So Emotional

Industry frustration is nothing new. You take the bad with the good. But a few young cats have been getting super aggy lately and taking things to heart. Just in the last couple weeks, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy each had mini Twitter meltdowns, brought on by stress apparently. Before that, B.O.B and Kid Cudi threatened to quit the rap game and they haven’t even released their debut albums yet. And people are genuinely worried about Charles Hamilton’s state of being given a series of what you might consider poor choices. Cries for attention? Maybe. Take a gander at their public distress signals:

Kid Cudi on his blog, March 16: “I am falling back on being an artist. The drama that comes with it is more overwhelming than the shit I was dealing with when I was piss poor broke.”

Soulja Boy via Twitter, July 2: “I don’t really know about alot of things these days. But I just want EveryBODY to know this sh*t. Just KNOW that i’m only 18 man… And it’s only so much I can do. It’s only so much I can take… I’m not perfect.”

Bow Wow via Twitter, July 7: “Man I be gettn bored wit life. I wish I neva did and seen err thang so soon. I have nuffn to look forward 2. I’m down more than I am happy…in a dark place! goodbye.”

Some clowned Bow Wow and SB for their Twitter rants, but think about how celebrities get covered nowadays for a second and how many ways there are for rappers to end up on the homepage of a gossip site. It’s different when you’re grown and you’ve learned to absorb the critiques. But these guys are barely legal and in the spotlight more than any of their predecessors ever were when they first started out. Add to that, the pressure of living up to a hype coupled with constant criticism. That wasn’t the case for artists back in the day when rap blogs didn’t exist – just radio and magazines really – and fans didn’t have as much of an outlet to kick feedback.

Like I said, these frustrations have always been present and it comes with the territory; they’re just more easily exposed now. It doesn’t help that these rappers choose to be “out there” and put their lives on blast and stream videos of themselves doing absolutely nothing, probably so that they feel like someone cares about them. But that doesn’t make being frustrated (and often attacked) any less of a burden. Just yesterday on Hot 97 with Angie Martinez, Kid Cudi mentioned how hip-hop in general is more overly critical than other genres. J Smooth posted a great vlog this week about the Michael Jackson media phenomenon and how the younger generation is growing up in a nation where constant broadcasting is normal, and there’s something odd about that. If social networking and the Internet were as big when guys like LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes were coming up, who knows what kind of mistakes and lapses in judgment we would’ve witnessed. We’d all see them stumble, too, and probably laugh.

Imagine being a rapper who just wants to be successful and all you do is get hated on. In this age, one bad move could ruin your career. Often, it’s only a brief moment of fury for the hatee but when it piles up, it can get to be too much, as Soulja Boy pointed out. Maybe some of these young dudes need guidance from the vets or to take a break from the spotlight once in a while. Maybe they just need a hug. I guess at least they have an outlet to express their anger instead of keeping it to themselves and potentially going crazy. Word to Lauryn. —clovito

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    Stop making excuses for these clowns.Everybody gets hated on but only the strong keeps it moving.That’s the way life is.If you can’t deal with that shit then stop fucking around and kill yourself or be a man or woman and rise.

  • Brooklyn

    The reason why they’re scrutinized is because they aren’t that good but they’re being forced down people’s throats, not to mention that they all stay saying and doing stupid shit.It’s not that they’re anymore scrutinized than the earlier artists, it’s because they’re soft and they can’t deal with it. They knew from the beginning that being in the industry was gonna cause them to be in the spotlight. They wanted the money, bling, and hoes but they didn’t want the other shit that come with being famous for no apparent reason. And mad niggas clowned LL when he started doing In The House back in the day and making all them rap ballads, but at the same time he still had the ability to spit too. None of these niggas can spit period, so they will get no love.

    • Sleepy Wonder

      Co-Sign With Mr. Brooklyn!

  • Teddy

    haha bow wow kill yo self

  • Jamal7Mile

    The rap game is different today, but the frustrations are still here. When things change, someone has to trip and fall first so that the cats behind them can learn from their mistakes. For example, Ice-t, NWA and 2 Live Crew had to face censorship issues in their heyday. Once that cloud passed over, censorship wasn’t THAT big of an issue for the cats coming up behind them. I think it’s the same situation with artists today, just a different obstacle (the ‘nets and all of the associated problems with the ‘nets).

