Anytime something ridiculous happens in hip-hop, I always say, “I wish Dave Chappelle was around to make fun of this.” That’s how crucial his show was to pop culture. With now classic skits including Lil Jon’s adlibs, Tupac’s music playing in the afterlife, Wu-Tang financial, and the “Piss On You” music video, Dave definitely had a heavy hip-hop edge. On his show, he preferred sharing his stage with lyrical acts like Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def instead of mainstream dudes. He also graced a cover of XXL with some of those guys, one of the few non-musicians to have an XXL cover. Dude was hilarious and one of the best comedians of our time. Judging from the crazy turnout for his impromptu show in Portland on Wednesday, folks still love him. What’s your favorite Chappelle skit?

Tupac in the Club Skit

Dave On Ja Rule

As we all remember, however, during filming of the third season of Chappelle’s Show in 2005, Dave got cold feet about the entire operation and absconded to Africa. The rest is history. Since then, he’s popped up here and there, with his funniest moments living only in our memories. Even though the series only aired for three seasons on Comedy Central, its impact was huge, so I know I’m not the only one who misses it in times like these. Black president? So many possibilities. As far as hip-hop, here’s a brief list of seven rap things Dave Chappelle could make fun of today.—clovito

1. AutoTune – A lot of people have already done parodies of hip-hop’s new tech of choice, but none could pull it off like Chappelle. A skit with him, T-Pain and Kanye in the studio would be classic.
2. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, featuring Rick Ross
3. Lil Wayne – Dave would get Weezy’s vocal ticks down perfectly.
4. Rapper reality shows – A “Mad Real World” sequel mocking rappers with reality shows: Uncle Luke, MC Hammer, Rev Run, Snoop and the return of Dave as Puffy.
5. beaming into CNN – Other ways to use beaming technology in the hood
6. R. Kelly’s Acquittal/BET Interview – Chappelle as Toure interviewing Chappelle as R. Kelly
7. Southern dances – Dave creates his own dances, including the Wrap it Up