Catching Up With Nipsey

What up y’all it’s ya boy Nipsey Hussle. This first blog I’ma let you know what you can expect from me for the week and what I been gettin into.

I’m out here in LA filming a movie with my homie Ving Rhames called The Wrath of Cain in which I play one of his sons. That shit been mind blowing to me so I’ma take one of my days of bloggin to talk about that. You can expect that on Tuesday. I also been workin on my album South Central State of Mind which drops December 22nd so I been tryin to balance the filming with the music shit.

I just finished my new mixtape Bullets Ain’t Got No Names Vol.3 which is my best work to date. Y’all gonna go nuts when you hear it! That’s hosted by the homie Whoo Kid, Jonny Shipes and The Empire. Below is the cover artwork you see it here first on my XXL takeover so stay tuned I’m here all week. Let me know what yall think of the cover.

Other than that I just been dealing with my everyday life. A lot of people been askin me about how I feel about West Coast music and the state of it and what the problems have been with breakin new artists and what I did to break myself out here so I’ma discuss the whole West Coast music shit and my mind frame on it in my Thursday blog. Friday I’ma give my fans the Updated West Coast and I’ma name my top 5 new artists and top 5 new producers who I wanna shine the spotlight on like my homie Game did for me. Hussle music All Money in No money out…—Nipsey Hu$$le

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  • Cashkidd

    I have been waitin for that Bullets Aint Got No Names Vol 3 for the longest the first 2 is classics. Keep up the good work. And the cover art looks real professional like an official album release Im glad somebody is taking the time to craft quality material.

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Nip what up?!?
      Dope post.


    Even though this nigga to left i fucks with the nigga music he keep it real 100, the nigga a typical 60 and he got my relatives feeling his shit. I fucks with you my G imma get that new mixtape and listen to some good west coast music. South Central niggas need to get on shit LA niggas period.


    nah he ain’t a typical 60 nigga… he a stand out…

    La fuck with u… i just can’t get that ” put that on me” off the first mixtape out my head…

    i was playin that shit in inglewood and even the NHP’z was feelin that shit…

  • Cashkidd

    Nipsey is the truth all his mixtapes are fire and i been waitin on the album for the longest. Im a east coast dude but right now Nip is my fav artist period.

  • the real gangster

    nipsey hussle is the best raper out of the westcost his music is strait FIRE!!!!!nigga going to be big like snoop and cube and game.





  • Parsifal

    good cover when can we expect a street date for the mixtape? It’s simple too often mixtape cover end up looking like some basterdized old No Limit or Cash Money cover.Just keep on keeping on till the album drops

  • General

    Glad to see Nipsey gettin his chance to shine in the game right now…

    He’s a real talented nigga and everyone knows these days it ain’t easy breakin through all the bullshit in the music game to actually get a release, especially on the west…

    gonna cop that volume 3 and cover looks straight

  • capcobra

    i salute the music and the work ethic but since everybody co-signing..i mind as well ask a couple ?’s…is the leather jacket with both sleeves pulled up a tribute to mike or kanye? was you aiming for that west coast “prodigy on summer jam screen” look? or was you aiming for more of a snoop/tru life g’ed up look?…you dont have to answer that champ…i bet a stan..i mean a fan will…other than that much success to ya’ blessed and be safe in all your travels and endeavors..1

  • aquma

    I dig your music Nipsey and look forward to reading these blogs. That’s a dope ass jacket too.

  • 619

    I been ridin’ around knockin’ that ‘Diamonds’ and ‘The Hussle Way’. Waitin’ on vol. 3 for a couple weeks now, from the 4 or 5 joints I heard it is the best outta the Bullets series. Keep doin’ your thing Nipsey, the West is ridin’ with you.

  • tronthadon

    Ay I was kinda late with tha whole movement I got tha bullets aint got no name vol 3 sumtyme late last year maybe earlier this year and dindt know what to expect..i was blown away to say tha least im from Ga Atl to be exact but this nigga is tha truth..i knew LA had some spittas but this dude is a new rootin for u bruh keep kickin that gangsta shit you def got a fan down here

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  • Stuey

    Who is this guy? He sounds like a idiot on this blog.His name actually makes him sound like a straight fag…. Nipsey Hussle? THe Fuck? The only dude worth listening to outta the west is crooked i

    • Stuey

      BTW… WEst needs a new look. Ya’ll been taling about money, hoes, and keepin it gangsta for to long. You’re as stale as Ice Cubes flow (everybody know that shit has been the exact same since The Predator!!)

      • REAL


      • 619

        If you don’t know who the fuck he is then how can you even comment. And why you think the West needs a new look, so we can walk around wearin’ tight ass jeans and all kind of flouresent ass pink colors like everyone where you stay at.

        • 619

          The West has always been the way we are because we never change just because Joe Blow said wear pants that hug your nuts or so and so said singin’ autotune and wearin’ pink is cool. If you wanna look like a female that’s cool, but don’t comment on what we do. While the rest of the rap game turned into a bitchfest, booty shake contest, the West was one of the only spots that remained true. We don’t follow trends, we really could give a fuck about them and that attitude is what made people love the West, because they recognize that we never sold out to fit in.

