How Eminem bagged Mariah Carey

It didn’t occur to me, until I heard “Warning,” that Eminem probably took advantage of Mariah Carey. I don’t mean to suggest that he did anything you can go to jail for, but he probably got with her at a time when she was kinda batshit and didn’t realize what she was doing.

You guys know I’m always interested in finding ways that a woman can be broken down psychology, so I can make sweet, passionate love to her, and how to identify women who have been pre-weakened, for my viewing pleasure. It’s one of those things you have to focus on when you don’t have a whole lot to offer a woman otherwise.

There was a time, seven or eight years ago, when probably any ol’ douche could have taken advantage of Mariah Carey. She had gone completely out of her mind. I saw the whole thing unfold in more or less real time, because I didn’t have anything else better to do than watch a shedload of MTV. If I had the eye of the proverbial tiger, maybe I would have flown to New York and put my bid in.

Who else remembers that special Mariah Carey episode of Cribs? Don’t lie. In the time before a lot of people were using DVRs, I’m sure at least a few of you pervs called off from work that evening and rubbed one out to it. She was walking around in lingerie the entire time, and her cans never looked bigger. There was a part where it looked like it was about to get really hot, and then it just got kinda weird. She ran some water in this hot tub, and it looked like she was about to strip down and hop in, like many a woman has in my dreams, but then she dropped her cat in there. I was like, “Holy shit, she’s about to drown that cat!” I’m surprised they even showed that shit on MTV. There must not be a lot of straight guys who work for PETA.

I could be getting the time line all fucked the fuck up. This was a long time ago, and I’ve had my share of the Great American Lager since then. But it seemed like the next was that day she was handing out ice cream, again undressed to the point where you couldn’t help but get the poison out. It was obvious MTV had no idea what she was doing, or what she might do. She looked like she may have been high as shit, but I’ve been around a number of women with drug problems (again, a brother’s gotta do what a brother’s gotta do), and none of them stripped down to their underwear and fed me ice cream. If so, I’d be down in the ghetto right now trying to buy some drug, for some of the young ladies I work with.

It turns out she was probably just distraught over the fact that her movie Glitter failed miserably at the box office, and her cat did end up drowning. I remember hearing that shit on the radio, on one of these morning zoo programs, and thinking to myself, “Oh shit, she really did end up drowning that cat!” They were reading from a message she posted on her website announcing that she was going to rehab, or taking some time off anyway. Of course she tried to make it sound as if the cat somehow accidentally drowned. I’m surprised no one else put one and two together. This was a while still before I started blogging, or I would have had to put that story out there.

That must have been when Eminem stepped in. A strategic player such as myself would have shown up with a new cat. But Eminem’s famous. Probably all he had to do was show up and fuck. What’s fascinating to me is not so much the fact that Eminem hit it – I’m sure any number of people had that in between him and Nick Cannon – but the fact that he’s obviously obsessed with her. You know he’s got a thing for crazy white chicks who think they’re black. Lil Showstoppa might need to holler, once she reaches the age of majority. Otherwise, why even bother making an entire song about it, several years after the fact? I could see wanting the world to know you knocked down a famous woman, but Eminem is taking this way further than bragging about his accomplishment.

And we should be glad that he is. Em claims to be pissed that Mariah and Nick Cannon are talking shit about him, and that he might have to release some damning evidence if they don’t stop, but something tells me not gonna be completely satisfied until he gets another shot with Mariah. Let’s we forget, he made all of those songs about killing his baby’s mother, and she actually got back with him. A pattern of that kind of behavior has been established in Eminem’s mind. This is almost certainly not the last we’ve heard of his “beef” with Mariah Carey.

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    shut up…

    Nigga speak on them weak ass St louis rappers… that catch brick after fucking brick….

    • Atlanta Disciple

      Ha! Saint Lewey stay losing!

  • yoprince

    actually mariah is a tease.. not many have smashed. eminem did tho, but it took him months.. when it takes that long, you don’t like to hear it denied, lol.

  • dong master

    This diss was better than anything on relapse so it looks like maybe relapse 2 will be good as long as he doesnt rap with the stupid accent. To all those people who are bitching about how this is so immature, who gives a fuck? This is all just entertainment and he went in lyrically.

    • hippa>>hoppa

      co sign 2 da fullest..
      “the warning”>>>>>>>>relapse^3

  • Reality

    Em probably never hit – he’s just sad, lonely and desparate for attention

  • geico lizard

    “I don’t mean to suggest that he did anything you can go to jail for, but he probably got with her at a time when she was kinda batshit and didn’t realize what she was doing.”

