KRS-One was hating before it was all trendy

Who would have thought that, in 2009, Jay-Z and KRS-One would be rapping about the same thing, to the point where people are wondering whether or not Jay is biting Kris?

Never mind trying to kill off autotune. The two of them combined don’t have the cachet to bring back gold chains, or funny hats, or something rappers would be inclined to do anyway. But maybe they can kick off a trend of angry old man rap. Jay-Z is damn near 40. KRS-One is in his mid 40s. And most rappers who are worth a shit aren’t getting any younger.

Which would be sweet, as far as I’m concerned. You guys know I’m one of the very few people who likes KRS-One more now that he’s kinda old and batshit. I don’t think he’s a better artist. I just think he’s that much more entertaining.

Yeah, I’ve had my issues with KRS-One over the years. I’ve clowned him every time he comes out the side of his neck with something that sounds a bit wacky. Which is pretty much every time he opens his mouth. Examples would be the time he called 9/11 “justice,” because he used to get kicked out of the World Trade Center for trying to sleep there, and the time he threatened to jump over the table and put his shoe on a guy named Adisa Banjoko during a roundtable discussion. Keep in mind, I’m taking Kris’ side in both of those incidents. I’m just saying.

Then there was the time when I called him and Marley Marl two old crackheads, and my old boss here made me delete it. Too disrespectful, he said. Then, a mere matter of days later, Marley Marl somehow managed to suffer a heart attack at the ripe old age of 40. I wonder how that happened! I’ve since read that my old boss regrets having named KRS-One the greatest rapper of all time, in Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists. I wonder who would be named #1, if that book was written today. Eminem? Jay-Z?

For the sake of pulling something out of my ass on a Friday afternoon, no Erick Sermon (so disrespectful!), let’s say it’s Jay-Z, and let’s say the argument is that he’s built up such a better body of material since ’99 than KRS-One. How true is that, really? I’ll give you the Blueprint and the Black Album, though I think it might take being from New York and perhaps lacking a certain curiosity to be really into either of those two albums. But the last two Jay-Z albums have sucked balls. Not to beat a dead horse, but even Elliott has gone on record as saying that Kingdom Come was Jay-Z’s worst album, albeit years later and not anywhere where someone might have found that information useful. If only he’d been editor of a magazine at the time…

I can honestly say I’d much rather listen to KRS-One’s Kristyles album, from ’03, and his Hiphop Lives album, from ’07, than Kingdom Come and American Gangster. In fact, I’ve spent a lot more time listening to those KRS-One albums than I have the last couple of Jay-Z albums, though I know I’m in the minority in that regard. And granted, KRS-One has put out way more albums than that in the past several years, and some of them are just awful. But you have to kinda expect that from KRS-One at this point, whereas Jay-Z is aiming to hit the ball out of the park every time he’s up to the plate. He’s got a lot of endorsement money riding on it. KRS-One, meanwhile, is only at his best when he’s got someone with him, to rein in his worst instincts.

Which brings us to this new album he’s got coming out with Buckshot. The other day, I saw the video for “Robot” on World Star, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was all prepared for it to be a couple of old farts standing around, hating on shit, which would have been fine with me. But Buck and Kris went in, with special effects, and even some video hoes. Bonus! Plus, the two of them together in a video kinda remind me of Chevy Chase and Paul Simon in the video for “You Can Call Me Al.” Contrast that with Jay-Z’s video for “Death of Autotune,” which is just kinda lame. Jay-Z comes off as a salty old hater. He obviously doesn’t derive any joy from dissing wack rappers, like Buck and Kris; he’s just pissed that the audience for garbage pop rap, i.e. his bread and butter, has moved on from his particular brand of bullshit.

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  • Pierzy

    I hate all new artists

    • Federal Ranga


    • Pierzy

      I was going to comment, but apparently I already have

  • Tony Grand$

    I love angry old rappers. I don’t like any of the new rappers

    • Tony Grand$

      I don’t know that I agree with what I posted above myself, but I do think that D.O.A. is the hottest song out right now

  • Jamal7Mile

    I was at the video shoot for Robot. I didn’t really like how it turned out though

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Bol, I think the frustration stems from the fact these new kids don’t give a fuck about Hip Hop as we know it. They like the pop shit, the soft shit. Fuck the boom bap, say the kids, they want a Kanye or Drake auto-tuned chorus! They want their videos all sexual so they can keep obsessing about sex while watching videos during class! They want songs about gay ass high school relationships because Billy broke up with Heather last week and now he’s dating Cheryl! THAT’S THE SHIT I…er, *THEY* WANT TO HEAR AND WE…uhh, *THEY* WANT IT RIGHT NOW! OMG LOL I HEART DRAKE SMH STFU TITS OR GTFO NWA CNN WSHH GAY ASS GO HOME!

    –OG Matt Herbz–


      Herbz, I’m pretty sure your gay. You talk a big game and complain all the time about the new artists, but I think its only because your jealous. And jealously is a bitch

      • Sleepy Wonder

        Shut Your Faggot Ass Up Detroit, Something Tells Me Either You Or “Detroit P” Are Over Here Cloning Other Niggas.

