You gonna get raped

Confession time: It hadn’t occurred to me, until I saw the headline of the story about the latest in the Nas and Kelis divorce proceedings on MTV News, that Nas leaving Kelis while she was pregnant was such a big deal. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, and I’m not particularly sensitive to women’s feelings.

Yeah, the two of them broke up, and yeah, she happened to be pregnant at the time. Big fucking deal. The way I’ve seen it presented on MTV and some of these other sites, it’s as if that constituted some sort of attack on a pregnant woman. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelis was behind this. Her people probably insisted the media phrase it that way, in order to win over the court of public opinion.

Again, you have to kinda worry about Nas. As I pointed out a few weeks ago, when Kelis sued him for divorce in the state of California, where a woman has been known to take the shirt off a nigga’s back, it looks like Kelis is gunning for his wallet, big time. Since my last post, about what might have gone wrong in their marriage, I’ve seen her talking about how he abandoned her, how much money she has, how she can’t even afford to buy the baby a crib, and even suggest Nas might be on the DL. Meanwhile, I haven’t heard so much as a peep from Nas. I don’t know if it’s because he smokes too much weed, or if his handlers just aren’t as media savvy, or what.

Keep in mind, it could be that his Jewish lawyer told him to keep quiet. I don’t really know a whole lot about legal strategy, particularly with regard to proceedings – you guys know I was pre-med. I just like to pretend like I do on the Internets. Maybe Nas figures Kelis will continue to come out the side of her neck about how Nas is such a monster, and how bad she’s doing. Then, when they get to court, the judge will take one look at that shit and be like, “Bitch, please!” Like what happened to Fiddy Cent’s baby’s mother, when she thought she was entitled to half that Vitamin Water money.

But Fiddy Cent took his baby’s mother to court in New York, where they don’t play that shit. Nas somehow ended up getting divorced in California, where mofos have been known to get raped. I was listening to Stern the other day (I know), and Jillian Barberie was breaking down how it works out there. She actually ended up having to pay some guy alimony, even though he was already rich. Basically, the way it works is: the person who’s earning an income has to pay the other person alimony, even if the other person has a shedload of money of their own, because the one with the check is generally the one who pays the rent and various other living expenses.

In the case of Nas and Kelis, I guess that would mean Nas would have to pay Kelis. The little homey hasn’t had a good idea in 15 years, but he stays putting out albums. And something tells me that being even a moderately successful recording artist pays way better than you’d think. According to Kelis, Nas has five cribs and is part owner of Guerilla Union, the company that produces the Rock the Bells tour, which Nas just so happens to be headlining this summer. Coincidence? Meanwhile, as far as I know (I’m no expert on R&B), Kelis hasn’t done shit since that song “Milkshake,” which may have been out as far back as when I was still in college.

Well, she hasn’t done shit other than plot on Nas. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had this planned all along. You know she’s part Chinese… Notice how she hasn’t done shit for the past five years, other than become accustomed to a ridonkulously opulent lifestyle. And then, as soon as one of Nas’ rubbers broke, she was out in Californina filing papers. She claimed she found out Nas was cheating on her while she was pregnant, but let’s keep it real. Nas was probably banging broads that entire time. And who knows what she was up to.

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  • louie mo

    now that u put that way ……… that might be some true shit …….good read

    • phoenix

      It’s better for him to not say something that her lawyers can use against him. Let her keep making her self seem like the victem. The question will them become if he was this and that why did you stay so long. Don’t forget the rumor about her sex tape.

  • DV8

    I was thinking the exact same shit.

    Its crazy how her inner chicken head came out all of a sudden. The way Nas used to talk about her you would have thought he found one of the good ones.

    Oh Yeah and turns out 50 was right.

    • geico lizard

      co-sign DV8. Even if the dna test says the baby belongs to (fill in name of random B-list rapper) the child was conceived in wedlock and california will make Nas pay child support anyway. Nas is fucked,no fishsticks.

  • Pierzy

    “Again, you have to kinda worry about Nas.”

    Co-Sign…in more ways than one.

    • EReal

      Well, she hasn’t done shit other than plot on Nas. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had this planned all along. You know she’s part Chinese…
      COT DAMN! Straight Whiskey and 7 to the nose bone. lmao!!!!!

