50 Cent on Keepin’ It Real

“With Plies, if you say he’s a college kid, so what? I wish I was a college kid. I wish I didn’t grow up under the circumstances I had to grow up under. I would have liked to just go to college and study business.”

-50 Cent, XXLMag.com

Okay, 50. I’m with you there. Nice to hear a nigga say they’d rather have done things differently…

“I see him rap about the girls a lot, so that’s true… From my perspective, Plies, his strong hit records are about females…and ‘Bust It Baby’ and that type of material. To me that’s authentic. He gon get the girls. You see him, decked out, he’s right, girls like him. That’s official.”

-50 Cent, XXLMag.com

While Plies may have secured his biggest hits by pandering to women, being the “realist”–as opposed to “realest”, of course–and a “goon” have always been his platform, but okay…

“What was awkward was [Rick Ross] being part of law enforcement and completely writing drug dealer material and the biggest drug dealer in the world material… That was a little bit fictional. I mean hip-hop in general…I don’t think anybody is actively out, anybody with good sense ain’t actively out doing exactly what they said on the record or they won’t actually last cause you’ll get attention from law enforcement based on what you saying… Can you imagine what it’s like…when you convince the general public that you’re that person, you’re also convincing law enforcement… This is why you don’t see me out and about as often as you see these other guys at frivolous events, just wherever. I’m not with it.”

-50 Cent, XXLMag.com

Slow down in that jag. You lost me.

So, it’s okay for Plies to be a fake-ass gangsta because he’s got a couple of songs pointed at the ladies? If Rick Ross could take his shirt off and go sexy-flexy without making people ill, would his Fleece Johnson-wrangling past get a pass?

By this logic, perhaps T.I. should have gotten Alfamega a Trey Songz feature instead of a Greyhound ticket back to the traphouse.

In Alfamega’s case, he couldn’t rap anyway. Ya Woy Ply and Officer Ricky, however, both create music people seem to find entertaining. As per 50′s own back and forth analysis, this appears to be the bottom line. You can’t be doing what you say in the records, right?

Ironically enough, this all comes in 50′s great new campaign to legitimize his forthcoming project. Taking the argument one step too far, 50′s trying to get people to drink the Kool-Aid that suggests “harder is better”. This is the same mantra he came into the game with when he assaulted Ja Rule… then made some of the exact same candy-ass shit his platform was built to terminate [on sight].

The difference is that Get Rich or Die Trying is a classic album. From what’s leaked from War Angel, the shit sounds like it’s going to be another $12 coaster.

There’s no need to discuss other niggas’ careers to put real and fake shit into perspective when you’ve done some of the exact same hit-chasing bullshit for most of your own. When you can’t run a hit down anymore, it’s time to “keep it real” and go hardcore, I guess.

Whether it’s “21 Questions” or “Many Men”, your song’s gotta be good in order to matter. Despite how labels currently do business with their artists, there is no magic formula for a hit record. The artist who only panders to the irrational bloodlust of school children ends up broke and whining about it on World Star.

50 needs to leave Rawse alone and reflect on what it was about his music that made his initial ascent so effective.

[Hint: It wasn't just "In Da Club"]

Questions? Comments? Requests? It’s in there… and it’s begging to be unleashed. ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • escobar9300

    PIERZY! Good drop ronnie, this is pretty legit, although sad to see 50 giving props to a straight up joke like Plies. This dude is a thug version of Ray J. Nothin but weak sugary sweet bunk raps constantly repeating the phrase “Buss it baybeh”.

    • Pierzy

      Appreciate the shout!

      I agree with 2 things over all else:

      1. 50′s quote on college. Real talk. More people need to feel – and speak – that way.

      2. “50 needs to leave Rawse alone and reflect on what it was about his music that made his initial ascent so effective. [Hint: It wasn't just "In Da Club"]”

      Once again, real talk.

  • $ykotic

    I actually thought you were gonna be the only one to go in on the “Young Moola” fiasco.

    Ironic how Drake killed his own buzz.

    Fif just needs to drop BISD.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    I’m not sure which I like more, Ron [||]. The unabiding etherization @ breakcoon speed, or the rationalized social commentary of a weed-smoking social studies teacher. Good shit, either or.

    Funny thing about Curt is that he’s mad intelligent. To me, he suffers from the same complex as ya woy Ply. “Don’t show ‘em how smart I really am, because nerds don’t sell records” syndrome. Or DSEHSIRABNDSR, for short.

    Which is why I’m so confused about his career thus far. He obviously knows how to execute a well-thought plan. Dude says “smart” shit, although by the end of a sentence its drowned out by nigganometry.