        • DETROIT

          damn P, it’s a fake me now! hey herbs, it’s all love bro, dunno who the fake fag is!

          as for sleepy wonder, that wasn’t me homey…so relax.

          i usually don’t even post on weekends!

    • El Tico Loco

      Preach homey! Tellem why yo mad.

  • latino heat

    @ the real P, Grand$ and Jamal.
    do you think that dude on your nuts is a salty old hater or a young talentless hater?

    • Pierzy

      It doesn’t really matter anymore. I think he is just jealous. Now you on the other hand I am guessing a salty old hater?

      • latino heat

        WHOA P! why am i a hater? i ain’t never hated on nobody. i thought i was cool with the Commission. please explain why i’m a hater. and if that was the fake Pierzy that said that then i do apologize. i’m trying not to let one lame apple ruin the bunch.

        • $ykotic

          heat look again.

  • latino heat

    let’s not forget KRS also murdered Nelly back in ’01-’02. nobody from the mainstream was paying attention though.

    Bol did you bother really listening to A.G. (no D.I.T.C.)? that shit was hot. i think most would agree. that KRS album with Marley was cool but nowhere near A.G.

    this is WAY off subject, but is that Wyteout from 106 & Park on that banner on the right? is he still rapping? i haven’t seen him since he was on 106 about 6 years ago. somebody call Postaboy and Jin there might still be hope for you i guess.

    • shone jones

      Actually, Kris took himself out of that battle with Nelly by mentioning Nellyville’s release date.

      But still..

      KRS pissed all over Nelly

  • L-Dot

    I never comment on here, I just read them and enjoy the entertainment, and some of yall actually know what your talking about…shout out commission… but whoever is writing fake comments is makin me not even wanna log on here no more…

  • $ykotic

    This hip hop culture is the only culture I know where there is so much of a blatant disrespect for the elders. Or each other.

    There’s a big, fatal wreck awaiting these trains of thought.

    Like when the labels start dropping their “urban divisions”. Remember rap doesn’t sell anymore.

    • iLL


    • Reemycks!

      Co-sign. What I wanna know is where are the angry new rappers. I roll with some young dudes born in the late 80′s and them niggas aint on that skinny jeans, ed hardy, soft ass puppy love bullshit. I believe that there is a movement of some real hardcore young b-boy niggas on the under. The backlash is comming. Trust me.

  • Federal Ranga

    I dont even feel like I should post anymore which a serial dickrider on the loose… [||]


    • Pierzy

      It will be ok. You always have the Commission

    • $ykotic

      Ranga that’s the plan…

  • Tony Grand$

    Me and P still love you.


  • General

    I love old rappers too. Nobody should respect the youth of hip hop

  • EmCDL

    Bol man you trippin, I’ll admit Kingdom Comw was on the garbage tip but American Gangster had some joints on there. KRS One has produced some fire here and there though…I like his older stuff better compared to his stuff nowadays.


  • latino heat

    XXL i think it’s time to step your game up. you need to make it where people need to sign in with there own passwords to leave comments. that way this little dick rider will stop stealing peoples names and leaving bullshit comments. is anybody else with me on that?

    • DetroitDraper

      Yea because that name stealin’ shit is fuckin up the whole vibe

  • oneman Beats

    Robot is hot i heard it on the radio in nyc during the day in the car. i was like yo the beat and song fits in with the radio play. I was surprised it got burn on that Flaky station.

    Getting the album.

    i think D.O.A is a good record not the best but good. its daring

  • wisdomrhymer

    If XXL made me get a password I would never ever comment ever again. I am sorry about the posers. @OG I think it’s time that you figured out that the music has evolved. Although I dont like what it has become either. I am sure the dinosaurs are grunting at us also. There comes a time when you have to except it. You know, like how the world had to except ummmmm let me Hip Hop.

  • thetruthinhere

    Bol is the biggest jay-z hater you will ever see. how can you say that american gangster was wack. hell it was better than the actual movie. from beginning to end that album was a banger. when it comes to your comments on jay-z i just laugh. cuz its apparent that you just say it just to be different.

  • Ron Mexico

    “somebody” is one of my favorite krs songs. heard it in the back of a cab on the radio and kinda went nuts.

    kris was the original rap hater… and not in the good way.

  • newyawka631


  • Joey capp

    Jay-Z is like the Brett Favre of rap. Seriously, everyone loves him for what he’s done but half of America would wish he just retired. Kingdom Come was his ’06-07 season where he threw waaaaay to many picks and everyone questioned why he didn’t stay retired. American Gangster was his ’07-08 season and the more I’ve heard from blueprint 3 it sounds more and more like last season with the Jets. There’s some flashes of greatness but your just waiting for the interceptions and the horrible plays when he’s under pressure

  • Teddy

    hahha funny shit man

  • Rx

    You can’t hate on Jay-Z and then give KRS and Buckshot a pass. Both them niggaz is just as garbage as Jay at this point.

