Everyone Hates Big

Yesterday I wrote a blog saluting the living legends like Prince, Jay and R. Kelly. At the end of the entry I made a list of honorable mentions, one of which was Lil Wayne. A few of ya’ll took exception, but it got me thinking: Why do folks hate on Weezy so much?

After MJ passed it’s as if the world collectively realized how great of an artist he was, except the material has always been there. It’s an amazingly beautiful thing that Mike has the top 3 albums this week, but it would’ve been more beautiful if he were alive to see three of his works still be THAT sought after 20 years later. Maybe that’s nitpicking because for the most part MJ was appreciated. At every turn he was greeted with adoring fans (as well as the dreaded paparazzi, but hey). Now Lil Wayne isn’t MJ status, but as far as hip-hop goes he sits atop the mountain whether folks want to admit it or not. So what happens when Wayne eventually passes away? It’s not that I wish death upon him, but I’m just saying none of us lives forever. Will it take Wayne’s death for us to realize his greatness?

I can see ya’ll reactions now. I bet members of the Commission are like, “Wayne’s greatness?!? Rob is trippin’.” But I’m dead serious and ya’ll know that I’m right. Coming up I seen the same shit happen to B.I.G. As a matter of fact I can remember that it was Puff who first declared Biggie the G.O.A.T on MTV a week after Big Poppa died. Then Canibus saluted B.I.G. On “2nd Round Knockout” when he taunted LL saying “The greatest rapper died on March 9th.” The truth is Bis’s proclamation was more of a swipe at LL’s G.O.A.T claims and less of a homage to Frank White – or maybe it was both. The point is this: while he was alive few (if any) were calling Biggie the greatest of all time. As a matter of fact it was quite the opposite.

Wu-Tang’s Raekwon and Ghostface seemed to subliminally take exception to Big’s Ready to Die album cover on their “Shark Biters” skit off of OB4CL. I was a huge Wu fan, but that shit baffled me. Illmatic‘s album cover is amazing; one of the best album covers ever, but the only real similarity between Nas’s album and Big’s was the fact that they both featured a little kid on the cover. Who gives a fuck? I was a fan and copped both CDs. And furthermore why would Rae and Ghost even give a shit? It just seemed frivolous.

Things got weirder when Nas dropped It Was Written and threw some sublimes to Frank spittin’, “There’s one life, one love, so there could only be on King.” I think it was The Source who first crowned Big the King of NY, but I could be wrong. Even still while that was a major compliment, being the King of New York is a far cry from being the G.O.A.T. Of course Big got back at Nas, throwing a sublime of his own, “Its funny MCs used to be on some cruddy shit/Took home Ready to Die studied it.”

Shit even got dicey in my beloved Brooklyn when the Boot Camp Click started throwing shots. In O.G.C.’s “No Fear” video BCC members are acting out a scenario where they are throwing a Big look-a-like off the stage much like KRS did to Prince B from PM Dawn. I wasn’t really sure what prompted that beef, but I do remember hearing that after the video Starang Wondah, one of the Boot Camp members, got jumped by Big’s Junior Mafia. Even the Roots mocked the Cristal-sippin’ lifestyle that Biggie represented in their “What They Do” video. You know that’s some real angst when the Roots get at you.

The sad part is that the fans got caught up in all of this. Even in Brooklyn there was a lot of hate for Big. Or maybe the fans started the hate and the artists picked up on it. Who knows? But the fact was that when he was alive Chris Wallace was way more popular than anyone who ever went against him (except Pac). So to me it just seemed like a lot of jealously. It wasn’t Big’s fault that his records played on the radio 100 times a day. Shit if I was a radio programmer I would’ve played “Glaciers of Ice,” “I Gave You Power” and “Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka” 100 times a day too, but I guess that’s why I work at XXL and not Hot 97.

It’s great that Biggie is so well regarded now, thank god! I just wish he would’ve been alive to see it. The funny thing is, all of his remixed, posthumous work has been shitty; the real gems were released while he was still alive. So why did it take for him to die before we really celebrated Big’s life? It isn’t too late for Lil Wayne though. Trust me, we’re gonna miss him when he’s gone. – Rob the Music Ed

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  • General

    Wow. You should be Lil Wayne’s permanent PR man. Damn, I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna miss Wayne when he is gone…

    I’m not wishing him death by any means, but when I go back through his catalog there is really nothing that stands out as classic or great in it. I know a lot of people think the Carter 2 was a classic and alot of people think his mixtapes were classic the last few years, but there was never anything about what he did that was classic or great in my opinion. I give him respect for his popularity amongst pop fans and the sales on his last CD, but if you actually listen to the Carter 3, his bars were average and seemed all over the place…

    As far as BIG, anytime your in NY and have that King of NY label thrown on you, of course people are going to take shots at you, because it is a very competitive and ego driven market in hip-hop…I don’t think I would personally list BIG as the GOAT, simply because he only put out 2 CD’s, which isn’t a huge body of work to claim that title. I wish he would have had the oppurtunity to put out CD’s for a long time, but it wasn’t to be so we will never know how he would have fared over the long run



    • Pee scholar

      Your first point was very accurate! But i thought this post was going to address the fact that biggie was only that hot on the east coast…. The rest of the rap world was riding wit pac, and big was never mentioned as the goat cuz quite Frankly (no pun intended)you need more than one album and a couple guest appearances to hold that title.

      Unfortunately the author of this blog bitched up!!!

      When big was alive NY was in a recession, and the west coast was prospering. When he passed the east rose again and heralded BIG as their savior, which is understandable because he did give them a jumpstart with his untimely demise.

      But he was not and is not the G.O.A.T! Just a figure head, or better yet a monument for an uprising regime!!!

    • hannibal

      Let’s not forget the Fugees The Mask, the last verse by Pras takes one of the weirdest swipes at Biggie that came out of nowhere and Jeru da Damaja who Big got at in kick in the door

      • http://www.datpiff.com/MaxProfit.profile.html Max Profit

        “Hypnotize” has the tightest lyrics I ever heard on a club joint.
        Balance & Versatility – that’s what Biggie brought to the game.

        Biggie was the rapper we love to hate. Tupac was the same way. When you shift the balance of power from grimey niggas to flashy niggas it’s only natural that people hate on Big.
        But as the years go by everyone can see how Biggie and Puff laid down the blueprint for success.

    • DetroitDraper

      Yea Wayne’s lyrics are all over the place. He doesnt know how to stay on subject at all.

  • og bobby j

    some might miss him….others wont. Lil wayne will not be missed in the same light as Mike Jack or Biggie and pac…..he just doesnt carry that kind of weight.

    Mike jack was a legend…so thats that.

