Independents Day…

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If I learned anything from the record industry machines publicity of Drake was that the last thing the T.I.’s wanted was a popular artist to be independent of their slimy grasp. But then why would anyone want to voluntarily become chattel after all our ancestors did to become independent? What day did Drake declare his allegiance to Universal? On Juneteenth? SMH.

This is why I support movements like Afro Punk even if they don’t want me personally to publicize their events. These folks are so independent they already have enough media coverage from established outlets like Brooklyn Vegan. Yeah, I know, but trust me, even though Brooklyn Vegan may not have made the Vibe 50 but they are who the NYTimes calls when they want to talk about “urban” music.

Afro Punk is the largest collective of unsigned hype bands and performers. If you wanted to hear music by people that LIKE to make music as opposed to people trying to make music for the clothing lines then you need to fux with Afro Punk. They were at Suth by South West before that shit was even popular. Afro Punk opened the lane @ SxSW for artists like Kid Cudi.

Afro Punk puts on an annual festival every year around Independence Day. July 4th is significant for Black folks living in New York City. In 1827 the state senate finally abolished slavery. New York was the largest slave owning state north of the Mason Dixon line. Afro Punk has never forgotten their roots and the struggle for humanity that all types of people have fought for. The Afro Punk festival is a celebration concert.

This years’ festival is packed with some incredible acts. My favorite band is Game Rebellion. These dudes have been on their grizzly for several years now. Their music is rebel punk funk rock. Colored men with guitars and loud microphones. If you like to watch a rapper sit on a chair and act (poorly) then you should prA’li stay your ass home. Game Rebellion will NOT be quiet. They will be loud, angry and profane.

Holy shit B@tman! Saul Williams will be in the building (actually in the parking lot) along with CX Kidtronik and Jonelle Monae. Fresh out of the Abu Dabi prison we will also get a listen to the latest Dallas Austin musical incantation incarnation. The best part of the Afro Punk festival is that it is totally free. Nike and PepsiCo were major sponsors this year and the savings have been passed on to you the listener.

How about that? You would think that the fishsticks in the music business would realize the lifestyle partner model [ll] is the way to move their products now. Rappers say so much shit about liquor and other items we should get free CD’s everytime we buy a bottle of Nuvo. At least Afro Punk got it right. We get a FREE concert weekend for our troubles. We get to hear some of the best independent artists making music for the love of the craft. What more do you want?

Free your mind, and your ass will follow. -(c) George Clinton

Happy Independents Day.

Afro Punk Festival 2009

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  • Pierzy

    What up DP – no days off!

    There’s nothing like being Independent!

    “Round here they call me independie/Cause of how independent my pen be”

  • epinz

    Happy independence day to all!!!!!!!

    Weekends r nuthin to me! I do this shit over my phone. Shit, I don’t even own a computer!!!!

  • Apollo

    Yo, I finally got to dropping my comeback verse at heartpurple, check it out on the jeremih post

  • Tony Grand$

    Only in America could so many talentless bums earn(?) the right to call themselves “rappers” & get tons of doe tossed @ their spaceboots.

    Anyhow, gotta love this country. I shall exhibit my patriotism with enough illegal fireworks to level a small village in Honduras.

    But, while we celebrate the stars & stripes, let’s also remember the chains & whips that made a lot of this possible. Actual chains & whips, as in slavery, not nigger-rich wet dreams.

    God Bless America, my home sweet home.

    • BIGNAT

      “I shall exhibit my patriotism with enough illegal fireworks to level a small village in Honduras.” such level of destruction reminds me of the 4th in the early 90′s. we used to strap 4 m-80′s together and burst open the pay phones. make it rain quarters man it was crazy and looking back the first thing i think is how nobody got hurt.

  • Dallas Penn

    Grand$ you ain’t lying. Freedom wasn’t never FREE.

    Pierzy what up? Sheeeeeit, if ou gon’ come to the X spot why shouldn’t I?

