lil wang

The new trend for Lil' Wang albums has been the pushback to the release date. Wasn't the Carter III a year late? The Carter III was also a Grammy laden platinum album so if all the trends stay true to form 'Rebirth' will be another successful CD.

Contrary to most of you internets I fux with the 'Prom Queen' track. Sure it wasn't anything that Led Zep or Pink Floyd would have produced but as far as Hip-Hop rock hybrid tracks are concerned it was better than anything Limp Bizkit ever out out, including 'Nookie' [ll].

I like the idea that Wang was going to make an auto-tune rock album. That shit hasn't happened since Peter Frampton did that shit a thousand years ago. I don't know how many rock fans will cross over to rap music but I bet a lot more rap music listeners will start to develop their ears for sound of shrill guitars. Rap listeners are generally more openminded than people that listen to other music anyhoo.

Rap music is such an amalgamation of diverse and disparate musical genres that rap fans can listen to almost any other form of music if someone puts a sick drum beat behind it. This is why rap music will be played in the future, even if it is wack shit from the Beastie Boys. James T. Kirk was blasting the Beasties before he ran his car off a cliff. BTW, go see Star Trek 2009 if you haven't already.

So you all know I am no Lil' Wang fan on this page, but right now in 2009 this dude is 2 for 2 on my scorecard. First was that 'Prom Queen' song and now is this 'Ready For The World' track. It's not the Clash or progressive headbanging rock music but it is definitely serviceable rock rap when that subgenre has had the toughest time putting out music for the masses. I mean, there are my folks in Game Rebellion, but how much shit have they released to the web for people to review?

Lil' Wang hasn't gotten any better at writing profound lyrics that will last the test of time but he sure does have the emotive quality of someone that believes in the gibberish he is saying. That quality now counts for something in my mind. It's almost like Wang regressed backwards mentally and he knows it and he's trying to fight it, but then it gets too hard so he stops trying. I can relate to that. that is how I felt about college. If I had made a peer network maybe I might have graduated, maybe not though since I had a peer network in high school and I dropped out of there too.

The two songs I have heard from 'Rebirth' sound dope to me. Maybe the reason the album keeps getting pushed back is because these are the ONLY two songs completed. Lil' Wang is lucky he isn't an Aftermath artist. With this kind of output 'Dre would shelve his album indefinitely (see: Rakim). I know Wang is touring his ass off and the what not but that is no longer an excuse to completing an album in this day and age. Music gets e-mailed back and forth like vocals do. Shit gets slapped together and yu don't even realicze that none of the performers were ever in the studio at the same time.

What would be beautifully ironic would be the 'Rebirth' album being a DallasPenn certified classic while everyone else on the internets pans it vociferously. That could happen too. I loved '808s & Heartbreak' while the majority of the internets shitted on that joint. I bet half them dudes play that shit to themselves every morning. The internets can be so emo. Just like Wang on this track...