Jumping Out The Window With This One…


The pic above has been circulating around the internets (TWitter actually) as the latest tattoo that Crooked I is sporting. I hope that isn’t the homey Crooked’s arm not because tattoos are so 1999 but because slaughter is spelled ‘slaugter’ and there is no excuse for that. Sure SlaughterHouse is dope as fuck and if you are into getting tats then by all means partake, but do a spell check first before you put some shit on your shit. Your arm isn’t a gotdamn blog.

I’ve heard mention that the terrestrial radio station SHot97 has been playing a SlaughterHouse track. That is fucking great news. I’m glad that E-1 is squeezing off some paper for this project. Lord knows they should have some dollars to soend since they moved their offices back into the basement of Alan Grunblatt’s parents house on Long Island. Moving back into my parent’s basement was a good look for me 10 years ago. I helped me sober up and save some bucks.

I wonder what the touring schedule will be to support the album? I can see SlaughterHouse doing engagements where they split themselves into two man teams to optimize their effect. Royce-Budden, Budden-Ortiz, Ortiz-Crooked and various combinations. SlaughterHouse will be copied sloppily if their formula makes a dent in the industry. Artists especially will look to form supergroups. It makes more sense for doing shows when artists share their respective fanbases.

I thought I was going to find the SlaughterHouse debut on the web this weekend. I’m glad I didn’t though. Maybe E-1 can keep the lid on it until a week before the scheduled due date? I know that if Def Jam with all their security and secretiveness can’t protect their own releases then E-1 doesn’t stand too much of a chance from the digital pirates on the internets. Even with the downloading of this album I will predict that the project eclipses 150K in it’s first week.

In our current music industry climate 300K is the new platinum so going gold in your first week is nothing to be mad at. The real indicator for the strength of a product has been the third and fourth week sales numbers. Projects can sail on buzz for the first two weeks and then fail quickly afterwards. I hope that the SlaughterHouse collective is up to the task of going hard and long [ll] to promote this album. That is how they will win.

Not with Joe Budden drawing the ire of any more rappers.

And not with misspelled tattoos.


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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yeah, I peeped the piece “Details Emerge On Slaughterhouse Debut,” and half expected for them to spill the beans about something. Collabos are okay, but damn, how many dudes are gonna get it in on one song? I can wait a couple more weeks, though. You young fucks need to learn about patience: It is a virtue.
    And speaking of youngins, DP, get ready for the new supergroup made up of the likes of Bow Wow, Souljah Boy, Young Berg, Hurricane Chris and a few other runt ass niggaz. (And don’t be telling me your dad used to play in the NBA when you topped out at 5’7″) They’re going to make songs about adolescent love, the dangers of giving in to the street life, and how to stunt Lamborghinis metrosexually. They’ll bang (each other) on the mic and appeal to just about every other human being that isn’t a fan of Slaughterhouse. They’ll win.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    On the real, I haven’t been this excited for an album release in a long time. Like I said, I may just cop two or three copies.

    To whet my appetite, I’ve been listening to the mixtape “Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics” – a classic in its own right.

    You can’t fux with Slaughterhouse!

    • GIBZ

      good looks on that one. bout to go download it right neowwww

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    I just genuinely hope this project does superb.

  • Michael Biaz

    I believe this super music group could be the next big thing or could not but they have the right idea other rappers who have a “hard time” making a hit or there hitting themselves on the head should take this group as an example and see that working as a “TEAM” and I say that becuase alot of people like to sit back and do there own thing, well working as a team REALLY does kick in the bene’s. Alone these guys would have a hard time have just a single on hot97 but together 4 rapper’s you would thing would have never gotten together have radio play so it goes back to my point someone out there has the right idea and is doing the right thing

  • $ykotic

    Ha! Spell check them tats!!!!

    The hog tied up would’ve been a much easier tattoo…

    But cats have already started biting the movement(Ocean’s 7).

    I’m thinking they should crack 400K.

  • Curtis75Black

    The snippets I heard was decent. I’m looking forward to rocking their music. I hope with all the Internet hype as well as individual fans they have, peeps will really get behind this project and not act like this is just another release. I would live to see Hip Hop make this a # 1 seller everywhere – digital as well as cd buying. We all can talk the talk, it’s time to walk the walk now !! If Hip Hop can’t support this, don’t talk shit about any wack emcee that is selling otherwise !!