    Todays artists just have to figure out a way around these fairly new problems. And again, somebody has to trip and fall first.

  • Stuey

    B.o.B. can spit like a mother fucker. But i dont think he actually threatened to quit. Who cares people always think about quiting their job when they get stressed about it. Why should rappers be any different?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yeah, to all those little fucks in the videos flashing chains and fanning themselves with Benny Franks: Nobody’s gonna miss you when you paint the walls with ya brain. Just Do It.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Crenshaw

      Sometimes you should follow your own advice. I love how you fake niggas talk hard on the net, but guppies in the streets.

    • $ykotic

      I thought church was on Sunday! LOL

      BTW, Dave Chappelle was here in Portland on Tuesday night. Came out with a battery powered rented amp, and had 10,000 + on hand for an impromptu shingdig. Strictly word of mouth.

      No security, no media, no yes men. HIMSELF.

      That cat is fukking amazing…

      $hort Dog did his thing last night. First time I heard The Jacka.



        what it do! thanks for comin thru the site! get at me;


        this is an insightful post. it really made me think about how the pressure can really build on a person to be successful. and being as tho these guys have already become successful (or at the least have made a lottery sized piece of change), somehow, i can only hear over and over in my mind, the words of the great American poet Ice Cube…

        “some of you niggas is bitches too.”

        now i aint gonna front. stress is a mothafucka. my moms had heart surgery, and i put on almost 40 pounds in 3 months. and i’ve also seen people loose crazy weight. but these are the results of real life situations, when a person is unsure of the outcome or when things are completely out of your control. like worrying about feedin the kids and paying bills. or makin the choice to hit the block when a square job dont come back around. so i’ll be damned if i feel sorry for a couple of rich muhfuckas cause one is gettin picked on and the other one don’t have much of an imagination.

        i am an official hip hop nigga. long resume to prove it. and i think Soldier Boy deserves to make whatever the fuck he wanna make. if he got people that ride wit him… let ‘em ride. but if this lil nigga think he can make what he want without criticism, i need to know who raised him. cause this boy ain’t got a healthy sense of consequence. and then he stay online where he know he gonna run into that criticism. why would you spend time somewhere knowin you gone get your feelings hurt knowin your feelins is easily hurt? does that make sense to you? or do you really think you can say and do dickhead shit without no response? is that even logical?

        then the other one is bored? he done seen it all? 24,000 miles around the equator, and he done seen it ALL? how fuckin stuck can you be? huh, millionaire? no hobbies, no interests, nothin? nuffin that makes you want to learn more or be better at it? and you wonder why a nigga been rappin since he was 5 and STILL need a ghostwriter? lord have mercy…

        i look at young niggas now a days and be like, these some bitch ass niggas. no really. they dress like girls (tight jeans and silk hankys), and scared to death to fight. these niggas will shoot you in a minute cause they FEEL some type of way. not that you’ve done something to harm them. but because their FEELINGS are hurt. then when they get cased up and hit the big house, they wind up gettin fucked. thats cause pussy will ALWAYS smell like pussy. anytime. anywhere.

        see, these niggas is just like these hoes… they need some guidance in they life. and i be the first to tell you, that without no instruction, you’re headed toward self destruction. but these niggas know it all, and like Bow Wow, think they seen it all before they get a good length of hair on they nutsack. then niggas always talk about things were different back in the day. bullshit. things is different NOW. those niggas played by the rules back then. they created and maintained a climate for legendary shit to occur. they had old timers that explained how the game should be played, and sought them out for guidance in times of confusion. they excelled at the games they played and looked good doin it evry step of the way. see, i think if these young niggas opened their ears more and they mouth less, they’d be more likely to keep a dick out of it. the figurative and the literal.

        what i mean is most ‘em just need a man in they life. cause it aint strange to me to see em dressed like teenage girls. shit, thats who raised ‘em. and they grew up hearin, “i don’t need a man in my life” and adopted that piece of dysfunction as instruction. same thing with most of they sisters. and look at all the gender confused lil lick-its in high school now a days. so go get yourself an oldhead and humble yourself to his teachings. cause i’m sick of all you dudes with all this he said, HE said. or just go hang with your daddy, if u still got him. but don’t kiss him. it will NOT make you a better rapper.

        when my daddy died, he was SHARP layin in that casket restin from years of hard work and stress. i dressed him. it was easy. i just repeated what i seen him do for years. and when i realized that all the things he told me over the years wasn’t some bullshit attempt to undermine my conquest of the planet, i let him know just how much i appreciated all of it before he left us. see, that’s some MAN shit. tap them lil niggas on the shoulder and let ‘em know. we stand up straight when we piss.

        now air it out…

    • dex


  • Rob the Music Ed

    I couldn’t agree more.
    The sad part is most of the folks hating haven’t even took the time to listen to ANY of Soulja Boy’s albums. Maybe they do suck, or maybe they don’t, but damn at least listen and then judge him on the music.

