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NaS featuring DJ J-Love – ‘Desert Eagle Mouth Pieces’

NaS might lose everywhere else except on the microphone. While the other G.O.A.T. is showing his age (and his rap music disconnect), NaS just keeps pulling shit through his medulla oblongata. I fux with DJ J-Love because he also produces joints for my homey Meyhem Lauren.

I met Meyhem on the Colosseum strip by Jamaica Avenue. Homey seen me rocking the ‘Lo lifestyle I.T.’s and asked if I was down to do deals. That same weekend the big homey from Oz, UnKut, did a drop about Meyhem Lauren’s music. I knew son was official. I just didn’t know how official he was.

This is why I always tell people that the world is a huge place with trillions of people, but those of us that operate under the same cosmic frequency is the smaller number. If you fux with rap like that and you still keep it 100 with your ‘Lo lifestyle you should come and hang with us on Thursday 7/30/09 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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  • John Cauner

    Proper Nas song, sounds like a good show.

  • Pierzy

    I’d love to be there but I’ll be in class.

    This is interesting…maybe when it’s all said and done Nas will be seen in a better light than the other emcee because while Jay has had incredible highs, he also has been an afterthought [remember 'Pac called Nas the "ringleader"] and now, possibly, as a has been?

    Slow and steady wins the race y’all…

  • geico lizard

    co-sign this being the right song and co-sign the whole world that said that nas picks women like he picks beats.

  • render

    “NaS might lose everywhere else except on the microphone”

    something to think about…jay and nas been moving in opposite directions from the jump. Jay’s personal biz is the envy of every man and is what gives him most of his GOAT cred, but his mic game has unquestionably slipped-if not fallen off. Nas is the flipside of that coin

    makes you wonder which one is really gonna stand the test of time and be remembered as the hnic 20 years from now

    • BIGNAT

      i think just because the paths they have went on with the music nas. nas was first to get hit with the commerical mark and then it seemed like he went so far left. that he would not come back in fact he did come back. the most important part he made music he wanted to. that was filled with more substance the stuff that is not suppose to sell. he made it sell it is like little by little he is getting his soul back from the industry.
      jay on the other had was like riding high on keeping it real. seeming like he could never fall on his way to the black album. which was a almost a classic to me filled with the kind of songs he was not making for awhile. he was jordan leaving at the top of his game after the 6th ring. then he came back and it seemed like he was trying to hard. that he was no longer rapping for the love to me jay lost that love for rap. the two albums he dropped after the black album are nothing compared to past work. just like nas is always chasing illmatic. jay is not only chasing reasonable doubt he also chasing his oldself.
      for the blueprint 3 i think he should stop that rapping off the dome shit and do like T.I. on paper trail write some shit down. heh it can’t hurt

  • Tony Grand$


    PFCuttin was the DJ for Blahzay Blahzay, or am I wrong about that?

    Anyhow, NaS is like…..the every man MC. There’s no superhuman aspects to this dude. He fux with the wrong tracks, gets involved with the wrong women, is always 2 steps behind being great, etc. That commonality is what makes him so likable.

    I can relate to mistakes & misjudgment, as opposed to overwhelming opulence & luxury. I think the blue-collar aspect is the won that has the staying power, when its all said & done. Like steel-worker grandfathers who die @ the age of 92, still working (oh shit, npi).

  • Designer F

    hmmm you need a new flyer design?

  • Karlito

    “NaS might lose everywhere else except on the microphone”

    When it comes to hip hop and being an emcee, isn’t what mainly matters? Or am I wrong for thinking so?

  • Brooklyn Badboy

    Rockstar bar is offical mad girls and cheap drinks i saw a flyer today that said its poppin on july 30th

  • DazzOne

    NaS, steady surprising even himself.

  • anutha_level

    “i got more to lose than you do, but i’m a rida”

    dope…ill production too.

  • El Tico Loco

    That’s dope track, and I think that LL shit breaks down the difference between being so Brooklyn and being Too Brooklyn, and that there my nigga is too Brooklyn looks like it might be a dope show.

  • mazemayhim

    First Sha Stimuli threw his bars on this beat and now this other cat smh so much for Nas making this an actual song. Horrorglyphics, Desert Eagle Mouth Pieces smh I just want Nas to spit over this beat sans these other niggas

  • $ykotic

    Ain’t that the old Waterfront club on South 5th?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    When’s the last time you wore Hilfiger, DP?


    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • combat jaques

    ^”the world is a huge place with trillions of people, but those of us that operate under the same cosmic frequency is the smaller number.”

  • beaver

    right..nas does pick his beats lik he picks his women..

    but anyways..this song decent..
    NAS new album fonna be my shit..


    cool drop dp wish i had more days off i would come out to that joint. this nas song is good i like it and what is going to be the title to his new album?

  • Drugs Online

    Tears of sorrow can not be measured.