      • GRN I’s

        Diz mu’fucka! if u think about it everybody rap about money cars clothes and hoes! AND EVERYBODY TRYNNA B GANGSTA!!! CUZ OF THE WEST! cmon dogg quit hatin! get off hiz nutz!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I ain’t never heard of pops. I live in Atlanta, though, so I probably shouldn’t have.

    $yk, you on the West Coast, right?

    What’s good with this cat?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • $ykotic

      @ Herbz

      He’s good. The streets where I’m at are checking for him.

      The cuts are rider crispy too.

      Good looking Vanessa!

      Peace Nipsey! Let’s build…

  • Nessa XXL

    what’s up nipsey!? thanks for blogging on! the cover looks good and u look crazy west coast!

  • Roderick Toombs

    Hussle in the house

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    Ha! dats wassup XXL. real recognize real. i havent got a chance 2 check out ya music yet, but i plan on it. i see u got some major co-signs. i cant think of the name, but i saw that video of u in HollyGrove, dat smoke-a-thon shit (wtf is up wit dat anyway?). keep doin ya thing.

  • dwidoderally

    aka fake snoop .

  • tha O.G.

    why dident you sighn with interscope records???and is snoop or game on the album who are the producers on the album???

  • hate

    nipsey sound like snoop if snoop was a writer instead of a freestyler. matter fact he shines in all of snoops weak points

  • NYLA

    Get It In Bro You The Truth When They Recognize A New School Nigga w/ Lyrics & Substance Is Giving The Rap-World A Much Needed Facelift? Watch Them Jump On The Dicc & the Balzacc (No Homo) Your Time’s Coming & Your Gonna Take’em By Storm

  • Mutada al sader the king

    If $ykotic if fucking with him, I’ll give him a fair shake. I’m from the left too, but never took the time to vibe to his shit. Heard a few, but..meh..

    I think I liked that political song posted in the bangers section a while back.

    Co-Fucking sighn 619, west dont play that tight pants, pink, purple, gay shit. We got a couple of under cover fruits out here. Tyger, and few others but we clearing them niggaz out.

    Dr. Dre gets a pass… he’s like that one gay cousin that you still got love for, but wont take over to your homies house.

    • $ykotic

      Yeah Mutada give him another ear. He’s repping the new wave.

      Once he get’s his hands on some big budget things he’s good $.

      This dude, Young Dro, Black Milk, and Wale are the only youngin’s I fukks with right now.

      And co-sign 619. N*ggas wear Polo over here too. THEIR WAY.

      These locals cats trying to think international.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    Even though I gave that nigga a hard time for the “f-America” shit, I dont play that shit. You dont like it ? Go live in Africa then

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  • Da King

    my cuz nipsey doin his thing i cant stop sayin hw much i love yuh vibe my nigga an tanx for da shout out u sent me on myspace as soon as i finish my shit imma let u hav a listen an tell me what u tink lovin da movie stuff an all dat an i kno da album is goin to b a banger bcuz its hussle in da house!!!

  • Superstar Extraordinaire


    Hey homie, I’m a Left Coast dude also but I haven’t really given him a listen….I fucks with Wale and that Old Skool Pac & Biggie shit….what are some good tracks from this dude?

    • $ykotic

      Strapped, They Roll(w/Game), that joint he’s got with Lloyd Banks. I hear Roll The Windows Up everyday on the ave.

      Supe crack his myspace open.

      • $ykotic

        Damn my bad. Using the laptop instead of the G5.

        I got put on with the Bullet’s Vol. 2. The newer stuff is crispy, but 2 was grit to me. I got mine lifted outta my whip.

        • Superstar Extraordinaire

          Good lookin out my dude I’ll check that shit out

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  • Hussle Way

    Whats good Nipsey? I fuckz with you homie real talk!! Cant wait for the vol 3.

    and im definitely COPPING your album. Best believe that!

  • ca$hVilleTe

    i have been waitin on vol 3 since hussle in the house remix and iLUV the Cover yessss. Actually ihave the picture on my ipod. do ya thing nipsey u deSerVe all & tha rap game need a nigga lyk u that aint autotoned & shyt. U, The Game r the best out right now 4rm the west. Ya number 1 fan $viLeTe.

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  • So. Chester Ave.

    Im lookin forward to hearin more from Nipsey. One of the few new artist im excited about in awhile.

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  • yoprince

    they roll is my shit.. gotta check out more

  • GRN I’s

    Im a Mexican frum EAST LOS im feelin ur shit Hussle! U my fav. rapper out dogg! I live in Indianapolis, IN and i got mu’fuckas bumpin yo shit out here!! cant w8 4 dat vol 3! Keep It Gangsta!

  • bl64 sex videos eglg

    Catching up with nipsey.. Great! :)