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The first order of business this Monday morning is acknowledging that homegirl who lost that lawsuit to the RIAA is fucked the fuck up for life. She may have to sell her kids off into slavery which in 2009 is something like signing a record deal. Okay, the term slavery is too hardbody considering the fact that there are people out here in the world that are real slaves. Let’s bring back the old school term ‘indentured servitude’.

I wonder what records that lady shared to come up on that amount. It sure wasn’t Too $hort’s Greatest Hits CD because that joint is in the dollar bin. She must have swapped some rare Elvis or Beatles songs because those are the joints that cost like a quarter million dollars to sample. At the end of the day someone with clout is gonna have to stand the fuck up and spit the truth that lawyers are the dudes who killed the music industry.

Certainly not moms with three kids downloading whatever crap they listen to. For all we know this DL mom could be the Curt Flood who finally changes the entertainment industrial complex. It isn’t simply music that we, er, those OTHER people download. It is information that is at the heart of the matter. I have watched movies, listened to music and read books all in digital format and I currently don’t even watch television. If it isn’t on the web at Adult Swim of HuLu.com then I prA’li don’t even give a fux about it.

Will this lady’s trials and tribulations convince me to stop downloading information? Hells the fux no! I get ALL my information via the INTERconnected NETworkS a/k/a the internets so why should I stop at this point? Using my NYC subway parlance, the train has left the station. These same companies that manufacture and distribute CD’s have the infrastructure and machinery to make other shit that people really need to buy, like toilet paper. Put the Drake mixtape CD in a roll of Scottissue and the tracklisting on each ply so I can use that shit to wipe my shitty caboose.

Funny story, true story is that I was caught rocking out to Drake by the online editor over here at the X-spot. Seriously, how the fuck can any human withstand the syrupy sweet song ‘Best I Ever Had’? Even Helen Keller fux with that shit. Good thing I had this Fisty Scent track to put the ice grill back on my face. Fisty calls this joint ‘Talkin’ In Codes’ and it is off the War Angel mixtape.

The formula for the summer heat rock from Fisty hasn’t changed. Two minutes of grimy, profane rhymes and a minute or so of ad libs directed at no one and everyone simultaneously. Will the War Angel have the music that cRap music fans crave to remove them from the R-n-B auto-tune direction that Hip-Hop is embracing? Possibly. I’m still holding out for the 50 Cent album where he does nothing but ad lib over Dr.Dre production. That shit will be epic.

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  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$


    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Word DP….

      Night Shift Gang.

      I stay on the ‘Net. That’s where its @. Info, entertainment, time-wasting bullshit. All @ my command. The TV is just ambient noise to drown out my wife & kids while I’m surfing.

      The RIAA is foolish to think that they’ll get blood from a stone, especially one with 3 peebles to feed. I know she isn’t Black, because the headline would’ve read “Woman jailed for piracy”.

      & you know she was DL’ing some Grateful Dead or Bob Dylan, because who tracks however many Wayne songs niggas rip? Had it been the soundtrack for “Boyz N Da Hood”, she wouldn’t have heard a peep from “them”.

      I’m not going to stop DownLoading, but I do say we need to support our artists.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Word DP….

      Night Shift Gang.

      I stay on the ‘Net. That’s where its @. Info, entertainment, time-wasting bullshit. All @ my command. The TV is just ambient noise to drown out my wife & kids while I’m surfing.

      The RIAA is foolish to think that they’ll get blood from a stone, especially one with 3 peebles to feed. I know she isn’t Black, because the headline would’ve read “Woman jailed for piracy…..”.

      I’m not going to stop DownLoading, but I do say we need to support our artists……unless they suck (yes hetero).

    • Pierzy

      Good morning fam…

      “Talkin’ In Codes” is the best song on War Angel BY FAR. I was actually surprised by how good it was. The song with Robin Thicke? Nada.

      • http://samiswhoiam.tumblr.com Sam

        I thought Talkin’ In Codes was the best, and that all the mean-muggers would like it too. Surprisingly, the few hardbody guys I know that rock Fif liked the Robin Thicke track the most. Who’da thought?

      • DetroitDraper

        Yea Im feelin that War Angel but your right that Robin Thicke song is very bad. Surprisingly I like that okay whats up song but hey I liked Crack a bottle minus 50′s simg verse

  • Dante

    I just looked that lawsuit up. $1.92 Mil??? that’s insane!

