Rich Boy: The New Crack… For Kids

“Nah, it’s going to be more substance, man, because what had happened was, it messed my head up, I was riding through this project called Roger Wiliams, and this kid had asked me, ‘Why you rap about crack so much, Richy?’ And it just messed my head up to the point where I couldn’t get mad at the little cat. I was just like, I could tell he seen something real dealing with crack. So I was just like, Man, for the kids like that, I’d rather change my topic. If I know kids like that are listening to me.”

-Rich Boy,

Okay, now. Put a pin in that. We’ll come back to it.

“I can guarantee you this: When I leave out the game, when I stop, I’m gonna be top 10, man. And I put this on everything. I’m gonna be top 10. I’m coming with God, above anything. So, I just know how the story goes. I’m coming. So if people ain’t ready, they need to get ready. It’s going to be serious.”

-Rich Boy,

…and for mo’ gooder measure:

“I was drinking syrup for about eight years, and it just caught up with me one night. I thought I was going to die, the way it hit me. But I was just like, ‘Man, I can’t be feeling like this and trying to get money in the hospital.’ It ain’t gonna add up if I’ve got 10 million dollars and I’m in the hospital. I can’t even do nothing with it. “

-Rich Boy,

Alright. Let’s start with this whole “top 10″ nonsense. Rich Boy isn’t even a Top 10 ignorant-ass crack rapper. Shit, Rich Boy isn’t even a Top 10 ignorant-ass crack rapper having a Road to Damascus moment due to a changing music industry. Yet, with something like triple-beam scales falling from his eyes, “Richy” now realizes that he shouldn’t glorify the crack game because–gasp–chillens is lissnen.

Rich Boy sounds like a damn politician. You know how them niggas always have tales of specific encounters with nameless individuals at every stop on the campaign trail. They always just spoke to a little boy in Kansas who fell down a well, making said politician aware he needs to do something about… well safety. As his own campaign trail looms, Rich Boy needs to make you custies–I mean, voters–aware that he’s going to be a more conscious crack dealer who just purchased a Cadillac.

Who the fuck did Rich Boy think was listening to his music a couple years ago? Could he not tell from “Throw Some Ds” being on 106 and Park for 650 consecutive days? What child coming from a situation as “real” as Rich Boy claims is gonna be confused about what’s “real” and what’s music industry fantasy bullshit? I can understand actual rich boys being effectively romanticized by such Canterbury Tales From The Hood. However, I don’t know too many kids who grew up close enough to a crackhouse to inhale the fumes that can’t tell BET bullshit from the world they live in.

Most such children would think Rich Boy a user before a dealer.

[Blogger's Note: Brain ain't right from inhalin' the work all my life. Fuck it.]

Speaking of looking like a user, it’s good to hear that Rich Boy put the syrup cup down, but he must have been hitting it pretty hard in his day to give his music as much credit as he does in this interview. Shit. Some of you are reading this right now like, “Why the fuck are we talking about Rich Boy?” The imaginary project kid and his Top 10 guarantee tell enough. Either the boy ain’t playin with a full deck or he doesn’t live on the same planet as the rest of us.

Rich Boy’s right about one thing. The only crack he needs to deal is substance. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t rap about crack anymore. Clipse rap about crack all the time. Their shit is dope. No pun intended. I think even the children can agree with me when I say I’d rather listen to talented, thoughtful niggas rap about crack for hours than a terrible MC who thinks the new hot message is gonna be what moves him some units. If he doesn’t want to make rap that glorifies being a dope boy anymore because he knows he’s full of shit, that’s cool too. But, he shouldn’t sit up here and act like he single-handedly burned down the ghetto and is ready to hand out turkeys to make ammens.

If Rich Boy wants to make a mass apology, he should do so to all them folks who unwrapped his album and only liked one track.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Need some D thrown?

I’d like to thank Vibe for biting off more than they could chew with this whole “60 Rappers In 60 Days” thing they’ve got going. We should start up a rival challenge over here. We could call it: “Find Me 25 Rappers Worth Talking About and I’ll Give You Whatever’s Left on This EBT Card”.

