Mtv Is So Dead 2 Me…

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When was the last time that Mtv really mattered? For me it would have been the Jackass years. That was the last time that I watched Mtv with regularity. That was the last time I think that network was truly, ughh, relevant. Since that time I feel like Vh-1 has come through with the edgier programming that wasn’t so artificially funny. Let’s not get it twisted either because Vh-1 is definitely superficial, just not artificial and there is an important difference.

The fart jokes and college humor that made Beavis and Butthead a staple of television entertainment have been replaced by cheap staged stunts and shit that old people would find funny. If old people like your joke then 9 out of 10 times your joke sucks. Not to disparaging to old people and the people that think like old people, but we are not you. We used to be down with you but we stayed youthful and humorous. You got old and boring. This is why Adult Swim pwns empty-V all day every day.

Mtv was jammed up a few years back when confronted with the fact that they were over twenty five years old. While that doesn’t really matter to me since I am long since past that mark it matters to those that use superficial timeline constructs. Vh-1 has no such problem. Their demographic was always post-teenage anyhoo. It was Mtv that made the mistake of marketing itself to 16yr olds instead of realizing that market was fickle in the first place.

The last thing a 16yr old wants to do is some shit that OTHER 16yr olds are doing. Mtv could have let one of their sub-channels be the place where the JONAS brothers had the unplugged concerts instead of the main channel which needed to stay in the adult themed realm of music entertainment. I’m sure that Mtv execs had been shitting their pants ever since rap music became a pop music juggernaut. There weren’t enough videos from emasculated rap acts like the Black Eyed Peas to fill up their programming slots.

Now that rappers are wearing their younger sisters stretch jeans maybe they can get some spins on the video channel if only the video channel still played videos. I’d love to be a consultant to the Music TeleVision network. Lord knows they don’t have anyone over there that is willing to kick open the doors to the executive suites and beat the crap out of the current programmers. Everyone is simply content to keep their mouths shut and just collect their checks. Pretty soon the bottom will fall out of that game and then you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.

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  • geico lizard

    I think Nick Cannon ordered the code red on Eminem. The prank wasnt supposed to go that far and eminem made it obvious it went too far.

    MTV does suck now but BET is so bad that its hard to tell how far MTV has fallen. Are whites ashamed of MTV like we are pissed off at BETs daily bullshit?

  • Dallas Penn

    As bad as MTV is we can’t even compare that to BET. I don’t even consider BET a real network.

    Their online presence >>> their broadcast presence.

    That is some crazy shit.

    • http://www, Max Profit

      When Viacom got control of BET a few years back – it killed both networks. They stopped competing with each other. No competition means both networks got lazy!
      The only time people watch TV nowadays is when sports are on.

  • Moving Sideways

    MTV hasn’t had an appreciable impact on pop culture in a while, the two decent (and I use that term loosely) shows they did have on recently was Rob and Big, and America’s Best Dance Crew. Talk shit, but Jabbawockees got famous as a mask-wearing B-Boy crew…that’s saying something.

    The last time they meant anything was in the early-00′s when Justin Timberlake and Eminem had that channel on lock, they have since lost their teenage crown to the Disney Channel and the High School Musical/Twilight crowd. Shit, even VH1′s lost everyone I know by playing nothing but microwave reheated reality “stars”.

    Although, in the end, it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t even have cable. HULU AND NETFLIX STREAMING ALL DAY SON!!!

  • Pierzy

    The only good thing about MTV are their secondary networks. MTV Jams is a hot channel, considering that they play only videos and don’t have shows, and they play classic videos. The other day I saw “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know” so that’s considered a win…

  • Chris Cash

    The problem is they dont even play music any more, and its like eveytime i turn the tv on mtv its some gay shit going on.

  • C. Hop

    MTV is to gays what BET is to blacks. It’s like they’re force feeding a goofy juvenile gay view on people. Two of the 4 nominations for best kiss were between males. Andy Samberg was STRUGGLING last night to be funny too.


    VH1′s “I love Money” is the best show on basic cable… im serious.
    The 21 mind reality shows are fucking great.

  • Worley

    Co-sign Pierzy. MTV Jams is the sh*t. Only downside is they will play an artist’s video catalogue all day everyday for about a week if that artist has an album dropping. It’s like a video version of the radio. That’s not a bad thing if Nas drops. But Soulja Boy? Eh.

    YouTube is better than all these video channels anyway. No commercials, no silly ass host and no dumb ass contests.



  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, that’s when I finally realized I was grown-up: When I didn’t find MTV appealing in the least.

    I was tripping on ‘em back in the day when on these top-10 video shows, they wouldn’t even show the entire video. What the fuck was that?

    I stopped fucking with them way before Jackass. The homo-eroticism in Jackass was too much for this straight dude–I just didn’t find it funny, but unfortunately, some of my roommates did. I don’t speak to them niggaz no more. In fact, jackass might have been the last straw. As an intellectual, I feared a world where this kind of slapstick comedy was acceptable and imitable.