    Thats why you see so many guys following halle berry around so when she goes crazy again they might have a chance to hook up with her.

  • John Cauner

    “A strategic player such as myself would have shown up with a new cat” You a fool Byron!

  • Tony Grand$

    yeah Bol, I saw that episode of Cribs. Didn’t know that the cat actually died though.

    Scantly clad, bonkers Mariah running a bubble bath>>>>Niggas cars & recording studios in their basements

  • Pierzy

    Well, in “Warning,” he says he only hit it once and all of us have gotten with a girl once and wished it had happened at least two more times.

    However, we all know how sensitive Slim is – he talks shit about everyone but if they even hint at dissing him, he rips their head off.

    I love it. Hopefully Nick Cannon will have a Bow Wow-type breakdown on Twitter about it………

  • thomas

    i’m just waiting for Em to unleash his alter ego and actually appear live w/ a twin. Just like The Prestige

  • Federal Ranga


    P, Grand$, what up? Chillin down in my Miami, my dudes!

    Fuck it… Em ain’t wrong for this shit. They started it and he’ll finish it. I gotta listen to the track anyways… I’m sure it’s bananas.

    T.R.O.Y. Commission Freestyle coming soon!

    • Pierzy

      What’s good Fed…

      You gotta hear it – he ripped them apart. Classic Em with the flawless flow. Destroyed them.

  • Tony Grand$

    *phone rings, “Deja Vu” plays*

    Cory Gunz: Yo!

    Nick Cannon: ‘Sup Gunz! Yo, ya heard that noise?

    CG: Word. Sun is frontin’, yo. That nigga relapsed or sumn.

    NC: Well, you wanted your shot, kid. This is it, Fuck that tv show right now! I need a whole mixtape. I google’d his entire life! Imma email that shit as soon as I get to my office & finish my bagel. & after my power meeting with some guys about securing some finances overseas. Oh, & I gotta hire a new cleaning lady. But after that, word is bond, we goin’ hard on that drug addict! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna say shit about you ghostwriting, but you gotta lay Marshall down! I’m really piturbed about this!

    CG: Yeah, aight Nick. Umm, I’m going back to sleep dude. One.

    NC: Yeah, I’ll show him….*maniacal laughter* heheheheheheheh

    • El Tico Loco

      Ayo I don’t Tony, you suggesting that Corey Gunz get at Em on behalf of Nick, I’m sure he’s heard the linewhen he said “get a career first”, that’s some good advice from a batty white boy.

    • Federal Ranga

      I’on know Tony… if that actually happened and Em found out… Cory can forget about it…

      Who here thinks Cory could hold his weight with him anyways… show of hands?

      Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


      • Tony Grand$

        I’m not saying that Gunz is the “go to” man. Remember, supposedly Cory Gunz “signed up” with Nick Cannon about a month back, to do some kind of reality show?

      • Tony Grand$

        I’m not saying that Gunz is the “go to” man.

        Remember, supposedly Cory Gunz “signed up” with Nick Cannon about a month back, to do some kind of reality show?

  • Worley

    Mariah been “kinda scary” for years. And I don’t know that she ain’t still crazy. I mean who the f*ck marries a cornball n*gga like Nick Cannon? That broad has to still be out of her mind.

  • Silly Willy

    “You guys know I’m always interested in finding ways that a woman can be broken down psychology, so I can make sweet, passionate love to her, and how to identify women who have been pre-weakened, for my viewing pleasure. It’s one of those things you have to focus on when you don’t have a whole lot to offer a woman otherwise.”

    Don’t be too harsh on yourself, Bol. I thought you could make some girls famous……

  • EmCDL

    I don’t think Eminem did anything wrong, considering thats how he usually acts when someone seems to be going in on him anyway. Mariah’s crazy anyway so who cares? I’m curious to hear what else he got to say though…

    @ Tony Grand

    Hahahaha that script was funny as hell dawg! LOL

  • og bobby j

    mariah got shoulders like she a linebacker for the steelers….but id smash too….

  • http://xxl All Dae

    White kids are loving this shit…plus em smashed it.

  • $ykotic

    Yeah! More balanced thoughts here so I can drop…

    Did anyone see State Property 2? When Mariah played Dame’s “girl”? How demanding and bossy she came off as? THERE WAS NO SCRIPT FOR THAT MOVIE. Be yourself, stick to the general plot/idea of the movie.

    For whoever may have forgotten, Mariah had a fork in the road breakdown a couple of years ago.

    Now, why are guys saying “Boo Em went after a chick.”

    How many guys argue with their girls/ex’s/jumpoffs? “Beeatch you think you’re all that that now?”