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    “…Why they always talking about money?

    Cause we like money, bitch…”

    Funny you mention it… I’d rather hear the Clipse talk about cocaine quiches than Rich Boy talk about ANYTHING.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Pierzy

      Here’s my late pass – I was crazy busy today…

      What up Herbz?

      “Rich Boy isn’t even a Top 10 ignorant-ass crack rapper.”

      Word, Co-Sign, Ditto, I agree, etc. Maybe Jay was right – we need a rap board [perhaps, ahem, a commission?] that would squash such an outlandish statement and veto it on site.

      • EReal

        Some of you are reading this right now like, “Why the fuck are we talking about Rich Boy?”

  • squadwildin

    Rich boy actually makes good music. i wonder if you actually listen to rappers’ albums before criticizing their works…Just a thought

    • napps126

      i second that

      • Enlightened

        Exactly. This niggas an unfunny, hypocritical non-shocking, shock blogger.
        See how he like to use spellings such as “chillens” and shit like that. Only self-hating Black people do such a thing.

        • DetroitDraper

          I agree with you and thats why I disliked some of his work/bloggings because I noticed all the self-hating comments but now Im not sure if thats exactly what it is or is he just trying to bwe funny? But Idk and no hate I actually like some of your blogs now Bol….But maybe we can get a response from you Bol?

        • DetroitDraper

          Sorry about the typo Bol I meanty Ron Mex

  • squadwildin

    And he’s not as ignorant as you think. He went to college if that means anything in today’s society. I know ya’ll like to criticize Plies for doin so

    • Ron Mexico

      i know. mechanical engineering at tuskeege, right?

      in which case, don’t you find his rap persona a little peculiar? isn’t that ignorant? he puts him in the same category as plies. straight up minstrel.

      and i did listen to his album. hated it, but that’s not really the matter at hand.

      • squadwildin

        Well the production on the album was a work of art in itself. His flow got more and more tolerable with each listen. Most songs had meaning, especially the ones with Keri Hilson, John Legend and the last one where he has his incarcerated uncle talking about the negatives of the dope game.

        The only thing most people I’ve spoken with had to get past is his accent; but that’s what makes him unique.

        He’s a young artist that is an EXPERT, yes EXPERT at beat selection. Most rappers(more importantly, conscious rappers) could learn a thing or two from his ear for great music.

        As far as this minstrel show goes, neither Plies nor Rich Boy is catering to white folks, so I dont see the comparison.

  • $ykotic

    ““Find Me 25 Rappers Worth Talking About and I’ll Give You Whatever’s Left on This EBT Card”.”


    But them Alabama cats got it tough down there. Let’s see what homie has to offer this time around.

  • latino heat

    lmao at the line about the 25 rappers and the ebt card. you are a fool for that one.
    as for Rich Boy, i think dude is way more talented than most of the other dudes in his genre. he had that Let’s Get This Paper joint on his album and that shit had a real message to it. i couldn’t see too many other rappers in his lane with that much substance, so if he wants to do more songs like that i think we should give him a chance and check it out.

    • Detroit P

      Yea “lets get this Paper” was a good song…these niggas on here be quick to call a southern dude “ignorant” and “coon” cus of the way they talk mostly…southern accent bias…let a eastcoast or westcoast dude talk about the same stuff as a Gucci Mane or plies..and they wouldnt be so quick to jump and call their shit coon music…they might still call em wack tho, but whaddaya gonna do..

  • DV8

    “I was drinking syrup for about eight years, and it just caught up with me one night. I thought I was going to die, the way it hit me. But I was just like, ‘Man, I can’t be feeling like this and trying to get money in the hospital.’ It ain’t gonna add up if I’ve got 10 million dollars and I’m in the hospital. I can’t even do nothing with it. “

    -Rich Boy,

    SMH….a rich man with poor health is still poor.

    Only dope boy rapper (to my knowledge) to actually denounce they own music and make a change was Master P. Im pretty sure RichBoy will be rapping about coke again because im sure he doesnt have anywhere near MP money.