    Biggie and pac came up and embodied entire coastlines and put rap to in the forefront. they made the game what it is today….what had wayne done? Boost the sales of lollipops? Bling? Until he drops a gem like ready to die or 7 day theory….he will never be on that level…

  • djtask

    Everyone at the top of the game is gonna have their fair share of naysayers (i.e. Big)…But hip hop is a competitive sport, that’s how its supposed to be. I think this article would have been better suited for someone like J. Dilla who was MINIMALLY appreciated before his death. Weezy gets the hate because folks are calling him the “best rapper alive” while there are plenty doper, iller emcees who can’t get shine in this musical climate marked by industry gimmicks, and fickle follower, sheep musical consumers.

    • http://www.get2knowpro.com leonthepro

      …man. give this dude an applause!

      Even as a fan of Biggie, I dont miss him. He was dope. but, i dont miss him. When Wayne’s gone, i wont miss him either… People like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley — they have POSITIVE, humanitarian legacies. Regardless of whatever slander they’ve received, they still made incredible music that touched people. It’s the fact that they put the artistry before the dollars. That’s how Dilla did it too — you can see/feel that in his art. He really appreciated producing.

      When people like Stevie Wonder pass… or Chuck D — then there’s a relevence. But yeah, i like the article and your perspective, homie!


  • Moving Sideways

    Biggie is obviously Top 5 ever, and depending on my mood some days I’d put him at 1.

    However, while he was alive his tracks were starting to get into the rap and bullshit territory. Who knows, if he hadn’t gotten shot he might have been floating in a wind tunnel in a shiny ass suit with Ma$e and Puffy. Then we would have all bitched about how he’s a sellout, then he’d get fed up with the critics and drop a hardcore hip-hop album, and we’d remember why he was the fucking man in the first place. Ebb and flow (isn’t that right, 50 Cent).

    As for Wayne, some of the shit he says is pretty damn clever, but to be honest, his nasal, whiny-ass voice bothers me. I don’t wish him dead though, he has his place, I just like him in small doses.

    • Pierzy

      And Co-Sign on your B.I.G. point — If he lives, how do people not shit on him the same way they shit on Jay for Sunshine (both video & song)?

  • 619

    Off the subject a little, I was checkin’ this morning to see who got everyone’s credit as living legends and I noticed only 7mile mentioned George Clinton. I guess people really don’t realize how major his impact was on hip-hop. “Atomic Dog” alone was sampled on hits like Snoop’s “Who Am I? (What’s My Name)”, N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton”, and Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”, “Bop Gun”, “How To Survive In South Central”, and “Ghetto Bird”. His music leading both groups Parliment and Funkadelic was sampled on more than one song on each of 4 albums that are easy picks for top 10 hip-hop albums of all time: Snoop’s ‘Doggystyle’, Dre’s ‘Chronic’, Cube’s ‘Amerikkka’s Most Wanted’, and N.W.A.’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’. So contrary to what Rob said yesterday, I don’t think Dre created West Coast rap, I think George had more of an influence over West Coast rap than anyone.

  • http://www.StreetLevel.com Timmhotep

    RE: The Roots and Big, they weren’t getting at Big in particular in the “What They Do” video, just the corny-ass rap cliches of the day. Just so happened Bad Boy was responsible for a lot of that bullshit.

  • Pierzy

    This is a really good drop, however, I find a few flaws in the thinking:

    You said it yourself – someone else crowned B.I.G. as King of NY. He never really said it himself. I know a lot of fans (and NaS) took exception when Jay first wanted to name his 2nd album “Heir To The Throne, Vol. 1″ and when he started calling himself the king. That’s why NaS never really embraced that title even after “Ether” & Stillmatic dropped.

    In much the same way, Weezy just started saying he was the best alive and if you say something long enough, it apparently is true. Many consumers are sheep and want to feel like they are a part of something so if someone claims to be the best, many want to like that person so they can say their favorite artist is the best. Chuck Klosterman said that people are so upset over MJ’s death because they realize it’s a huge moment and they want to feel as if they’re a part of it, so they’re acting like the past 20 years didn’t happen.

    Of course, ‘Pac & B.I.G. became more famous – and better in the eyes of many – after they died. You never realize what you have til it’s gone. It’s also the reason why Big L is now considered the best underground MC ever but how many people had Lifestyles Ov Da Poor & Dangerous when he was alive? Isn’t there a reason why art goes up in price after the artist dies?

    It doesn’t always happen. I don’t listen to D12 now and say, “Wow, Proof was top 5″ or lament the fact that Freaky Tah passed before his time. I guarantee you that I will feel the same about Lil’ Wayne after he’s gone as I feel about him right now…and I don’t think he’s even CLOSE to great.

    Had Rakim died in ’91 or KRS in ’95 or something like that, they would have been elevated too. If Jay stayed retired after The Black Album or NaS after Stillmatic, then they would have been raised up because you keep people wanting more. That fact is more true of B.I.G. than Pac because he left much fewer songs than Pac so there’s less there – classic supply & demand.

    My girl was devastated when Michael Jackson died (and she never shit on him, even in his craziest moments) and she claimed that I would be upset if Jay or NaS died, but I don’t think that’s the case because I have SO much material from both of them that I can refer back to. If NaS had passed after Illmatic or Jay after Reasonable Doubt, maybe you can wonder “What If…” and that was the case with B.I.G. & ‘Pac – so many questions.

    Would B.I.G. have really released a triple CD and then retired?

    Would Junior M.A.F.I.A. have stayed together?

    Would Lil’ Kim still look Asian?

    Would they have released a Commission (ahem!) album?

    Would Pac have left Suge?

    Would Pac have kept acting?

    Would Pac grow old and turn into a Jim Brown-type activist (like when he started) or would he have kept acting like Thug Life?

    What would’ve happened with the ‘Pac vs. East Coast beef?

    Would NaS & B.I.G. have continued to have an uneasy relationship over their chase to be the best in New York and where would Jay-Z have fit in?

    Would so many artists that filled their void collectively (led by Jay) still been as popular?


    If Lil’ Wayne dies today do you have even 1/3 the number of questions? I say no, and that’s the difference. He may be the best in the game right now (even though I disagree) but it’s not the same game now…he’s the MVP of a watered-down NBDL league, not the MVP during one of rap’s great eras like those two were…

    {I apologize if that was all over the place}

    • epinz


      all good points, but wouldnt big callin himself the black frank white b technically callin himself the king of new york since thats where the name comes from?(movie< king of new york) also, he did wear the crown at the source awards and apeared on the cover of it with the head title of “king of new york”

      also, i had the big l cd when it first came out, and that shit is classic, luv that ngga!

      • Pee Scholar

        But it was almost like being a slum lord!!! Cuz NY wasnt really shit at the time….

    • LEO

      Amen…I wouldn’t miss Wayne…or Jay…Or Nas…I dont even miss Pac…I do miss BIG…DMX shouldve died after its dark and hell is hot lol…just saying…


      Wayne will be missed by Teeny boppers. Kids who dont even know what effect Hiphop had on their lives. Kids who dont even know what effect Micheal Jackson had on Hiphop. Lil Wayne has put out some solid music, then turned around and gave us trash. Look at the artists you mentioned.