    It’s obvious this is REAL personal. They had a “relationship”. Dude said he put up with her sykotic(ha!) ways for 6 months. The man got tired of it and boogied.

    Come on bros, how many times does this happen to men? See a chick, they act like they don’t know you, then it’s “Oh? But when I was digging you out & peeling bread you knew me…”

    You see her in the vid with the “Angel” name plate on. Got her goods on public display for all to look at so you can forget or pay no mind as to how/who she REALLY is.

    I was thinking on “Bagpipes”, this chick probably was still fukking with Em, then 2 weeks later she’s married to Nick.

    Y’all know this is how broads get down.

    I’m still SMH @ the gay talk when it’s also obvious Em done ran through most of these pop chicks dudes fantasize over.

    • Pierzy

      Word. Em doesn’t put it out there like that, just like he’s sold more records than any living emcee and has more money than most of them [remember 50 is still signed to him] but doesn’t brag about it.

      I hope dude lives until he’s 75 and writes a memoir. One of the chapters will be: “2001 – The Year I Banged Every Pop Star & Actress”

      • $ykotic

        For real P. I am still digesting the fact that so many cats posting comments all around the ‘net are sooo jaded.

        “Publicity stunt”. WTF? Em has the top selling album of the year! he LAUGHED at the teabag incident. That’s a dude who ain’t scared about his manhood(DO NOT GET IT TWISTED YOUNG BOYS OUT THERE. I WOULD HAVE NOT DID IT).

        “He never hit it”. Even in “Obsessed” SHE SAID it didn’t work out. So didn’t SHE LIE when she denied they were swinging low? BECAUSE SHE DID. Even I remember that statement.

        “He be popping”. Home girl YOU had a breakdown too. The pot calling the kettle black(no racism).

        “White people like this”. A very ignorant statement. Nick even tried the race card and it didn’t work. A lot of people knew MC is jumpoff material. Why do you think they call Nick Mr. Carey? She’s a bird. $ or not. Accept it.


        “He only get’s @ pop people”. Everlast, Benzino, Ja Rule, and all of those early battles in his career weren’t pop people.
        And if people don’t think his homie, 50, & him don’t have something ready for Ross I don’t know what to tell dudes.

        All I am trying to point out through this is that there is some good ass music being put out right now that dudes are not paying attention to because people are sooo enthralled into gossip and beef.

        Yet they’re the most “vocal” ones talking about stop the WWE antics and make good music.

        The song is a HARD diss that is a PERSONAL thing between them. And to keep it 100, I have never heard Em lie about anything he has experienced.

        Now if he put out a tear jerker about his man PROOF, people would still talk sh*t about “the whiteboy”.


        • Tony Grand$

          Word up, $yk.

          The whole “beef” is overkill to me, but I’ll say this about Marshall.

          Not to many cats are as quick to open up about personal shit. Even though he’s done it numerous times, we’re talking about a dude who gave a graphic depiction of being molested by his step-dad.

          I can’t doubt his credibility. & he’s not doing it to cake up (although it ain’t going to hurt his sales any).

          Poor Nick is just collateral damage; the wrong place @ the wrong time.

          Her best bet is to leave it alone. His as well. Dude got his situation in order, no need to jump just because some of HER demons are running loose.

          I wouldn’t be surprised though, if he alluded to it on “America’s Got Talent” lol.

    • jburg

      My nigga comes through again. Co-Sign all of that shit you said. This is deeper than both of them are putting out.

      • $ykotic

        PEACE jburg!!!!

  • Brooklyn

    mariah is the kind of chick that needs a man to control her because she’s kinda mentally retarded. what other 40 year old woman you know has an obession with butterflies? after she left tommy mottola, her mental state gradually declined until she started fucking with em. i ain’t mad at him though, i don’t think any straight man would have turned mariah down back in 2000 and judging that she fucked em and married nick cannon, her standards can’t be that high

  • ryne rich

    i cant stand that show with nick cannon on it nothing against the lil kiddies doing stand up comedy.

  • sealsaa

    Ironic that Eminem is considered one of the best rappers alive, and he has nothing better to do than to obsess over Mariah Carey on wax. Lest we forget, he started this whole thing, yet his little STANS are cheering him on, as if he’s being attacked. Don’t know what it is, but he has a history of engaging in shitty beefs; Brittany Spears, Christina Agulera, Limp Bizkit, and now Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, of all people. Okay, i’ll give you Canibus, but that’s it. I never did like his music all that much.

