South Central State of Mind Preview

What up, what up? Blog #3. I’ma be discussing my album in detail. The shit is coming out crazy! This has been in the works my whole life. I feel like everything leading up to this point has been the warm up. I gave the streets over 60 records this year once I drop Vol.3. So, for the album I had to really dig deep and format it different from my mixtape series but at the same time keep it hood. I would say I’m about 60% done with album. This is what I got so far.

IntroProduced by Detroit Red, scratches by Scram Jones: This record right here sets the whole tone of my album. Detroit Red made “Hussle In The House” so you already know this record right here is hard as fuck!

Hussle In The House— Produced by Detroit Red

Hussle Is My Last Name— Produced by Ralo: This record right here is my next single. My homie Ralo who been producing for me since day one did this record. It got a West Coast vibe to it but with a Down South bounce. I think y’all are gonna love this. The whole concept is anyone who’s a hustler can relate to this. If you a hustler then Hussle Is Your Last Name. Apply that to whoever you want that hustled their way into money. Khaled Hussle, Lebron Hussle, etc etc…

I Don’t Give A Fuck— Produced by QD3 & Jonny Shipes: This record is some deep shit that I actually recorded before I got my record deal, but it’s so timeless that it wound up makin’ the album. QD3 produced the original beat and Shipes came in and touched it up. The shit is where I was at in life before I had hope of makin’ it out of the hood.

Blue Laces— Produced by Mr. Lee: This is my favorite record on the album so far. I can’t even speak on it or describe it. All I can say is cop the album for this song alone!

Bluffin— Produced by The Runners: This is a potential single. This is big music right here! I went down to Miami and knocked this out with them at Khaled’s spot. He went nuts when he heard this joint.! It’s on some “y’all thought I was bluffin’, back against the wall” type shit but I’m here now!

Rich Roll—Produced by Mental Instruments & Jonny Shipes: This is some shit for the ladies but the streets gonna fuck with it too because I’m sayin’ some real shit on the record. Mental Instruments came with the concept and they had a hook on the record. When I heard it I loved the melody of the hook but not what it was sayin’ so I flipped it and made it make sense to what I know and what made sense to me which was some “Rich Rollin” shit. This is gonna be one of the singles as well.

Hussle Hussle Hussle— Produced by JR Rotem: This is a MONSTER right here. JR at his finest. It got Sean Kingston on the hook and I go in on the verses. This is some street club shit. And it sounds huge!
As for the rest of the album I’m still lookin’ so all producers holla at me! Send tracks to or Hussle Music, All Money In No Money Out… —Nipsey Hussle

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Why don’t you XXLmag tech nerds stop doing push-ups and help homey upload some of his shit onto the site? Put like 5 of his songs up on this page and then we can judge for our self about homey’s talent.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • the real gangster

    ill be looking for the album!!!!i no it’s going to be great!!cuz all the songs i seen on youtube of yours are all great hope you be big in the rap game!im a huge fan of all your music.

  • General

    Hopefully Quik or DJ Khalil holla at Nippsey with some tracks for his album. I would say Dre, but I know he don’t do any tracks for the up and comers unless they sign to Aftermath or write tracks for him

  • $ykotic

    Co-sign Herbz

    Y’all can load snippets so cats can get an ear of what’s coming. Cause that last track had Nips as a feature…

    • The Editor

      What up $yk?!

      Herbz, good call!

      I see y’all…

      • $ykotic

        “Number One. Engage…”-Capt. Jean-Luc Picard

        • Tony Grand$

          @The Editor

          Real recognize real…..

  • http://www.federalranga/ Federal Ranga

    Wow… now you’re officially running out of ideas… see, unlike the rest of the Commission… I’m willing to keep making fun of your ass

  • K.ola

    Great Lookin on the beat hook up… i sendin tracks right now…

  • Hussle’s way

    Ay yo Nipsey! Im a big fan, and the album is looking real good! Cant wait to cop it. Are Game and Snoop on the album? I know you said Game will probably be, what about Snoop?