      Big, Pac, & MJ NEVER gave us any bullshit albums or music. All of their collections were incredible. From B.I.G’s two albums and guest apperances, from Pac’s 8 albums and 4 movies, to Mike’s 10 albums especially Thriller. None of it was ever trash. They put their hearts and souls into what they were doing and that’s what making art is all about.

      I’m not angry at dudes like Soulja Boy, because he gives us garbage music and he’s up front about it. Its not aimed at folks like myself. Dudes like Wayne however constantly gives us garbage under the guise thats its the “best” hiphop has to offer and the sheeple will follow him off a cliff.

      Sorry, but if you’re going to claim the title of “best rapper alive”, you’re gonna have to prove it with your quality. That way, we know you were telling the truth. And Wayne has been caught in more lies than Bill Clinton & Mark Sanford.

      I’d rather have Wayne put out 1 solid album every 2 years, than 10 mixtapes of absolute stupidy every 6 hours.

      A lot of music =/= good music.
      Album sales =/= greatness.

      Otherwise we should put MC Hammer and Vinilla Ice as the greatest rappers.

      Will Wayne be missed? Sure he will. By a new generation of kids who have no sense of history, foundation, or even respect for elders. Coupled with the fact that he’s a drug addict. Addicts KNOW what they’re doing could kill them. I’m not wishing death upon anyone, but I never cry over spilt milk.


    GREAT DROP…I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR YEARS! i’m from detroit, but a lot of my family lives in NY. also, THIS WAS MY ERA, so i remember this vividly! cats used to clown me all the time when i said that BIGGIE GAINED MOST OF HIS POPULARITY BECAUSE OF PAC! when big dropped, he was looked at as a commercial, p diddy creation. NIGGAS WAS GRIMEY IN 1993, all that coogie, versace shit was not hip-hop to most east coast hip hop fans! niggas like nas, wu, and mobb were rappin bout real life shit and here comes this nigga with coogie raps! the west was dominant at that time! no new york nigga was touchin snoop or pac. so when it became pac vs big, new york niggas gravitated toward big due to the fact that he became the defacto eastcoast representer! as far as that king of new york shit, that was a media creation! people forget, BIGGIE WAS ON BAD BOY! and love him or hate him, puff is a marketing genius. like many people pointed out above, a hip hop publication said that big was king, NOT THE STREETS! nas had already made illmatic, rae was fresh off cuban linx, yet this nigga was king? i luv big, but the fact remains that new york niggas rallied behind him because he was carrying the ny flag.

    • $ykotic

      Real talk, most of the hood dudes in NY were siding with Wu and Pac. Big was blowing up, but he represented “commercial rap”. The gods & earths have a strong rep in NY. Peace to my Book of Life readers.

      Wu and Pac represented the revolution.

      Anybody who doesn’t know go check out Raekwon’s “Blood on Chef’s Apron”. He does a “Letter to BIG”.

      Then you will understand what is really going on with this Meth/Budden thing. Budden is in some deep doodoo.

  • $ykotic

    AWWWW MANNN Rob! You done made Pierzy write a book on you!

    “I bet members of the Commission are like, “Wayne’s greatness?!? Rob is trippin’.””


    I actually remember that Starang/Jr Mafia episode. Was there. No dry snitching.

    As with anybody, because we don’t know when the grim reaper shows up, we tend to disregard one until they’re gone. That’s when we realize our own vulnerability on this planet and question this so-called “life”.

    We are born to die.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I’m gonna also say that I won’t miss Lil Wang much if he was to pass away either; dude do be having flows here and there, and of course I also don’t wish death on no one, but I wouldn’t miss him or his music. Maybe my co worker would because he’s a big Wayne stan but other than that, no not really.

  • coolkiduno


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    ummm… no.

  • $ykotic

    I’m dropping all over the place because this is a good thread Rob. Correcting a lot of misconceptions in the rap world during this time of rap’s REAL BEEFS.

    I think a lot of heads dismiss Wayne because they really wanted to see Juvie & BG blow up. But things don’t always happen the way we want.

    No hatred because believe it or not, they(Cash Money) are successful at what they do. I’m just not a fan.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I was one of the people who took exception to the Wayne on the list, but not because I don’t think he’s great. I agree, Wayne is having an incredible run and has put out some incredible music in the past few years. But the real thing I was trying to point out was that a lot of people deserve their props, and a lot of those people have been waiting a lot longer than Wayne has.

    Let’s go back to 96-97, who would have been considered the GOAT then? My guess is most hip hop fans were saying that Rakim was the GOAT. But then after Pac and Big died and people started calling them the GOAT, so what happened? Rakim got bumped down. And it’s not like his catalog hasn’t aged well, Paid In Full and Follow The Leader still plays today, 20 years after the fact. Everyone deserves their props, but we need to fully appreciate the current crop before moving on to the next generation.

    One of the things I realized during MJ’s death is that we never fully appreciated James Brown. When James Brown died it was as big a deal as Jackson’s death, which makes sense since MJ was a much bigger star, but that doesn’t mean Brown didn’t deserve our appreciation.

    As far as Big himself, I’m a bit surprised you would say that his best moments came when he was still alive. As I recall, you like the more commercial Life After Death a lot better than the gritty Ready To Die. But Life After is a posthumous album, it was released two weeks after he died. It is quite possible that people began to appreciate Big a lot more when he showed he could make another classic album after already making one of the all time great hip hop albums.

    On the topic of jealousy in the 90s, the GOAT blog post on this website was by kris ex (I think it was called “Rainy Days”) where he broke down all the subliminal shots everyone was taking at each other back then. kris pointed out how Biggie also took shots are Rae on “Kick In The Door” (“Fuck that why try, throw bleach in your eye” is a response to Rae’s “pullin bleach out tryin to throw it in my eyesight” on Ice Water) But remember, even the Fugees were taking shots at Rae throughout “The Score” (You know that’s some real angst when the Fugees get at you.) And Nas finally broke all this down on “Last Real Nigga Alive.” So jealousy and rivalry and misplaced hate seems to run throughout all of hip hop.

    Another thing that runs in hip hop: Death is the best promotion. If Big and Pac were still alive, who knows if they would be living legends still doing their thing or unappreciated old timers.

  • keke

    I really want to know what makes Lil’ Wayne so great?

    I would really like someone to spell it out for me. Is it because he says he is the greatest alive? Is it because he sells a lot of records, because he is weird?

    So what makes Wayne so great? I will give him props and say that he is good, at least when he wants to be. But great? I am wary of going that far…

    • Pee scholar

      Waynes has probaly the best delivery of all time… Because that is whats most attractive to fans who hardly listen to lyrics (e.g. This generation of fans!) Add that with some decent puunchlines, over saturation, and sex appeal(cuz hoes love to get their pussy ate) You have 2009s greatest rapper alive!!!