  • Rx

    Nah actually it’s a wrap for Em career wise and women wise. She played him to the point where he telling on himself and his own sexual problems. It’s all over Relapse. He was probably having a ball with her taking her chips, fucking her, taking her ideas and using them, or whatever. But he was slipping because once she found a better situation, she dropped that nigga on his head. Shit fucked up his confidence as a man.

    Then she double dipped his head in acid by still talking to him and hanging out with him but not fucking him or helping him out like before despite Nick Cannon not wanting her to. But since she pay the bills and Nick is pussy, there is nothing Nick can do anyway but he don’t wanna get done like how Mariah doing Em.

    Em running off at the mouth making diss records cause he feeling himself. But it’s over for that nigga. She found a better situation, that nigga Nick Cannon ran faster than a speeding bullet to holla at her. And that is the moral of the story. Don’t let these bitches gas you like you the shit and don’t fuck with niggaz like Em. Do you, study, make sure no stupid bitch is trying to play you off like a fool. Make sure your chips situation is not on some millionaire shit so you don’t gotta get exposed and shitted on like that to the point where you trying to slowly commit suicide.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    As hard as this track was I gotta say this song is unlikely to affect either Mariah or Nick Cannon’s careers even if this song gets radio spins. A good number of people who purchase Mariah’s music aren’t going to give a shit about what Em thinks mainly because a lot of them hate rap and find Em or anyone who raps as garbage. Remember folks pop and friendly music and entertainment is where the money’s at for today’s artists. Just ask Flo-rida, the Black eye peas or Miley Cyrus.

    I actually think that’s the reason Nick didn’t go hard on Em and called him “Slim Lamey”. You didn’t think that Nick couldn’t have found some ghost writers and dissed Em on wax? As much money he has at his disposal as being Mr. Carey? SSHHIIITT!!! Nick Cannon music may come across as a rapping Trey Songz, but the amount of success he has mase based on his lack of talent has shown me that he is not stupid. Instead, Nick gave Em a weak diss in order to maintain both his goofball image and not tarnish Mariah’s supposed diva image. Both K-Fed or Bobby Brown didn’t do that shit, and they nearly sent two of the music industry’s superstars artists into bankruptcy.

    My point is that as hard as Em went on this diss, its likely to not do shit to Mariah or Nick Cannon’s careers. Especially now when cut-throat, hard, lyrical rap music is dying out in mainstream. If you don’t believe me just look at the result of disses 50 cent made when him and Kanye had their soundscan battle. The result left Kanye as one of top rated artists in rap and further descended 50′s career. I don’t know if Em career is in trouble in doing this but I don’t see how it’s going to benifit from it.

  • $ykotic


    Em has a strong enough catalog to tour the rest of his life WORLDWIDE and get chips WITHOUT dropping a single new piece of music. That doesn’t sound like a career fatality to me.

    Really. Is her life now a better situation? HER BEST SITUATION WAS TOMMY MOTTOLA(THEN HEAD OF SONY/COLUMBIA). Not Nick.

    BELIEVE ME THAT’S HER MONEY, NOT “THEIRS”. And don’t forget she suffered her first flop of her career before she got married. “Mimi”? “Mary Poppins”? WTF??!!

    Who out there knows if Nick is getting it in bed like that? HE said he wanted kids, NOT HER.


    COTDAMMIT THIS IS A PERSONAL ISSUE, NOT A CAREER MOVE! EMINEM NEEDS NO ONE TO HELP HIS CAREER. Eminem will get memorials on his passing. Nick will get an obituary posting.


    Grand$ I see you. You’re “mirror” reference comes into play right now.

    This ain’t gonna affect “careers”. BUT IT WILL AFFECT THE “MARRIAGE”.

    And it don’t sound like they had a short romance. THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE CALLS AND EMOTIONS WERE SPREAD OUT THROUGH THE YEARS. Like chicks don’t call back old jumpoffs.

    WAKE UP MEN. WOMEN CAN BE VERY WICKED. Especially very wealthy women.


    • jburg

      Damn my nigga is going off today!!! Who the fuck you mad at? LMAO!! Nigga you gotta have some sources somewhere!!!

      • Tony Grand$


        Yeah, your boy been on one the whole week.

        All the unnecessary negativity finally got to him.

        • $ykotic


          Naw I ain’t mad jburg. Just trying to get dudes to use them synapses.

          But I won’t reveal my sources. Yet I do have eyes if you catch my drift, no Tokyo.

          Grand$ you saw I dedicated the week for a reason. Smart man.