    Where’s the high-brow when you need it? Oh yeah, Adult Swim…

    –OG Matt Herbz

  • Jamal7Mile

    Good post, Mr. Penn!

    Empty V nowadays is just another channel I skip pass when I have my cable on “guide” while holding down the ^ button, looking for something good to watch. The same can be said for the Black Embarassment Television channel.

    They never should’ve got rid of YO! Raps, man. I used to raced home from school everyday to see that show and make video [||] tapes. EPMD’s “You Got Ta Chill” was the shit!! It was either that show or The Box (yeah, Detroit had The Box too, ask Comcast).

    R.I.P. to Mr. Johnson, YO! and The Box!!!

    • Around and Around

      If you were racing home to YO you were missing Joe Cleezy & Big Lez on Rap City….

      What you know about Old School Wednesdays?

      -If blood doesn’t run from Sasha Barron’s nose sometime with-in the next 2 weeks, Em will never ever be able to beef with anyone again…he may have lost all cred…That was f’d up haha

  • Tony Grand$


    You probably could’ve turned that drop into a 10 page essay.

    The sad part about Mtv, is that they KNOW they’re out of touch, & every attempt @ refueling that flame is just a pathetic flail @ the “youth”.

    Like an old nigga who knows he’s old, so all attempts @ remaining youthful are an embarassment.

    Cosign Pierzy & Herbz. Their branch channels are way better, even Mtv Tr3s. & Jackass was endgame. They got cats setting their balls on fire [||] then riding shopping carts into piles of dog shit. What grown man has the gumption to stick a “HotWheels” car into a condom. Much less insert it into his ass (no homo).

    That channel is done. & they know it. & ftr, the movies they produce even sucked.

  • DocZeus

    So I take it you’re not a fan of the Hills?

    • Tony Grand$


      Last show they did that I kind of got a kick from was “Remote Control”.

  • Young History in the Making

    That statement about MTV is to gays what BET is to blacks is a true statement….its like I was reading a comment Ja Rule (yeah i know whos really checkin for ja?) said about MTV…I mean what he said was real….you got your kids comin home after school and they turn on MTV and you got some stupid ass dating show like NEXT or ROOM RAIDERS on and its some gay niggas on there kissing in the middle of the dont want kids to see that and you having to explain that shit to them…why the 2 guys on there kissing and whatnot..Maybe they should just rename MTV cuz its not music television anymore..another reason why I think popular culture and media is just turnin muhfuccas gay..

  • sealsaa

    Now Eminem knows how I felt when I bought Encore. Like I had some grown man’s ass and nuts in my face. Now, if we could only find some way to punish Jay-Z for Kingdom Come…

    • Were Read 2 Def


  • Dallas Penn

    For business purposes I might fux with MtvU in order to promote an artist but when I am somewhere that has cable (I don’t have a TV in my crib) I def tune in to Adult Swim.

  • Epinz

    Mtv stopped be’in relevent when the internet truly blew up. Internet killed the video star! They’ve completely changes they’re aim to just the under 18 crowd without a bit of hip hop influence in any show they air. That be’in said, vh1 has better programing anyways. Mtv has been on the decline and shittin on major stars that help u make money doesn’t help either. If it was staged, other than the initial talk, I don’t c what benefit em would get from this type of publicity.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    I agree, MTV has way to much gay content now a days. I remember like 3 or 4 years ago, my girl was watching the real world and it had some gay dudes in a hot tub. We turned to each other and were like, no more MTV.

    VH1 is were its at, and to think they used to be adult contemporary, fricken Kenny G’d out.
    Are they all still owned by Redstone ? Guess its all the same when it boils down

  • This blog is wack

    Kill Yo’ self Dallas Penn!

  • Doo Doo Brown

    Worley and Pierzy are right, MTV Jams is the best channel on cable. After HBO that is.

  • $ykotic

    What’s BET?

    I’ve been stopped watching MTV since Yo! MTV Raps and Aeon Flux and Spawn.

    I’m rolling with Aqua Teen.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Haa!! What’s up $yk?!

      I’m a 1st 48′er myself. Don’t watch cartoons or Hentai that much unless it’s some pr0n!!

      Word to!!!

      • $ykotic

        J7! What’s up??!

        1st 48 get’s the popcorn on and the phone off!

        I am VERY UPSET that Ralph McDaniels does not have a video show(VIDEO MUSIC BOX). I find it disrespectful. He put brothers on.

        • Jamal7Mile

          Yeah, I miss Uncle Ralph too! I heard that he has a radio show in NYC (I’ve GOT to visit NYC soon! I’m missing out!) but radio isn’t the same as video. Then again, videos aren’t the same as they were in the 80′s/90′s.

          Damn, I’m OLD!! Just turnt 35 yesterday. What a day!! I woke up DRONK!! LOL!!

        • $ykotic

          Happy belated homes.

          Yet and still Ralph has a RADIO show? Mr. Video himself.