    [ll] to coming.

    epinz, Apollo what up?

    • Pierzy

      Exactly. Hip-Hop doesn’t take a day off, why should we?

      • $ykotic

        Peace! About to roll out to the lake my dudes. Keeping an eye on the Yankee game with them fugly ass red hats!

        Fireworks are legal up here Grand$! Got them @ the supermarket tent!

        I ain’t gonna lie I do miss that Afro Punk jumpoff. Biddies galore.

        “July 4th is significant for Black folks living in New York City. In 1827 the state senate finally abolished slavery. New York was the largest slave owning state north of the Mason Dixon line.”

        Keep dropping on them pumkinheads out there DP.

        Keep all of your fingers tonight Commission!


          thanks for the comment on my comment yesterday. how’d them platters go? since you in Brooklyn, i know you had some curry in that bbq sauce…

        • Tony Grand$


          Whadup Fam?

          Nah, what I have, they’re not selling in any tents or parking lots. Border crossing must take place.

          That “light up the entire block shit”.

          That “launcher included” shit.

          Motherfuckers on my block are going to have to wash their cars in the morning, y’eard?!


    first, i wanna say thanks for mentioning my nigga B-Bill in ur blog. that was my man. i wrote about my experiences with him on my blog. follow the link. i quoted ur story in it.

    INDEPENDENT. the one thing people say they want, but they actions show otherwise. like a chick’ll say she independent and the next thing she’ll say is she NEED a man in her life. and ur man’ll be like “fuck these bitches!”, and soon as he get a steady piece of pussy, he LOCKED down, usually by his own admission. well, same thing with these dudes in the music industry.

    Cuz i don’t know how many times i done heard dudes talk about how they a boss, that they entrepreneurs, that they got they own shit, to just turn around and become an EMPLOYEE of a record company. the minute they SAY they on their own, when the opportunity presents itself, they LOCK in, usually for 7 albums or 10 years, with some next mahfucka. i think it’s hard to be a boss and answer to somebody at the same time. that’s more like upper management. you’re SOMEBODY’S boss. just not your own.

    on my blog, i wrote about how Drake would be a fool if he took a label deal. if he is indeed unsigned(?), his career at this point becomes the symbol for success at the get done by yourself level. at least it’s the most visible. cause niggas act like dudes form the south ain’t important. like Luke sellin a million records REALLY on his own wasn’t shit. or 3-6 Mafia. or James Prince. or the dudes you never heard of that are puttin 15 grand of REAL money into a 76 Chevy, as we speak, while you lookin good on credit and leases. and strugglin to keep up payments.

    i became aware of Afro Punk watchin my homegirl Santigold develop into the amazing artist she is today. it was one of her first bands. but anything that moves away from the dinosaur that is the music biz is good with me. see, if all the majors were all located in America, they’d be subject to all types of anti-trust violations. they comprise what’s called a CARTEL, cause the 5 majors set the price, the structure and the tone for the entire industry. whether u like it or not. thats why they can give out deals that amount to usury, wrap u up in debt ’til Jesus come back, and give out these 360 deals that really just say… you’re my bitch.

    these dudes can have this high school shit. cuz really, they in a rush to be POPULAR. but my old timer told me a long time ago, that fame without fortune, is a backwards hustle.

    now air it out…

    • Devi Gargon

      “Fame without Fortune is a backwards hustle!”

      I’ve never heard the massa complex more eloquently!!!

      Where I’m from we use the terms soldiers and generals. What yall are airing out here is that some people claim one, and are the other. Or, a person thinks they have the opportunity to upgrade, but end up downgrading taking a steps backwards, because the goldmine was a mirage!!!!


  • geico lizard

    RIP Steve McNair

  • latino heat

    happy 4th ya’ll! and yes a big R.I.P. to Steve McNair. i always respected his game. one yard away in the super bowl that year.

    now i’m off tho celebrate the 4th by getting shit faced off that Hen-dog. i’m gonna pour one up for McNair too.