          Besides I capped off hunting early this morning. Good therapy.

          p.s. The NaS/Damian show was a “roast”(no comedy). It was cool but I didn’t get the feeling like I must have that project they’re doing.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I didn’t mean that Em made the track with the intent of being moving units. I was just saying that if Em made the track to somehow fuck up Mariah’s career or provide an effective retaliation to “obsessed”, I just don’t think that it’s likely to do anything. Based on the comments here its not like the her song is going to make his fans not buy relapse 2. Its just going to make it harder for him recieve that amount of promotion as he had with relapse 1. And yes your right Em can still sell alot overseas based on his previous material, but there’s a shitload of rappers like Jay, Nas and the Roots that sell in concerts and they’re barely heard even in played on the radio. However that still won’t influence the labels here in US to released their albums on time.

      Yes this is a personal matter, but that don’t mean everyone is going to see like that. Did anybody think the Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnel feud wasn’t personal? No, but the end result made both of them look like idiots in the media. I got a friend that listens to Mariah and she thought the video and single was stupid and it actually backfired on promoting Mariah’s new album. Mariah, like Em, should have just remained quiet and let that shit blow over because neither of their songs are going to hurt the other artist. But if they keep going at each other, people are going to look at Mariah as some psychotic whore who can’t keep her head right and look at Em as some immature father who has some fucked up problem with women. Both will still have fans but would only lose respect.

      And I never said Nick has any money. In fact I pretty much stated that Nick has Mariah’s money at his disposal. I was trying to state that Nick knows that if he does anything to fuck Mariah’s image, she loses money then he loses money. As much as people bag on Nicklelonian, he does have his head on his shoulders in terms of not doing the utter fuck ups as the other celebrity gigolo husbands. And I never said Mariah wasn’t a psycho. She might very well be some crazy mutha fucka. But the same can be said about Em. That doesn’t mean shit to their fans. There could be a shit load of dudes who claimed to have fucked Mariah back in the day. Just like people can point out the shit Em has done that can be seen questionable (no Bruno). Are their fans going to care? No.

      Mariah and Nick’s marriage might be in danger from this. But who’s to say they can’t spin this shit like Oprah did Chris Brown and made him a womanizer. I’m sure Mariah and Nick can hope on one of these pro-woman talk shows and talk about how they love each other and how Em has a disturbing relationship with women that he is taking out on poor Mariah and her glorious new life. The feminist and Oprah lobbyist would eat this up and Nick and Mariah would be seen as the innocent couple who were assaulted by hip hop ad the women hater known as Eminem. I’m sure that the Nick and Mariah can hold their marriage together when a good part of the media comes to their side. But this is just speculation.

      Plus who’s to say Nick doesn’t even know if Mariah’s a ho? He was in the music industry too you know. He probably heard all type of shit about her and he still walked that aisle. So I don’t think Em calling Mariah a hoe is going to do much. God damn this is a long post but I’m not trying to hate. I’m just saying that Em or Mariah could do better had he just sit back and not give a fuck. But that’s just me.

      • $ykotic

        Homes that wasn’t a dart for you, yet yes I did use your comment to verify my statement.

        Even Nick’s bible referenced reply today showed me he don’t really have a clue to what the deal is. If a chick ain’t messing with you she ain’t gonna acknowledge you. Period.

        To me the shame comes in when people bash Em “just because______”, and that ain’t right.

        But I do remember Mariah, on MTV cribs, on that dudes island that owns Virgin, with a cup in her hand. AND he said “she’s here all the time”.

        Motolla “connect”? Rendezvous point?

        And besides Em is providing ACTUAL PROOF.

        Who here doesn’t think Nick was behind that video?


        I feel bad for Cannon. But experience is key to success in life.

        Happy to build with you delorejo.

        • nicholasdelorejo

          My bad for taking offense and I’m not saying you don’t have valid points for Em’s motive in going at Mariah. But like you said people like to bash Em. A good portion of his fans think of Em more as a jokester than an actual artist. Sure they like his lyrics but those fans probably think of Em and rap as a joke. Why do you think that dude from the Hills Spencer Pratt wanted to challenge Em? Its because he doesn’t give a shit about Em as a lyricist. They only think of him as mister “we made you” or that looney ass rapper with mommy issues. Not the guy that wrote “Stan” who is in the upper echelon of lyricists. They’ll easily call him an obsessed, joke of pop culture and move on because like Em said on “Beautiful”, they only think of him as a comedian.

          Also I personally think Em started the beef with Nick on “Bagpipes for Bagdad” and although Nick sent an attack to Em with his blog, Em could have just leave it at that and let both Nick and Mariah fuck themselves over by constantly bring up the incident. Instead Em’s attacking them and giving more claim to the haters and those non-faithful fans of him being a prankster rapper. Think about the number of people who went at Jay (Camron, Jim Jones, Game, Dame, ect). Did Jay say anything? No, because at the time he knew his fans would only think of them as haters to Jay and his accomplishments. Now once Jay began to talk shit about them on that recent freestyle, the haters immediately pounced at his ass and claim him to be bitter.