          Sad. BET should have retained that man’s services. Then maybe I would have watched. And what pisses me off is that these same program director’s, flunkies, and interns most likely grew up watching him.

          Like come on, HE INVENTED THE SHOUTOUT! WTF ?!!

  • http://xxl gside

    Just like Riyal form the boondocks said about the girl who got piss on Em could have got out the way.

  • Ron Mexico

    joni mitchell never lied

  • oskamadison

    @ $ykotic:

    Video Music Box was the REALEST video show in the history of Hip-Hop. They were playing all the joints MTV wouldn’t (like Straight Outta Compton) AND they were playin’ MAD West Coast cats before they blew up…and VMB was based in NY!! Long live Uncle Ralph.

    • $ykotic

      You can see where I’m coming from. I’m even like XXL has that new video jumpoff. Go get Uncle Ralph and let him take that Worldstar traffic and bring it here.

      Somebody do it before Detroit takes this idea to 50…

  • Curtis75Black

    Wow Eminem gets shitted on with a prank that was just as crazy than what Ashton was doing to our other emcee’s (OutKast, TI, Bizzare) and now MTV is irrelevant !! I DO AGREE though but How many of ya’ll actually watched the awards lastnight ? My hand is not raised. And this is Eminem, a suppose Anti-Pop artist who is a Pop artist, performing on the show. He gets up and storms out because the joke was on him. Eminem doesn’t like to be the butt of the joke or called out, Christina Aguillera proved that back in the day on MTV, a Special that he was watching.

    • $ykotic

      You remember when Ashton pulled that sh*t with Black Eye Peas? Classic.

    • shone jones

      Christina does not like to be called out either.

  • brand-new

    i can’t even remember the last time i saw a music vid on mtv, bet sucks too, i miss rap city the basement with big tigga, but we gotta face it, the computer is the new television.

  • Federal Ranga

    Man fuck BOTH channels… My TV stay on ESPN.


  • Oneman Beats

    “rappers are wearing their younger sisters stretch jeans ” lol
    that Eminem thing was dumb funny. thats what happens when you mess with other people. dont get me wrong Em is fiyah. but hey something like that was bound to happen to him.
    Mtv BET dont get played on my tv as much. why they took Rap City off i dont know. now im here watching shit like Everybody Loves Raymond at 5pm.
    anyone look at VH1 soul? that gets played in the morning when im getting ready to leave.


    i noticed when mtv stopped playing music videos like that, bet followed suit. right behind them. i cant lie though, i do watch The Game, shits funny.

    i watch espn1 & 2, sopranos re-runs, & basically a lot of crime shit (first 48, crime 360, american justice, fuckin judge judy, mathis, law & order).

    • Tony Grand$


      Cosign that Mathis. I fucks with that dude [||]x2. Law & Order, CSI as well.

      Have you heard about Judge Mathis’ video game?

  • 2G

    yes i agree the computer is the NEW TV. the only show worth watching is TRAILER PARK BOYS, dont know if you guys in America, cuz its filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, get this show but its funny as hell, i’ve watched every episode like 3 or 4 times each, including the movie and christmas special.

  • Beast McCoy

    I’m late as usual but I have to say that MTV is just flat out boring. They have nil. It’s bad when I rather watch Cartoon Network or Comedy Central over them. They really don’t try anymore. All they do is cut and paste the same ideas over and over and try to act like it’s new. I don’t even watch MTV Jams because they eventually found away to screw up the one channel sponsored by MTV that I halfway liked. I just think they are just tooo geared towards teenage girls and not towards anybody else. They don’t even want to tell the news anymore just 24 hrs of wall to wall crap. I just wished somebody would pull the plug on them by now.

  • Chris S

    at least BET has 106 & Park (as shitty as that is).

    what music program does MTV have? they do snippets after shows like Next, Sweet 16, True Life, and Date My Mom.

    and VH1 is probably the only channel on television worse than The Style Network

  • DazzOne

    Does anyone watch BETJ? I don’t think that is too bad. “My Two Cents” offers nice intellectual social commentary. And that light skinned chick is something serious!!! Plus, the videos on there don’t get much play anywhere else. From underground hip-hop artist like Talib Kweli(‘Hostile Gospel’,so fire) to brand new Maxwell joints that you know won’t make it to 106 and Park. I understand why the Boondocks dissed BET so bad and why Little Brother can’t get play on BET after The Minstel Show. That episode of “College Hill” that had to do with the gay dude and the ribs had MLK and Malcolm X spinning and their graves! Black Evil Television, indeed.

    On another note, TVOne seems to be on the rise as a respectable Black cable network.

    And as far a EmptyV, ‘The Hills’? Never!

  • latino heat

    MTV has sucked since they stopped playing videos, same for BET. 106 and Park dosen’t count, that shit is wack.
    Adult Swim used to be the shit but now there shows are too far out there for me to watch. if Aqua Teen Hunger Force is really over then i’m done with Adult Swim too.