    • Avenger XL

      Hold on are you saying you have to like Slaughter house to be hip-hop? Because I am a hip-hop stan but I am not that excited about this release. I am haven’t even heard a song by these bags that could eff with many songs off the new brother ALi joint which you need to peep if you haven’t already. These guys are going to do decent indie numbers and get some great touring bread if they get on the grind. If they were really smart they would try to get some of that Tech n9ne crowd that is where the great indie bread is.

      • Curtis75Black

        @Avenger XL,

        I’m not saying that at all. I just don’t like it when peeps complain about ‘Real Hip Hop’ saying ‘Oh, It’s coming back’ due to Slaughterhouse or any other emcee spittin’ and when the cd drops, no one buys it yet has many complaints about it !! I’ll say this, if you haven’t heard a track that catches your ear, maybe they aren’t for you. I, myself would like to hear a diverse flow of concepts and actual songs, not a bunch of Scenerio’s and I shot ya’s from Slaughterhouse.

        Brother Ali is the shit and I will look for him new release.

  • Avenger XL

    Besides being a one of the lyrical stans many wet dreams. I don’t know will Slaughter house do huge numbers. Because most of their songs sound like freestyle sessions or mass collabo’s. They don’t feel like a real group like say NWA. In NWA there were characters and voices you came to know and love. Cube was the lyricist super thug archetype with the scowl and bad dispositon. Ren was the millitant hood dude with the straight forward flow. Dr Dre was the DJ/rapper/turned beatsmith he provided the dope sound bed and could perform a dope sentence or two even though he didn’t write them. Easy E was the wild the character of the clique you didn’t know what he may say or do next. What is SH character, some of the dopest lyrical emcees come together to for a super group after they fail to release a successfful solo effort between them?

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    Yeah, that’s Crook’s tat. Until he releases some Twitter statement, or appears on The Wendy Williams Show to refute the charge, I’m convinced it’s his.

    Poor Dude. All 3 of them cats didn’t want him to get all “Long Beach” on their asses, so they probably figured “Fuck it. Let somebody else tell him”.

    He should thank you DP. Kids, write your tattoo’s down first. Grab a dictionary (they should be right in the waiting room). Do the research. Please.

    I’m anxious about the release [||]. I’m definitely going to pick it up, I’m just not going in expecting them to save my life. If its as ill as it’s potential, that will be a bonus. That cover is pretty generic; not a lot of fanfare or hoopla, but I like it. Glad its not the damn pig…….

    • http://youtube.com/federalranga Federal Ranga


      P, $yk, Grand$, C75B, my brothers from other mothers… fist bumps for everybody. Got a hot one for ya’ll this week on my vlog… and I also review our very own Paris Pershun’s mixtape… it’ll be up 5pmEST. youtube.com/federalranga

      But on to business… what the fuck was Crook thinkin with this one? And Grand$, you know damn well there aint no dictionaries in the lobbies of tattoo shops… shiiiiiit, there dont even be LOBBIES in tattoo shops most the time. As for Slaugterhouse’s first week numbers, lets keep it real. I’m giving them 64k, tops…

      Come on, August… hurry the fuck up!

      We getting BORED OVER HERE!!! COMMISSION!!!

      • http://www.myspace.com/fastlifearchitects miles archer

        “you know damn well there aint no dictionaries in the lobbies of tattoo shops… ”

        True, but who doesn’t have Google capabilities from their cell phone.

        Dallas, how you gonna do a drop about shit being misspelled when all your blogs(including this one) aren’t even proofread?

        “I helped me sober up and save some bucks”.

        Nice sentence structure, homie.

  • geico lizard

    “but because slaughter is spelled ’slaugter’ and there is no excuse for that”

    Spelling things wrong is whats hip these days DP. Also not knowing how to read makes you the coolest guy in high school.

  • BA

    Slaughterhouse isn’t bringing hip-hop back, because hip-hop hasn’t left. These 4 rappers are all vastly underrated and have made terrible business choices throughout their careers; now is the time for them to shine, and in their case, it will be as a group, a collective. Royce, Crooked and Ortiz have written great songs, but the fans did not cop Royce, even though Death is Certain is a top 20 CD of all time; Crooked never released an album and Ortiz’s choice of Aftermath was horrendous (Dre’s heavy hand and massive delays); Joe Buddens flopped, and his cd was wack, but he is a competent rapper and has good punch-lines, but put him with 3 of the best Mc’s in the game, and he sounds hungry and steps up his game… This cd will def. be interesting to say the least, and I hope it sells 300+ it’s first week; real “hip-hop fans” should buy a copy from a physical site and not the internet, support the Actual CD

  • Dallas Penn

    OG Matt Herbz,
    I’m surprised at you man. You know protocol on my threads is to type Pierzy! if you the 1st commenter.

