjob technique diagrams (who knew there were so many different ways to cop a blowski?), especially given the fact that she was being featured on one of these local Today programs. The guy, whose idea it probably was in the first place, was obviously familiar with Superhead's reputation in the hip-hop community. He seemed like a cool guy. If he doesn't already read my site, I might need to email him a link.

He was gonna let her shill for her new book, which is why she was there, but first he needed to explain how in the fuck she got on Good Day Sacramento in the first place, lest people actually think she was some sort of medical professional. They could fuck around and get sued! He started to explain that she went around and blew a buncha rappers and then wrote a book about it, but she wasn't having it. She cut him off, talking about how she's a married woman, and she wrote this book as a guide for people in committed relationships, because she didn't have such a guide when she was out here doing her thing.

To her credit, Karrine Steffans really does talk a good line of bullshit. Of all of the people in hip-hop who ever published a book, I can actually believe she played a role in writing hers. Her English game is impeccable, which is to say she speaks English. She sounds like she went to the same high school I went to. Or perhaps the same high school Wale went to. I can see how that would be off-putting coming from the mouth of a black chick (no Boutros), let alone a black chick who's known primarily for sucking a mean dick and dancing around almost entirely naked in rap videos.

You'd think it would be easy to explain to her that she needs to stop fronting and shut the fuck up while a man is trying to talk. I could almost even buy that there's a racial element to Superhead continually being called a hoo-er and having to be put in her place... except for the fact that Superhead really is a hoo-er who needs to be put in her place. This isn't some legit black feminist being shut down by the black male power structure. I don't care if she was on Oprah.

Oprah obviously just had her on because she hates black men, because that guy forced her to smoke crack back in the '70s. In fact, I'm not even sure if I believe that guy forced her to smoke crack. It seemed reasonable enough when I saw that episode, back in the late '90s, but that was before I had the years of life experience that have led me to realize that Oprah would probably lie about some shit like that. No one ever forced a woman to smoke crack, except for that time Rick James forced a woman to smoke crack. It just goes to show how much I've grown in the past 10 years.

But I digress.

In the interest of not giving white people too much credit, which we shouldn't, I'll point out that Jamie Foxx been called Superhead on her shit, to use the parlance of Jose Hustle. He once made the mistake of bringing her home from the club, thinking she was just some normal lightskinted black chick who wanted to offer him a blowski. I'm sure that happens to him all the time. Then he realized who she was and had to ask her to leave. He knew better than to actually accept the blowski. I can't say I would have been as strong as he was.

And therein lies the real tragedy of Superhead. A woman with her looks and her facility with the English language, she could have gotten herself the kind of material bullshit she wanted out of life without becoming the town bicycle. Blowing as many guys as she has is usually the domain of toothless crack hoo-ers over in East Saint, not the kind of woman Jamie Foxx would bring home from the club. The guy makes $20 million a picture - he knows quality when he sees it. Alas, he also knows a hoo-er when he sees one.