          Sometimes the best way to handle a beef is to not say shit and do you. Imagine how successful Ja would have been had he just shut the fuck up and not say shit to 50. Even with the hype 50 had for GRODT, Ja rule had an edge over 50 in terms of having years of proving to the fans of being an artist. Yet as soon as he started to answer 50′s disses, people began to see him as a fool who was only killing himself.

          Also I wouldn’t be so quick to claim Nick is ignorant to this shit. He might know a lot more than what folks or even Mariah may think. Nick probably made that reference like so many other slick mutha fuckas do just to maintain some image of self righteousness when shit like this is brought to them. Nick might be the most dangerous player in this game because people underestimate him and has the ability to make moves while maintaining a safe, nonthreatening presence that can sway the public to his favor. Both Mariah and Em have committed some questionable things to the public. If this feud blows up any further and Nick keeps his nose clean of any negative shit then maybe people (especially the ladies) will view Nick Jr as a loving husband who will defend and endure the hardships a woman may face from her past. In my opinion I think that’s really the gist of why a woman might deny an association to a former ex. They’re afraid that any man they hook up with in the future would view them differently and think of them as the whores they may have been.

          But if Nick shows that he’ll walk through fire with Mariah, I’m sure almost every women would put Nick Cannon as the man of their dreams. Because in the end a woman will eventually realize that she doesn’t give a shit if a man is balling out or can lay a mean pipe. Just as long as he won’t turn his back on her when shit gets heavy. At that point Nick can either bank on a career as a celebrity ladies man (like Billy Dee Williams) or even upgrade from Mariah to a younger or more bankable. I don’t think Em can pull a bankable broad as close to Mariah now even at this point in his career. But of course I’m just speculating on the matter.

          Let’s imagine for a sec if Em had never made this diss. People would have looked at Mariah as being the one who is actually obsessed even when she married to Nick Cannon, the no talent asshole. But with Em going at Mariah people might start to question why Em is going at Mariah when they considered him the winner of the beef. I think the question isn’t whether Mariah and Em fucked or if she was pissed on for that matter, but whether Mariah or Em are left the relationship as the sore one.

          I’m sorry what I should say is which one can be VEIWED by the general public as leaving the relationship as the sore one. In reality, it might actually be Mariah rushing to a locked bathroom crying her little eyes out and kissing a picture of Em while whispering “I love you Marshall”. The sound of the water rushing out the facet might be bring up memories of her being drenched from Em’s golden shower. Meanwhile Nick is at the dinner table with some dumb expression on his face while their dinner is getting cold. I don’t know if this is actually happening cause I’m not God. But I will say that with right the propaganda, Mariah can spin this shit into making Em the loser with her emerging as the saint in this ordeal.

          All I’m saying is that while Em may right to retaliate against Mariah and Nick, it might be the wrong decision in doing. If this were a beef within rap (between two individuals making diss records against each other) Em would easily be the victor of it. However when this shit goes to the general entertainment industry, not everyone will side with Em even with the photos. I’m not hating on you or Em because I personally don’t give a fuck if Em actually hit that. I just think that the diss might actually backfire on him and feed the complaints of the haters rather than to straighten out on the story.

        • $ykotic

          “In reality, it might actually be Mariah rushing to a locked bathroom crying her little eyes out and kissing a picture of Em while whispering “I love you Marshall”. The sound of the water rushing out the facet might be bring up memories of her being drenched from Em’s golden shower. Meanwhile Nick is at the dinner table with some dumb expression on his face while their dinner is getting cold.”

          “But I will say that with right the propaganda, Mariah can spin this shit into making Em the loser with her emerging as the saint in this ordeal.”


          We cool brah, we cool…

  • Ya Boy

    Didnt the big homie Cam’Ron hit it back in the day? I aint gonna lie I’d smash dat pussy.


    he result left Kanye as one of top rated artists in rap and further descended 50’s career.

    they both did good numbers^^^^^

    Kanye won but did 50 lose being one of he three top selling artist that year… besting jay z…

    Now this ain’t 2003 but don’t get it twisted… 50 crushed ross.. (300k)

    def jam stopped the funding… plus kanye came in the game and sold a couple mill… so it’s room to grow…

    you come in the game with a buzz like 50, Snoop… you have know where to go but down…

    you really think wayne will sale a milli the first week again.. Ha

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I never said 50 didn’t do numbers during the feud. But you can’t deny the amount of promotion (you know the disses to Kanye’s song “stronger” or the claims that he would retire if Kanye won) didn’t do anything to help his sales. Also 50 at the time was seen as the soundscan killer or SSK. But when you got a rapper like Kanye (who is often considered gay for the way he acts) beats you in a record sales compition in an age of downloading, it should definately leave a make in your image as a top selling artist.
      I should have said 50 career in hip hop instead of just his career. Because honestly I don’t think he can be as successful in hip hop as he is in business.