  • Master Cheef

    50′s rhymes aint the best, but he can flow. I still like hearing the nigga rap, but when he starts talking, I skip to the next song.

    • Unknown

      @ cheef
      thats shits true but sometimes some that shit is funny

      and he still gots a long way to go though

  • BD

    what do you expect on a 50 mixtape? he goes hard like he always does and thats why we love him but he has to say fuck jimmy and do that for the actual album then them faggots can stop hatin. either way i bump his shit

  • BD

    …..and tell me you all dont love it when 50 does that hard grimey voice. thats when you know he aint fuckin around. the game has been missin that thugged out ish whether he gets down for real anymore or not

  • Jamal7Mile

    RIAA going after that woman is a big ol’ FAIL!! I lost a bunch of lawsuits too and them niggas STILL ain’t got paid (and never will).

    You gotta love 50! That was a great mixtape and it gives me hope for his future in the music biz.

    *off-topic (sorry Dallas)*

    Will I.Am still got some gangsta in him!! I’m not too familiar with Twitter, but how do you twit while getting your ass beat AT THE SAME TIME?? Can someone explain this one to me?

  • E

    “Put the Drake mixtape CD in a roll of Scottissue and the tracklisting on each ply so I can use that shit to wipe my shitty caboose.”

    LOL, you a cold motherfucka Dallas.

  • latino heat

    come on DP that was a fucked up shot at Too $hort. respect the legend.
    i haven’t heard the new 50 mixtape, but he’s been talking that “i’m taking it back to the old 50″ shit since before Curtis came out, and we all know what a shit sandwich that turned out to be. i hope he’s right this time, but i don’t have my hopes up.
    Will.i.am really got his ass beat?

  • latino heat

    come on with those glasses in that video DP. i seen some clown at Six Flags last week with a pair of those, with the lenses popped out of them. when the movies over throw them away, please stop this movement now!

  • geico lizard

    Speaking of Too Short that lady better start selling pussy if she wants to make enough money to the record labels them. She can join the cast of that HBO show Cathouse.


  • Jamal7Mile

    Ha! Nice video, Dallas!

    I’m not afraid of the Internets, but I AM afraid of NYC traffic. I heard that it’s DEATH on a pedestrian out there. The drivers just don’t give damn. How did you pull that one off?

    @Latino Heat

    Will.i.am was the one who handed out the ass beating to Perez Hilton.

  • latino heat

    he beat Perez Hilton’s ass?! that ain’t nothing to be proud of, that’s a damn shame. he’s gonna throw away his squeeky clean image to all these old housewives that actually buy his music for that dumb shit? what a moron.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 14snipez

    50 back on dat street shit da production ain’t on no bubble pop fizz club shit it’s dirty n soulful i think he just need to get away from Dr. Dre. Honestly he’d b betta off gettin some hungier producers to give him the edge. I’m not sayin i’ma buy his album dats still dependant on what direction he plans to take his musik in. He should really just aim for the streets n say fuck da charts he’s gunna sell records based off his name anywayz. Here’s to hoping he do his thang cuz after Curtis I have my doubts

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I have mixed feelings about War Angel. It starts off so hardbody and he seems so anti-auto tune (although he used it himself once) and then his singing on Anything I Need and London Girl. It’s like, wtf?

    • DetroitDraper

      Yea the two tracks aimed at the ladies are awful but every other track hits the spot.

  • Life iz “Too $hort” 2 hate

    It’s fonky,
    Err-body nod the head like this
    I said BII-ATCH,
    & err-body read my lips
    I got rich
    Suck’n up the game from the “O”
    Alotta rappers got the same kinda flow
    I suvive cause I got MORE GAME than them
    It came staight from the prostitutes, players & pimps
    It was my destiny,
    I came the same err-time
    Don’t question me,
    I transform the game into ryme…

    Rappers Ball

  • http://ww.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn that chick lost the battle with RIAA??? She in for a world of hurt!

  • Dallas Penn

    Latino Heat,
    I wear them 3D jawns in case some 3D shit happens in real life so I don’t miss it.

    You like War Angel or not. Stop sitting on the fence.

    Pierzy, Jamal7Mile, Tony Grand$, geico lizard, Master Cheef, EmCDL what up?!?

    • http://incilin.blogspot.com/ Incilin


      Full review at A Shot of Incilin. But for the most part, I have mixed feelings. I just do.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    The ‘Net is where its @. The only reason I keep a TV on is for ambient reasons; drowns out the wife & kids.