  • http://xxl Born

    fuck that if nas is not talking it is because he does not want people up in his shit! kelis on some money hungry shit because she isn’t making any bread!

  • chad bro chill

    2 questions bol how are you still alive and pierzy why are you always on this website i stop going on here like a year ago and you were steady commenting then

  • $ykotic

    This all comes from the fact that we be just stabbing these broads.

    And not fattening them with knowledge. The paper chase is on 1000 my dudes. Watch your back.

  • Syler

    You gotta be concerned for Nas here because Cali laws are insane like that. I watched the same Howard interview (Jillian Barberie is one of the most annoying hot chicks ever). Kelis not only had a very succesful album 6-7 years ago, but she sang mad back-up joints for the Neptunes/N.E.R.D. You get good dough when you’re working on major stuff, even if it’s not to further your own fame. For her to say she is broke is just a slap in the face to broke people everywhere.

    • Tony Grand$

      Yes, Jillian is the most annoying blackwashed broad in television. She put the BROAD in broadcasting! Ok. That was corny.

  • giantstepp

    “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”…

    when a woman has been hurt, she will hit you below the belt and aint gonna play fair. they just wired that way. you’re gonna pay for all the dirt them Niggas did before you!! in the real world, them broads will be up on a niggas job poppin off trying to get you fired. in the industry/entertainment world, she gonna go after them pockets. Get a good lawyer ’cause wifey aint playing fair Nas.


    “And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelis was behind this. Her people probably insisted the media phrase it that way, in order to win over the court of public opinion.”
    - ^^^co-sign that. (bitches can be pure evil sometime)

    i could go on & on about how a lot of dese broads out here nowadays are (fuck how do u spell scandilous) “on some money hungry shit”. but i think we all know the real…

    • spelling bee champ


  • Domjel

    She’s playing her media cards right. When she tweeted about husbands, she did so without mentioning Nas. Her lawyer put out his financial info., and she’s playing on the public’s emotion of a man leaving his pregnant wife. She’s in a position to win.

  • Worley

    “She tried to jooks me with the p*ssy said f*ck the mask and gun.”

    Jeru The Damaja

    Ladies: read up on this story the next time your man looks at you like you have three heads when you start talking marriage and kids.

  • Adam

    Why are you such a pathetic asshole? Do you feel better taking shots at people? You are an anti-Semite and moreover, a terrible writer.

  • Tony Grand$

    NaS didn’t know that broad like he thought he did/wanted to.

    The old “Bait ‘n’ Switch” has been duping dudes for centuries; give “them” what they want to get what “you” need. Normally, a cat in his position should have been able to see that snake coming a mile away.

    Today’s lesson: keep your grass cut.

    @ least their son (pending DNA test) doesn’t have to witness this media circus.

    • $ykotic

      “@ least their son (pending DNA test)…”

      LOL Stirring the pot Grand$!

      • Tony Grand$

        My dude!

        I’ll admit it, when I watch Maury (we all do @ some point), I love it when the kid aint the dudes. Sweet fucking vindication.

        These evil females get to hooping & hollering about how a dude ain’t this or that, setting themselves up for pathetic embarassment.

        For that reason alone, I hope it’s not his. That’s what I want to see on TMZ.

        @ JDS

        I read that yesterday, like “WTF!?!?”. She’s playing herself right now. She must not have any homegirls to let her know as much. Mo’nique needs to holler @ her ass.

        • $ykotic

          Remember I said this months ago here. Kelis looks easy.

          My ex-wife is Puerto Rican. I always have a hard time with her. But she always wants me to hit it before I go. If that ain’t evil I don’t know what is.

          I know Skateboard P is laughing his ass off right now(pending DNA test).

        • Tony Grand$


          & I’m the one stirring the pot?

        • Sleepy Wonder

          Skateboard P Wears Male Purses, So Go Figure.

        • Tony Grand$

          Never trust a guy with a Murse & no moustache.

          & Chad is too quiet or me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the world is waiting on a Hugo Jr.

        • $ykotic

          Grand$ I know you’re out there. check this out.

          The “103″

          Alex Rodriguez, Samy Sosa, Jason Giambi, Jason Grimsley
          Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens
          Eric Gagne, David Ortiz
          Rafael Palmiero, Luis Gonzales, Javy Lopez
          Gary Sheffield, Albert Pujols, Troy Glaus
          Carlos Delgado, Alfonso Soriano, Kevin Brown,
          Billy Wagner, Paul LoDuca
          Richie Sexson.

