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Sticking with my topic of choice in the conclusion of my blog week, I thought I’d pay homage to one of my favorite old-school rappers, the high and mighty, Mr. Grand Puba. Yes, the man is very special. With his new album Retroactive, dropping earlier this week, the Brand Nubian MC has been getting a lil’ press here and there, and it got me revisiting some of his undeniable classics.

I almost forgot how insane, Grand P was. I mean dude could spit something ferocious like Tom Hanks in A League Of Their Own and I feel like sometimes he gets overlooked. Now I hope I’m not just speaking to the choir here – for all you young’n’s maybe this ole blog would put you on to an East Coast legend.

But I’m not about to list all of Puba’s classics. I wanted to just take one, regular verse from P’s extensive catalog, to highlight the man’s swag juice (pause). I might not agree with Dante Ross, about him being the  swag originator, but I will go on the record and say there’s no doubt in my mind that this cat was a huge influence to a slew of big dogs. 

Anyway, as I was saying, I been bumping a bunch of vintage Puba lately, and I must of played his verse on “Back up off the Wall “ 100 times in the last two days. No disrespect to the other Nubians but he obliterated that shit. DEAD. I know its an old-ass verse but please – this kind of stuff is timeless. There’s nothing for me to say, just listen to it yourself…

In fact, let me transcribe that for ya

(from 2:24 on…)

Now I’ma put a rush up on molasses
Breeze on through like E-ZPasses
Wiggle more asses than aerobic classes
El kabong, my people blaze them trees up like Cheech and Chong
Get that ass open like a pair of butt cheek in thong
For sure dog, I don’t mean to come off pushy
Blaze your party hot, and have it smelling like Bidussy
Spit my phlegm and drop my gem
Collect my wins and cop the Benz with the icy rims
I’ll be dramatical, mathematical, radical thriller
The mic killa wreckin more shit than Godzilla
Matter of fact I’m more illa, knock your shit off the pillar
The four-wheeler touched every flava but vanilla
You know my name, my game, so shorty shake that thang
I get you open like them ball-head niggaz on Rogaine
Spit my flow all the way from New Ro’
to Acapulco, white poos brown like cocoa
Flip flows def like so so

SMH. You see what I’m saying? Tell me that verse ain’t perfection personified? SWAG JUICE!!!

But then again that’s just me, I know y’all are gonna chime in. What do YOU guys consider a perfect verse? -Jesse Gissen

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  • Pierzy

    Perfect verse?

    Nas on “Verbal Intercourse”

    Through the lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold
    I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe
    When I’m deceased, by then the beast arise like yeast
    to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets
    Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun
    Trick my Wisdom, with the system that imprisoned my son
    Smoke a gold leaf I hold heat, nonchalantly
    I’m grungy, but things I do is real it never haunts me
    while, funny style niggaz roll in the pile
    Rooster heads profile on a bus to Riker’s Isle
    Holdin weed inside they pussy with they minds on the
    pretty things in life, props is a true thug’s wife
    It’s like a cycle, niggaz come home, some’ll go in
    Do a bullet, come back, do the same shit again
    From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable
    Guns salute life, rapidly, that’s the ritual

    • lol

      the best

    • DetroitDraper

      Puba is a beast and but good looks Pierzy on that Nas joint. Good to see some still recognize Gods son

  • oskamadison

    As far as Puba goes, the second verse to “Step To The Rear”. In general, if I had to narrow it down to one, Nas’ second verse to “Memory Lane”. That flow was insane.