      And yes 50 came in the game with a lot of hype, but doesn’t mean he couldn’t produce music showing growth. He can actually do this. If you listens to his interviews, 50 comes off as the most intelligent and reflective rapper out. Hell his mixtapes show that he still has that spark people admired about him from GRODT. He’s just so caught up into letting his business instincts telling him to make songs to appeal to the masses. Also I think your wrong about Snoop not showing growth. Maybe not soon enough but still growth. Listen to The Blue Carpet Treatment or even Ego Trippin. They show that he came a long way from his “gin n juice” and “187″ days.

      Plus I don’t know how lil wayne came into the discusion but I will say this: as far as he is from being considered the best rapper alive he has worked his ass of in generating the hype in needed to sell a million in his first week. From mixtapes, to features, to hit singles, to just putting out interviews to keep his name in our conversations has given him the promotion to needed to sell that much. I’m pretty sure if Wayne puts that much effort as he did he can still sell again.

  • WestPhillyPolo

    Personaly, I’ve never been crazy about Em. The dude can flow and has clever rhyme schemes, but the antics are a bit too much for me. Dude’s a bit lame to me and the shit he raps about is a bit strange. I’ll give credit though, he has some dope verses though and I did fuck with the Marshall Mathers Lp(can’t get down with the rest though). I just don’t put him with the greats. Personally I don’t know too many that do. At least not in my city. I ain’t never heard niggas in Philly bumping dude like that or uptop(at least not in the hood). Whatever though…. On some man shit though. I heard the diss and musically he’s spitting, but the shit was a lame move. Cmon b get over that shit! That was mad long ago. They didn’t attack Em, he popped fly first. Smack me in the mouth, I’m punch you in yours. Don’t get all salty and play victim now. Fuck out of here b!

  • Antwonomous
  • Chris S

    Eminem should do a Ken Kaniff skit about her for relapse 2

  • Prince pauper

    I cracked the case:: Em thinks hes king, he wants to be like Jay and have a bad bitch by his side like Beyonce, to protect his status. So hes takin shots at Mariah fo her to drop the zero and get with the hero. Reverse psychology. Once he has a Mariah he can go down in history with a secure position at the top.

  • Dee2007

    This should go on the “supposed” Relapse 2 coming out later…

    Em did go pretty hard though

  • RealChick

    why is this nigga still talking about a chick he “fucked” (if you can call 4 minutes a ‘fuck’ by any means) 9 years ago? was it that good, my nigga? i don’t think Mariah fucked his pencil dick ass….and that probably has him more pissed than anything else. this nigga is irrelevant. period! he needs to go play in traffic. blindfolded. little dick muthafucka.

  • Caleen far less famous

    We all know Em is waaayyy past units and sales by now if anything he’s said many times if he ever had to start over he’d like to have been far less famous. He’s always been ultra personal since his early tracks from 94 so him picking this beef is for personal reasons only.

  • sealsaa

    The point you’re missing $ykotic is, who gives a shit? So he may or may not have banged Mariah Carey umpteen number of years ago. You spouted off the list of his accomplishments yourself, yet all Eminem can seem to talk about lately is how he once nailed Mariah Carey. The fuck? Again, he started this shit, and I find it hilarious that his little internet STANS have jumped to his defense after Mariah made Obsessed. This is one of the reasons i’ve never cared for Eminem as an artist. If he was one of these shitty LCD rappers, that would be one thing, but he’s not. He’s one of the best to touch the mic, yet he insist on wasting his time with retarded shit like this. So Nick Cannon is digging out Mariah Carey, so she’s an old crazy whore, so what? And I find it ironic $yk that you would so vehemently deny that this is a publicity stunt, when again, Eminem dregged up all of this o’l bullshit himself, then had the balls to get upset when Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey responded.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “All I am trying to point out through this is that there is some good ass music being put out right now that dudes are not paying attention to because people are sooo enthralled into gossip and beef.”-$ykotic

      The numbers on this site even prove it. There are people who care sealsaa. But you won’t see my name absent from those good things that dropped all around this “drama”. Check Thursday/Friday’s drops if you have a moment.

