So everybody’s a critic. As great as technology and the advent of social networking has been to us, it has made folks hypercritical. Case in point: last night’s BET Award show. I for one would like to commend the folks at BET for their heartfelt effort. With the passing of global icon Michael Jackson coming just three days (actually two full days) prior to the award show, BET scrambled to make their annual ceremony the unofficial tribute to the King of Pop and it couldn’t have been easy. Still, as I sat on my couch watching and twittering about the award show I tried to keep a healthy sense of positivity, not out of pity, but in an effort to make a true change and look at the man in the mirror so to speak.

Now the show wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t the end all and be all of award shows, and we have a right to be critical, but some confuse criticism with just being mean or a lame attempt to be funny. Even myself. All of us have made Michael Jackson jokes, be it his skin color, his plastic surgery, his high-pitched voice or his constant legal battles and now that he’s gone we’re stuck wishing that we could take some of it back. We can’t. All we can do is try harder.

How good was Ne-Yo when he took that stage and sung a spirited rendition of MJ’s “Lady in My Life.” I was moved, yet a great deal of folks in twitter-land could only muster up enough words to comment on the size of his head (sorry I kinda gave up the no homo thing a while ago). Here’s a word of advice to the boo birds: Appreciate Ne-Yo now, you’re gonna miss him when he’s gone.

It wasn’t all good though; I was highly disappointed by Ciara’s performance. To have CiCi sit down and sing “Heal the World” rather then do a dance number like “Billie Jean” or “Rock With You” is beyond me, but then again I’m guessing she was probably scheduled to perform something off of her latest album like “Love Sex Magic” featuring Justin Timberlake. And speaking of JT where was he? I also heard Chris Brown got banned by Cover Girl, but I’m not sure how true that is. Still it would’ve been nice to see Breezy do a few steps in remembrance of the King of Pop; just not “Beat It” because that would’ve been in poor taste (let’s not lose all of our senses of humor now- because I know I made a Johnny Gill joke last night that got RT’d).
The Young Money performance could’ve been a lot better too. But folks were ready to hate on Wayne’s crew before they even started. Everyone shitted on Drake for 1) Not standing and paying homage during the BBD/Guy/Keith Sweat performance and 2) for not getting off the bar stool during his set. It seemed the whole twitterverse was ready to tear down Drizzy, ignorant to the fact that he tore his ACL prior to the show. Not sure what excuse the rest of the group had, but still I’m looking forward to the next YM outing hoping they will redeem themselves.

Another artist that bloggers, Twits and über critics love to tear down is Beyoncé. First off, she looked amazing! Many questioned what was the relevance of “Ave Maria” to the death of Michael Jackson. Ummmm, what was the relevance of “D.O.A” to MJ? Why didn’t Hov do “Izzo” or his verse off of “Rock My World”? How about Keri Hilson? Or does she get a pass just because she looped Kanye’s “This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson” lyric over and over again? Again it wasn’t a MJ tribute show, it was the BET Awards and if you think the Grammy committee would’ve switched up their ENTIRE show to commemorate Mike, you are fooling yourselves. Be thankful that BET did as much as they did. And when I think more about it, I’d be surprised that Beyoncé originally planned to perform “Ave Maria” when “Ego” is REALLY poppin’ right now. So maybe the spiritually moving “Ave Maria” was Beyoncé’s change-up in honor of Jackson. Well done B.

It was funny to me the way folks complained about the elongated O’Jays tribute. They say people never get the flowers while they could smell ‘em and maybe we should’ve honored Mike a little more when he was alive. Lord knows we didn’t honor Gerald LeVert enough while he was still here. The fact of the matter is the O’Jays deserved every minute of airtime they got. Then when they performed they absolutely TORE IT DOWN!