  • thoreauly77

    yo, nice drop, but i am wondering what type of perfect verse. for example, the puba verse and that nas verse ^^ are undeniably dope, but while puba’s is almost purely braggadocio, nas’ verse actually is a contemplation upon his own mortality. my point is that different verses are perfect for different reasons.

    perfect verse by phonte from “breakin my heart”, an observation of love and relationships:

    We was high school sweethearts, talkin since we was teens
    Every mornin, and every ev-ening
    Ten years later, she eatin that Lean Cuisine
    I’m on the field, straight brawn off that Creatine
    in the NFL – which mean Not For Long
    City to city, all the groupies they hop along
    Word get back, the wifey she like, “Stop the song”
    “I’m takin the kids to my momma’s, I’m out, I’m gone!” – whoa!
    Momma was like, “Baby now, I hate to see your tears
    But I been with your daddy for bout 35 yearsAnd in my day, I had to turn a blind eye to cheatin
    but I ain’t never had to wear no black eyes from beatings
    As long as he doin right, by you and the kids
    How you gon expect that man not to be who he is?
    I ain’t sayin that it’s right, but we often pay the price
    cause a woman’s life is love, a man’s love is life
    and he gon live it to the fullest,
    and I ain’t tryna pull you down, or sound like a broken record
    But you should know by now that ALL niggas is dogs
    Better to have a rich Pit than a broke German Shepard, uh!”


    • Chris Cash


      Damn i remember when i first heard that Phonte verse and thought how real it was. Very few people can sum up real life in a verse like Phonte. But I got another classic Phonte verse of the same vien.

      Its to long to post but its from “All for You” from the Minstel Show. Its the song about dead beat dads

      • westcoastaggie

        I was looking at your photograph amazed how I favored you
        I remember being young wanting to play with you
        Cause you was a wild and crazy dude
        And now I understand why my momma couldn’t never stay with you
        From the roots to the branches to the leaves
        They say apples don’t fall far from the trees
        I used to find it hard to believe
        And I swore that I would
        Always hold my family as long as I could
        But damn
        Our memories can be so misleading
        It’s misery
        I hate to see history repeating
        Thought you were the bad guy
        But I guess that’s why
        me and my girl split
        And my son is leaving
        I did chores, did bills, and did dirt
        But I swear to God I tried to make that shit work
        ‘Til I came off tour to an empty house
        With all the dressers and the cabinets emptied out
        I think I must’ve went insane
        Thinking I was in love, but really in chains
        Trapped to this girl through the two-year old who carried my name
        I tried to stop tripping
        But yo, I couldn’t and the plot thickened
        That shit affected me, largely
        Because I know a lot of people want me
        To fail as a father
        And the thought of that haunts me
        Especially when I check my rear-view mirror
        And don’t see him in his car seat
        So the next time it’s late at night
        and I’m laid up with the woman I’mma make my wife
        talking ’bout how we ‘gon make a life
        I’m thinking about child support, alimony, visitation rights
        Cause that’s the only outcome if you can’t make it right
        Pissed off with your children feeling the same pain
        So, Pop, how could I blame cause you couldn’t maintain
        I did the same thing
        The same thing

        • El Tico Loco

          That was a Source quotable rhyme of the month too.

        • thoreauly77

          hell yes WCA. and this is what i am talking about: he perfectly captures a scene, an emotion, a state of mind, and he talks shit! so many verses by tay…

          good look! i use both of those verses to teach theme, simile, and metaphor in my classes!

        • thoreauly77

          and chris cash!

        • Chris Cash

          Oh so ur a Teacher? Know wonder you broke it down so intellectually in ur first post.

          Wish i had a teacher like u in my education.

        • thoreauly77

          thanks. i teach high school and college english, and my students by far love the lessons with music the most.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          Now I know why homey smashed my guest blog: He’s an English teacher.

          I majored in English by the way.

          And in my defense, I wasn’t necessarily writing an essay with proper intro, body, and conclusion. I dodged some literary constraints to seem less pedantic to the audience. If that were a rough draft, I’d like to see you pick it apart–point out areas you thought could use more “lucidity.”

          Nice selection of verse, by the way.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • thoreauly77

          i smashed your guest blog? i remember being critical, but i do not remember about what. maybe the whole white nigga movement stuff?

        • thoreauly77

          sorry man! i just reread my response and it was kinda fucked up, especially the ritalin comment! for what its worth though you had some golden lines.

