MJ’s Best

So Michael Jackson’s Memorial went down yesterday, but this is far from the end. 

It’s almost been two weeks since MJ passed and the amount of coverage his life or death is getting doesn’t seem to be decreasing one bit. I went to First Saturdays in Brooklyn this weekend. They played MJ and everybody lost it. Went to this other spot after, they played MJ, same result. It made me think, DJs need to have a mandatory MJ set every single night for the rest of time. Maybe I’m exaggerating. 

I picked up Time Magazine‘s “Remembering MJ” tribute book the other day and they had people like Nancy Reagan, Colin Powell, Spike Lee and Lenny Kravitz name their favorite MJ song. The same titles seemed to pop up. Some said “Thriller” others “I’ll Be There.” Kobe Bryant had a point, though. Is it really possible to pick one absolute favorite MJ or J5 song? I mean, I don’t even think I can narrow it down to my favorite Thriller song. Some days it’s “Human Nature,” other days “Lady In My Life.” By the way, Jesse Gissen, our News Editor, had the nerve to call “Lady In My Life” horrible last week. SMH! I can’t forget about “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).”

I’ve been trying to pick a favorite since Mike passed and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it. So, I thought I’d try to narrow it down to 10, which is still not enough. 

(In No Particular Order)

-”The Love You Save” (J5)

-”Wanna Be Where You Are” (J5)

-”Never Can Say Goodbye” (J5)


-”Rock With You”

-”We’re Almost There”

-”Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”

-”Human Nature”

-”The Lady In My Life”

-”P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”

What’s yours?

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    It’s “Billie Jean” and it’s not even close.

    But did you read the Vanity Fair piece on him? Yikes.

    • RiZob

      “Dirty Diana”…”They Don’t Really Care About Us”….end of discussion….

    • Pierzy

      I’m an idiot

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

        Such hate…

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

        I’m flattered…but you should be embarrassed.

        -The Real P.

        • NAWLEDGE

          No perticular order

          Billie Jean
          Dirty Diana
          Human Nature
          Beat It
          Wanna Be Startin Something
          Dont Care About Us
          I’ll Be There(J5)

          Thats all I got for now.

        • NAWLEDGE

          Almost forgot

          You Rock My World
          Stranger In Moscow
          Rock With You
          Dont Stop Till Ya Get Enough
          Smooth Criminal
          Remember The Time
          Heal The World

          Man, MJ had nothing but hits. I implore all rappers out there to use MJ’s catalogue as a career bible!! The man NEVER gave us any garbage! We’ve been getting garbage from Hiphop for the last 9-10 years. Time the step up ya game folks. We want better music.

          Or the Jonas Bros will take music over…

  • Reemycks!

    1. Walk On By

    2. What You Dont Know Wont Hurt You

    3. Life Of The Party

    4. I am Love

    5. Maria

    6. Scream

    I admit I only really fuck with Lil Michael. But Scream is that shit.

  • mazemayhim

    “I Can’t Help It”…it’s a classic. Nuff said

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Lady in my Life…………no question.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    1. Rock With You

    2. Back Off The Wall

    3. Jam

    4. Remember The Time

    5. Bad

    6. Thriller

    7.In The Closet

    8. Billie Jean

    9. Smooth Criminal

  • Justice4All

    #1) Billy Jean-(There is no record larger)
    #2) Smooth Criminal-(Music & Video off the chain)
    #3) Thriller-(This song made me pause everytime it came on as a kid).
    #4) Beat It -(No explanation needed)
    #5) Rock with you
    #6) P.Y.T-(The ultimate party jam in the 80′s—man, the good ole days….)
    #7) Wanna be startin’ something-(the first battle song!)
    #8) Human Nature-(my mom would put this on to calm us way the way down.)
    #9) State of shock!

    • Reemycks!

      Yeah I almost forgot. State Of Shock was that shit!

  • nc

    1. Rock with you
    2. Don’t Stop til you get enough
    3. Man in the mirror
    4. PYT

  • lol

    maria (you were the only one)

    human nature

    liberian girl

    just off the top of my head

    dude had tunes for days……….. days!