    But back in the 80s, KRS was nice. So he is always gonna be relevant as a symbol of that era at least. In their respective eras, KRS was a way better rapper and had more influence on rap than Jay.

    We already saw Ja, Fat Joe, Camron, and all them other 90s niggaz fade so it’s only a matter of time before Jay and Nas fade away. Probably after these next two horrible albums they drop.

  • fountainbleu

    Best journalistic observation of the millenium…

    “Plus, the two of them together in a video kinda remind me of Chevy Chase and Paul Simon in the video for “You Can Call Me Al.”

    Says it all!

  • 0ry713

    Jay and Nas cant never fade because Nas did illmatic and Jay is Jay.

  • kedordu


  • HUh

    Who the *%^& is Bol?….rap critics…never ceases to amaze me…

  • TOS

    Respect for the Chevy Chase/ Paul Simon reference… somehow you are just right. And the parallels are just obvious and nevertheless If I were Buckshot and KRS I would rather be Paul Simon and Chevy Chase than Jay-Z or Lil Wayne

  • wowimanoldguy

    WOW u mean you actually sat down and wrote this article WOW.. Please just for the sake of knowing so as not to laugh, you are doing this just to get attention right ? I mean come on u have to let everybody in on the joke man, come on cause thats what this article is right ? LMAO… This article is a hoot, I mean how can you reference older rappers as “angry” old men syndrome or whatever LMAO. I mean wow I guess 40 is old as dirt huh LMAO.. Man give you lil niggas some old cougar pussy and yall are really losing yo gdamm mind for reallllll … WOW! U know the only good thing about this article is that you can write very well and honestly I give you that ( I would say “I give that young brother” just out of respect but since that would show my old maness I choose not too lol) but your lost as well. I mean why retort in this in this manner to older cats being critical of the way they see they rap game being handled today by the younger artists. Hey not saying you can’t disagree but the only way younger cats seem to handled criticism in the hip hop game today is by showing some type of e-brvado or just the “bravado” shit period lol. Yes it is funny to me or “lol”. Ok that was cheap . But seriously whats up with the name calling and all that .. OHHHHHH i know y it’s because you don’t knowwwwww shitttttt LMAO oops showing my old age anger again lol.. And honestly just cause thier is new technology that you have now with the younger genration shit really is no different more so just a different way to distribute and that is more user controlled now whichis great for the industry. But fake beefs, wild vidoe postings and boisterious showing off of materials is an excellent way of using the internet young artists way to go lol. Fuck lyrical skills, musical knowledge (real actual musical knowledge like melodies, notes rhythems u know MUSIC) yeah fuck that real shit. Cause you know when you’re 40 why use a computer at all ( dipshit lol) I mean let’s jsut keep observing and learning by ummmm example maybe oh damm thats old too .. Listner it’s cool to forge a new path, no matter what age but honestly your writing is about as manufactured as most of the younger cats music now.. I won’t even metion lyrical skills cause in a freestlye (which is the truest form of rap for which ther would not even be a rap “game” to even speak of) between lets just say any confident younger MC versus an older MC, Ill bet you anything that the younger cat will mention the older cat being just that “Old” a too many number of times. Maybe even in different ways but im sure thats all that will go thru that younger ‘cat’s mind which in turn will how much thouhgt and life experience he really lacks. OLDDDD lol wow ….

    No content shopping shopping shopping tricking off on females or cusring them out bitch ho this bitch ho that LAME.. But Wait thats right you have to be HARDDDDDDDDD lol .. If i explain everything that is wrong about this article then I would be just as lost as you but hold up u have a job dont you . Well im laid off and forty man it’s over for me lol … WOWWWWWWWWW

  • American TV

    Whoa whoa whoa. I totally agree that Kingdom Come was downright unbearable, but straight up, and I stand by this fully, “American Gangster” was a DAMN GOOD ALBUM. Not a classic, okay, but still an incredibly solid album, especially having followed such a shitty album. In fact, if Jay hadn’t have made “American Gangster,” I would have never forgiven “Kingdom Come.” Thus, Bol, don’t you EVER put “American Gangster” in the same league as “Kingdom Come.” I mean, Diddy brought the damn HITMEN back to produce “AG!” That’s some ill ish!

  • giantstepp

    American Gangster was the shit to me. And The Blastmaster, Teacha KRS One will still serve ALL of these new cats in the game today!

  • jonjon23

    Jay Z is a conniving old man who try’s to block promising new artists from getting any notoriety. At 40 he is still trying to stay relevant as a rapper instead of being behind the scenes; Nas was correct when he said “you love the attention”. He sabotaged several rappers’ careers when he worked at Def Jam–then proceeded to drop those wack albums instead of working to promote the artists on his label. People need to start thinking for themselves and stop clutching Jay Z’s nuts. He could put out a song of him yoddling with a banjo for 4 minutes,and still get airplay–and some of you negroes would talk about how dope the song was. No doubt he has the money and power to get the spins he needs; but at some point awful bullshit is awful bullshit—and I aint even a Jay Z hater.