The Loudest Moment Of Silence…

mj motown

I didn’t watch the B.E.T. awards last night because I was on some protest of their programming. The truth is that I don’t have a cable or satellite account so I can’t watch anything on my television set, except for Star Wars movies and the DVD pr0n flicks my homegirl from Twitter sent me (shouts to @Diorcat).

Television is a fucking wasteland. I get everything I want to consume via internets anyhoo so I don’t feel like I am missing anything. I certainly don’t think I would have been impressed by B.E.T.’s tribute to Michael Jackson. That shit would have needed to have Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle and the boss, Diana Ross on the hook. We all know that B.E.T. doesn’t have the caché (swag) to pull that shit off. This awards show is the network’s single biggest budget production. It’s cardboard behind the performers.

How are you doing to honor Michael Jackson properly without some reedonkey presentation? His brothers have to be involved, definitely Janet, but crazy ass LaToya, not so much. That is why I can’t fux with B.E.T. Shit is LaToya to MTV’s Janet. Vh-1 is Rebbie. Don’t sleep on Rebbie though, shge did have that hit ‘Centipede’. I’m glad that some of y’all enjoyed the B.E.T. awards. That way I know that we still have enough people to fill the country’s permanent underclass.

The general consensus that I gathered from Twitter is that Jay-Z has gotten his swag back by adding Drake-like hand moves to his stage presentation. That’s funny because what I have seen of Drake reminds me of how KanYe performs, but less energetic. So if Jay-Z is performing like a Drake stan then he must look like a really watered down KanYe West. I don’t know if any of you have been paying attention, but for the last few years Jay-Z has been jocking KanYe West swag from hairstyles, eyeglass frames to guest features on his albums. Someone is brodying their little brother no?

I just watched the Death Of Autotune video and I like the slick look. I like the smile that Jay-Z puts on when Harvey Keitel walks up to him. Even though D.O.A. isn’t for smiling how could you not smile when you are hanging with the ‘Bad Lieutenant’? Have you seen that film yet? Harvey Keitel plays a police so corrupt he makes Denzel Washington’s ‘Training Day’ character look like a saint. Great movie. Michael Jackson used to make these epic videos that were filled with a narrative of intrigue and spectacle. Anyone notice Lyor Cohen at the video clips intro opening the car door for Jay-Z? That should’a been you Dame Dash.

The story bubbling in the cut is how the Jackson family wanted Chris Brown to perform in the tribute but Jay-Z blocked that move. I personally don’t believe that Jay-Z has that kind of power behind the scenes on shit that doesn’t directly involve him and what the fuck does Jay-Z care about Chris Brown. I mean. lets get serious, Rihanna has been passed around so much that he can’t be in love with that thing. Meanwhile we have never seen BeYonce nekkid in the media except for that time in Elle (and I have a copy of that).

The overall truth that should have been apparent at the B.E.T. awards is that we are experiencing a dearth of talent within musical entertainment. There was a time when singers could really sing. They could act too. Singers now are more like models who are only built for still image shots. There’s cardboard behind these motherfuckers. These fools NEED autotune. R.I.P. to Michael Jackson for the rest of 2009 in my opinion. Listen to this studio track of Michael doing ‘Billie Jean’ and tell me who in the game is capable of putting it down like this? Exactly.

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  • og bobby j

    you know what Farrah Fawcet, Billie Mays and Michael Jordan are getting for christmas this year?

    Patrick Swayze

    • og bobby j


    • oskamadison

      Damn, son , you had to do him like that? Part of me wants to laugh but I won’t.

    • $ykotic

      That was awful, og bobby j.

      I’m still wondering how Drake “tore” his ACL. And surprised the web didn’t make that #1 news topic.

      It sounds like BET had that one chance where they could have seized the moment and they failed.

  • Pierzy

    “Television is a fucking wasteland anyhoo. I get everything I want to consume via internets anyhoo so I don’t feel like I am missing anything.”

    Co-Sign to the fullest. Plus, it just feels like one giant commercial. Seriously, BET Awards looked garbage from jump so I skipped it. Who needs to watch that?