      “To me the shame comes in when people bash Em “just because______”, and that ain’t right.”

      So I got my Detroit P on(PEACE my dude) and devil’s advocated thoughout the bashing.

      Because I know personally more women that do the things I notated than men who are obsessed.

  • GO-Getta’

    only reason i disssed you in the first place
    was because you denied seeing me now im pissed off
    sit back homie relax in fact grab a 6 pack
    kick back while i kick facts
    yah dre sick track
    perfect way to get back
    wanna hear some wick wack
    i got the same exact tat thats on nicks back
    im obsessed now
    oh g that supposed to be me in the video with the goatee
    wow mariah i didnt expect you to go balls out
    bitch shut the fuck up before i put all them phone calls out
    you made at my house while you were wildin out
    before nick when yous was on my dick ill give you something to smile about
    how many times did you fly to my house
    still trying to count you better shut your lying mouth if you dont want nick finding out
    you probably think cuz since its been so long if i had something on you i woulda done it by now
    on the contrary mary poppins im mixing a studio session down and sending it in to mastering to make it loud
    enough dirt on you to murder you
    this is what the fuck i do
    mariaaahh did it ever occur to you that i still have pictures
    however you prefer to do and that goes for nick too faggot you think im scurred of you
    you gonna ruin my career you better get one
    like im gonna sit and fight with you over some slut bitch cunt
    that made me put up with her pscyho ass over 6 months
    and only spread her legs to let me hit once
    yeah what you gonna say im lucky tell the public that i was so ugly
    that you fucking had to be drunk to fuck me
    second base what the fuck you tell nick pumpkin
    second week we were dry humpin that has to count for somethin
    listen girlie surely you dont want me to talk about how i nutted early
    cuz i ejaculated prematurely and bust all over your belly
    and you almost started hurlin and said i was gross go get a towel
    your stomachs curling or maybe you do
    but if im embarassing me im embarassing you
    and dont you dare say it isnt true
    as long as that songs getting airplay im dissin you
    im a hair away from getting carried away and gettin sued
    i was gonna stop at 16 that was 32 this is 34 bars
    we aint even a third of the way through
    damn slim mariah played you
    mariah who
    oh did i say whore nick i ment a liar tooo
    like i been goin off on you all this time for no reason
    girl you out of your alcholic mind girl
    check you wine cellar look at the ammounts of all the wine
    like i fucking sit around and think about you all the time
    i just think this shit is funny when i count you on a rhyme
    but fuck it now im about to draw the line
    and for you thats a mountain i doubt you would want to climb
    i can describe areas of your house you wouldnt find
    on an episode of cribs
    a blow below the ribs
    if i hear another word
    so dont be openin your jibs
    cuz everytime you do its like an overload of fibs
    i aint saying this shit again ho you know what it is

    its a warning shot
    before i blow up your whole spot

    call my bluff in ill release every fucking thing i got
    including the voice mails right before you flipped your top
    when me and Luiz were trying to stick 2 cds in the same slot

    ??MARiAH CAREY??

    i Love you too
    let me whisper sweet nothings into your ear boo
    now what you say
    ?MARiAH? its nothing
    yeah so what ill do
    is refresh your memory
    when you said
    ?MARiAH? i want you
    now should i keep going
    or should i call truce
    ?MARiAH? you think you cute right
    you bet your sweet ass i do
    ?MARiAH? im mary poppins b
    and im super man uhm
    ?MARiAH? Mary P
    slim shaddyy
    comin at you

    so if you still be my
    ?Mariah? baby girl
    than ill still be your
    ?Mariah? super hero

    ?Mariah? where my em
    yeah right here

    ?Mariah? you like this
    nope not any more dear

    it cuts like a knife
    when i tell you
    get a life
    but im moving on with mine
    nick is that your wife
    well tell her to shut her mouth
    and ill leave her alone

    if she dont siNG THiS SCRiPT
    than ill keep going

    its actually mary ann
    mary ann is saying cut the tape
    cut the tape

  • 50 Cent

    Em hit that pussy, the only reason he’s angry is that it took him months and now, the silly bitch is denyin it.. The truth is that Em smashed.. But not many people have done so tho.. Pow!

  • Smel

    Bol I saw the infamous Cribs episode all those years ago (gettin old), and your description of it was about 5 times as hilarious, especially the part about the cat.

    Man, that really was some crazy shit.

    • Javonni Brustow – Media Mogul

      Dude…I am sitting at my desk reading this laughing like a retarded person. I totally love your writing style. I stopped at the drowning the cat part. Couldnt take anymore lol. But I love it nonetheless

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