Let me just state at the outset that I know jack shit about Young Jeezy, and Gucci Mane, and why the two of them have beef. I only spent about five minutes researching this shit before I went in, and there's a strong possibility I could have this all wrong, and I don't want anyone else throwing a bitchfit this week.

I know I checked my go-to guy Noz's site just now, and I saw there were a buncha salty, half-assed shots at Miss Info, the king of hip-hop blogging, who must not know what she's talking about either, as if Bob Boilen might fire him from NPR, or whatever it is he does these days, for pissing off the brass over at Hot 97.

Anyhoo, having only perused a few posts on sites that aren't known for their ability to explain shit, and having not listened to anything of the umpteen dis records back and forth between the two of them, it seems obvious to me Young Jeezy is pissed that Gucci Mane is hot shit right now, and he isn't. Never mind whatever else may have transpired between the two of them.

The dead giveaway is a post I saw on Nah Right just now where Jeezy seems pissed that Gucci Mane heard a dis record he put out yesterday called "24-23" and just kinda laughed it off, when Jeezy claims that Gucci Mane has been the aggressor in all of this, taking a number of shits at him on some mixtape he's got out. Obviously, Jeezy wants Gucci to make a song back at him, then they can make YouTube videos about one another, then maybe someone will get shot, and then Jeezy can get that same boost Rick Ross got from beefing with Fiddy.

The TIs may have even put him up to this. You know Jeezy is on the same label as Rawse.

Yeah, Young Jeezy has a few platinum albums at this point, and the only Gucci Mane song I've ever even heard is "So Icy," or whatever it's called, which features Young Jeezy. But Jeezy is three albums into his career at this point, and it's obvious he ran out of good ideas about halfway through that first one. I'd have to check, but I don't recall that last Young Jeezy album being as popular as the first. Really, the first one. Who knows how well a fourth Young Jeezy album would sell in today's climate.

Gucci Mane, meanwhile, has become remarkably popular for no apparent reason. He's got that certain sheen a nigga gets when he gets out of jail, and it's almost as if he actually accomplished something worthwhile. I can only imagine what it's gonna be like when T.I. gets out. Hence, there Gucci Mane is on the cover of this month's issue of XXL, albeit along with Soulja Boy and a few other embarrassments to the black community, despite the fact that pretty much anyone other than Noz would be hard pressed to name a song by him not called "So Icy."

But it's only a matter of time before Gucci Mane does have a big hit. Even Soulja Boy eventually followed up "Superman Dat Ho," or whatever it was called, with "Turn My Swag On." It's not like the bar is set very high. And whenever Gucci Mane does stumble upon a good idea, Young Jeezy's gonna be yesterday's news. Word to Whiskeytown. Or, even if he isn't, he's gonna have to cede some of the marketplace for shitty southern rap. Who's got money for two CDs full of that crap at a time like this?

If there's a difference between this beef and Rawse vs. Fiddy, it's that someone might actually get shot. Already, there was a rumor that Young Jeezy got stabbed last night. But either that was one of his weed carriers, or maybe someone just invented it out of whole cloth. And I know someone got killed over "So Icy." (As someone should have.) If all this is about is trying to sell records, or even if it isn't, Young Jeezy might want to let this one go. Gucci Mane is fresh out the joint. Who knows what he might do.