  • DJ ROD

    1.Michael Jackson -I wanna be where you are
    2.Michael Jackson -Baby be mine
    3.Michael Jackson -Rock with you
    4.Michael Jackson -I can’t help it
    5.The Jacksons -This place hotel
    6.Jackson 5 -All i do is think of you
    7.Michael Jackson -Human Nature
    8.The Jackson -Blame it on the boogie
    9.Michael Jackson -Liberian girl
    10.Jackson 5 -I am love
    That’s my top this at this time.Peace and God bless to all who comments today and to the XXL staff.MJJ RIP.

  • Curtis75Black

    In no particular order:
    Off The Wall – His life in a nutshell.
    Human Nature
    Dirty Diana
    In the closet
    liberian Girl
    Butterflies – though floetry wrote the song, his version is the shit
    Rock with you

    This is hard to do with Micheal Jackson. Too Many songs, feelings and styles.

  • HNIC

    Some of my favorite M.J. / J5 tracks, at the moment are, as follows (in no particular order):

    1) “The Lady In My Life”
    2) “The Girl Is Mine”
    3) “Human Nature”
    4) “Butterflies”
    5) “All I Do Is Think Of You” (J5)
    6) “I Can’t Help It”
    7) “Baby Be Mine”
    8) “I Wanna Be Where You Are” (J5)
    9) “Who’s Lovin’ You” (J5)
    10) “Never Can Say Goodbye” (J5)

    My all time favorite M.J. videos are:

    1) “Billie Jean”
    2) “Thriller”
    3) “Beat It”
    4) “Remember The Time”
    5) “Scream”

    • HNIC

      And “Smooth Criminal” that video was one of his best, in my opinion.

  • latino heat

    Never Can Say Goodbye.
    nobody said A,B,C? go to a party with old heads, that still gets it going.

  • http://nuovomag.com nuovomagae@gmail.com

    1.Dirty Diana
    3.Smooth Criminal
    4.Liberian Girl
    5.Rock My World
    6.Earth Song

  • Around and Around

    Man just impossible, the dude has dozens of masterpieces.

    This dude should go down in history like Bach or Beethoven, 200-300 yrs from now Billie Jean will still be a jam.

  • urbanizd

    I cant believe yall forgot the classic


    I want you back(J5)
    The girl is mine
    Don’t stop til u get enough
    Baby be mine
    enjoy yourself(J5)
    Shake your body(J5)
    blame it on the boogie(J5)

  • Lowedwn

    In No Order

    Man In the Mirror
    Liberian Girl
    Dirty Diana
    They Don’t Really Care About Us
    Smooth Criminal
    Dancing Machine
    Ain’t No Sunshine
    ….yeah this is impossible…just way too many

    Big Ups to Rhymefest for doing that “Man In The Mirror” Mixtape last year, his came first , but you know there will be several very soon.

  • ProDunkGirl

    Lady in my life
    Pretty Young thing
    Rock with you
    Pretty Young thing
    Gone Too Soon
    They Don’t really care about us
    Black and White
    Don’t stop till You get enough
    Scream w/ Janet

    “Trends are wack.Go with the nessities not Necessaries” – ProDunkGirl


    Its gotta be man in the mirror.


    Gotta be Man in the mirror.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Favorite? I have to co-sign Pierzy, Billie Jean.

    The song was funky as hell, the video was so ahead of it’s time & made Mike appear to be the coolest person to ever walk the street.

    The sidewalk lit up with his footsteps! WTF?

    Though MJ has a phenomenal catalogue, that joint in particular is definitely my favorite.

    • Pierzy

      Why are you always on my nuts?

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      That’s not me, Grand$. What’s poppin’ dude? Obviously Pierzy-lite is on my nuts. Maybe it’s Diet Tony part 2?

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    anything thats not “Blood on the Dance floor”

  • SBA

    In no order:

    Dirty Diana
    Human Nature
    Beat It
    Billie Jean
    Leave Me Alone
    Rock With You
    Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
    Working Day and Night

  • lol

    i forgot the girl is mine

  • yoprince

    Billie Jean


    is this a rap site or a music site? not tryin to be funny, but mj did not rap. if xxl focuses on other forms of music, which they should, why is mike the only non rapper that i’ve ever seen on here?

