Working Hard x Playing Harder [ll]…


Wack rappers is gonna be dead meat…

SlaughterHouse Studio Sessions on videotape.

Shouts to MIKE HERON and Koch Entertainment.

Real talk from Joe Budden, Royce da’ 5-9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I…

What is refreshing about Slaughterhouse is their candor even in a room filled with people that they hardly know. Most people feed you the generic brand answers or they clam up altogether. These dudes act like you have been there all along.

Stay tuned because more soon come from this group.

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  • Mage

    Slaughterhouse bitches, the game is over.

  • Max Profit

    I only like Joell Ortiz in this group.
    But it’s good to see the lyrical side of rap getting more attention.

  • geico lizard

    Royce kills every mixtape I have heard from him. The same people who bought the Jadakiss album would buy this album.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I fux with Slaughterhouse all day!!!

  • Pierzy

    “The beginning of the end”

    Slaughterhouse is here to stay!

  • Avenger XL

    People don’t overhype the situation none of these artists have produced a successfull body of work on the solo tip. The challenge for SH isn’t lyrics because they have that in spades it is crafting songs that can entertain listeners outside of the stan crowd on the nets. I know they have done some solid songs but would I bump any for a lifetime like a NWA,OutKast or even You gotta chill from EPMD? Not so much. They still sound more like a dope cypher broke out to me and next thing you know we had a rap group. I think their biggest accomplishment will be the first hip-hop supergroup to ever drop a record.

  • Real Talk

    Slaughterhouse most exciting rappers in hiphop, period.

    Some Slaughterhouse upcoming announced releases:

    Royce 5’9: Revival EP July 7th
    Slaughterhouse Album: July 14th
    Joell Ortiz, Crooked, and Budden each got digital only EP’s throughout the month of July (date tbd)
    Royce 5’9: Street Hop album September 22nd
    Joell Ortiz: Free Agent (date tbd)

    If yall dont what to make of this group please go peep the following right now:

    Joe Budden: Padded Room album
    Royce 5’9: Bar Exam 2 mixtape and “Slaugher” freestyle
    Joell Ortiz: Covers the Classics mixtape
    Crooked I: Hip Hop Weekly freestyles and “Block Obama” mixtape.

  • Real Talk

    Oh and go download these tracks right now:

    Wack Mc’s
    Move On (remix)
    Fight Club
    Money On The Floor

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, I’ve put together my own Slaughterhouse mixtape/album by downloading those tracks as soon as they were available. Only 6 songs but I play them all the time

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Avenger XL

    Hit the nail on the head. I’ve followed all of these MC’s over the years.Cant say I have much of their output in my Ipod…(Actually fuck apple, my Creative..)

    Not saying they are not beasts to the third degree. But we need memorable songs. Not rap cyphers on broken into 16′s.

    I’ve heard and owned all of Buddens albums, and Royce’s shit. I’ve pretty much heard most of Ortiz’s stuff that gets posted on the internets, and been following Crook since ” I’ll make um say the west aint shit without Crooked”.. I just hope we get

    1. Good or Better yet great production. Beats MATTER !
    2. Quality Hooks, (we don’t need a bunch of R&B singers..
    3. Quality Mixing and mastering. If this shit sounds like it was recorded in a closet, using an M-Box at 44.1 and a $100.00 Chinese Mic. I’m not fucking with it. Have Ken Lewis mix the songs well, and make sure the mastering is more than strapping a L2 across the buss..
    4. Coherent verses as in, everyone on the same page and not just spitting their latest written from their blackberry.
    5. Lots of songs and few interludes
    6.Diversity. LetS not make this album a diatribe about how “hip hop is now wack” or Skinny Jeans and Autotune bashing. Show us WHY you are better than the rest other than the fact that you have slick lines and metaphors.

    • Detroit P

      I hereby cosign this with my soul

  • $ykotic

    Look @ Penn! F*ck Twitter!

    You can’t get no realer than this right now in the game. No materialism. Straight normal Joe 6 pack action.

    Loving it DP. You came back with a different vision and it’s working hard body. Liking how you keep the XXL ties on the low low.

    Check out how Ortiz is in the cut. And most people would never think that Nickel 9 is gully like that. Talking more than Budden! WTF?!

    And I know Slaughterhouse is reading this! Ya’ll brothers do the damn thing!

  • EReal

    Yes they are ill. Yes they are the truth.

    But must you slob so hard?

    • Master CHeef

      he’s gotta get into those listening sessions somehow.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn I can’t wait for this shit.

    So, July 14th is the certified date?

    Oh, and let me get this out: I just got put on to deceased rapper “Big L” Lamont Coleman, the other day, and because of my tardiness, I’ve somehow come under fire for my promotion of real Hip Hop on this site. So, if anybody has something to say about this shit, say it right here and now so we can hash shit out.

    Too bad there weren’t dudes like D.Penn uploading Big L interviews on a website like he’s doing with this Slaughterhouse movement. That’s me being real right here. DP, I appreciate you putting us on to this shit and being cool about kicking the truth to the young youth. (sic) (I’m 27.)

    And who says I can’t be cocky and humble at the same time? Get at me, then…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • $ykotic

      Naw Herbz I just couldn’t believe u never were exposed to that catalog.

      But it was like that for me when I first bought the crib on the left coast and had never heard any Mac Dre or Luni Coleone or Suga Free. Dudes would laugh @ me.