    Commission! You already know…

    Fed Ranga,
    64K, hell no homey. The album has cuts getting spins on terrestrial radio. They are over 100K for the first week for sure.

    Sheeeeid, Pierzy and I are both buying multiple copies.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      I see you DP, and big-ups to the Commission and all the regular visitors.

      I never assume I’m gonna get it in first, so I don’t even bother. All others should (relax and) take notes, however.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • $ykotic

        Ha! My dudes!

        Today’s shoe is:

        Ellesse leather tennis shoe.

        Going to the lake today. A heatwave on the left coast. 100′s practically all week.

    • Avenger XL

      Don’t listen to Dallas this is the same dude who said Asher Roth was the future, not to mention his over zealous Em love letters. I only take him on his word with sneakers and snowboard magazines that go all hipster and cover some Hip-hopish stuff.

      • Polotron

        Avenger XL, you cracked me up just now w/ the Asher Roth comment.

        But can we agree SlaughterHouse is not that? You sound like a like-minded dude…I go in w/ Brother Ali (did his LP drop yet?). It seems to me SH would be right up your alley.

        Also, I heard awhile back that Joelle was on a track on the(upcoming?)album. That’ll work…

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    “Even with the downloading of this album I will predict that the project eclipses 150K in it’s first week.”


    Remember, Jadakiss did like 130K early this year with heavy radio play on Hot 97. I would LOVE to see SH sell that much, but I really doubt they can.

  • Jimmy Wulf

    “I never assume I’m gonna get it in first, so I don’t even bother. All others should (relax and) take notes, however.”

    Relax and take notes? Your penmenship is not extraordinary nor is it remarkable; your insight is subjective and not appreciated by everyone writing comments; does XXL pay you-ha; The Commission? Sounds like a Dickriding Train; maybe you guys should get real jobs and then you won’t have to complain about Rap/Hip-hop on a daily basis

    • OG Matt Herbz

      @ jimhat wulf

      Look, you fuckwad, I never proclaimed to have excellent penmanship…and it probably has a lot to do with the fact I don’t type with a pen. Right now, I’m using an iPhone and I don’t have to be extraordinary when bitch ass cum stains like yourself come so…subpar with it. And you’re gotdamn right my shit is subjective. Why the fuck should be objective about shit when I don’t give a fuck about the next man’s opinion? I want to make bitches like you catch feelings–those are the perks of being Matt Fucking Herbz.

      And you best believe I have a beautiful life outside the computer, too. Spitting rap game insights and taking dogs like you for walks is just a pastime.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Jimmy Wulf

    the Commission sounds like a dickriding crew ; biting Biggie’s proposed supergroup; so Pierzy, Herbs, etc.-you guys can write your illiterate comments all day, everyday, but realize that the leisure reader, does not appreciate your comments, they are subjective and overall ridiculous most of the time

    • $ykotic

      Most of the cats on here do have jobs. Degrees, families, etc. And any labor that produces a taxable income is considered a real job.

      You spoke of “penmanship”, yet I was always taught periods should end a sentence instead of semi-colons. I understand, that’s your way of writing.

      There are hundreds of Commissions out there(Trilateral, European, Federal Trade). Is it because this is a music site that it’s considered biting? And because it was proposed, and never materialized, this means that anyone can be allowed usage. Don’t forget Biggie had to change HIS name to B.I.G. because someone else had that Biggie Smalls moniker.

      I can’t see how it’s dick riding when people enjoy coming here to comment and vibe with different people all around the world. And I have seen for myself many leisure readers who chime in and give respect to dudes for their coherent comments. Every site has there regular commenter’s.

      • $ykotic

        “THEIR” regular commenter’s.


        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

          @Jimmy Wulf

          No disrespect, but there’s more love [||] on these threads than hate. I understand you’re trying to rationalize your feeling with a general consensus, bout I highly doubt you singled out the “leisurely” readers for a poll pertaining to their opinion of “The Commission”.

          Who’s The Commission anyway? Last I checked, Herbz has never even made that proclamation. It’s such a rounded-out group of users that it almost includes any regular commentor. For the sake of argument, “The Commission” would loosely describe XXLmag.com’s commentors, as opposed to another site’s.

          If you have a better idea of what one should do on a Hip Hop website, other than espouse their personal philosophies & thoughts, then please, inform me. I was under the impression that this is what WE ALL came here to do. Just because assholes are like opinions, doesn’t mean you have to shit on “ours” with “yours”.