    • Curtis75Black

      Soulja Boy doesn’t rap neither and he’s constantly on this site one way or another. I’d rather gives props to someone who made it possible for Our favorite emcee’s to use his beats as platforms to rep over throughout the years.Give our emcee’s who can dance get the heart to rep in a video back on the day. Give our emcee’s a chance to rep a track with him off love of the music. Give our emcee’s vision to make a classic video instead of just ‘roaming the street, walking back and forth on the stage’ shit we’re now accustomed to.

      • lol

        mj’s been sampled so many time he is hiphop

        • DETROIT

          i feel you black, but mj is not the only person that did all of the things you mentioned. rappers get shit from EVERYWHERE! my point is, did they do this for james brown when he died? if mike were alive and made a single, would it be in the bangers section? that’s all…cuz all this mike love seems very fake at times. this nigga was the but of everyone’s jokes, now niggas actin like they loved dude so much. most BLACK PEOPLE grew up on luther the same way they did mike, did luther get all this love on xxl when he died?

        • Around and Around

          Wow we see why Detroit stays the fucking armpit of America..simple ass people reside there.

          One question did James Brown, and Luther have people around the world on every continent in the dam West Bank mourning them?

        • DETROIT

          damn dog, do i know you? you talkin real good on the web, i hate soft ass fuck niggas like you. but anyway, if you luv mike, you should prolly give a lil more respect to the “armpit” that put him on! also, why would i give a fuck if people in the west bank mourned james brown? mike says that he got his game from james brown, and you can see it if you examine each of their stage styles…so morning mike IS morning james brown fuck nigga. lastly, who gives a fuck about world wide popularity, that has no bearing on who has the most talent musically. based on your world wide pulse theory, SOCCER IS WAY BETTER THAN BASKET BALL AND FOOTBALL! SHAKIRA IS BETTER THAN BEYONCE, AND DAVID HASELHOFF IS A BEAST ON THE MIC!

        • Brahsef

          Man detroit is completely right though. The dude died two weeks ago and people still can’t stop talking about him? And sorry Around and Around, James Brown is in a different category musically than Mike altogether.

          The reason he’s getting all this attention compared to any other star is cause he would not exist without MTV (in the same status hes revered today) and MTV may not exist now without Michael Jackson. They made each other icons.

          Off the Wall and Thriller are crazy fucking CDs to me, but after that eh.

          I guess his music didn’t affect me nearly as much as others.

        • NAWLEDGE



          DETROIT is right though. We need to move pass our greiving process. Time to move on. His music will live on forever and he’s an icon for our generation and our time.

          But DETROIT, you have to remember. No matter what continent you’ll go to, you’ll find people who absolutely HATE each other but LOVE MJ’s music. His catalogue brought people together and he DID touch the world, more than James Brown to a certain extent.

        • Around and Around

          Dam not only do they not build cars in the D but they don’t teach geography either…Gary (MJ’s hometown)is in Indiana what about 90 miles from the D.

          Secondly, yeah that’s what everyone was thinking at all these memorials and shit…”this is for James Brown”….it’s obvious that kind of fuck boy logic is due to a steady diet of rust water from the D’s crumbling infrastructure..stay away from the tap nigga!!!

          “who gives a fuck about world wide popularity”

          Spoken like a true Detroiter, you need to get with the world lil nigga, b/c that “world” just crushed your fucking city in the past 15 yrs. Enlighten yourself or you stay losin

        • Brahsef

          Or he meant that he got put on by Motown you know which is from Detroit. And damn man, you’re one angry motherfucker.

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    1.Dirty Diana
    2.She’s Out Of My Life
    3.Lady In My Life
    4.Billy Jean
    5.Off The Wall
    6.Beat It
    7.The Way You Make me Fell
    8.Do You Remember The time
    9.Heal The World


    1.) Do You Remember
    2.) Rock With You


    1.) The Love You Save
    2.) I Want You Back


    1)man of the mirror
    2)earth song
    These are the best song of michael jackson.
    I think thriller is overrated and not his best work.its too pop.
    His best album is Off The Wall.

