The Young & The Restless…


Don’t you remember a few months ago when we finally decided that cRap music was the new WWE movement? Now all of a sudden the rap game has become a fucking soap opera (a novela para todos mis dominicanos on the threads). Nobody likes anybody anymore and everyone is sleeping with each other [ll].

Why won’t NaS give Kelis any bread? Is that baby his? Or is this one of those Usher situations where he is paying child support for some other dude’s seed? That shit happens in the cRap game more than we can even remember. Didn’t Diddy damn near raise Al B. Sure’s loin products while he was schtooping Kim Porter? Russell Simmons has his war baby daughters calling an African refugee daddy. Okay, maybe not.

Now what happened between Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy? I thought all these southern rappers stuck together to make crappy music? There was this myth that all these performers from Atlanta had enough love for the paper that they could put aside their differences to hop on a Rich Boy remix together. Except Shawty Lo and T.I. They aren’t really fuxing with each other right now.


I thought that Young Jeezy didn’t fux with T.I. either, because Jeezy was CTE and T.I. was Grand Hustle? And who is BMF? Gucci Mane? Is Rick Ro$$ still Carol City or did he switch up to Lens Crafters because he likes shades so much. Don’t let me find out that Ro$$ is now SHC (Sunglasses Hut Cartel). I’m obviously not paying close enough attention to this cRap shit.

I need to know who is in jail right now. Is anyone keeping a scorecard at home? I’m glad that DMX is free again. When we would have slow news days around here at the XXL virtual offices X was always good for getting arrested for violating his probation. Whick reminds me… Where the hell is Jayceon Taylor? He hasn’t been arrested in a minute. In between all of this bullshit I keep spinning the new Mos Def album. Its dope and pushes up the level of discourse.

Mos Def isn’t exempt from the drama either. I see where he has challenged other cRappers to a pay-per-view cage match. Someone please send Mos the memo. Rappers are soap opera stars now. Instead of wrestling they’ll just be young and restless.

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  • deucegue

    “And who is BMF? Gucci Mane?”

    Damn hommie get your street IQ up before you write these blogs.

  • Pierzy

    Co-Sign all day. I always thought this shit was more like a high school drama than anything else. They bicker over (mostly) meaningless shit, they all get with the same girls, and they just basically act immature. Like most cliques in your local high school. But with more bling…and usually less talent.

    • http://xxl Born

      I agree somewhat! All the unnecessary beef between guc and jeezy is pointless even though someone lost their life behind the beef! but the Nas Kelis situation that is their bi that is between them this is the thing shit like that should not even be in the media this is bullshit! And Mos is just mad at how the game is turning into this type of shit, so he can challenge anyone he feels, he is one of the only ones who is on some real hip hop shit! especially with that new album!

  • capcobra

    funny shit.

  • Dallas Penn

    Quick rundown on the parties involved.. Jeezy & Gucci Mane have beef cuz Not so well known Gucci had a hit call “So Icey” about 4-5 years ago that featured a not so well known Young Jeezy. They fall out over some unpaid royalties, now here’s were it gets ugly. Jeezy puts out a mixtape basically putting a $10,000 bounty out for anyone to take Gucci’s chain. Gucci responds, of course. Then months later some goons go to rob (I shit you not) Gucci while enjoying a night cap with a stripper from Magic City , and Gucci ends up killing one of the 4 guys who try to rob him. Apparently one of the guys were in BMF (Black Mafia Family, one of the largest drug syndicates in U.S. history. All theses cats r doing football numbers in the Feds. Google It) Of course Gucci knows Jeezy had to be behind it because Jeezy is always making references to his not so clear affiliation to BMF in his records. Hope this helps clear things up

    • Max Profit

      Nice! People should know what’s really poppin before they blog about it!

    • geico lizard

      Jeezy doesnt talk that much about BMF now that they are doing football numbers but Fabolous still shouts them out. This was a good post DP but I cant co-sign the hate on all southern rap.


  • Tony Grand$

    I always wondered what feminine trend would top the liquid denim…….

