Remembering Dave Chappelle

Anytime something ridiculous happens in hip-hop, I always say, “I wish Dave Chappelle was around to make fun of this.” That’s how crucial his show was to pop culture. With now classic skits including Lil Jon’s adlibs, Tupac’s music playing in the afterlife, Wu-Tang financial, and the “Piss On You” music video, Dave definitely had a heavy hip-hop edge. On his show, he preferred sharing his stage with lyrical acts like Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def instead of mainstream dudes. He also graced a cover of XXL with some of those guys, one of the few non-musicians to have an XXL cover. Dude was hilarious and one of the best comedians of our time. Judging from the crazy turnout for his impromptu show in Portland on Wednesday, folks still love him. What’s your favorite Chappelle skit?

Tupac in the Club Skit

Dave On Ja Rule

As we all remember, however, during filming of the third season of Chappelle’s Show in 2005, Dave got cold feet about the entire operation and absconded to Africa. The rest is history. Since then, he’s popped up here and there, with his funniest moments living only in our memories. Even though the series only aired for three seasons on Comedy Central, its impact was huge, so I know I’m not the only one who misses it in times like these. Black president? So many possibilities. As far as hip-hop, here’s a brief list of seven rap things Dave Chappelle could make fun of today.—clovito

1. AutoTune – A lot of people have already done parodies of hip-hop’s new tech of choice, but none could pull it off like Chappelle. A skit with him, T-Pain and Kanye in the studio would be classic.
2. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, featuring Rick Ross
3. Lil Wayne – Dave would get Weezy’s vocal ticks down perfectly.
4. Rapper reality shows – A “Mad Real World” sequel mocking rappers with reality shows: Uncle Luke, MC Hammer, Rev Run, Snoop and the return of Dave as Puffy.
5. beaming into CNN – Other ways to use beaming technology in the hood
6. R. Kelly’s Acquittal/BET Interview – Chappelle as Toure interviewing Chappelle as R. Kelly
7. Southern dances – Dave creates his own dances, including the Wrap it Up

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  • Pierzy

    He would lampoon Soulja Boy’s stupidity, he would make jokes about Jay-Z buying a retirement home for him to live in and probably some type of dating service for Nas…



    (ADVERTISING TIME: LEAK: A.Dd+ “UNFCKWITABLES II” feat. J.Rhodes. POWER OF THE TONGUE MIXTAPE presented by The808studio 7-21-09.

    • $ykotic

      My Commission brethren! Peace!

      I was there Wednesday 1am in the morning! Dave ripped it! Low budget style!

      Biddies in the crowd were getting naked for Dave! People smoking on rooftops.

      Easily 10 thou + showed up that started off a rumor about 4pm Tuesday. Even Wednesday night @ the Too $hort jumpoff we were still talking about Dave.

      Anyway I wanted to throw in a perspective of someone who was actually there. Cause Dave came out with a rented mic amp(you could barely hear him but you could) on some NYC subway panhandle style and it worked. No security, no sponsors, and best of all, no $. That was a easy quarter mil he could have pocketed and he blessed the people.

      He’s got love from the masses here.

  • Around and Around

    Can’t say what he’d do..the man’s a genius. Who comes up with a blind black KKK member who’s never told so? That’s some genius shit right there.

    Black President was the best, “Oil? Oil? Bitch who said something about oil, you cookin?”

    • FLOSS

      @ Around


      • HNIC

        Chappelle as Black Pres: “THE NIGGA TRIED TO KILL MY FATHER!!!”

        Ashy Larry: “Say word, son?!”

        Black Pres: “Niggas have turned into Superheroes for less than that.”

        Ashy Larry: “Say word, son?!”


        • Around and Around

          “Say word they tried to kill your father”

          What do you have to say to the UN?

          “Sell some medicine bitches”

  • geico lizard

    Dave would also make fun of these rap magazines that keep going belly up. My fav Chappelle skit is “Black Bush” because all the stuff Dave predicted on there would happen to a black president is happening to President Obama right now. President Obama cant make a move without getting hated on by every network not just foxnews.


  • Jhon da Analyst

    Clayton Bigsby………….hands down!!
    Wayne Brady guess appearance…..2nd


    This nigga is mad funny i never cant get enough of his Bluestreak character and the show was off the fucking chain- The Playa Hata’s Ball is my shit and that -Real Real world. Dont forget tho he still got inspiration from The Richard Prior Show, pay homage my niggas.

    • $ykotic

      Richard Pryor=Dave Chappelle

      Flip Wilson>>>Tyler Perry

      N*GGA F*CK YO COUCH!!! Hilarious ass classic line and take.

      Like Ranga said below I would love to see a Rick Ross sketch from Dave.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I’d have to say

    1. Everthing Rick James
    2. Racist KKK skit. (sad but extreamly funny)
    3. Wayne Brady skit

    If he came back today, man… Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, I dont know there is so much stuff.