    CuDi or Drake hasn’t even gotten a chance to drop an album and they are scrutinized just as much as more seasoned veterans like Kanye West and Lil Wayne.


    The entertainers you mentioned in your post all have one thing in common. They are more hip-pop than hip-hop and with that subgenre of music comes a certain type of scrutiny. traditional hip-hop artists have to face fickle fans always saying they fell off or sold out. Though stans of a particular artists in the traditional realm of hip-hop may be a bit of a counter balance for all of the critics tehy may receive whereas hip-pop entertainers only have the causal listener as a defender most of the time. So they are constantly attacked by the traditional hip-hop heads but that is not their audience. I think Milli Vanilli, vanilla ice and hammer had the same issues with their fame vs artistic crediblity but folks need to recognize what they are. They are just pop acts at this point if they want more respect they need to apply themselves to get said respect.

  • chillin mayne

    proverbs 10 verse 19 is wat dese cats need to read and memorize..

  • tronthadon

    They do it to themselves nobody told dem niggas to make a Twitter account and blog about bullshit all day..and if you make good music muthafuckas will hate just to hate so it a loose loose unless you make good music then tha hate wouldnt matter..fuck all these dick in tha ass crybabies eitha suck it up or let tha shit get to you and go insane most of the people who blog all day dont have as much money anyway so who gives a fuck what they and fame or a nobody and a hater?..thats a easy decison for me..if i could shop wheneva i wanted to and smoke king sized vegas and dutchies filled wit kush all day lil billy from timbucktoo wouldnt matter to me

    • Ron Mexico

      “They do it to themselves nobody told dem niggas to make a Twitter account and blog about bullshit all day..”

      sine and cosine

      bow wow’s career started before the social networking era, but soulja boy is here because of it. the nigga would do anything for attention, but can’t deal with what people think of it.

      sure, we all live in fishbowls now. but these niggas will splash until you pay attention to them, then cry when you look.


    If i was mad rich and niggas was hatin on me worldwide i would feel like im the shit and not wanna kill my self I would just keep shittin on niggas and focus on my music homes. God’s and my Moms is the only opinions that matters to me, all niggas do is hate these days so i wouldnt give a fuck. As far as Cudi and B.O.B. they gettin indusrty hate with no albums out yet so thats a whole different ball game i can’t speak on that shit but still what dont kill you can only make you stronger keep grindin.

    Floss Daily !

  • General

    Your right that all these artists are facing alot more criticisms and getting alot more peoples opinions due to the net and blogs, which in way is actually a good thing for music. We as the consumers have the chance to be heard with regards to what we do and don’t want from artists.

    At the same time I will agree that there is a lot of hate in the comments that are left and a lot of people that don’t give constructive criticism, but its the same way with any job or dealing with the public.

    I do think that the veteran artists need to play a stronger role in mentoring these artists and helping them through all the pitfalls of the industry and being in the spotlight. We all know the labels don’t give a shit if their artists have a mental breakdown or God forbid commit suicide, because it might help with promotion.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Aw.. boo hoo, these niggaz

    “smell like give up”

    ^ (Mutada al sader the king coined that phrase, so when its takes off like “Epic Fail” in the next few months, remember you heard it from me !” LOL)

  • nycboy

    Kid Cudi was definitely on point when he said that hip hop is the most judgemental genre of music. You either bump an artist’s music or you don’t. All that other BS is unnecessary. I hear more rappers on youtube and worldstarhiphop talking wreckless than i hear good music. I’m fed up of hearing that hip hop is all about competition. No it’s not, it’s about wanting your voice to be heard by the masses. Competition is only one aspect of it. Not everybody wants to be a battle rapper and not everybody wants to get on some street ish. Some just want to express their on creativity or mindset. You obviously can’t condone the stupid things these new artists do but alot of these young cats don’t and never did have proper guidance. I’m an SB fan by no means, but you can’t deny what this kid has done. Produced and rapped on a smash, put it out via the net with no record label behind him. That’s quite an accomplishment at the age of 16. So i find it corny when you have a 50 year old Ice-T coming out of the clear blue sky talking down on a teenage kid just because what he hears isn’t his cup of tea.