    • DV8

      P.S. co-sign squadwildin and latino heat. Rich Boy is not a bad artist. I enjoyed his album and his mixtapes.


    what up ron,

    i have to disagree. rich boy has always had substance in his rhymes. also, he’s a young nigga, so growth is something that should be expected. that being said, i think he should be applauded for the new stance that he has taken…isn’t that what we want from our youth? we clown a nigga when he raps bout the same ignant shit every song, but when a dude tries to change, we still clown him?

    • Ron Mexico

      it’s not about the change, it’s the lack of sincerity. he’s bullshitting hard.

      as squadwildin pointed out, he’s probably a really smart man. looks to me like he’s looking for an excuse to reinvent his image… again. but putting it on the kids and acting like his music’s been bigger than it was.

      it’s all the game, and he’s trying to play whoever will listen right now.

      • DETROIT

        i feel what you’re saying, but i honestly don’t think it applies (or plies, lol) to rich boy. like many of the people above me have said, rich boy has always had substance in his rhymes, he was never a young jeezy or gucci mane type. therefore it’s easy for me to believe that he honestly feels that he needs to switch up his shit, due to the fact that he seems (in his music) like a sincere dude. also, he beat a murder rap right before his first album came out, and he didn’t use that for publicity! so for us to say that he’s a media whore is kinda like an assumption in my opinion, due to the fact that he has no history of that type of behavior. all that being said, i’m not a rich boy fan, i just think that sometimes as young niggas we don’t get a fair shake. not even from other young niggas!
        we should at least listen to his new shit before we judge him.

        • $ykotic

          Good talk D.

      • Azhar

        Cosign Ron

        Nowadays rappers will say anything to sell a record, cuz the industry is trash right now! Great Blogg by the way! roll up baby!

  • vhingrhamesonyomomma

    “as for me, no one’ll feel his wrath for me, I go thru it so you wouldn’t do it after me”-Goat= Mac *Bitch!*

  • http://xxl gside

    I like how you put that politico shit in there , I bet whats on my ebt card it’s alot of rapper used the same PR tricks the poltications use wicked lies.

  • Enlightened

    Just stop blogging while you’re behind. Please. Bring back the “Guest Blogger” section or something.

    • Ron Mexico

      thanks for your continued support. i’ve missed you. *muah*

  • ryne rich

    you from crackhouses? you would know what children in crackhouses think?
    rich boys gonna try to be more artistics which deserves props.
    people can change. and who the hell wasnt drivin 2 mph down their block high listenin to throw som ds on it a few yaers ago. just bought a cadillac. he might not be top ten but why not dream assclown

  • Tony Grand$

    Maybe it was easier to get all melodramatic with his back-handed apology than to say “Maybe this ain’t what I want my kids to be listening to”.

    I wouldn’t catergorize it as coonery, so much as the recognition of coonery, & its bailout plan.

    I believe a man can change mid-turmoil. If not, the world wouldn’t have so many Preachers & Deacons.

  • giantstepp

    Damn, you fools have actually inspired me to give ole Rich Boy a lissen. I admit I assumed he was another typical “dope boy” type and immediately dissmissed him, altho the cadillac joint was catchy. It was never anything personal, but ive become set in my ways with hip hop. Im officially suck in my era, 1983-2000-ish. Honestly, GRODT (50 cent) was the last record that had me hyped and checking for it. I need a late pass on everything after that.

  • P-Matik

    At least you were one to actually say that Rich Boy is wack.

    Wasn’t he the same dude talking about his album was gonna be so big that the mayor was gonna be talking about it?

    • Gerv

      Wrong he had a mixtape called Bigger than the Mayor and I disagree wit people saying he wack.