    And ‘Bad Lieutenant’ is the truth! Anybody that loves flicks like ‘Taxi Driver’ but hasn’t seen that is seriously incomplete.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      I like Taxi Driver, but it’s one of those movies that you see once or twice and it doesn’t really get played again. It’s too dark; too depressing. Back when I first started fucking with DVDs, I bought it and watched it stoned a couple times and I damn near shot myself in desperation. Probably the best “You don’t want to live in NY” movie I’ve ever seen–and there are many if you think about it…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • OG Matt Herbz

    The Oxi-Clean nigga got deaded too. Now how the fuck I’m a get the stains out my sheets? It’s always the good ones that have to die…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • $ykotic

      Now that was funny.

      • Pierzy


        Herbz definitely one-upped him!

  • oskamadison

    OK, I had to laugh at that shit.

  • Dallas Penn

    OGs got the best lines in this thread.

    Pierzy, $yk, what the fux is really good?

    • Pierzy

      Chillin, Dallas – what’s poppin’ on your side? My girl is heartbroken over MJ’s passing (mostly because she feels like it cements the fact that her childhood is over).

      I actually have to slide. I’m taking a final in 10 minutes (word to $yk, Grand$ & co.) so let me go get busy over there.





  • KenFTW

    “Jay-Z has been jocking KanYe West swag” I’m glad somebody brought this up. Jay’s moves following ‘Ye are gettin a little obvious. Remember ‘Beach Chair’

  • $ykotic

    @ DP

    Maintaining my dude. Hope all is well in your universe.

    Same for my Commission brethren.

    And about to watch another Black family be torn apart because of the almighty dollar.

    Besides that the sun is shining…

  • og bobby j

    I heard most large retail establishments, like Macys and Sears, are now making 6/25 Michael jackson sale day…..

    All little boys clothes half off….

    In conjunction, McDonalds will now be selling the McJackson in honor of michale;s career….
    it is 50 yr old meat between 12 yr old buns…

    • G>>>OG

      u a homo ass no life havin entity…

    • biggamike

      That ish aint cool og bobby J

  • lboogie

    I have a thing for creative smart boys… Will you marry me?
    Thanks for puttin down.

  • Ky

    The BET Awards highly disappointed me. Not only was it a hot mess, but they decided to cut Chris Brown off at the last minute.

    Please sign petition for him to perform a tribute to MJ at the VMAs 2009.

  • Dallas Penn

    BTW, BeYonce wasn’t nekkid in the Elle mag, it was just a nip slip. BeYonce’s areola >>> Rihanna’s pierced nipples.

    *turns ‘Single Ladies’ way, way, way, way the fux up* LOL

    • BIGNAT

      i think usher, donell jones, maxwell, musiq soulchild or bilal could do it. dp if you have the chance hook me up with the song you connected to the drop.

  • these posts are racist

    RIP, the real GOAT…that’s an amazing recording…

  • EmCDL

    I said this once, and I’ll say it again…who in the hell watches BET?

    Co Sign with DP

    Ain’t no need to waste money on another bill if everything on TV ends up on the internet anyway…word to Hulu…

  • Matt

    That studio track is crazy. zshare of that anywhere?

  • latino heat

    D.P., i cut my cable off a couple months ago because there really ain’t shit on tv worth paying for anyway. i found this site called you can catch damn near any show on there live at the same time as it comes on the regular channel just like your watching tv. i’m not sure about Hulu but is free. they were playing the BET awards on there last night, but i didn’t care enough to watch it. i ended up watching some old Simpsons episodes they were playing instead.

  • Dallas Penn

    I use JustinTV for my NBA games. Shit is the best.

    If anyone wants an .mp3 of this Michael Jackson demo it is available via DivShare @

    • BIGNAT

      thanks dp good stuff you even got songs off the last album he did. you should have put up that joint he did with biggie. imagine how much bigger a star biggie would have been if they did that song at the mtv awards. or any other of those award shows

  • Around and Around

    That’s incredible, good looking on that drop DP…sick sick sick

    OG… I wouldn’t expect anything less from a mountain dew drinking white boy in a trailor with no health insurance for that stunted seed.

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