    I swear if that nigga gatherd his writers, and cast, went away to a saound stage in some small country, and did 10-12 new episodes. He would start a bidding war and could get 100 million.

  • AO

    i’m with King, if you knew who Wayne Brady was in real life then saw that skit you’d know why it was so funny. Rick James, Prince, “FIF”, Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Legend

    Chappelle Show >>>>>>

  • ri067953

    I want that purple drank!!!

  • capcobra

    ashy larry.



  • http://xxl gside

    Dam finally I been waiting for this one, rember when he did the gang history skit , know the history channels doing gangland they bit Chappelle shit. The man is a motherfucking genius to have the foresight on some shit like that he need to sue , but Dave ain’t about the money . I believe the whole reason for the show was for him to make a statement , so the power that be would have his show pull that shit backfire everybody love it ala the Pual Moonie skit when your too good white people will come and buy you, so the next best thing he could do was walk away form the money.

    • Tony Grand$

      That Gangland show was already on the air, which is the reason he spoofed it.

      • http://xxl gside

        I don’t so gangland didn’t start until Americana gangstra Chappelle was on before both of them I used to be a big history channel watcher until they start put on shit like that . Plus I’m not going to believe you unless you can come up with some dates I’m usually right about shit like this trust me .

  • Around and Around

    “How come they never found Biggie and Tupac’s murderers, but they could arrest O.J. the next day. Nicole Simpson can’t rap!”


      “My blackness will not allow me to answer that question”.

  • freakyfiikkii

    Katie had some big azz TIDDAYS

    Make me a banana cognac bitch

    THE PLAYA HATERS AWARDS with Butt Nasty…funny shit

    My favorite skit was with the puppets talking about VD and Charlie Murphy was the voice of the puppet living in the garbage can…classic

    “I beat my dick like it owed me money”

  • El Tico Loco

    Turn my mic up- *crowd goes* ooooooh
    Turn my mic up- *crowd goes* oooooooh
    is this thing on?- *crowd goes* ooooooh!

    I know negroes (The good times portion)

    Rick James and Prince (blouses win)

    I miss the Boondocks too. SMH in disbelief

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Hey who was that cute chick on the show that was with dave in bed, when they did that sex contract skit? That bitch was fine.

    When Dave shot the condom in the trash and said “Kobe” lol Classic.

    • chillin mayne

      im a lil late, but dat chick u talkin bout is rashida jones…she a dimepiece…

      naw on da white people dancin skit, wen dave goes into da barber shop and ol dude playin da guitar, and den homeboi wit da cigar is like “AYO……SHUT THA FUCK UP” jaaaaaaaaaa…his face had me rollin son…

      “we take bannanas and we fry them up, its a thing we got back on da island, and we call it fried bannana”…jaaa..dat makin da band shit was hilarious….dudes freestyle… “we go around the bush, den up da tree, den we go to da beach and we chill for 3″

      black bush my favorite tho “who let the source in this mutha fucka?”..i knew i shouldnt have called on this nigga, i KNEW it”….”who da fucc said dat?…like who??….angland…japan sendin sum playstations….riggidy raaaaaaaaw is comin…stankonia said dey were willing to drop bombs over baghdad….and i believe them….africa bambatta and the zulu nation” jajajajaj,
      dis dude gets none but love from me

  • Federal Ranga


    1. Rick Ross C.O. skit
    2. A skit about young rappers crazy ass tweets
    3. A day in the life of Lil Wayne
    4. Meltdown at Vibe Magazine
    5. Kanye West of Love or some shit

    Chappelle, make it happen man!!!

  • Tony Grand$

    Tyrone Biggums on Fear Factor was fucking classic!

    “Imma tell u sumn about me u might not know Joe Rogan…..I smoke rocks.”

    Or the skit where he got Oprah pregnant but the baby turned out to be Dr Phil’s.

    Too much comedy, man. Dude is legendary. Even his stand-ups from back in the days where hilarious. Comedy Central thought they’d appease the “minority” audience with Carlos Mencia. Fuck out of here! There’s only one Chappelle.

    “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to slap a bitch?”

    “Run, Bitch, Run!”

    • miles archer

      Nah homie. He said, “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?”


      I liked the sketch that was a 1950′s tv show about a white family named The Niggars. Dave was the black milk man.

      “I hate to bother you about this, but you didn’t pay ya bill last week and I know how forgetfull you Niggars are when it comes to paying bills”.

      Miles Archer

  • Incilin

    “Chappelle as Toure”

    ^^^ LMAO! Now that’s something I’d like to see.

    Good ideas, funny stuff. I miss Dave too, but his short run was so incredible I’m glad it ended when it did. Chappelle Show was by far one of the funniest shows (if not the funniest show) of this decade. And there was really no way for him to top season 2.

    I remember when he was on the cover of XXL with Common, Kweli, and dead prez, and whoever else was on that cover. And I was thinking I would never get to see those rapper get a major mag cover. That was a good look for everyone involved, and Dave is real reason it happened.