    • DetroitDraper

      Im not up on Phonte but thats a beautiful verse Ima have to check him out. That exactly why Im on here everyday because Ima hip hop/rap whatever u wanna call it head and I just love music.

      • DetroitDraper

        That second one about his dad almost had me in tears and Im the tough guy type lol. Naw but it just was so real and in-depth. A rapper has to be great if it stirred up that much emotion from reading it, not ever even hearing it. Man Im definitely late on my mans Phonte.

      • Chris Cash

        Phonte is in the group Little Brother as well as Foriegn Exchange.

        Im not really up on his work in Foriegn Exchange but Little Brother has straight classics

        • BIGNAT

          westcoastaggie brought out that joint all for you. that was one of the best songs on the minstrel show. that joint reminds me why i wear condoms other than you know std’s. i really don’t wanna have a to deal with a broken family

  • Max Profit

    Grand Puba was THE ONLY rapper with style or swag in his era.
    The early 90′s had rappers who didn’t really care how they looked.
    Grand Puba took the long held crown from Slick Rick as flyest in the game.
    To this day his style is a staple of how hiphop fans dress (except for the tight jeans)

  • http://twitter tgriff13

    AZ’s verse on “Life’s A Bitch” maybe the perfect verse

  • geico lizard

    She said, “69,” I said, “68, and I owe you one -grand puba

  • El Tico Loco

    One my faves (no T mobile)

    So, I typed a text to a girl that I used to see
    sayin that I chose this with whom I wanna be
    And I apologize if this message gets u down
    Then I cc’d every girl that I see see round town and
    I hate to see ya’ll frown but I’d rather see her smilin
    Wetness all around me, true but I’m no island
    Peninsula maybe, makes no sense I know crazy
    give up all this pussy cat that’s in my lap no lookin back
    Spaceshipts don’t come equipped with rearview mirrors
    They dip as quick as they can the atmosphere is now ripped and I’m so like a pip
    and I’m glad is night (Gladys Knight)
    so the light from the sun would not burn me on my bum
    When I shoot the moon high jump the broom
    like premie out the womb
    my partner yellin “Too soon! don’t do it! reconsider!
    read some litera- ture on the subject you sure?
    Fuck it you know we got ya back like chiroprac tic
    if that bitch do you dirty we’ll wipe out as in detergent
    now hurry hurry, go on to the altar
    I know you ain’t a pimp but pimp remember what I taught ya keep ya heart 3 stacks, keep ya heart aye keep ya heart 3 stacks, keep ya heart man these girls is smart, these girls is smart play your part

    • Chris Cash

      3 Stacks!!!! yeah thats a good 1

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I never liked Grand Puba’s voice. Luke Guru says: “A lot of rappers got flavor, and some got skills, but if your voice ain’t dope then you need to chill…”

    There are many perfect verses, but another post mentioned Nas so this is how I’m a freak it (off the top–no help)

    “A drug dealers dream:
    Stash cream kis on the triple beam.
    500 SL green. 95 nickle gleam.
    Condiminium. Thug dressed like a gentleman.
    Tailor-made ostrich. Chanel for my women friend.
    Murderin. Numbers on your head while I’m burglarin’.
    Shank is servin em what’s up to all my niggaz swervin
    In New York metropolis.
    The bridge brings apocalypse.
    Shoot at the clouds, feels like the Holy beast is watchin us.
    Mad man, my sanity is going like an hourglass.
    Gun inside my bad hand I sliced tryin to bag grams.
    I got hoes that could have milked you.
    Niggaz who could’ve killed you
    is down with my ill crew of psychoes.
    Nas Escobar movin on your weak production, pumping corruption, in the 3rd World we just bustin…”

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • DV8

      “Take It In Blood” the whole damn song.

      AZ’s opening verse on “Uncut Raw”

      or that one verse on the AZATIC album (I think it was close to one of the last song on that album) where it seemed like he didnt breath until he finished the verse.