  • giantstepp

    I often wonder how the careers of Pac and Big would’ve gone had they not died during the height of their careers. Correct me if I am wrong, but Tha Row was power driving all of the other record labels at this me. Pac couldn’t be touched in hip hop during the last year of his life. These are the facts, nothing personal to all who wasn’t feelin the West. BIG and Bady Boy were second in the game, but a distant second, way behind Pac and Tha Row! This drop and the comments were an education for me I must admit. I never picked up on the shots going back and forth amongst NY rappers during this time. I assumed they had a united front behind BIG to try and stop the Westside Riding onslaught coming from tha Row.

    Anyway, BIG brought NY back because they were getting MASHED in the game. Personally, I cant think of one rapper/crew from NY who could’ve done that during that time. They have to pay homage to that alone. I think that the early works of both BIG and PAC wouldve been enough to sustain a level of respectability as heavyweight rap legends had they lived until old men.

    • Pee scholar

      Thats wrong cuz big was getting smashed on by pac when he was alive… Actually the dominance of the west coast started when pac started going hard at biggie and he wouldnt respond. Alot of people looked at that has a hoe move… If big would have responded back then maybe your statement would be legitimate!!

  • http://xxl gside

    Man a lot of people were brainwashed into not liking B.I.G. , just like the media does now and has always done you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth . Plus New york is full of haters when you get that #1 spot they did it to Kane, Run D.M.C .Jay Z and K.R.S. one never fails. It’s America culture to root for the underdog until he gets on top than tear him down . As far Pac and B.I.G. tupac didn’t make B.I.G more famous he made him infamous you can never hate on true talent and B.I.G. had it can anyone name one wack B.I.G line no it ain’t one .As far as Wayne I won’t miss him when he’s gone I don’t miss him know technology is a motherfucker mp3 player down loads and large music catalogs I turn of the radio a long time ago .

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    “Will it take Wayne’s death for us to realize his greatness”

    No. Wayne is just like the new bitch on the block…niggas gone fuck with her…just like when 50 1st dropped……wayne aint at a Biggie, 2pac, or MJ level…..u should be slapped across the face for sayin some shit like this

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    just because people didn’t call him the G.O.A.T. when he was alive doesn’t mean they hated him. how could they start calling him the G.O.A.T. with one album out? life after death was a posthumous release.

    he might have been the best alive, but greatness is a measure of ability and longevity. i miss big. he might have been the best to ever do it. but he can’t be the greatest when he didn’t bring home that many championships, so to speak.

    by this standard, Pac is far greater, as is LL. i think LL always spoke to this as his platform for his GOAT claims. i think they are pretty valid. though, jay-z may have surpassed him at this point. if you still wanna give it to pac, i think his pre-death catalogue is big enough for contention.

    as far as other rappers taking shots at biggie, that’s what competitors do. i bet none of them have a bad word or asinine album cover plagiarism claim today. it’s like ali vs. frasier or foreman. them niggas all love each other and put on that show for the money.

    obviously biggie was heavily rated before he died, rob. sure there was the coastal division and “real” vs. commercial, but that’s nothing outside the normal divide.

    • Curtis75Black

      @ Ron,
      nice drop. I always wanted Hip Hop fans to put down their criteria for G.O.A.T. Status because I always felt just calling whomever the greatest leaves alot to be desired. Just because he or she is hot at the moment or rips a style you like or relate to because of era, generation or region affiliation is corny. You need more than the superficial.

      Longevity, versatility in song as well as style, battle stance, crowd control and props given (whether fans or peers) are just a few things that should be thought about when discussing a topic like this .

    • http://xxl gside

      I hear you mex but Pac only got three rings I got strictly for my on my Mp3 not really feeling it. Them first two albums was just are right Pac was a work in progress and me against the world was his best joint . Big came in the game like Magic and got a ring on point ain’t nobody else do that sometime it ain’t how long your in it what you do with the short time you have, and B.I.G came alot farther in a shorter period of time than any other Emcce .

      • 619

        You say ‘Me Against The World’ was Pac’s best? hahaha fuck outta here. Maybe you’ve heard of ‘Makaveli’ or ‘All Eyez On Me’, or maybe you need to go dust them off and listen to them again just to remind yourself.

        • 619

          gside, if “Pac only got three rings” and Big “got a ring on point”, how does that make Big superior? Better yet, what the hell are you talkin’ about? If you’re talkin’ about number of albums made while livin’ and number of classic albums like everyone else is talkin’ about, let’s break it down. Pac came out with 4 albums while alive, Big came out with 1. I think we can agree that both made another classic album that was released right after dying (Pac’s ‘Makaveli’ and Big’s ‘Life after Death’), and I won’t even count the bull shit albums that both record labels slapped together after that. You say ‘Me Against The World’ was Pac’s best, but it wasn’t his best selling, not even second best, didn’t have the most singles either. Other people will agree he had better albums than that. So you compare longevity, and number of classics, do the math.

        • http://xxl gside

          I heard both them cope them twice or maybe three times Me Against the World was he best work to me period . I could really relate to that shit I mean really relate to that shit .

        • 619

          I’ll give you the benefit on a couple tracks: Shed So Many Tears, It Ain’t Easy, Fuck The World, and Death Around The Corner. We used to yell that shit back in High School “I woke up screamin’ fuck the world” hahaha. But look at Makaveli’s track listing: Bomb First, Hail Mary, Toss It Up, To Live And Die In L.A., Blasphemy, Life Of An Outlaw, Just Like Daddy, Krazy, White Man’z World, Me And My Girlfriend, Hold Ya Head, and Against All Odds. And All Eyez On Me had 6 singles! 2 #1′s on the Billboard chart and went 9x platinum.

        • 619

          Shed So Many Tears did have one of the most memorable verses I’ve ever heard though, behind the verse on Hail Mary and the Smile joint with Scarface. That whole video was crazy, made the hair on my arms stand up with those bugged out horns, since they made it after he passed and he had spit lines like:
          “No memories, just the misery
          paintin’ a picture of my enemies killin’ me in my sleep
          will I survive ’til the mornin’ to see the sun
          please Lord forgive me for my sins, cause here I come”
          and the look alike was sittin’ in the chair gettin’ tatted talkin’ to E-40. haha.

        • http://xxl gside

          Man this shit going to sound crazy but Machiavelli was a dead man talking and I don’t fuck with the dead as long as I’m living it was the end me against the world that when Pac was on top of his game . It was all down hill after that . Your forgetting dear momma and what was that first cut on M.A.T.W when he use a p’s like pussy ,poetry and pistol plot on murdering mothefucker before they get you if I die tonight that it and that mo be production was the shit . It’s just a difference on opinions . Machiavelli is just depressing it’s like watching a your favorite movie gangster walk that long mile you know it’s going to end bad for him .


    jay-z…..puff i hatechu fuckboys….