      Now I can’t go anywhere without selling a CD.

      • OG Matt Herbz

        Yeah, it’s true. I had even peeped a few blogs on this very site before and somehow managed to skip clicking on the links to his videos. It’s all good, though. I enjoy hearing shit long after it’s released, that way I don’t have to hear unnecessary hype and bickering about if it’s good or not–I just go in with a clean-slate mind-state and let it sink in. Big L’s tight, and it’s a damn shame I hadn’t heard his shit earlier.

        Anyway, though, I’m looking forward to the Slaughterhouse release, but on the off-chance that shit sucks, then best believe I’m a be on here saying so. Peace…

        –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Real Talk

    Whoa whoa whoa, a few you got it twisted.

    First off, all four of these guys are vets but were screwed over by major labels. As far as body of work, the only one that has faired very well despite this is Royce, since he was smart enough to secure independent deals early on. And Budden to some extent. Both Crooked I and Budden for example, got two whole albums that their labels won’t release, so that aint really fair to say they aint built a body of work.

    You are talkin out your ASS if you sayin they are just some freestyle rappers or somethin wit no substance. You have not listened to Rock City or Death Is Certain. You have not listened to Padded Room at all. You have not listened to Dear Tupac or any HipHop Weekly tracks.

    Beats??!!! Have you heard Wack MC’s? Fuck you talkin about no beats? Yall are just straight talkin out your ass! lol

  • General

    Thanks again DP for keepin Slaughter House in the spotlight…

    They should be gettin a lot of shine right now, but you know how mainstream media does that shit…unless its an Asher Roth or pop/hip-hop act, they ain’t fuckin wit it…

    I think their release is significant in the aspect that they are putting together what everyone is always cryin that they want from hip-hop, but we will see if people put their money where their mouth is and actually cop the CD when it drops…

    All 4 of these MC’s are ridiculous and have earned their respect in the industry as monsters on the mic, but still have been jerked by the majors, so I’m hopin that they can get this shit rollin with the group CD

  • Real Talk

    Guarantee you’ll see a few haters on here soon goin “ahhh who are they? they nobody has beens. They never sell albums!” wahha wahhhh wahhhh. Meanwhile they all over a wack rapper’s nuts like Soldier Boys nuts like, they all slobbin like “your a hater! He’s doin his thing! He’s makin money hustlin!”.

  • Azhar

    These dudes are beast on da mike…i just hope it translate to their cd….as we all know sometimes it doesn’t…after listening to the cd…i hope i’m not wanting the mixtape slaughterhouse! but i can’t wait for their shit to drop! roll up

    Is it me or r they just severely shittin on Charles

  • 615banga

    i think chamillionaire and the game
    should join slaughterhouse

  • 615banga

    i think it would be cool if chamillionaire and the game joined slaughterhouse


    “your a fly on the wall internets” fuckin hilarious! stop repeatin that shit!! hahahaha! ahhh man I died ere’time you said it! “your a fly on the wall internets”>>>>>>>puase.

  • Master Cheef

    Royce said him, em, trick trick, all them had a meeting. Detroit is a no-fly zone. That shit is hardbody. Better not fuck around in the D.

  • brand-new

    hip-hop is really starting to get better, we got relapse 2, bp3, only built for cuban linx 2, and then we got slaughterhouse! this just might be the best group since like, ummm….wu-tang?! can’t wait, it’s a day one buy!

  • NJ

    Hell, we all know Slaughterhouse is great, but here’s the question: can they add more members that have been fucked over by labels?

    Two come to mind already: Papoose & Saigon. Although Saigon would be a tad bit hard to get him to join…

  • Emperor Doom

    Royce is nice. This is well known.

    Crooked I is also a very talented rapper.

    I have never heard one thing from Ortiz (and that’s saying something) so I can’t give an honest opinion on him.

    Budden is a perennial loser. I’ve listened to some of his stuff. He’s boring.

    So I’m somewhat excited for Slaughterhouse.

  • DANJ!

    I’m interested in this… I think it’s a good move for all involved. They’re def. comin’ with quality shit regularly, I just hope the album comes together right and doesn’t just sound like a long-ass freestyle.


    Slaughterhouse is like a rocket ship heading towards the stars. the question is are they going reach the status we think they deserve. or they going fall short and there whole movement will get derailed. i think if there first project does not do well the group is not going stay together.

  • H

    take it from me, the smartest white man you know

    these guys are the SHIT. but as said before many many times, THEY NEED PRODUCTION and fuckin HOOKS and GOOD BEATS

    not all their beats are wack but too many for a quality CD. plus they need to switch the style once in a while, it’s like one really really fucking long song and not in a good way.

  • EmCDL

    Yep definitely copping it! Nuff said!

  • K_Steez

    Co-sign everyone one feelin these niggas. Slaughterhouse killin shit. Charles Ham is playin hisself.

  • Nate

    I don’t have to say ” I told you so” again

    So I won’t… :)

    Glad Real Talk and the others are putting the others up on some recent classic songs.

    Look forward to the official album.

  • JihaD

    Tell one of these niggas to write a hook. I like all these MCs, but I won’t be listening to each of them drop 24s and 32s every track… That shit gets old, real, real quick….


  • KingTime

    чувствуется творческий подход к теме, респект)