  • ryne rich

    stop hittin the tabel
    i told you

  • John Cauner

    My favorite skits were Fuck Yo Couch, Wayne Brady, and the Real World skit. “Hey Chad, I fucked Katie too mang.” So many to choose from.

  • Jerm

    my fave was the black president one!!
    and also i loved the Niggar Family one
    “I know what happens when if i get between a Niggar and his bacon!!! – I might get my fingers bite!!” Hilarious
    LOL and the Wolf/Mummy/Frankenstein skit, with the black stereotypes. And no one can forget the Blind Black KKK Klansmen HAHHA

    Dave Chappelle is the man, if he were still doin comedy, he would one of the greatest, but i still think hes one of the best, even in his short time.

    • Jerm

      “Bitch Im Rick James, enjoy yoself bitch, Im Rick James”

      classic material

  • NotTheOne002

    Is this the 5′o clock free crack giveaway!!??

  • HNIC

    I liked the “WacArnolds” skit, too!

    “Eww, nigga, you smell like French Fries!”

  • latino heat

    what up everybody? i been off of here for the last week because of all the name stealing bullshit. i got a question, did D.P. get shit canned? all i see is Nipsey Hustle blogs but no D.P. say it ain’t so.

  • brand-new

    can’t forget about the battle of the kool moe d concert, which took place at………a kool moe d concert lol


    the player haters ball- he called the cops on the drug dealers across the street. not because it was the right thing to do but because they were making more money than him.
    the rick james episode- BITCHES!!! show charlie murphy your titties. AHHHHH THE MILKS GONE BAD CHARLIE MURPHY
    the first episode the blind kkk guy
    dave as diddy in making the band- BREAST MILK YOU MAKE MY DAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
    oh man TYRONE BIGGUMS: kids and that was the first time i sucked dick for crack!!!!!
    picking up the bus to get a dime mwhahhahaa
    the real mad world- when they choke him out on the dance floor and he wakes up and said i guess the side affects of getting the sleeper hold put on you is that your anus hurts mwhahahha
    the wanye brady skit- is wanye brady going have to choke a bitch.
    the odweeds skit- smells like the chronic, taste like the chronic. but it’s not the chronic. oops wrong bag mon
    the std puppets- you don’t understand i make love to my hand/ so go i don’t need you honey/ i beat my dick like it owes me money fuck it mwhahhahaa
    the dice olympics or something like that- with ashy larry then they get robbed. give me that money and go upstairs and put some lotion on
    almost everything to do with paul mooney

    • BIGNAT

      i forgot the r.kelly piss on you and the piss on you remix

  • freakyfiikkii

    How could I forget the wife swap skit when Dave stayed with the white family and the little boy said GGGGG G-Unit and Dave said GGGGG get yo ass up before I stick my foot in yo ass. Then he took the boy in da hood and dropped him off

  • Brian

    man dave is just classic, the gang skit was the shit. mos def killed with it the bird call and the letter he writes from prison. pppppppprrrrrrrrrr

  • Silly Willy

    - Can you stop yellin at me, please ?


    Hands down the best commercial evar!!!!!

  • Yo Couch Nigga!


  • render

    lol damn…had to google this shit to make sure dude didn’t die without me realizing it

    giving a living man his props is a good look tho xxl

    those charlie murphy bits were funny as fuck. The prince one too which is even funnier cause I have it on good authority that prince actually does ball like that

  • ?

    The best skit he ever did was the making the band skit.
    Omg that shytt had me dying.

    “I rip and I rhyme, I rhyme and I rip. This is the way that Dylon spits!”


    • 1hunid

      lmao!! Me and my lady every now and then still say “You too close mon” (When Dave *playing Dylon chokes out Wyclef) Priceless!!

  • King Joffy Joe

    Frontline Guy: “Sir, exactly what is the message that you are trying get across with your books?”

    Clayton Bigsby: “Well sir my message is simple.” “N***ers, Jews, Mexicans, Homosexuals, Arabs, Chinese people, and all other chinks, STINK!

    That right there is, hands-down, THE most funniest thing i’ve ever seen on cable t.v.

  • erik

    its so tru i use to see all his shows and they were funny i will love him to come back and dis all these gay rapers

  • Beast McCoy

    There’s alot I’d like to see done but Sarah “Chickenhead” Palin would be one of my top selections. I love to see a Black Sarah Palin. She’d be the gulliest bitch on Capitol Hill.

  • I am legend

    in order 4 me 2 open the studio, u all have 2 go get me breast milk from a cambodian immigrant lmao.Breast milk u make my daaaaaaaay! classic no 1 will ever have a show funnier his shit was legendary, ingenius 2 say the least.


    hands down the best!

    favorite skit for me has to be black KKK member Clay Bixby’s 20/20 special…wtf!!! who thinks of that!?!?!

  • YaziNho

    dave as dylan in the p diddy skit
    “who are the best five rapper of all time… think about it … Dylan, Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan … cos i spit hot fire”