  • Curtis75Black

    When I was coming up, we didn’t know who a rapper was until we saw a video or heard his music on the radio. It’s not the same now. Now, we will know a emcee before his cd drops which isn’t new but the personality should come from the lyrics. Hearing and seeing some of these guys without deals or release dates talking like the achieved something spectacular kills the surprise of the new artist and sets resentment of the new guys who’s more likely to fall-off before he gets on.

    • capcobra

      i miss the days of discovering an artist for yourself..but this is the perfect time to be on some mf doom ghostface masked avenger shit..the feds listening.the internet’s not selling..ppl wanna be wanna be up close and’s no more privacy for an artist..unless he perform in a mask or wear some kiss rock n roll type make up…at least you know you’ll have a buzz…and people’ll come see you just to snatch your mask off…and if you ever get exposed then it’s a new career…

      • $ykotic

        cap I had that talk last week @ the bar. Real talk.

        This is a perfect time for ninja stealth rap.

        • capcobra

          if rappers wore dickies.chucks/tims. and masks there’ll be alot less hate..and hip hop would be rebellious again.

        • Tony Grand$

          Ghostface Killa circa mid-90′s.

  • J-U


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    FUCK!this generation of rappers is just pussy. remember back in the day when niggas use to protest against hip-hop? niggas had rallies to ban that shit from playin on radio stations and folks was blamin all rappers for the problems in the world? remember dat shit?! that was pressure, that was a true frustration to artist, I dunno what these gurl’s is cryin over.I mean fa’ real back in raps hay it was like they was goin put some shit in the Rico laws in regardin it.Nowadays what these cornball ass niggas do is acceptable becuz’ of the strife and drama the old niggas went thru. We was catchin wreck from all sides too! Churches, Political figures, middle america, news media, racist and even other black folks! So please forgive me if I give a fuck if bow wow is tired of trickin on Ohio poon-tang and Soulja boy has to come up wit’ more Hammer dances to stay relevant.These niggas need to join together on a album and entitle it “New Jack Tell’em Why you Pussy”. GTFOH!

  • $ykotic

    These little dudes are crying now, wait until the labels start closing the “urban divisions(rap)”.

    Remember rap doesn’t sell anymore. They better start seeking out the OG’s of the game for some serious life advice, or get a real mentor.

    Because that $ don’t make you a man. Just because you got a deal doesn’t mean you’re ON. It’s harder to stay signed than getting signed.

    This ain’t nothing but the reality of being a kid in a grown man’s business. Especially grown men you have no f*cking clue as of how they get down.

    Bow Wow is kind of a different story. He’s got the child celebrity curse over his head. The novelty of him being a kid artist wore off now that he’s in his 20′s.

    The scales of rap are so unbalanced right now you have to expect something to fall.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Bow Wow via Twitter, July 7: “Man I be gettn bored wit life. I wish I neva did and seen err thang so soon. I have nuffn to look forward 2. I’m down more than I am happy…in a dark place! goodbye.”

    Is this nigga serious? Does the little bastard know how many nigga’s would love to be in his place.
    Dark place? Man somebody drop this nigga in a ghetto/hood where the yearly income is $ 9000.
    And then let him feel what a real dark place is.
    Like somebody said here above if the little nigga’s can’t take it anymore blow your noodles out man spare us the crying.

  • ryne rich

    i read just the 1st paragraph
    gotta be tough
    aint too much love in hip hop unless your nas or jay z or lil wayne
    old heads dont wanna die out like rakims lattest shit
    but that shit was dope so its all great.
    if you really love hip hop you dont stop.
    also being only 21 i dont see the future in these rappers. cuddi got nice chrouses and different, bob ok. hip hops ready to be primed with the ones that been rappen but aint got shine.