    • Curtis75Black

      @Jay Stone,
      I know that’s your opinion about Thriller but ‘Too Pop’? This was ’83 not ’93 when singers were wearing timberland Boots looking as hard as the emcee’s singing over their beats !! This was when you had to sing and have lyrics to complement. Micheal’s music Like everyone else at that time was Pop one way or the other but they can sing – Prince, Stevie, Cindy, Boy George, George Micheal, Phil Collins, Annie Lennox ( Nas’s Street Dreams) Tears for Fears (Nas’s Rule the world) .

      • DETROIT

        i disagree, pop is not about what you wear, it’s about making genre-less music. music with out an edge. prince was r+b in it’s purest form, phil collins also, and stevie wonder was soul/funk…IN NO WAYS WERE THESE GUYS POP!

        • DETROIT

          all that being said, my favorite mike joint is “Rock wit u”, i agree, he got a lil to poppy for me after “off the wall”.

        • Curtis75Black

          are you saying Micheal’s music after Off The Wall didn’t have an edge? Homie didn’t have to get raunchy with his lyrics like Prince but homie lyrics were very intriuging. His production was always ahead of it’s time and never the same as the last. What I meant by POP was the fact he was a radio figure like everyone else I named and we had no problem listening to anyone of them in the 80′s and 90′s. That’s where Hip Hop goes wrong – labels being put on a sound !! Micheal was Disco with Off the Wall, Rock and R&B with Thriller, everything in between with Bad and Hip Hop influenced with Dangerous. The difference with Micheal and everyone else was His Shit Sold and sold well, even with the Ushers,Justins and Marques Houstons of the world. Tevin wasn’t fucking with Mike and neither was Sammie.

        • DETROIT

          @ black:

          you gave me a lot to respond to:

          “Homie didn’t have to get raunchy with his lyrics like Prince but homie lyrics were very intriuging.”

          his lyrics were great, i agree, but i wouldn’t describe any of mike’s music as pushing the envelope lyrically.

          “His production was always ahead of it’s time and never the same as the last.”


          “Micheal was Disco with Off the Wall, Rock and R&B with Thriller, everything in between with Bad and Hip Hop influenced with Dangerous.”

          THAT’S WHAT A POP STAR IS! jack of all trades, master of none. which is cool, it’s just a matter of opinion. i prefer artists that are GREAT their genre, rather than GOOD at every genre.

          “The difference with Micheal and everyone else was His Shit Sold and sold well”

          I would argue that that’s due to the total package, not just his music. MIKE IS THE BEST SHOWMAN EVER! but no where near the best singer. his singing voice is average at best. luther vandros could sing any mike song, mike counldn’t sing any luther song…feel me.

        • JAY STONE

          I agree.he was not a great singer so does phil collins,micheal bolton etc.
          MJ is so popular in the world because of his stage craft that if he fart on his records he will sell million of copies on his name alone

  • Axeo

    my favorite is sream with janet. i grew up (i was like 8 or 9 when it came out) with that video for it and everytime i see it on youtube i remember hw great he is/was

  • avon

    got to be there
    wanna be where you are
    the love you save
    dancin machine
    lady in my life
    rock with you
    heaven can wait butterflies

  • Money Magnet 008

    Yeah…’Lady In My Life’ will always be a classic…anybody remember ‘Mama’s Pearl’ from the J5 days? Jermaine’s bass line was bangin’ along with MJ’s vocals…May God Bless Ya & Rest In Shalom (Peace), Mike…

  • SJB

    Rememebr The Time
    Billie Jean

    Straight up classics from MJ

  • sb

    Damn let me think about this and this isn’t in any particular order

    i want you back
    maybe tomorrow
    we’re almost there
    forever came today
    let me show you the way to go
    this place hotel
    can you feel it
    off the wall
    rock with you
    can’t help it

    this is so not fair..Mike has way too many hot ass songs to narrow it down to just 10…mike has hit records in the 70′s,80′s,90′s and 00′s