When it was all said and done BET did a great job under the circumstances. New Edition’s show-opening Jackson 5 tribute was dope, Mary Mary bringing out Queen Latifah was legendary and the Ne-Yo/Jamie Foxx version of “I’ll Be There” was just perfect. BET gets an XL. Stop the hate. – Rob the Music Ed

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  • Pierzy

    I think you make a good point, Rob, about The O’Jays. Everyone wants more of a tribute to those that have passed but, when that happens, they all say, “We should have honored him when he was alive!” You can’t have it both ways.

    Actually, I didn’t watch much of the show (although I did see the O’Jays). I had some paint drying out back that I found more interesting…



  • Curtis75Black

    For what it was worth in a short period of time, it was cool. I myself would give BET props for what they did. Ne-yo did his thing repping ‘Lady of my life’ and Tyrese blazed for The O’jays as well. Well put on this blog though.

  • Federal Ranga


    I for one didn’t plan on watching the show at all… I was at work anyways, then didn’t get home until like 5am and wasn’t planning on seeing the rerun…

    On a whole nother note… go to my MySpace page and peep the new XXL Commission Shoutout Video! If I missed ya name, don’t be mad… I’on know all ya’ll, mayne!

    • $ykotic

      You crazy man! People still buy Phillies? LOL

      Good looking brah…

      BTW, what’s a BET?

      • EmCDL

        Oh you don’t know? Its that channel where we black folks feel at ease and at one with another *gasp* LOL


        RIP MJ!

        • EmDL

          @ Federal Ranga

          Yo I’ma check out that video when I get to the crib. COMMISSION!

  • geico lizard

    I co-sign you Rob in this post.I watched all almost 6 hours from the red carpet up until I saw queen latifah and big tigger behind some curtains on couchs then I switched over to “Squidbillies”. BET did something they normally dont do and that is a well planned entertaining show. The commercials for some of the ignorance on the new BET shows was shameful but the actual BET awards this year were really good.

    MJ died thursday so BET didnt have much time. The grammys and MTV awards will have alot of time to plan the MJ tribute and they will probably get Usher and Timberlake to perform some of Mikes music.

    *takes hot shower to wash off guilt of defending BET for any reason*

  • Federal Ranga


    Man, ya’ll don’t get it fucked up. Adult Swim go harder than a mufucka… I didn’t even watch the BET Awards last night… So straaaaaaaaaaaight on that.

    In other news… ya’ll go to my MySpace page and peep the new video I tentatively titled “XXL Commission Shoutout”… and go to videos… duh. Chuuuch.

  • Federal Ranga
  • Detroit P

    I think this is a much needed and most insightful post that has been put up in a while. every moron with internet access wants to be an uber-critic. News Flash, just because you have an opinion doesn’t make it constructive criticism…saying they shoulda did this or did that for micheal Jackson isn’t you thinking of ways to improve the show, it’s just you bitching.

    I was listening to the radio and they were talking about the show, and this woman called in saying how she thought it was a disgrace that Beyonce didn’t mention MJ in her acceptance speech(even tho she did)..but even if she didn’t, just because the guy dies doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to give some sort of novelty nod to him. If they feel that MJ touched or inspired them and they wanna express it let them, if they don’t, whatever, who really cares. it was the BET awards paying tribute to MJ, not a MJ tribute show.

    MJ’s heyday was the 70′s and 80′s..I grew up in the 90′s where the media and ALOT of people were constanly dogging and demonizing him like Rob mentioned. even this past spring break, i took a tour of hollywood and saw his house and there were a bunch of paparazzi outside like vultures waiting to get the worst shot of MJ they could(to sell to a tabloid or somethin). this guy barely got any peace from the world when he was alive…now that he’s gone they wanna try and make up for it. We’ll see how they treat R. Kelly when he dies, cus people talk about him like shit now, he gets hated and insulted. then when he dies everybody’s gonna be a born again R.Kelly fan sending their empty condolences out. smh.

    • Rob the Music Ed

      “We’ll see how they treat R. Kelly when he dies, cus people talk about him like shit now, he gets hated and insulted. then when he dies everybody’s gonna be a born again R.Kelly fan sending their empty condolences out. smh.”

      EXACTLY P.
      That’s the topic of tomorrow’s post!

