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If I learned anything from the record industry machines publicity of Drake was that the last thing the T.I.'s wanted was a popular artist to be independent of their slimy grasp. But then why would anyone want to voluntarily become chattel after all our ancestors did to become independent? What day did Drake declare his allegiance to Universal? On Juneteenth? SMH.

This is why I support movements like Afro Punk even if they don't want me personally to publicize their events. These folks are so independent they already have enough media coverage from established outlets like Brooklyn Vegan. Yeah, I know, but trust me, even though Brooklyn Vegan may not have made the Vibe 50 but they are who the NYTimes calls when they want to talk about "urban" music.

Afro Punk is the largest collective of unsigned hype bands and performers. If you wanted to hear music by people that LIKE to make music as opposed to people trying to make music for the clothing lines then you need to fux with Afro Punk. They were at Suth by South West before that shit was even popular. Afro Punk opened the lane @ SxSW for artists like Kid Cudi.

Afro Punk puts on an annual festival every year around Independence Day. July 4th is significant for Black folks living in New York City. In 1827 the state senate finally abolished slavery. New York was the largest slave owning state north of the Mason Dixon line. Afro Punk has never forgotten their roots and the struggle for humanity that all types of people have fought for. The Afro Punk festival is a celebration concert.

This years' festival is packed with some incredible acts. My favorite band is Game Rebellion. These dudes have been on their grizzly for several years now. Their music is rebel punk funk rock. Colored men with guitars and loud microphones. If you like to watch a rapper sit on a chair and act (poorly) then you should prA'li stay your ass home. Game Rebellion will NOT be quiet. They will be loud, angry and profane.

Holy shit B@tman! Saul Williams will be in the building (actually in the parking lot) along with CX Kidtronik and Jonelle Monae. Fresh out of the Abu Dabi prison we will also get a listen to the latest Dallas Austin musical incantation incarnation. The best part of the Afro Punk festival is that it is totally free. Nike and PepsiCo were major sponsors this year and the savings have been passed on to you the listener.

How about that? You would think that the fishsticks in the music business would realize the lifestyle partner model [ll] is the way to move their products now. Rappers say so much shit about liquor and other items we should get free CD's everytime we buy a bottle of Nuvo. At least Afro Punk got it right. We get a FREE concert weekend for our troubles. We get to hear some of the best independent artists making music for the love of the craft. What more do you want?

Free your mind, and your ass will follow. -(c) George Clinton

Happy Independents Day.