    He’s in a precarious position right now. The same one Em was in on the cusp of Relapse’s release. Put up or shut up, & his lack of “beef” has me thinking that he may actually be focusing on the album that should’ve followed “The Massacre”.

    I’m interested just enough to buy the album when it drops.

    *sidenote: C’mon Mex, War Angel wasn’t that bad.

  • http://sassyhiphop.blogspot.com/ thugluv

    hold up, ok.. get rich or die trying is good but y’know, some peole prefer War Angel. I do.

  • Silly Willy

    Is he really smart ? Or is he just takin’ a page out of Jay’s book ?

    I mean, the campaign to bring back the hardcore while still givin’ props to the likes of Plies for being fly or whatever that guy is supposed to be……..

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      I would say its supposed to be his attempt @ disarming the general public with kindness.

      That way, we wont/can’t presume that this is the same 50 as we should normally expect. That’s why I said his lack of “attack-mode” makes me think his focus is elsewhere. Normally, heads can pinpoint his moves in regards to an upcoming release.

      Now, he gave Ross a semi-compliment last month & now he’s sort of giving props to Plies. There’s an ulterior motive there somewhere.

      • Silly Willy

        Yeah, I think so ! I know Game’s apologies to long-lost love for previous bitchfit cannot motivate a Give Love Or Die Tryin’ campaign. I mean, buttefly effect can’t be THAT powerful………

      • Dub Sac

        Yeah – 50′s definitely on some other shit right now. XXL has a video of him talking about how good Method Man is. When did he start giving out compliments?

        It seems like he’s at a turning point in his career and starting to realize that making straight pop hits and beefing with other rappers isn’t going to get him the sales he wants anymore.

  • geico lizard

    “Fleece Johnson-wrangling past”

  • kelito-vision

    Ronnie i know u hater but damn u don’t even keep up wit music…War Angel is already out and this shit was flames…50 now on that Forever King shit which is one of the best mixtapes of the year so far…if u going to hate at least stay current

  • ChiTown

    “Perhaps T.I. should’ve gotten Alfamega a Trey Songz feature instead of a greyhound ticket back to the traphouse”


  • Shawty J

    The difference between Ross and Plies, is that while Plies may have lied about his past, he didn’t base his music or his “character” entirely on that. Ross on the other hand makes music about that shit, and swears to God that lives that shit.

    • Tony Grand$

      Ultra co-sign.


    War Angel was fucking good.

    But the massacre and curtis and all of that other shit sincerely yours southside or whatever was also bad. Forever king was tight.

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    aside from seein the nigga at The Bank down Houston, shit like this make me think Fiddy is a real nigga. cuz thats shit real niggas say in the penn.

    see it make for a great story AFTER it happen. but to have to live thru it, is some whole other shit entirely. who WANNA get shot? spend YEARS in jail? amass cars and jewels and houses and LOSE it all? cuz i done met a lot of talented dudes. and most of ‘em i met in the penn. and that’s real dialogue, my nigga. given just a little guidance, they could’ve went a long way, my nigga. at least far away… from the jailhouse, my nigga.

    most niggas lie outta insecurity. thats why i tell bitches i’m a player, not a cheater. and why i go back to hearin 3 Feet High and Rising and appreciate that piece of genius. by youngbaws, all under or about 20 yrs old. and then illustrate this same point by pointing out their next album, where they wanted to kill who they said they were. as if they were lyin about it and this is who they really were. so what they was hippies? it was REAL. thats why i agree wih 50. this shit is about AUTHENTICITY. its what made Fresh Prince a star when Kane was king of rap. or why we didnt mind Kid n Play makin up dance steps to rhymes they wrote. sounds a lot like Soldier Boy, don’t it? who says that it aint authentic for a 16 year old to wanna rap about dancin, girls and money? he still only 18 and its obvious he ain’t from nobody’s projects. what answers do u expect him to have about life? and why the fuck are you payin attention to a 16/18 year old anyway?

    real is real. hard ain’t the only “real”. its all about being who you really are. but, alas, there is nothin you can do bout a nigga compensatin for his dick size. until he really start gettin it and realize, that a bitch gone like who she gone like, REGARDLESS . a fine bitch came to my studio today with this big, fat staypuff lookin whiteboy, but i saw what she see in him. he makes her feel safe. and thats what most these dudes gone figure out too late… that she don’t want the nigga you pretendin to be.

    u gone always loose that bitch in the same room with me.

    now air it out…

  • Jhon da Analyst

    When keepin it real goes wrong…….STFU Cuurtiiiss!