    • Chris Cash

      Damn that Micheal Jackson was never proven guilty and they never had any proof that he was guilty. Although R.Kelly was never proven guilty we have proof that he was.
      So Fuck R. Kelly 4 ever

      • El Tico Loco

        Co sign Mr Cash

        As long as I have a daughter I can’t support that bum, and if he died (Kells) my views won’t change.

  • capcobra

    good post..good show.

  • El Tico Loco

    Beyonce put me to sleep, I’ll attempt to finish tonight or take all week to finish.

  • Victoria Page

    I have no complaints about last nights show except for Aaron Hall sounded straight up awful! Other than that I think BET did good job.

    • El Tico Loco

      It was straight but Ave Maria was more like Ay Dios mio porfavor!!


    i think they did a decent award show. i could write what i like & didnt like, but who has the time? it was str8. (it was funny as hell when Tyrese & Taraji Henson started acting like Jodi & Yvette, LMAO!)

  • clovito

    I agree. I’ve been trying to curb whatever hater ways I’ve put out there recently. it’s just not constructive and in the end gets nowhere. as far as twitter, everyone just wants to get a one-up and say the funniest thing and be a critic. can’t say i’m not guilty sometimes but I try to stay positive…for the most part. it’s about being clever not degrading.

    good post Rob!

  • ezeerblooc

    I agree with most everything thats been said and last minute MJ stuff aside there was still things that could have been done better but while i wont nic pick small things (like presenters not anouncing the nominees just the winner, some lackluster performances, and Jamie’s constant plugging of some show he’s suppose to be doing) I think the good outweighed the bad. my main gripe with BET was the advertisement of the new shows they have coming out. Tiny and Toya WTF, Black Evil Television indeed.

  • oskamadison

    For BET to switch most of the show up in roughly 2 1/2 days, they did a great job. It wasn’t perfect but as someone posted earlier what other award show would have done that?…As Katt Williams said, I’ll wait. Great point about the O’Jays tribute. Trey Songz did a good job, Johnny Gill (as usual) was way over the top and Tyrese was the MVP. The O’jays is one of the greatest soul (soul meaning 30 plus years after its release you feel that shit like it dropped TODAY) groups ever yet they’ve gotten nowhere near the recognition they deserve. And did you see the choreography? Them old cats will shit on probably 90% of these auto-tune assisted ass lames out now. I don’t think anyone realizes yet that Ne-yo is our generation’s Smokey Robinson, singer-songwriter SUPREME. Tigger ain’t lie, he needs to put “The Lady in my Life” on his next album.
    2 unintentionally funny moments: Monica bodyin’ that vocally-challenged ass Keyshia Cole on her own joint (even CIARA, who ain’t exactly known for her pipes, held it down better, though on the wrong song.)And Don Corneilius incoherently babblin’ during the O’jays tribute. When Ghostface does Supreme Clientele 2, he needs to invite Don to the studio, slip him some of Staten Island’s best dust, throw an ill RZA beat on and let Don do a skit or something. Overall, good job BET.

  • 619

    Eddie Levert had me rollin’, and Ving Rhames with the empty kool aid pitcher haha! “You know what your problem is youngster” haha.

    • Curtis75Black

      That right there was one of my highlights. Seeing Taraji, Tyrese and Ving get their’ Baby Boy’ on!! It was definitely a shock. Hearing Eddie was a trip as well as his reaction when he realized what he did !! The guy doing the censors must’ve been drinking.

      • 619

        Yeah, I was wonderin’ why the fuck is Tyrese wearin’ a beanie, khakis and chucks on stage to present an award. Then Ving popped up outta the crowd like “Jody…Jody”, wearin’ the blue khaki suit with the Stacy Adams. “Guns and butter baby, guns and butter” hahahaha. That movie’s a Cali classic, but not even top 5 in that category. Gotta put Friday, Boyz in the Hood, South Central, American Me, and Menace II Society ahead of it. Just got away from Fight Night Round 4 long enough to catch two thirds of the show.