    Now I see it’s emotion.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, Hip Hop, it’s not you, it’s me.

    I was there, banging a stripper the night Gucci Mane was held up…he double-toked the blunt so I called in the goons…

    I was spotted peeling out of Nas’ house about 3 weeks before Kelis pissed a plus-sign…NOT a coincidence

    I was the one that knocked out Gunplay…AND I stole 50′s chain in Africa.

    I had an elaborate scheme to make it appear that I stole Rick Ross’ shades, but my LV connect told me they weren’t official…
    …so I slapped ‘em off Ross’ face instead.

    I’m the one putting up the prize money for Mos Def’s rap battle challenge, but I also stand to win $200k if I can smash his wife while he’s on stage.

    I was the man that Rihanna texted after Breezy beat on her–I also put some cream on her face to soothe her bruises. The nude pics were taken in my guest house.

    Cassie’s, too.

    So, what, you don’t like the excitement that Herbz provides? Yeah, but we’d all be lulled to sleep right now if it weren’t for me. If I didn’t do my thang in the rap game, we’d all be jocking pink headphones and riding Kanye dick. I couldn’t let that happen, mang…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    (Oh, and I don’t need to insert a (II) pause in there. See how I sign my name? Yeah, there’s your pause sign laid flat in every post. I’m immune to that gayness, dogg.)

    • DV8

      what was the name of that Papoose song again?

    • Sleepy Wonder

      “Turn’s Akon’s Blame It On Me (OG Matt Herbz Remix) Way Way Way Way Way Way The Fuck Up! Good Shit Herbz.

      I Had To Do It Paris…


    i feel you Penn, as a matter of fact, i was super excited about that slaughterhouse album, but now i won’t be purchasing it due to the fact that buddens is such a bitch. from this point on i will not support bitchassness! I WILL PROUDLY STEAL SLAUGHTERHOUSE’S CD, and that goes for any other rapper who thinks an interview is nothing more than an opportunity to mention another mans name!

    • OG Matt Herbz

      I can certainly understand where you’re coming from, but there’s other members of that group that need to eat, too. Trust me, if you think Joey’s a dick, they KNOW Joey’s a dick…and face it, he IS a dick, but they need that personality in the crew or else they’d be boring.

      Have you seen their new video of Funniest rap video I’ve probably ever seen. They mock-up like they’re a boy band or something. Peep it.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • EmCDL

    Good and funny post LOL

    I never even pay attention to any of the cRAP madness I always thought it was fake from the get-go. I just care about the music at the end of the day….well not really considering that most of it is trash (well except for Clipse)

  • DV8

    all I know is Jeezy better act like he know good and keep it cool. Gucci isnt as dumb as he sounds. It seems Gucci is trying to keep it peaceful for the moment but that could be a front.

  • Azhar

    Cosign The Mos Def point:
    who cares bout the rest, it’s for publicity! roll up and enjoy some good music Ecstatic!


    as a wise man once said: “its all just entertainment”

    and it keeps me laughing, so keep it up.

  • $ykotic

    1. NaS just dropped an album. So of course with touring he wouldn’t be home or around. Aren’t both of you recording artists? Read between the lines.

    2. That Jeezy/Gucci spat is far from over. Bet that.

    Sometimes guys these people do actually have beef.

    3. Ross lost. For all of that dude is doing his worst numbers ever. Good album, bad PR.

  • $ykotic


    4. Mos don’t need promo. Hollywood knows him. These albums are the for the love of hip hop(and contractual agreements).

    • EmCDL

      Co Sign!

  • Caillou

    Today I like to watch The Young And The Restless.

  • anutha_level

    “can it be, that it was all so simple…”

  • DazzOne

    @DP-Quit hatin’ the SOUTH! From east to the west, some of ya’ll garbage too.


    “Don’t let me find out that Ro$$ is now SHC (Sunglasses Hut Cartel).”

  • yessir

    These grown ass niggas need to grow up. All that beef shit is dead. Fuck it live up.