    I dont really get this article!! U stated the issues well, then killed your own story by saying, “It doesn’t help that these rappers choose to be “out there” and put their lives on blast and stream videos of themselves doing absolutely nothing, probably so that they feel like someone cares about them.” Once u stated that u pretty much killed any argument in their favour!! They put themselves out there, on display, knowing full-well about the good/bad attention they’re looking 4! Since there are so many media outlets, they should be that much smarter in their press behaviour (public or private). Just a bunch of spoiled kids that take what anyone would cherish 4 granted!! Real talk!!

  • Incilin

    I agree with Cudi saying the rap game is filled with critical fans (like me! and everyone else here, lol) but what your talking about is really not a big deal or some new phenomenon.

    You act like the Internets is what destroyed these peoples lives but it didn’t. How do I know? Because depressed celebrities have been around for decades. You mention Lauryn Hill, what brought her down? People loved her music, she had TONS of critical acclaim, almost a dozen grammys, she went diamond, and the Internet wasn’t really popping then like it is now. How come she became so depressed? Same for people like Kurt Cobain, Marvin Gaye, River Phoenix. Rev Run even talked about how depressed he was once he became famous. And even less famous but elder acts like Bun B and David Banner have talked about how depressed they’ve become at one point or another. ANd it wasn’t because of the internet. It’s the nature of celebrity that brings people down, and that goes for all people.

    In some ways the Internet is a savior because at least Soulja Boy and Bow Wow can go out and express exactly how they feel as opposed to most celebrities (like Eminem and MJ) who go out and just use drugs and alcohol. I admit there’s WAY too much hate on the Internets and surely not enough love but it is what it is.

  • capcobra

    the trials and tribulations pose to serve as an inspiration…these niguz ain’t real artists….cause they pose to turn those dark hate filled stressed out confused moments into heartfelt classics..instead these idiots turn ‘em into tweets and go make a club/radio song…smh.

    • Curtis75Black


      All these young artists need to listen to:

      It’s All Bad – Chino XL
      Cheesy Rat Blues and Funkadelic Relic – LL Cool J
      The Business – ATCQ
      Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous – Ice T
      True to the Game – Ice Cube

      and a host of other tracks that escape my mind right now.

      • El Tico Loco

        Just put 70 percent of Ice Cube’s catalog on there

        • Curtis75Black

          Outta Here -Boogie Down Productions
          The Truth – LL Cool J A real hot introspective right here.

          I don’t necessarily agree with those older emcee’s becoming mentors because you have to learn on your own. Alot of our elder vets and legends came up with fucked up contracts, beefing about residuals and loyality from family as well as fans. It’s a learning process and just because you’re on stage flashing your chain in front of the camera it’s only gonna work for awhile before peeps get tired. Honesty, out elders give advice in their music but it’s sad when you ain’t trying to hear it because ‘They ain’t hot’, They old, they not revelant’ which is all Bullshit !!

    • $ykotic

      “Time I Get to Arizona”-Public Enemy

      These cats are crying over blogs and hurt feelings. Let me see them hold some weight like that song.

      N*ggaz don’t remember Chuck getting in McCain’s ass for that MLK holiday vote.

      But then again dudes that don’t stand up for something fall for anything.

  • Phlip

    Maybe we should just let them all retire, then self-terminate when they have to watch as no one gives enough of a fuck to remember them when they’re gone.

  • Deuce53

    this blog is pointless…u wana kno why? becuase u chose to write it right? kinda like they choose to do the stupid shit or say the stupid shit they bow wow really gona say hes in a dark place? in the middle of a fuckin recession?! ur rich!!! ur stress is nothing compared to the common man’s especially in this day and age. big deal, we the fans have a right to criticize u for ur dumb actions, music, etc. ur a public fuckin figure, and as far as ppl reading the lil twitters and then laughin? of course we gona laugh, and u cant defend them for bitching up on a twitter board, cuz they had the conscious thot to log on and post it, they had the chance to keep it to themselves, and decided to share with the whole world how spoiled fuckin rotten they sound, id trade my bank account and my stress levels with theirs anyday, young fuckers got me twisted…OG Matt Herbz said it best! if u cant take the fuckin heat, then stop watchu doin or stop breathing or quit bitching, real talk

  • Escobar9300

    “Imagine being a rapper who just wants to be successful and all you do is get hated on. ”

    Get a clue, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are not rappers. Maybe, just maybe, if they made music that wasnt garbage they wouldn’t be hated on so hard. Wack music = Hate. Who would have thought!