  • EmCDL

    Damn I remember buying his album because I was really feeling that Throw Some D’s track (well I liked the beat anyway), and come to find out the rest of the track list was Hot Lava Garbage…well except for that other track on there with Pastor Troy and Big Boi that ish go hard! But Rich Boy in the top 10? Not hating or anything but I don’t know about all that…he gonna have a lot of work to do before even getting somewhere near that level. If anything, he’ll be back on drinking the purp and forget about all the stuff he said about that LOL

  • $ykotic

    I’ma jump in again because I wanted to see what ya’ll think. That’s why I left a blanket comment to let ya’ll know I was here.

    Rich Boy is waaaaaay better than Plies with the whole package. You can clearly see he had the lane. Dude is intelligent as hell.

    But Mexx is clowning on him because it seems like Rich is insulting OUR intelligence.

    All Rich Boy has to do is keep putting out that “think” music that he does and let us embrace him. I’ve actually be anticipating youngin’s new drop.

    He came correct as a rookie. It ain’t his fault Polo got swell headed and put him on the back burner.

    • Detroit P


      I would be interested to know how Rich boy is way better than Plies…I think Plies does what Rich Boy does 5 times better…also, althoguh i agree with some of Ron’s points in a general sense, I think saying Rich boy was trying to insult our intelligence is a stretch..whether the little boy is real or not, something happened to make RB wanna change…whether he’s trying to exaggerate to make the situation more emotional than it was is kinda irrelevant…because in the end for whatever the reason, he wants to change…so if you’re trying to call bullshit on why he changed, unless u kno the real reason, all you’re really doing is throwing dirt on the more important message he’s trying to send…now if he didn’t change, that would be an insult

      • Detroit P

        Now Nicki Minaj changing her phrase from “Step your pussy up” to “Step your cookies up”, because she heard some little kids saying it, is an insult to intelligence….as if those kids are too stupid to know that the 2 phrases mean exactly the same thing

      • latino heat

        Rich Boy is way better then Plies. i heard Plies 1st album only because dude had a buzz going for a few years before he dropped and people kept acting like he was the next big thing on the street. that shit was wack as fuck. i never listened to any of his shit ever again and feel no reason to because every album he drops like 5 or 6 singles and there all about eating pussy and that type of shit. Rich Boy’s 1st album was hot. as most here seem to agree with. so i think most would agree Rick Boy >>>> Plies. i’m not saying Rich Boy is top 10 or anywhere near it but he’s certainly much better then Plies.

        • Detroit P

          yea when I heard plies first album i thought it was weak too, but his cd’s after that are way better…you missed out…but I heard Plies’ second album first..then i went back and listened to the i didnt really base my opinion on his first effort like I have to with Rich Boy

      • $ykotic

        I know you see this! My dude.

        Listening to “Ol’ Lady” by Plies right now…

        Rich Boy has the package. Not the direction…

        The knowledge but not the direction.

        Plies is bleeding the formula.

        Now that joint about his family and that vid about his boys are cool, but son is bleeding that formula.

        Get the chicks.

        I just would like for these cats to bring more to the table.

    • jburg

      Co-sign that. His album was pretty hot. I still listen to it every now and then. and it came out like two years ago. Not to mention it was a bargain at Target for like 7 dollars. I don’t really understand the hate for the dude. with Polo production he could put out another solid album. Maybe this time more people will listen.

      • latino heat

        co-sign jburg. that was the only reason i bought it too. i went to Target for someone’s album and saw his shit for 7 bucks so i gave it a try. shit turned out to be hot, and i still listen to it sometimes too.

  • anutha_level

    interesting dialogue…


    ^^co-sign $ykotic

    Polo picked up Keri & dropped his ass off.

    ***off topic*** Plies threw 50stacks in the crowd @ Birthday Bash on Saturday (then performed Plenty Money, of course), while wearing like 10 chains on his neck… Ya, Plies is the coon.

    • Detroit P

      Giving people money (in a recession even) makes you a coon?….wearing alot of chains makes you a coon?…is Slick Rick a coon?…I’d say Busta Rhymes is a coon before I say that Plies is a coon….but I don’t have that kind of superiority complex where I’d call someone a coon for the smallest things.


        ok. maybe i went too far ass to call him a coon for the reasons i stated. but dem bitches was all ones. wtf? we aint no strippers. i bet no one picked up even 5 dollars. so yea, thanks for helping a nigga during a recession. shit, he should’ve gave a nigga one of dem chains like he did @ the orlando magic game. i take back the ‘coon’.