  • MonstaDon

    Curtis is an enjoyable interview…he’s got a sense of humor, and occasionally, he’ll drop a small jewel…well…a jewel shard…a chip…

    Having said that…dude is one of the most full of shit mufuckas to ever bless a internet video screen. Again, there is a grain of truth in some of the shit he says…but he’s been pulling the wool over niggas eyes for long enough, and his music shows it.

    How do you have Rick Ross gift wrapped in a package, and can’t move him off of here? Know why? Cuz Ross did what matters at the end of the day. He made better music. It’s called the ‘MUSIC’ industry…honestly, believing what a nigga raps it’s so far off my radar…simply being a ‘real’ nigga is not enough…if you can’t put out quality enjoyable music, what the fuck is you here for? You wanna act? go make movies…you wanna clown? do a stand up routine…all that is cool, IF YOU ARE MAKING HOT SHIT.

    When was the last time you could honestly say, 50 made something hot? Stop lying to yourselves.


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    it’s all entertainment who gives a shit.I believe some rappers cuz’ they actions now still reflect they pass i.e. beans clappin niggas, X’s habitual drug shit,and the clipse gettin investigated but the fucked up part about this is they so busy doin that they don’t have time to make great music.Sayin what you’ve done and seen are fine but if you rappin you not workin that block no more, thier both too time consuming. and who says a real street back round gets you rap accolades anyway? Look at blu davinci, you don’t get no more street than that and he can’t catch a hit like a amputee in a little league game.

  • macdatruest

    Fiddy is on his knees right now. He just blew Method Man, now he starting on Plies he was all over Youtube wit Soulja Boy doing the Macarena for him while he was getting a haircut, nigga just sad. War Angel?? That’s what time it is?? That’s what rap needs, more War Angels??? Shut the fuck up and make some good music.

    Why come everything Fiddy drop come wit a psychological campaign?? When he make gay ass shit, he hide behind how big he is and “other rappers dont understand, they like Curtis in Czechoslovakia” type statements, then when he put out mixtape type shit he complain about gangsta rap needing an audience in 2009– really, he just good at making excuses.

    Nigga been dropped from Interscope and War Angel is free, so it can never be a 12 Dollar coaster. He was just doing Pimpin Curly, now he back rapping, excuse me- talking about rappers?? The only reason he gets asked about other rappers is because most of what he says is negative, he is a no brainer for controversy which is how fake ass rappers eat ever since, shit himself. Cause Pac and Big didnt plan it and didnt need it, and their musical careers definitely weren’t over without controversy, like Fiddy’s is.

    At this point all Fiddy can do is tarnish his legacy. Relapse was doo doo and nobody’s losing sleep over relapse 2 we need new shit in the game. I can imagine how outdated Detox sound from Dre’s garbage on Relapse, and Interscope aint releasing Before I Self Destruct so pretty much all he can do is be The Black Vanilla Ice like I been called him from Ten million to opinionated ex-pop star. Ice Ice Baby>>>>In Da Club

  • Lowedwn

    The artist who only panders to the irrational bloodlust of school children ends up broke and whining about it on World Star.


    So Damn True

  • 50ISDEAD

    ‘then made some of the exact same candy-ass shit his platform was built to terminate’

    How does Mr. C. Jackson this it is appropiate to get on a Freeway joint and only SING the chorus? Can we say bi-otch! I bet Ja would’ve never done it. 50s career was a phase in the game kinda like Soldier Boy except with some viable hits. 50 is not the force that he thinks he is and when the white people catch on he will be officially dead. RIP!


    ron ron what the fuck war angel was not bad at all plus it was free for all. “Fleece Johnson-wrangling past” LMAO

  • Tbud

    FAIL post…

    Mexico, its bad enough that you just want to hate for the sake of it…but atleast make an effort to know what you’re hating on. You talking about shit been leaked from War Angel…shit man that been out. And you wanna talk about it been a “$12 coaster” when its a free download….Your uneducated hating is embarrassing. If you wanna critique and album then sit with, play it through, get a feel for it….Don’t come on your blog talking smack when you don’t know shit about it.

  • http://www.mypace.com/kalvonix Kalvonix

    50 cent may not be the hungry lyrical rapper that he used to be, but the dude’s still got enough skill for you to say, he’s definetly in the top 10 of the hottest rappers that ever graced the earth. After making as much money as 50 cent is making, im pretty sure your music would change to, probably for the worse. just like 50 cent. It’s understandable. you just gotta see it for what it is. Thats that. The truth has been spoken…