          & in reference to getting a job, etc., A) how many of us follow/comment with a mobile unit & B) just how long does it take to type a comment? 5 minutes, max. One could literally sit @ a red light & remark on the topic, without any hindrance of their current activity. It’s not heart surgery.

          If “The Commission” was taken from something a very famous, influential rapper said, who cares? There’s nothing new under the sun, on top of the fact that we’re not a rap group. Look up the definition of the word & see how well it applies to what’s happening in these rooms.

          If all else fails, there’s always the luxury of ignoring what comments you don’t agree with, especially when they’re most likely not geared towards you.

          & for the record, I’m far from illiterate. Notice my usage of multi-syllabic words & non-usage of terms like “dickriding” repeatedly.

  • El Tico Loco

    I wanna say that may not be Crooked I’s arm only because is toooo light for it to be Crook’s arm. He would have to be a drastically 2 tone motherfucker for that to be his arm, plus they have an official logo and is not a house. Let’s just hope.

    • $ykotic

      Naw Tico that’s Crook. Check thisis50.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

        Allhiphop has a picture of him getting it [||], with an arrow pointing @ the tat artist. The caption reads, “blame him”.

        Lmao! Now, he should call 50 & get the name of his tattoo removal dude….

        Crook, next time, just go to Cartoon. As your rap colleagues, somebody has his connect.

        • El Tico Loco

          So much for the benefit of the doubt. SMH

  • Young History in the Making

    Thats a damn shame….


    slaughter house coming soon
    in spetember
    something else i wanna buy is suppose to come out in sept
    well loso might get bought gotta listen first

  • Silly Willy

    Nice post, Dallas!

    So would X-spot give Crooked I a SDN nod for the next tournament for this ?

    Can’t wait for the album.

    While lookin at the cover, I was wondering if Jay was onto something when he said “I might be wearin’ black a whole year” or something like that.

  • Master CHeef

    i listened to the snippets on amazon.com and the shit sounds on point.

    i normally think crooked’s got the tightest rhymes and am not usually the biggest budden fan, but i gotta say budden took it on the cookoo track. dude snapped.

    if 300k is the new platinum, doesn’t that mean eminem went double platinum in the first week?

  • Apollo

    Whattup fam ? it’s been a minute since i posted a comment, damn, been busy. As for slaughterHOUse im excited for the album, i just hope that theres more songs like ” move on” than “cuckoo” on it, deff a group i wanna support, I got the most love for Crooked (even though he cant spell the tattoo’s right) and Joell. theyre some reall dudes


    The Commission, And Wulf, I’m all about the comments, i wanna know what other ppl think and either agree or disagree.

    • $ykotic

      Apollo what up fam? Hope all is well in your camp.

      I will echo what you said about the comments. It makes a good read with the drop. Like forbezdvd.com. One of the best loading video sites out, but hardly any comments. Defeats the purpose. The click #’s don’t mean people like it.

      This site is one of the best commenting sites out there. We usually stay in tune with the post. Hardly any spammers, very little hatred. A lot of love for the art and the peeps.

      Shaq looks good in the WWE though.


  • Jimmy Wulf

    Firstly, I am likewise writing my comments from a cell phone, and thus my sentence structure is also out of whack. I have no problem with a group of educated individuals structuring their comments with a common ideal and purpose. I do have a problem with individuals who believe that their comments are more important than the next man’s, and invidiuals who feel as if they need to state that they were the first to write on a blogger’s page. I am starting an ANTI-COMMISSION and VANESSA MOVEMENT-Because you dick riders don’t know hip hop from country music; i.e. A Young Jeezy cover, and a previous OJ tha Juiceman cover.


    FUCK THE COMMISSION and dickriding DAllas Penn, who is an honorary fag member of the Commission. Who gives a shit if an ignorant rapper spells his group’s name incorrectly; we should be discussing important topics, such as TUPAC, Biggie, and breaking down beef. You bloggers have really put this industry to shame.

    • Polotron

      LMAO @ important topics, breaking down beef, and industry to shame.


      Jim Dub, if that’s a snippet, I would not mind reading your blog…


    Let’s start a thread about 2pac One Nation; when will it be released, how it would eradicate the industry releases and how Rick Ross, 50 cent, wouldn’t be rapping right now..

  • Enlightened

    Copied sloppily…hmmm I can see that:

    Coming in 2010-

    The Butcher Shop-

    A new “supergroup” consisting of Canibus, Keith Murray, Ras Kass and Stat Quo