        • Detroit P

          but dem bitches was all ones. wtf? we aint no strippers.
          Lol tru


    Man ron ron keeps killing these losers but come on going at rich boy. that is just to easy.
    “Most such children would think Rich Boy a user before a dealer.” ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “If Rich Boy wants to make a mass apology, he should do so to all them folks who unwrapped his album and only liked one track.” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “We could call it: “Find Me 25 Rappers Worth Talking About and I’ll Give You Whatever’s Left on This EBT Card” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that nigga

    Wow, were talkin bout Rich Boy and Plies as being anywhere near nice MC’s? Wow!

    • EmCDL


  • Jhon da Analyst

    Rich Boy needs a craniotomy…….

  • IBell1827

    Mex I feel you, but Rich boy isn’t as wack as per se Plies and all of this “fag” surfin’ and the 4 sausages that graced xxl this month.Listen to Bigger that the mayor mixtape. Yes more crack 30 inch rims, and poppin’ pills but it’s a dope mixtape.He has a lil’ sense, but pill poppin’ and rims are too popular.

  • PrettyfuckinAwesom

    get off this wack ass nigga dick. if you co-signin this nigga, you gotta have porch monkey in yo blood.

  • Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy

    First of all, You’re a faggot.

    Rich Boy is part of the Elite Team that saved hip hop. His 2 mixtapes are better than any artists 2 mixtapes in the past 5 years, except Jeezy (Another elitist Superhero). Have you listened to them? Im sure you haven’t. You’re too busy catching up on what Flabby & Sick NYC rappers are busy putting out. I can say all this, cause im from Crown Heights Brooklyn. and im black. End of story.

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  • jyelp

    Did you all see this one, In Memory Of Michael Jackson .com ! A Michael Jackson domain sold for $9,999,999.00 Million! It looks like the original buyer didn’t have the funds though, so it is relisted. Should be interesting. He says in the current auction that he has been emailed like crazy in regards to offers on the site! I am sure a lot could be made for who every ends up with it, ads alone could easily recoup the price of the auction… I am suppressed he doesn’t have ads up on there already!
    Old Auciton Link..

    New Live Austion..

  • http://none youngpurp

    Who the fuck writes this shit? Rich boy Had a dope ass album. I bumped it for a good minute. Yea throw some d’s was the lead single but the album was crack. It was well put together. Polo da don killed it beat after beat. Rich Boy has lots to say. He talked about bitches, money, the struggle, crack, a lot of shit. Go back listen. He got a good shot of going top ten.

  • jimmyG

    mane all ya sum haters doe…n i can tell nun of yal even came up out the jects cuz if u did den u wudnt b noccin a nigga wit sum aint richs fault dat da rap game today full a auto tune dancin niggas..dats just da way da game changed…atleast da nigga gotta grind n he tryna git to sum money…cant go at em for dat. either way doe rich boy got talent…lotta dudes frum da south arent as lyrically inclined as he is..i fucc wit rich boys hit cuz its 100 reel u ye feel doe?

  • Jay S

    I mean… Ron had some good lines, but I think he decided he wanted to drop bombs first and picked the topic second. This is funny, but it doesn’t really apply to Richboy.

    This is all he-said, she-said anyway. You say the lil kid didn’t exist, Richboy says he does. You say he’s lying to reinvent his image, but there’s NO evidence of that beyond your own cynicism. You don’t believe him. Cool. But don’t front like you got evidence – it’s just your opinion and some random speculation.

    I think the main thing that makes it look like you’re bullshittin is the fact that 1) most people who actually listened to Richboy’s album were surprised that it was actually pretty good and 2) “Let’s Get This Paper” sent a chill up many a nigga’s spine when you hear how REAL the boy’s raps about the dark side of the game are. He’s not just glorifying – there’s real pain in that record and anybody who’s heard it can feel it.