          Marcus Giles, Brian Giles, Mike Lowell, Aaron Boone, Andruw Jones, Rondell White, Jason Varitek, Bret Boone, Melvin Mora, Carl Everett, Dmitri Young, Keith Foulke, Brendan Donnelly, Lance Carter, Jose Vidro, Gabe Kapler, Curt Schilling, Derek Jeter, Juan Rivera, Adrian Beltre.

          Shawn Green, Brain Lawrence, Phil Neven, Ryan Klesko, Benito Santiago, Jeff Kent, Kenny Rogers, Brad Fullmer, Sean Casey, Miguel Tejada, Raul Mondesi, Steve Finley, Jay Bell, Mo Vaughn, Jeromy Burnitz, Arthur Rhodes, Nick Swisher, Jason Kendall, Roberto Alomar, John Garland.

          Brad Wilkerson, Jeff Jenkins, Brade Lidge, Morgan Ensberg, Jeff Bagwell, Tino Martinez, Armando Benitez, Jeff Conine, Randy Choate, Vinny Castilla, Carlos Beltran, Juan Gonzalez, David Bell, Brett Myers, Jimmy Rollins, Jim Thome, Russ Springer, Bobby Abreu, Matt Mantei, Todd Hundley.

          Fred McGriff, Jason Schmidt, Matt Herges, Raul Ibanez, Terry Adams, Shea Hillenbrand, Jim Edmonds, Jeremy Giambi, Ken Girffey Jr., Ruben Sierra, John Flaherty, Ramiro Mendoza, Karim Garcia, Fernando Vina, David Segui, Buddy Groom, Scott Rolen, Jose Guillen, Jose Offerman, Sterling Hitchcock, Ben Weber, Erubiel Durazo, Andy Ashby, Rod Beck.

          The only one I don’t believe is Jeter.

        • DV8

          whoa, whoa, whoa, where did you get this list from? (Dont answer im just saying) Is this official? This is some crazy shit. I cant believe Ken Griffey Jr. is on this list. Schilling (WOW) Andruw Jones (that would explain his greatness in ATL and his downfall ever since)

          This is crazy. Has this been released nationally?

  • Phil

    I think Nas is just letting her play herself. He’s not worried at all. She’s going to ruin herself with this silly shit. I couldn’t help but notice that Nas refused SPOUSAL support, not child support. Bitch needs to get a job, move back with mom, or get back to school, cuz this chicken head shit isn’t going to work on the public like it did in the 90s. She’s a fool.

  • JDS

    “Kelis says she’s entitled to maintain the lifestyle to which she became accustomed – five homes, flying first class, going out to fancy restaurants, etc.

    “There were many expensive pieces [of jewelry] such as a princess-cut diamond tennis bracelet that was recently appraised for $190,000,” she writes.

    Even better, the “broke” Kelis states in her declaration that “My engagement ring is an approximately nine-carat cushion-cut diamond solitaire. I have numerous watches… such as Cartier, Rolex, Frank Muller and Chopard.”

    broke my ass! its not Nas’ fault she sat around on her ass for the past 3 years instead of making her own bread.

    still i think the fact that he’s shutting up and is pushing for custody of the kid should work in his favor. but Bol is right, the only thing is that this shit is going down in Cali aka the capital of milf bitches living of their rich (ex)husband’s check.

    • BIGNAT

      nas is smart if he gets the kid if it’s his. she can go back to mama’s house kick rocks bitch. i hope he can get his son if it’s his and move on to the new bitch. nas needs to take a page from jay. fuck with them destiny child girls. the one that was not kelly she was a good church girl.

  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    y’all forgot who we talkin bout, godson got bread, he far from broke so i figure he can buy some dirt to throw on this bitch, he tell the judge she failed in the wifey department you know , no money makin, sex tape, drug habit and she’ll be lucky to skate wit the thong and that milkshake. at least that’s how I’d do it.

    • $ykotic


      Where you from V? You’re ill with it…

      • vhingrhamesonyomomma

        duck down flint town homey! the city time and love left behind.

        • $ykotic

          Ok. From the Flint working on that mint. I got you.