    I can say i feel you Rob. Alot of people for one act as if Wayne is a new artist and has only been out for a three to four year stunt. This guy was making grown man shit when he was 13-14. I have the hot boys album and tha block is hot and lights out. I been a Wayne fan from the beginning of the Cash Money days and i appreciate his growth and muturity over the years his subject matter and word play increasingly got better and he is the blueprint for most independant artist. He came from a squad of pretty good comp I.E. i always felt Juve and BG were far better than him to start with but now i would definately say thats not the case. So if he dies yes i think Hip Hop and fans would miss him. Say what you want but he makes hits and thats something that is respectable or atleast deserves respect with all the bullshit hill billy artist out now a artist with a track record and no solid blemishes on his music career( not his personal life i know he kissed a man) you cant get me to believe he is not as relevant as i think he is.

    • Detroit P


      • RiZob

        TABERNACLE!!!! people just dont understand, Wayne is not just some new flash in the pan, he had to work damn hard for the spotlight, it wasnt just handed to him (like 50 Cent etc)…. Wayne had done more music by the time he was 17 than most vet rappers in the game now. Wayne will be missed deeply…. and i kno its a very powerful East Coast Bias online, but in the real world, Wayne gets alot more love…

  • Victoria Page

    Shit if I was a radio programmer I would’ve played “Glaciers of Ice,” “I Gave You Power” and “Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka” 100 times a day too,

  • djcalimovement

    Never put weezy name beside MJ or any of the great rappers. He is garbage..the voice, the lyrics..the whole package is garbage. Sad that he is even getting airplay with the garbage he is putting out.

  • sosincere

    its the same shit i say about Nas why cant he be mentioned in that number one spot hasn’t he done enough??????yeah i forgot he has to make another illmatic(to me aint shit touchin illmatic or reasonable doubt) and if jay releases another classic the my list will be 1.nas 2.jay-z 3.2pac or B.I.G cant choose between the two and 5.Scarface(rappin in the south before southern rap he been a legend int the game from a long ass time)



  • Detroit P

    For the Record….according to what I’ve read in the comments in this post….Life after Death is not a posthumous album….it just had a posthumous release..but it was put together while the artist was still alive….posthumous albums consist of cutting room floor material from the artist that gets put together after the artist is dead…if I make an album and its ready to be sold and then I die the day before it comes out, that does not make it a posthumous album, saying it does is pretty shaky logic

    • http://xxl gside

      What nigga are you crazy that shit is still Dope . Fuck terms and definitions that’s one the greatest hip hop albums of “All Times” . That shit had more twist and turns than the dark knight movie ever and ever thing was well time except B.I.G.S death .That album was highly anticipated and greatly appreciated no one did it better not even Pac and he said as much check his last interview in the source when he said he “never ” said he was the best. Just wish he could have life long enough to see the fruits of his labor .

  • http://myspace.com/devitan Devi Gargon

    Shit if I was a radio programmer I would’ve played “Glaciers of Ice,” “I Gave You Power” and “Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka” 100 times a day too!

    ^my sentiments exactly… I DJed hard then, each one of those is a major ripple of 95-96.

    As far as BIG being hated, I attribute it much to the confusion of the day and people choosing sides. But if you liked BIG, you loved him! I just believe that he was here for such a short time we didnt have that reflection time in the span of his career.

    As far as Wayne, he does has a lot of years in the game, and he does have a standing fanbase….but I could not speculate at this moment.(Me trying to be PC)


  • Escobar9300

    I agree with alot of what was said in this blog, but I refuse to swallow the fact that Wayne is one of the best rappers out. This guy is the epitome of somebody who saw the bright lights, fast cars, and fine hoes and sold out his entire original fan base for it. Truthfully, I think the Lil Wayne from the Carter I – CarterII era would whoop the shit out of this syrup sipping, tpain jocking, mumbling fool who dropped Carter III for tarnishing all the progress and credibility he got by releasing a solid album like Carter II. Are his numbers on point, sure, hes stacking the most cash in the game right now. But that cash dosent mean a damn thing if the people who put you where you are dont respect you anymore. 2004-2006 I would have told you Wayne had vastly improved from his Hot Boys days by dropping seriously dope albums like Carter II and Dedication 2. But now, I honestly beleive in the past 18 months Wayne has pissed on every scrap of respect that Hip Hop heads like most of us were giving him back in 2005.

    • RiZob

      see this is the problem, people think Wayne started at Tha Carter I, go before that…listen to the SQAD UP mixtapes…listen to Lights Out..Block is Hot, Guerrila Warfare, Get It How You Live…Wayne has been doing this shit… he deserves all the shine in the world! He is one of the best, and he would be missed… get off line and live in the real world….

  • Real Reality

    Wayne will definitely be missed, It’ll just be by a different generation than Biggie. If u think the majority of the the kids under 16 will miss Biggie more than Wayne you must’ve been born in the early 80s’ and still hold onto the notion of bringing “That Era” back.

    B.I.G legacy will hold more weight but Waynes popularity will probably outgrow Biggies due to the fact of the web being so instrumental in todays music society. Let’s really be real about it. A hip-hop era is roughly 5 years and Life After Death was 97′ so over two eras have past and Wayne has been here since around that time and will probably shine for another two eras if that damn cup doesn’t get the best of him.

    Real Reality- “Let’s Be Really Real About It”

  • Real Reality

    Wayne will definitely be missed, It’ll just be by a different generation than Biggie. If u think the majority of the the kids under 16 will miss Biggie more than Wayne you must’ve been born in the early 80s’ and still hold onto the notion of bringing “That Era” back.

    B.I.G legacy will hold more weight but Waynes popularity will probably outgrow Biggies due to the fact of the web being so instrumental in todays music society. Let’s really be real about it. A hip-hop era is roughly 5 years and Life After Death was 97′ so over two eras have past and Wayne has been here since around that time and will probably shine for another two eras if that damn cup doesn’t get the best of him.