  • Dallas Penn

    B-Boy Cult I see you man.

    Rest In Polo to your man Boostin’ Billy


      i really appreciate that. i mean really. sun just wanted cats to know he was fresh. he used to rhyme n all that. i’m an engineer as well, so i’ll let u know soon as i get the rest of his music together. sun was type nice with the lyrics.

      i forwarded the articles to all the Lo Lifes that i’m i contact with and they sent it world wide. you’ll b a part of his legacy forever. even tho he was in a few articles over the years in all the major pubs, u are the only one that announced his return to the essence. so your article is like the original Lo Crowns (u seem to b official with Lo…i dont know how deep it go, so u mightve missed that…) every official nigga got it.

      again, thanks…

  • $ykotic

    Hope this goes thru. Never laptopped it by the lake. But on the way to get ice…

    @ bboycult

    Actually I’m over on the west right now(OR). But always in my bboy stance! Like your insight(like above) & the site.

    I’ma make sure I’m brief with this.


    Make sure whatever “swag” you have or represent that you have cab $ to get home(NY’ers are very lucky to have massive public transportation). Don’t ruin someone else’s life because of your cheap drunk ass. Real talk.

    Baby girl you may be fly, but Stiletto’s/Manolo’s/heels ain’t the business by the lake, on the grass, by dirt and rocks. So unless you’re WORKING, they sell fly camping gear lady.

    Do not drink the DJ’s Henney.

    Do not beast your own brown bag then hate on $yk’s hustle because you gotta pay now(plates/el’s/drinks/fireworks/taxi’s/CD’s/OFF! Spray/candles).

    Do not bring your kids to a grown person party then don’t watch them. Walking papers will be served.

    My dudes check ID so do not play. No eleventeener’s here bub.

    Homey if you’re gonna flip flop or sandal it do something with the flaky crust on the toes, man. And chop the talons too. You can use lotion on your feet my dudes. The women will get @ you until you leave.

    Do not act like it’s not a camper party(’til the break of dawn) and “surprisingly air-headed like” don’t bring a tent. Just say you don’t have a tent.

    And do not try to squeeze 4 grown men in a 2 person tent. This one is so horribly not official.


    Hope all return home safe & sound. It’s a little before midnite so I’m really just starting. The next wave of party is coming.

    That’s f*cked up about McNair. RIP.

    • Tony Grand$


      “The Do Nots for a holiday party”, lmmfao!

      Too many quotes.

      Good shit.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Imagine my fuckin surprise when I tried to buy some rockets to shoot off on the 4th and the bitch behind the counter told me them shits were illegal in GA. “Illegal Whuut?!” I told her right before I fanned her face with a Benny Frank. “That will only get you some mean face,” she told me. “Rockets are illegal in GA.” Fuck it then, I loaded the entourage back up in the Esky and we returned to my castle. I was a little shaken, but largely unfazed. It was only 7:45pm; there was at least another hour of twilight before dark.

    I unholstered the iPhone 3GS and dialed “0″. “Hello, operator, it’s Herbz. I need Il on the phone… Il, bitch! Kim Jong Il!”

    “Il! My nigga! Yo, they clowning you about them specs, mang! Say they’re womens sunglasses! Yeah, I know…they a bunch of haters…but, hey mang, you got any non-nuclear rockets you could lend a brutha? Oh, word? They’re already in the US? That’ll work nicely…Next time you’re in Marietta, I got you, mang…Aight, peace.”

    And that was that…

    I launched off a couple of North Korean rockets for the 4th and to make big explosions, I shot them down with my own missile defense system I have at the house.

    Them shits went BOOM, word up.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • chillin mayne

      jajajajajaj, dat ws priceless comedy@herbz, u got talent for tellin stories, das a classic one rite dere