    ..and For the niggas asking for snippets; WTF he cant put snippets of his ALBUM. Its not done yet. If yall talking about his mixtape shit, then take yall LAZY ASSES to Youtube and check : Hussle In The House, Bullets aint got no name (track), RSC 4 Life, They Roll, Strapped, Piss Poor, etc.


    • $ykotic

      Ain’t nothing wrong with letting us know what’s on deck to keep us thirsty.

      I’ve heard all of those songs you dropped. Strapped is my swisher sweet favorite. We fukks with Hu$$le in P-town.

      • Hussle’s way

        I feel wat you’re saying, but its a little too early.
        its July and his album is coming out in December. Maybe in October he can give us some snippets, but not now.

  • aquma

    you had me until Sean Kingston was on the hook of one of your records. Sean Kingston? Really??? Come on, man.

  • Mikey F Baby

    yea any rapper that throws his e-mail out there and asks for producers to get a hold of him DEFINITELY has a hit on his hands…

  • Brooklyn

    For real, I think you the best West Coast rapper out right now. I was feeling that joint Hussle In The House, I been saying for years that niggas needed to sample that Kriss Kross beat, that shit was always fire and the remix was fire too. RSC 4 Life was nice, and I was really digging Piss Poor.

  • tronthadon

    Imma comment on all ya blogs bruh you that nigga..he got that old skool cali type flow that real gangsta shit tha game been missin..bout time i get finished everybody on tha eastside of tha A gone be a fan..keep makin that gagnsta shit and imma promote i like real artist..and Sean Kingston was on his mixtape so it aint a problem when tha album drop im coppin atleast three real talk

  • BeerGangsta

    Lot of new Producers on the CD. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. If the new Producer are wack nobody won’t to be down with that shit. If they are good. They can pick up on a lot of money. And get lot of rewards. We will see how good they are. I know Nipsey will do a good job on the CD. West Coast for life.


    Nipssey hussle cant rap but dat nigga go hard/ he remind of a yung snoop dats the only reason i fucks wit da nigga but i like nigga style just get his bars up keep droppin mixtapes he should be igght in the rap game aint like nobody doin shit anyway only person u see on tv is wayne and dat yung money bullshit its time for more artist to start commin out wit hard music im sick of hearin dat pussy ass bullshit niggas be commin out with i cant relate to dat bullshit i aint got gucci bags and louie vutton belts and dat bullshit i dont know what dats like but i know da street/ u tlk about some hard shit im fukin wit u

  • ca$hVilleTe

    iNeEd tHa Dat cd asap 4reall iM Buy Lyk 3 Copiez one 4 car anTha 4 tha iPod & antha jUs too Have Blue laces souNd krazyyy trax cant waIt 2 heAR IT

  • Apollo

    yo nips, I gott alot of love for your music cuz, and i dont know if you read these comments or not, but i just wanna say that i have mad respect for you, and i think the same shit is going down for canadian rap and its not just in the west coast, noe of us artists get respect, north of the united states son. Anyways, imma cop your album, and i would love to record a track or something with ya someday man.

    Hit me up


  • ty

    man this fool aint saying nothing more than what juiceman said and all yall niccas on his jock… i laugh at yall clowns… every track he talkin bout this my favorite right here… i guess this is considered blog cause yall his fans…

  • av

    whoo wee this page reaks of hatin. any way i still bump “they roll” , i like the sh*t out of that track. im a check this one out.

  • http://nipseyhussle cheri

    nipsey hussle best rap world south centrel muisc is best song last cd call rich roll like that was bomb right there send los angeles really know nipsey hussle blow all rap out water fuck home girl west side niggia

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  • Brianna Lichte

    This is actually one of many superior articles or blog posts involving things that I’ve keep reading this specific subject lately. Good do the job.

  • Christin Poczobut

    Incredible! I have already been browsing search engines for hours in this and i eventually thought it was listed here!

  • BloomCraig

    nipsey my nigga yo shit be hard, im just tryna here yo shit i kno wat it is. whts good wit a mixtape bro?