    Real Reality- “Let’s Really Be Real About It”

  • J.R.

    horrible writing period, BIG was the King of N.Y. but as far as saying Lil’ Wayne please half his stuff ain’t even hip hop it’s hip pop and plus real hip hop know who the greatest of all time are, it ain’t about record sales, Lil’ Wayne is wack plus half the shit he sings or raps you dont even understand and plus a rock album with autotune are you serious ?


    i’ve always said that LIL WAYNE IS CLEARLY THE BEST CHILD RAPPER EVER! but as far as grown up rappers go, i could’t say that he’s even top 20 dead or alive! like black stated above, there has to be some sort of criteria to judge these types of things. and one of the things that i use is ORIGINALITY. with lil wayne, you’ve got to consider the fact that his whole rhyme style and swag are just a collage of other niggas rhyme styles and swags. he dresses like jim jones used to, he took jay’s flow, borrowed t-pain’s autotune, etc. he’s very unoriginal compared to other greats such as cube, pac, or scarface! take nas for example, “i can” and “if i ruled the world” are songs that only nas could’ve made. cats that make cookie cutter music are never on the same level as originators in my book. and this is no diss to wayne, cuz dude is cold as shit! but one of the greats…i wouldn’t go that far. also, there are some era’s where no one is great. even if lil wayne is the best now, there’s a possibility that the 6th best rapper in ’94 was better than he is now. i think the words great and classic are overused in hip hop culture. there isn’t a classic album made EVERY year, and there isn’t always a GREAT rapper running game! some times GOOD is as good as it gets!

    • $ykotic

      Dayum y’all cats from the D stay chopping up the threads! lol

      It’s OK. The truth must come to the light…

    • Curtis75Black


      You know I left off Originality for a specific reason. Nowadays it’s hard to recognize what’s original or not. You have to be deep in Hip Hop to know if that sick bar, hook, or even song is original, case in point since you brought it up, Nas’ version of ‘If I Ruled The World’ which was originally brought to the masses by Kurtis Blow. 2Pac had alot of originality with ‘Me And My Girlfriend’ and who in the fuck would think of naming a song ‘Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag Gettin’ Crushed By Buildings’ and have it mean something other than what it seemed. Nowadays you Jack a rappers line and play it as ‘Homage’ but never really give props to the author – Rakim’s 7 emcee’s line says it all !! How many emcee’s put their own spin on that ?!!

      • DETROIT

        “Nas’ version of ‘If I Ruled The World’ which was originally brought to the masses by Kurtis Blow.”

        good catch black. i, like most people, grew up hearing “if i ruled the world” by curtis blow, but to me nas’ version was completely different. it was one of the best remakes in rap history in my opinion. kinda like wu-tang’s version of “it’s yours”. and one more thing about nas’ version…HE USED A WHODINI BEAT!

  • No Mames Buey

    “if skills sold truth be told”
    consistentcy, awesome discography, never dropped wack or meh albums ala Nas or Joe Camel


    GOAT = Black Thought. Not BIG or anyone else

    No hate, just facts. Ready To Die is a great album tho, RIP to BIG. Altho Illadelph Halflife is an even superior, classic album.

  • No Mames Buey

    Lil Wang is at best mediocre. This writer has wack taste.

    Off the last Little Brother album, of course Phonte murked Lil Wang on the song “Breaking My Heart”, but even the decent yet unfairly hated-on, derided as a weed carrier Big Pooh rapped far better than this meh rapper Lil Wang.

    Combat Jack said it best (paraphrasing) “Lil Wang is at a mediocre level, of a Fat Joe or Memphis Bleek”

    Lil Wang has an extremely annoying voice, & his lyrics are some nonsense meaningless talk.

    Like Chappelle’s Black White supremist character might say “I don’t want listen to this Lil Wang’s chong-chong talk…”

    • JasonShadoe

      naw, Fat Joe is better than lil’wayne, Fat joe got’ mad street cred. n keep’s it real 100.

  • Sway-z

    In rap music, it’s almost routine to hate on whoever is selling the most, no matter what their skill level is. In Big or Hov’s case I never understood it because they have incredible albums to back their hype up, Wayne on the other hand doesn’t, in my opinion.

    MJ’s shit though is totally different because other artists never hated MJ, the media & fans were fronting on him. I don’t think there’s ever been one artist who claimed to be better than Michael Jackson because nobody was in Michael Jackson’s lane, they couldn’t be, his shit was like 5 different things at one time

  • El Tico Loco

    I thought you had to do something that affects the art, the industry or the world in a positive form to get legend status. Name something Lil Wayne did to qualify.


    By far Wayne is the Nigga we have to consider for the bursting of the whole mixtape grind the dude spit 1000 versus in a matter of months nobody else was mixtape grindin like him now everyone is. I think thats a recognition, he also did come with three consistent good albums Carter 1-3 are all good albums great no but none the less good. And Dr. Carter is a classic track dont fucking front.


    check this out:

    i think that most people would agree that lil wayne has never made a cd better than “ironman” or “supreme clientele” by ghostface killah. ghostface has never been considered the best rapper alive. so how could a cat like ghost have 2 albums better than anything lil wayne aka “the best rapper alive” has ever created? i just used ghost as an example. for me, lil wayne has to make a certified classic album before he can be considered a great. i luv the dude, but he still hasn’t even made an album better than 500 degrees by juvie!

    • FLOSS

      @ DETROIT

      I can respect that my dude, but lets be real Ghost has not made his albums up to that status since while he his apparently sliding downhill ( I love ghost and bump his shit anyday) Wayne is at the top of the mountain. When an artist breaks out of being a simple southern rapper so to say and from an underground scene and suddenly finds himself in a place where he is considered one of the best artist at this time I beleive that we should appreciate the grind it aint like he started with a huge buzz or was co-signed by other big artist I.E. his young money counter part Drake no he did the shit right underneath our noses and in the midst of Jay and Nas and Andre 3K and Ghost and a ton of other really good artist.

      • Victor

        Ghost fell off, Fishscale was bananas man. Fishscale>C2 not even to talk of ironman and supreme clientele. Co sign detroit as well, what about Redman? Whut Thee album, Dare Iz a Darkside and Muddy Waters are all better than anything wayne has dropped.

        Pharoahe Monch? Three illy Organized Konfusion albums plus two dope solo lp’s.
        Common? Shit people forget how crazy Com was even up until finding forever. Can Wayne fuck with the punchlines on Resurrection? I think not.

    • $ykotic

      D you know they’re salty out there over this comment!


    @ DETROIT and $ykotic

    JUVE ALBUM WAS 400 DEGREES , WAYNE ALBUM WAS 500 but i feel where you coming from my nigga no disrespect but just gettin the facts straight.


      i realized that after i typed it, i must like wayne more than i thought, lol.

  • JasonShadoe

    Yeah it’s funny how artist greatness shine’s when their gone, B.I.G. MJ, ELVIS, Bob Marley, Pac alway’s stood out, Big L & Big Pun & Proof are emcee legend’s n their city’s and hip hop.
    If wayne passed he won’t be in top all time still, won’t even be mentioned as G.O.A.T. cuz he cant do it how Big n LL did it. If big lived n Big& Nas had an beef still bout who’s king of NY than Big grab’s the radio n album sales but Nas take’s the ghetto with him so idk. Jay-z n big had an good relationship while he was alive but jay would have felt like he was big’s shadow n wanna come out over envy n get his own prop’s. Biggie is King Of NY, period, never wrote shit nor stole other srtist shit like nas&jay did.

