The first order of business this Monday morning is acknowledging that homegirl who lost that lawsuit to the RIAA is fucked the fuck up for life. She may have to sell her kids off into slavery which in 2009 is something like signing a record deal. Okay, the term slavery is too hardbody considering the fact that there are people out here in the world that are real slaves. Let's bring back the old school term 'indentured servitude'.

I wonder what records that lady shared to come up on that amount. It sure wasn't Too $hort's Greatest Hits CD because that joint is in the dollar bin. She must have swapped some rare Elvis or Beatles songs because those are the joints that cost like a quarter million dollars to sample. At the end of the day someone with clout is gonna have to stand the fuck up and spit the truth that lawyers are the dudes who killed the music industry.

Certainly not moms with three kids downloading whatever crap they listen to. For all we know this DL mom could be the Curt Flood who finally changes the entertainment industrial complex. It isn't simply music that we, er, those OTHER people download. It is information that is at the heart of the matter. I have watched movies, listened to music and read books all in digital format and I currently don't even watch television. If it isn't on the web at Adult Swim of then I prA'li don't even give a fux about it.

Will this lady's trials and tribulations convince me to stop downloading information? Hells the fux no! I get ALL my information via the INTERconnected NETworkS a/k/a the internets so why should I stop at this point? Using my NYC subway parlance, the train has left the station. These same companies that manufacture and distribute CD's have the infrastructure and machinery to make other shit that people really need to buy, like toilet paper. Put the Drake mixtape CD in a roll of Scottissue and the tracklisting on each ply so I can use that shit to wipe my shitty caboose.

Funny story, true story is that I was caught rocking out to Drake by the online editor over here at the X-spot. Seriously, how the fuck can any human withstand the syrupy sweet song 'Best I Ever Had'? Even Helen Keller fux with that shit. Good thing I had this Fisty Scent track to put the ice grill back on my face. Fisty calls this joint 'Talkin' In Codes' and it is off the War Angel mixtape.

The formula for the summer heat rock from Fisty hasn't changed. Two minutes of grimy, profane rhymes and a minute or so of ad libs directed at no one and everyone simultaneously. Will the War Angel have the music that cRap music fans crave to remove them from the R-n-B auto-tune direction that Hip-Hop is embracing? Possibly. I'm still holding out for the 50 Cent album where he does nothing but ad lib over Dr.Dre production. That shit will be epic.