  • El Tico Loco

    Is hard to feel pity for a douchebag. Especially if they’re not even good at what they do but are more successfull than their more talented counterparts.
    Is like watching a freestyle BMX competition and the guy who won just knew how to ride a bike with no hands and do a 2 second wheelie.

  • Federal Ranga


    See this is the homotional shit we all be talking about… if you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen cuz we not down for the bullshit you’re not even read to handle cookin up.

    “God’s and my Moms is the only opinions that matters to me”
    CO-SIGN OUT THE ASS [||]. My grandmama always told me, “if they don’t give you toilet paper to wipe your ass, fuck em”…

    The problem is niggaz in the game done got waaaaaaaaaaaaay too close to the media and fans to have the privacy to keep them stable from the jump and that can only result in complete meltdowns.

    • FLOSS

      @ Ranga

      “My grandmama always told me, “if they don’t give you toilet paper to wipe your ass, fuck em”…

      My dude thats some real shit. I dont get why niggas skin is so soft these days and if you gonna have a melt down keep that shit internal vent to family or GOD not on Twitter or some public platform get smart niggas.

  • Tony Grand$

    If life is that hard, & depression is such a burden, go seek therapy. Those people get paid to dry tears &/or hold hands.

    Life sucks… (C) My Dad

    I understand how they feel, but @ the same time whining about hate only fuels the hate. Cats are starving, dying, living in squalor, & the last thing they want to hear is some barely legal millionaire crying about how hard it is to be happy.

    Co-exist with the harsh realities like us normal folks & get over it.

    God bless them nonetheless, but nobody said it was going to be easy.

    Lesson of the Day: Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

  • Braille

    them niggas suffer from acute b.n.s

    a…cute bitch nigga syndrome…If I was making money like them…I wouldn’t give a shit what no human being in this world said about me…bitchassness

  • Curtis75Black

    Here’s another spin on the subject: You know what you see !! If you don’t agree, let me know. If you are in your late 20′s to Mid-30′s you know how Hip Hop started. We seen the clothes, heard the raps, saw the videos. We seen the struggle!! Now, majority of these 80′s crack era babies didn’t get that opportunity. They saw Jay-Z and Biggie playing poker with real money in Dead Presidents, Heard Nas spit’ Hate me Now’, saw Cash Money and No Limit as well as Bad Boy push that image of instant fame, money and celebrity with no issues otherwise !! Now they are in the game and see it’s not all it seems. Jay,Biggie,Nas and Pac already knew that – they struggled like every emcee before them.

    • El Tico Loco

      Is like I heard Warren Ballantine say one time “you can’t go to heaven without dying”, the music stays losing on the strenght of lucky breaks and unmerited cosigns.

  • Shawty J

    We can’t really feel sorry for these rappers that over expose themselves. Soulja Boy didn’t have to hop onto Twitter and go on a racist bitch-fest about how he’s been sodomized by the record label. Nobody forced him to tweet about how he can’t take pressure from his critics. Nobody told Bow Wow to go all emo and start putting up semi-sucidial tweets. I mean don’t these brothers have a friend or someone they can talk us over with on a personal level, so none of this gets out. I understand some of these rappers want to have a transparant relationship with their fans, but no matter what you do, the more you expose yourself, the more open you are for criticism.


    this post relates to the other guys but bow wow is just bored. he is dumb he needs to start a family move on to the next stage of life. get married have some kids have them grow up and lead a normal life.

  • melba

    They can just stop googling themselves and reading comment-sections like this one. If LL had been able to read what half the world thought about him at any given time back in the eighties, he would have been depressed too. And that’s the truth, Rooth.

  • Curtis75Black

    LL for celebrating his sucess while every other emcee was on that ‘Black Power’ tip around Walking with a Panther

    Big Daddy Kane catering to the ladies with ‘Prince of Darkness’ and posing for Playgirl also chillin’ with Madonna

    Fresh Prince being called The Cosby Kid of Rap with his songs.

    Eazy E being caught out there with the AIDS virus

    All the rappers that went from the Red/Black/Green to being thugs and gangsta’s (Probably not, since it was Hot at the time).

    Dr. Dre for beating up Sista Dee Barnes

    Flavor Flav/DMX/Foxy Brown for all their fuck ups with the law.

    Steady B. and Cool C. for their Robbery fuck up!!