Last we heard, Alfamega was, well… crying about getting dropped from Grand Hustle for being a Snitchy McRat. However, he’s been pulling himself together and making the colored media rounds in an attempt to salvage his rap career.

[Blogger’s Note: I don’t know nann notta nigga who likes his music.]

Now, Alfadavit is apologizing the best way an unstable bodyguard propped up for T.I.’s protection in close combat situations knows how. He’s writing letters and shit.

Alfamega’s letter, while poorly written, is surprisingly articulate given what I’ve heard from him in the past. While he never denies T.I.’s claims, he makes a few valid points about friendship and all that. And, we all know how friendship and business mix naturally. The only better solution is family and business. I think Biggie once spoke of combining them whenever possible.

What doesn’t make sense is how Alfamega ends a peace treaty to a man locked away—or already home watching Tiny & Toya on the flat screen for all we know—with threats and shit. I guess this is where the whole PTSD thing comes into play. The letter reads as if the “hommie” just snapped midway and decided he needed to take a nigga cornbread right quick.

You would think Alfamega weren’t in the position to levy poorly-veiled threats, ultimatums and whatever else have you. But when you use the apology letter to suggest that you might have to bust a Road to Redemption participant upside the head and wage [*snicker*] catastrophic lyrical warfare, you must know something the rest of us don't.

[Blogger's Note: That’s how you definitely end up on the no-write list. That’s like getting unfollowed for a prisoner. It hurts more than you could imagine. You all saw the “Remember Me” video.]

Back to the “lyrical pounding”, which sounds like some kind of prison code I must be unfamiliar with. Alfamega might could pound Young Dro into hooking him up with a verse or two, but I’d put a 10 spot on Eli Porter before Grand Hustle’s exiled muscle against The Chopper King.

Eli da bess, you know.

Maybe they could compare secret affidavit stacks or something. I can’t think of any other battle that would put these two on even ground. Can you?

Questions? Comments? Requests? Alfadavit is a great rap name. Somebody get on that.

I wanted to see this nigga’s handwriting… and what he could do without the wonders of spell check.