  • sama

    soo many MJ songs, but my favourite ones have to be

    billie jean
    give in to me
    smooth criminal
    human nature
    dirty diana
    stranger in moscow
    rock with you

    theres countless more but those are off the top of the dome

  • capcobra

    human nature hands down….not only is it a beautiful song but he’s singing about nyc..plus it gave nas his first single..swv thier biggest hit..and that swv remix was the 1st time we heard of pharrell…so i gotta pick human nature….plus mike catalog so tuff that you can take 10 songs from each decade..70′s..80′s..90′s…and 2k….or you can take 10 songs from his pop side or pick 10 of those inspirational joints…10 ballads..10 dance songs…10 collabos…or 10 remakes..good post tho’…next we should pick jay-z hottest lines.

  • tha_Face

    1. Human Nature
    2. Remember the Time
    3. She’s Out of My Life
    4. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
    5. The Girl Is Mine
    6. Who Is It
    7. Billie Jean
    8. Thriller
    9. Beat It
    10. In The Closet

    RIP Michael Jackson

  • Silly Willy

    Being a 80′s baby, I was 6 when Dangerous dropped and I feel such a special connection with this album in particular, more than the others. Is it the best ? I don’t know, but it’s my favorite. So in no particular order:

    Give In To Me
    Man In The Mirror
    In The Closet
    Will You Be There
    Human Nature
    Rock With You
    Earth Song
    Who Is It
    Beat It
    Remember The Time
    Liberian Girl
    Stranger In Moscow
    Wanna Be Startin Somethin
    They Don’t Really Care About Us

  • escobar9300

    This is way too easy, Rock with you is definitly MJ’s best song by far.


    Human Nature
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
    We Got a Good Thing Going
    We’re Almost There
    It’s Great to Be Here
    Stranger in Moscow

  • http://www.singlesexyandsaved.blogspot.com Victoria Page

    Lady in My Life
    Human Nature
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

  • the-K.I.D

    ‘I Just Cant Stop Loving You’

  • $ykotic

    “For Being Polite”, “My Cheri Amour”, “Ben”, “Heartbreak Hotel(This Place)”, “What You Don’t Know”, “Dancing Machine”, “Lady In My Life”, “Get On The Floor”, “Stranger In Moscow”, “I Am Love”, “P.Y.T.”, “Remember The Time”, “Dangerous”, “She’s A Rhythm Child”.


  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com ron mexico

    hmm… off top?

    never can say goodbye
    rock with you
    human nature
    don’t stop til you get enough
    off the wall
    maybe tomorrow
    the love you save
    mama’s pearl
    i want you back

    little michael was a bad bad man


    i could pick one that song he did with biggie


    the song mj did with biggie if i had to pick one.

    • BIGNAT

      NOW A LIST
      my fav mj song remember the time
      billie jean
      don’t stop till you get enough
      you rock my work
      the girl is mines
      dance machine
      i want you back
      smooth criminal
      in the closet
      lady in my life
      rock with you
      man in the mirror
      they don’t really care about us
      baby be mines
      leave me alone
      human nature

  • Ali

    The Way You Make Me Feel
    Leave Me Alone
    Billie Jean
    Heal The World
    Smooth Criminal
    Beat It
    Remember The Time
    ABC (J5)
    You Rock My World

    that’s my 10

  • Pana

    I can easily say Rock With You. That song just does something to me! No other song touches my heart the same way. A close second is Remember the Time.

  • Thomas

    Top Ten?