  • anutha_level

    i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again….bitches AIN’T SHIT!

  • sealsaa

    “And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelis was behind this. Her people probably insisted the media phrase it that way, in order to win over the court of public opinion.”

    The majority of the blame goes on society for letting women get away with this shit. As the old adage goes: A woman can do anything a man can do. UNTIL she doesn’t feel like it. Then you’re forced to come out of your pocket. Spousal and child support laws in this country need a serious revision. Unless you’re on life support, no one should have to support your grown ass.

  • DazzOne

    Didn’t Wendy Williams say in a magizine there is a sex tape with Kelis and some unknown rapper?

  • yoprince

    is anyone else surprised at the reports of how well the boy Nas is doing financially?

    and i always figured nas and kelis were gettin it in with other chicks together..

  • nads

    Well..there is nothing new in the love that working class black men and women show each other in the USA. He is handling his women(and men on the DL) and she is a money hungry whore. Those two represent the plight and idiocy of the community as a whole. My problem is what is being half chinese got to do with any thing? Are you that hung up on skin colour that you want to point out that KELIS (whose great gma was probably half chinese – some far off line)so called ancestral roots have something to do with her behaviour
    She is a black american – keep it real..It hurts but that is what she is.

    You cant blame whitey for anything any more so your gonna blame Chinese genes.
    Take responsibility for you and your womens actions.

  • king tov

    “even suggest Nas might be on the DL.” haha isn’t jay-z gay too….. is that why he signed him?

  • GQ

    You don’t gotta worry about the lil homey he good. If she had cheese, then it would be a serious problem. She too stupid to stack cheese away for the lawyers. That’s what counts in court, not where you get divorced. You got good lawyers, you gonna clean up shop if she got money or not

    I don’t want to say much about the case cause I don’t want Kelis knowing what she up against, but I already know how this is gonna end for her, really, really bad. I hope she calms down and get her mind right. She prolly just trying to settle anyhow which is the best deal for her.

  • Silly Willy

    She’s accustomed to ?????? Accustomed to jewelry and fancy restaurants ???? That’s the reason ???


    What about the homey accustomed to fuck the shit outta yo milkshake and getting head from your myspace-rapper-lovin lips ? I mean, this is a negotiation….a man has needs, right ? If I’d still fuck you whenever I want and get my sunday afternoon head as usual, you’ll still have a check for a chinese buffet, I’m not a monster!

  • real talk

    damn this foo keeps dissin asians. Ima stop reading his blogs. *Smh*

    he disses everybody… *smh*

    *looks at Bol’s life*

    it’s ALL GOOD! HAHaha

  • latino heat

    she did have one more hit since Milkshake, she had Bossy out back in 2006, that was a pretty big hit. i’m pretty sure the album flopped though.
    anyway these laws are bullshit, i agree with whoever said get off your ass and get a job bitch. i also agree with Tony G, when you watch Maury and the kid isn’t the guys then the stupid bitch runs off crying and shit. i always thought they should play that old Ludacris song Ho every time that happens. i know i would laugh.
    leans back and turns Bitches Ain’t Shit But Hoes And Tricks way way way way way the fuck up.
    sorry Paris P, i had to do it just for this drop.

  • Beast McCoy

    When times start to get lean, I am pretty sure Kelis’ dream of being a major star had been long gone when she started to think “Man, I need a nigga to pay some of these bills I thought I would pay when I hit it big.”. Is she a golddigger? I wouldn’t be surprised. And the reason why Nas won her kooky ass? Because no one else looked at her and truly EVER thought she was girlfriend material much less wifey material. Nas better take the Clooney Route next time and just unwrap it, hit it & gently wrap it back up for the next man and be sure to make her feel sorry for you but not quite hate you for dumping her. It looks like Nas is going to learn a very valuable lesson from all this or then again maybe he won’t.

  • Big Family

    I’d wait it out and request a change of venue. There’s gotta b at least one judge in Atlanta who’s a fan of Illmatic.

  • mehrzad

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  • AGDM

    Damn you really can’t trust these bitches nowadays. They straight hemming brothas up man. Like Andre 3 stacks said in “Ms. Jackson”… thats a baby, not a paycheck

    I’m never getting married.



  • Esther Hart

    If I had a buck for each time I came here.. Incredible read!