  • 40 $tacks

    I Agree About Dying And Gettin The Respect Your Earned . And Its True . Dolla (R.I.P.) Wasnt The Best Rapper Alive . But Madd People Showed Em Love . I Never Heard Of Em Til I Heard He Passed . But Still If SOulja Boi Was To Die . What Impact Will That Do To Hip-Hop ? Will People Reguard Em As One Of The Greatest ? Will Passing Away Make People Say “Damn, That Nigga Was Hip-Hop” . Probly Not lol

  • Emperor Doom

    Miss wayne? nah son. Dude is garbage now. His voice reminds me of an annoying little kid whining about something. Plus he raps about poop a lot. Like…a lot. He had talent no doubt, but that’s the keyword. HAD. Some of his older stuff I still bump to this day (Sky is the Limit) but some of his music has just been so bad I can’t ever listen more than 40 seconds of it (Hot Revolver, Prom Queen, etc.)

    And please never try and compare Biggie and Wayne again or you might have to have your rap card taken from you.

  • Beergangsta

    Biggie the Preacherd Rapper!! When he said I get more butt than Cigarbutts. LOL] Biggie was 100 Percent better than Tupac. Biggie set him up and he made hit them up. Who’s the winner Biggie boys shot him. Tupac made a diss song. So we all know that a Gun is more pain than talking.

  • Rob the Music Ed

    Wayne proved himself on Carter I, II and III.
    Folks may write off CIII, but that album did a good job in blending pop appeal with rap skills. Fuck the bullshit, most artists would have regulated “A Milli” to an album cut and dude made it a single.

    Plus “Dedication 2″ is an AMAZING mixtape.

    I dont think you can compare BIG and Wayne: two different eras. But the fact still remains Wayne is one of this generations GREAT talents and a lot of ya’ll are hating on him now, but it’ll be interesting to see what the response will be if he was no longer with us.
    God forbid.

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

      “but it’ll be interesting to see what the response will be if he was no longer with us.
      God forbid.”

      God forbid? Dude your banking on his death to prove your point! lol

      • Rob the Music Ed

        HAHA man you know what THEE FUCK I mean

  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    You are using the generally small world of hip hop bloggers as the example that everyone hates on Wayne. what the fuck are you thinking? there are thousands of us. there are MILLIONS of people that don’t know a god damn thing about real hip hop (not wayne). ALSO stop exaggerating that B.I.G. was hated on. Thats just pretentious N.Y. talk.

  • RonTucker

    You could’ve picked Jay (who receives tons of hate), Scarface (who has always been the MOST underrated MC on the planet), or any number of artists but you picked Lil Wayne to make your point?!? Have you always been the music editor?

  • Drghost

    Time has sure fucked up alot of peoples memories of both Big and Pac. First, whoever said Big mostly got his fame because of Pac is totally wrong since Pac didnt even have a platinum album until Me Against the World in 1995, a year after BIG already went triple for Ready to Die. 2nd, most of yall seem to think Pac was signed to Death Row his whole career or something but really only signed to them 9 months before his death, so although the West was winning at the time with Snoop and stuff, Pac was not really a part of it till way later. If anything beefing with BIG helped Pac’s career


      you’re misinformed dog:

      Ready to die:
      Total album sales: 2,683,000
      Peak chart position: 15

      that’s from billboard! big is dead, and the album has only sold a total of 2.5 mil. and the fact that his PEAK chart position was 15 even with radio hits like “juicy” and “big poppa” says it all. pac was already a movie star at this point. remember the 1st line of biggies “life after death” album:

      “I’m sittin in the crib dreamin about Leer jets and coupes, The way Salt shoops, and how to sell records like Snoop”

      THEM WEST COAST NIGGAS WAS KILLIN THE GAME AT THAT TIME. Pac was a much bigger star than biggie, that’s even shown in the ‘notorious’ movie. i remember when big came to the d and got booed of the stage, everyone was chanting pac’s name, he got frustrated and left!

      • the real Detriot

        No he didn’t i was at that concert. You are lieing on the web man

        • $ykotic

          No disrespect but you spelled your name wrong.

          That doesn’t mean your statement is incorrect, but…

        • DETROIT

          where and when was the concert that i’m referring to then? since, according to your logic, biggie only had 1 concert in the d!

  • Ste

    gd blog i jus wanna say tht lil wayne is shit…. nt my fave rapper today but thts jus my opnion….. i kno wht ya sayin bout biggie n all but isn’t he the gr8est of all time…. followed closly by 2pac??

  • Apollo Moses

    I think that most will agree that Biggie was great but only one album doesn’t make him the greatest…Rakim, LL Cool J and Pac get that respect… And that cover was unoriginal after Illmatic I’m sorry bruh.
    AND puhlease get off the boo boo…you jock Lil Wayne like none other, he got nann a classic…and despite his popularity he has just as many voting nay to his swagger jackin nonsensical rap…Nas and Jay-Z would’ve been a better example if you’re talking about legends…Wayne is popular off image not content.

  • RiZob

    Lil Wayne is the Kobe Bryant of the rap game… everybody knows hes the best, but everybody continues to hate and doubt him… and thats real talk… drop your “east coast bias” and you can see the facts….and it has nothing to do with records sales, just look where he came from how grinded his way to the top…it didnt happen overnight…it took a minute…but Wayne is indeed that dude…tabernacle

  • Hi Hater!

    LIL WAYNE ONE OF THE GREATS???? “Rob” must be sippin Wayne’s syrup or some shit

    fuck outta here

  • http://www.myspace.com smokiewight

    you mean he grinded on top of birdman’s dick.everybody knows he’s garbage,dickrider.and he WAS a star (to you dickriders) overnight.that’s what money does.t.i. is that dude.wayne ain’t even close.CHUUUUCH!!!!!!!!

  • A

    The living legend NaS is the G.O.A.T.
    King of this RapShit, Period.

  • Trippa

    As soon as I read the line “Why do folks hate on Weezy so much?” I knew this was gonna be a bullshit read. So I stopped there & came straight here to leave this comment. Lil Wayne is garbage. No need for me to read the editorial any further.

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    XXL has some wack writers, first off you have to be 21 or younger, 2nd homie how do you even put lil wayne in the same sentence, train of thought,and notion. Wayne is alright don’t get me wrong, but really has he done that much in the game. A fake blood who barely started bangin’ in ’05 when he was 21 ass nicca, get the fuck outta here dawg.You are more wrong than you will ever know. Death to XXL once and for all, its in the shitter.


    i think it’s all about where you at while you still in the game. what other person who are trying to get on is going say yeah he better than me he is the best. joe buddens said it best when he was talking about if you a artist you going think you are the best or better than anyone else. who the fuck in the rap game going say i am the andre miller/luke walton of the rap game. as respect you acknowledge another man has skill but you will never say he is better than you. while you and him doing the same thing. now that stuff with nas and other things like that. that keeps the music going and moving everyone crowning him no.1. okay really well i gotta drop a body of work better than his to get my spot back. like big said “Now the year’s new, I lay my game flat
    I want my spot back, take two”.
    the spirit of competition motherfuckers just some people catch feelings.