    In no real order

    1. Liberian Girl

    2. Stranger in Moscow

    3. Human Nature

    4. Gone Too Soon

    5. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

    6. Who Is It

    7. Is It Scary

    8. Man In The Mirror

    9. Smooth Criminal

    10. I Can’t Help It

  • Big Sexy

    My fave MJ joints are: (in no particular order)
    I want you back – the beginning
    whose lovin’ you – classic slow jam
    Blame it on the boogie – more mature Jackson 5 party track
    Don’t stop till you get enough – Off the hook disco track
    Rock with you – only MJ can ever dare wearing that shiny suit and gotta love the laser lights
    Billie jean – the song, the video, the moves, the clothes, etc. Iconic!
    Beat it – you know you’ve made it in the biz whenever weird al spoofs makes a parody of your song
    Human nature – put this up against any of today’s r&b songs and it would be no contest
    The way you make me feel – my personal favorite MJ joint
    Man in the mirror – there’s a reason why it’s numero uno in itunes right now
    Keep it in the closet – sexy, sexy song and video
    Who is it – another dangerous classic
    Give in to me – dangerous is such an underrated album. I even like it better than, gulp, bad.
    Scream – MJ and JJ = the dynamic duo
    You rock my world – MJ, 2K version, still doin his thang
    Butterflies remix – they should’ve made a video for this

  • LC

    You must be one of those dicks that loves being different

    How the fuck is Billie Jean not on your list?

    It’s MJ’s most significant and best song in his repetoire

  • Death Deala

    1. Speed Demon (the song accompanied by the crazy clay-mation video hits me on the nostalgic tip everytime…the Moonwalker movie ran my life before I even fucked with music)

    2. Human Nature

    3. Leave Me Alone (same with my number 1 jacko song, the track is forever synonomous with the video)

    4. Dirty Diana

    5. Wanna be Startin Somethin

  • Shawty J

    I’d probably have to say Thriller or Beat It would be number one.

  • FreshOut

    too many to make a list but i have to say “the way you make me feel”

  • Sleepy Wonder

    The 3 Albums He Did With Quincy (Who’s Talking Mad Shit By The Way) Were Flawless (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad). I Can Listen To Them Without Skipping A Track, But One Track That I’ve Always Loved From Mike Was “Music And Me”

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    My picks vary from time 2 time but the all time gr8 pick has 2 b —

    Billie Jean – (Beats,Lyrics,Song Structure & Video are off the hook).

    The rest not in particular order

    Wanna Be Startin Something – (get @ me dog)
    ABC – (is easy as 1-2-3)
    Stranger in Moscow – (feeling lonely& lost)
    Ben – (dare listen 2 tha song & hit me back)
    Leave Me Alone – (Dead & gone)

    Oh boy that’s already six i’ma leave it 2 dat!

  • Joey capp

    Billie Jean is definetly number one. They’re hasn’t ever and never will be anything like that song.

    Others I love:
    Smooth Criminal
    Beat It
    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
    Wanna Be Startin Something
    I Want You Back
    Human Nature


    Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
    Rock With You
    Stranger in Moscow
    We’re Almost There
    We Got a Good Thing Going
    It’s Great to Be Here
    Never Can Say Goodbye

  • Neibo

    Ben(1972 & 1979 versions)
    Billie Jean(could tie for #1, enigmatic song)
    Lady in my Life
    Dirty Diana
    man in the mirror
    liberian girl

    damn…you can’t really rate these, there all great.

  • Pierzy

    Billie Jean #1
    Thriller #2
    Ease On Down The Road #3

    -The Real P.

  • http://xxlmag.com Eddie Cain

    @ DETROIT: Go listen to “Human Nature,” “Burn This Disco Out,” “I Can’t Help It”…..just to name a few.

    Man are you crazy! Michael Jackson is one of the GREATEST SINGERS EVER! PERIOD! I COULD MAKE THE CASE THAT HE WAS THE GREATEST BECAUSE HE HAD ALL THE INGREDIENTS OF A GREAT VOCALIST (soulful tone, rich tone, incredible range, versatility, & creativity). You obviously don’t listen to Michael Jackson. How dare you say that Luther is a better singer than MJ. You said Luther could sing any Michael Jackson song? Are you crazy? actually, its the other way around.


  • Epion

    just like kobe said can really name one????? micheal got more hits then any other artist in history!

    no order

    Human Nature
    Remember The time
    Dirty Diana
    Billie Jean(best song ever created)
    rock with you
    human nature
    Earth Song
    Wanna be startin’ something
    dancin machine(my fav. J5 song)

    may I go on……………….

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