    Far as the RIAA goes, had it’ve been a Black, the headline would’ve read “Woman jailed for piracy.” Or maybe not, the gov’t did apologize last week for slavery. Good luck on getting blood from that stone, especially with three pebbles to feed.

    We all knew 50 had to get back on his bullshit. It’s about time.

    DP, i see you with the insomnia. “I never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin o death.”

    I’ll never stop downloading, but I will say support your artists.

  • DetroitDraper

    I fucks wit you DP

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Wow… I fux with this track… I gotta get this shit.

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Why the Too Short shot? Respect a legend, yeah its in the dollar bin next too Bigs greatest hits.

  • $ykotic

    My dudes! What up?

    War Angel “I Line Nigg*az”, “Talking in Codes”, “Redrum(beat is ill)”, & “I Gotta Win” are the best ones. Throw “Get The Message” in a close second.

    But 50 always drops good ass CRT’s.

    Why didn’t the RIAA go after Kazaa or Limewire? Punks.

    Wearing them glasses are like wearing the Tavern on the Green napkin as a Tru Life bib thru the hood.

    Ya looking foolish kiddo.


  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Poor lady 80 gs a track for 24 tracks. America (bummer version). Well, any ways this post is wack. Drake succccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss balllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is not what I look for in hip hop. He is a subgenere artist, he caters to the college kids, i.e. a canadian Asher Roth. I went to college so I know, there is a new hiphop fan, the kind who like Drake, they also love Kanye and Weezy, tpain, Rick ross etc. Now with exception to ye and wayne, all these dudes have no place in Hip hop, who am I to say some shit like that right ? Fuck you I’m smart, listen. I think the machine is pushing him on us, fucking Viacom, remeber Degrassi?
    I think he is acting like a rapper, and its no surprise people buy this shit, not at all, hiphop is not what we remeber it as. Wether that is good or bad is up to you, and how you view all the bullshit artist in the game and your taste or style. Being a fan for the past 16 yrs of my 23yr old exisitence I hope the muic falls out of the mainstream completley and reinvents itself that would be best for every one.

  • brand-new

    i think the first 5 tracks are hot, after that it kinda loses it’s play value.


    “Put the Drake mixtape CD in a roll of Scottissue and the tracklisting on each ply so I can use that shit to wipe my shitty caboose.”
    MWHAHAHHAA that is some crazy shit. that war angle is good plus it’s free. that shit is my new workout music i only skip 2 songs

    • BIGNAT

      i mean angel not angle

  • Master CHeef

    What it is, Dallas? That “Do the Right Thing” drop on dallaspenn.com was ill.

    I may be the only person left with high expectations for BISD, but I think 50 still got a trick or two up his sleeve. Like you said, with the right Dre production, nigga could talk over that shit, but I’m hoping he comes through on the rapping side.

    50′s actual rhyme might not be the most complex, but he can drop some gems in between them:
    “homie, you hustling backwards if you chasing a bitch
    stupid, chase the paper, they come with the shit.”

  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    that war angel shit should be called “shoot everythang movin den go back and shoot it again for sure measure” or “blam” for short.can’t front at all the kid 50 back on his grizzly, i know them TI’s he workin for don’t know what to do now (as if they ever did). Be prepared for some more shoot’em up bang bang material in the future, who knew you could sell a bullet riddled hoodlum from the southside wit’ out it bien a thug love thing. I’m tellin you every nigga wit’ a biscuit finna get a deal! 95 is back baby! grrrrrrr!

  • Dallas Penn

    The reason why 50 Cent’s gangsta rhyme is compelling is because he didn’t always win.

    How many fools want to be a gangster after they look death square in the eyes? Not too many. Not me.

    Everyone wants heaven, but still no one wants dead.

    • vhingrhamesonyomomma

      definitely feel dat’.but hunger verses no meal’ll make nigga dance like sambo won’t it?niggas see dat’ barrel one good time and figure hey at least wit’ rappin there’s less likelyhood of catchin one (or so they think ex: Sticky fingaz weed carrier). I dunno good post either way.

  • Enlightened

    More silly ass East Coast jealousy on the sly…

    A Too Short Greatest Hits CD is not in the dollar bin

    In fact, it is worth more than an M.O.P…, fuck it anybody out of New York who came out after 1990 not named Nas, Biggie, or Jay-Z.

    Check the track record and step your weak ass comedy/blog game up

    • $ykotic

      Dayum E. Why go there?

      It may be just me but I fuxx with all regions. Good music is good music.