  • LC

    Fucking stupid

    You’re comparing Biggie to Lil wayne?

    Biggie had fucking charisma…he had an aura

    Lil wayne is a fucking skinny ass twerp…he’s like a fucking crack addict…who the fuck likes listening to someone rap with a whiny ass voice?

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    i’ve always said that LIL WAYNE IS CLEARLY THE BEST CHILD RAPPER EVER! but as far as grown up rappers go, i could’t say that he’s even top 20 dead or alive!

    This had to be the funniest shit I’ve read up here!!! That’s EXACTLY what he is, a CHILD rapper. LOL!!

  • http://xxlmag.com ray

    lil wayne is good not great now eminem and jay-z would be missed

  • King Joffy Joe

    Props to Rob for a very interesting thread, but I have to disagree with you on that “Wayne will be missed just like B.I.G. is”, topic. Number one, you have to first understand the body of work that both B.I.G. and Wayne put forth. Sure Lil Wayne has dropped dozens of mixtapes, has been featured on numerous songs, and has had his recent studio projects critically acclaimed by millions people, it still does not place him in the category of one who is to be heavilly missed when there gone. This is so because if you were to take a look at the full spectrum on what hip-hop was, and is today, it would be clear to see that Wayne’s material, or anybody else’s for that matter just doesn’t add to a Biggie album from 1995. Given the current state of hip-hop, being that it went from hardcore, gritty, and truthful, to overly commercial, out of touch, and just plain half-assed and watered down, then Wayne would easily be the Biggie Smalls of this generation. Not saying that Wayne all out sucks, just saying that the signs of the current times has produced artists that thrive off of the material that the music industry has dubbed as “hot” or “a success”. Now, let’s take a look back a Biggie’s short but powerful catalog. Because of the simple fact that back in the day, music in general was better than the garbage that gets put out today, means that the artistry of hip-hop was alive and well. There was more use of clever lyrics and similies, and the overall structure of a song, from verse to hook to bridge, was just superb. Biggie only released two albums when he was alive. (One really, because Life After Death was not released when he was here phisically, but it was already complete, so, we’ll say two.) And because those albums exsisted in that era of good ol’ gangsta rap, it solidified Biggie as a permenant staple in music history. Lil Wayne is an amazing artist.(For his popularity, album sales, and somewhat of his material.) But by no means does that put him in the same category as being missed just like B.I.G. is. Maybe so if he improves on his work and sheds that “Hot-Boy”/”Fireman” image of his, and gets down to dropping some true scientifical gems, such as Ready To Die, and Life After Death. Maybe so if hip-hop music keeps taking a steady decline into obscurity, so much that 10 years from now, we’ll look back at Wayne’s Tha Carter III and say damn, Wayne was on some shit back then! All of these things are possible, but only time will tell with each passing day. And when the good Lord finally does call Wayne’s number, hopefully, we can hold him with reguard as being one of the best to have ever touched the mic.

    -K. Joffy Joseph

  • SteH

    Big’s easily the greatest rapper of all time..
    As far as music MJ’s King.

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Wow… I’m maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad late AND I’m going to keep this super short which may kinda make me look weak on this… aww crap. I forgot what I was gonna say… I’ll be back.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck Biggy nigga was an overrated mc who had a nica flow that was raw but Jigga took to another level,he was one of the greatest but not the G.O.A.T not even close he is the reason behind all this bubble gum rap we have today, lets face reality Pac was loved even before he died for the shit he did, that’s what makes him great including Mj

  • myles

    man this whole thing is some bullshit nas never took shots at big when he said the one king he is on some whole other shit GANGSTA GRILLZ U BASTARDS

    • $ykotic

      You may not come back to this but show and prove what you said. Because I know there was drama at that time between said parties.

      “Verbal Intercourse”.

      Again show and prove and I will respect you’re knowledge.

  • Beast McCoy

    Ok, you made your point but people who genuinely dislike Wayne are not going to be swayed by this article. I’ll even say Wayne isn’t bad but he has to be the single most overused artist since Busta Rhymes in his hayday. I probably wouldn’t mind him as much if I didn’t have to see or hear him everyday. I mean we all want to make as much money as possible but he is really hard to digest on a daily basis. He’s good but no one is so good that I need to hear him all the damn time that includes BIG, Pac, Pun, Jigga, Nas and most artist out there. I just wish the kid would take an hiatus and chill so someone else can get some shine and maybe ppl might be able to say “Damn they got Wayne on this track – I might have to peep this” instead of saying “Let me guess featuring Lil Wayne?”. Oh, and by the way even BIG and Pac are not even vaguely comparable to The Isleys, Isaac Hayes or Quincy Jones.


    i can imagine people celebrating lil wayne in the future as much as biggie is today. i just don’t think he’ll ever have an impact like biggie did. i mean he’s not THAT good.

  • king Blair

    CD for CD song for song Tip > Wayne
    Nothing in Wayne catolog is better than trap music and trace every song they been on together Tip eats Wayne’s lunch only thing Wayne got is sales from last year and he still only sold a few hundred though more than Tip but career wise Tip still has done better consistantly

  • MB

    Big was that dude, no matter how short his career was. Listen to his lyrics today, and you still vibe to them. Lil Wayne is the best today to younger fans. They would definitely miss him like Big and Pac was missed. But to the older rap music fans, Lil Wayne is not that important. Part of it is hate, but the other part is that nobody (Older Cats like myself) likes to hear that he is better than the cats that we grew up on. (Pac, Big, Face, Andre 3000, or Bun B).


    how the fuck can you compare a junkie to wacko jacko! hes not even in B.I.G. leagues yet… he’s a weedtoken, brown sniffin’ blackout rapper…which means he has no substance…he zigzags…

  • http://xxl jg

    bring back the mix tape weezy.

  • biggz325

    i used to like xxl magazine but yall dick ride too much on these punk ass rappers like wayne kanye fuck all of hip hop more like pop music alot of ppl i know dont like these rappers the music is annoying yall lost yalls edge yall went from getting real rap to what white ppl like yall sold out wit all the jay z wayne kanye drake and all these other fake artist

  • SteH

    Biggie Smalls the best to ever do it.. period

  • ryne rich

    biggie is the man
    waynes carter 1 and 2 were dope and his mixtapes were enjoyable
    i didnt even know rap music like that wen big died
    so from a non bias oppion big is the illest
    waynes nice tho
    i dont know about his new fan base being of 16 yr old girls r kelly shit
    no diss at r kelly



  • Sleepy Wonder

    You Smokin’ Crack Rob, Fuck Lil Wayne!