      • DV8

        in fact the whole “Uncut Raw”

        and “Im Known”

  • $ykotic

    I’m not gonna type it out but:

    “Triumph”-Inspectah Deck’s verse

    • DV8

      Deck’s verse on “Its Yours” as well as “For Heavens Sake” and “Hells Windstaff”

      Deck is THE MOST OVERLOOKED/ UNDERRATED/ UNDERAPPRECIATED MC EVER. Well Deck and Black Thought in my opinion.

      • DV8

        add AZ to that list

      • oskamadison


      • $ykotic

        “A yo my lifestyle swings like Willie Mays/My eyes purple hazed/My solar rays will burn through shades…”

        “For Heaven’s Sake”

        “Ahh baby/ya all I ever need…”


        Co-sign Black Thought

  • capcobra


    • El Tico Loco

      I’ve been down (with Grand Puba)since “Sexy ” from Masters of Ceremony but his best verses are long like the first verse of Wake up (Reprise in the Sunshine) or Step to the Rear or his verse on Watch the Sound from Fat Joe’s first album were all fiya. but that’s a lot of typin for a Friday at this hour especially.

    • $ykotic

      @ cap again

      Yesterday I dropped “Sunshine” on that 3rd eye post! Can never forget the Gods!

      10,11,12 jewels(Love, Peace, and Happiness)

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  • Sincere

    Jay’s verse from “Bring it On” from reasonable doubt is braggadocia at it’s finest

  • Rusty

    The ‘Verbal Intercourse’ mention was dope, but a verse which just gets me every time is Jeru the Damaja’s from ‘Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers’.

    Listen to the song whilst you read because Jeru’s flow is what really elevates this:

    Listen cause for your mind I got the right nutrition
    We keeps it hard like fat asses and cases of Heineken
    Here in Brooklyn, home of the warrior and villain
    Trife type chicks Top Billin’s, the anthem
    Rastas smoke marijuana
    Enterprising businessmen shoot dice on the corner
    Excuse me while I light my spliff but some choose to sip
    So bullets hit brains, when bottles hit lips
    Clips whatever happend to 38 special
    Now it’s Desert Eagles, government issue
    Probably the same one that killed Noriega
    Chips that powered nuclear bombs, power my Sega
    Subliminal hypnotism and colonialism
    leaves most niggaz dead or in prison
    In Crook-land, right hand cuts off the left hand
    to spite the hand, jealous of the next man
    So violent crimes, black on black plus mad crack to boot
    Everybody can’t rap, so most hustle and shoot
    Make money money, get money take money
    I can’t understand that concept cause Jah rules everything around me
    Fire burns the unjust like arson larsony
    melt MC’s with mental telepathy
    With precision, we’re slicin and dicin
    Peace to the East New York, Perverted Monks, and Mike Tyson

  • chillin mayne

    ok, look i,
    look high,
    and i dont mean my appearance, but my two eyes,
    not red, but raise my head like erections and look high,
    into the blue sky,
    and note that the limit is not apparent to my vision, so i knew i,
    could only be my, self so i do i,
    you guys can either be true guys
    or actors, and play sumbody else role, while your life, is jus disguised,
    i stay me, but da way yall actin, i bet you guys,
    could set the emmy rate(emirate) like film crews in dubai
    dat line went over your cerebral capacity
    my lyrics is actually,
    drugs, fake like u not a fan of me,
    yall jus gassin me,
    hatin lips breakin wind kinda like dirty asses be,
    das till u understandin me,
    im the screen door to ya wind, yea u can blow me off, but not before u start bangin me,
    and my lyics is the mansion thats backin me,
    just open the door, and take a few steps like a ladder thief,
    even ask the spot from where my bladder pee,
    my career is in boxers, cuz dat aint brief,
    im the neck, yall like broke chains, u really caint hang with me
    ive handled this solo, so you really got to give a hand to me(as in applause)