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Debates and discussions come about out of thin air here at the office. For instance, I was just working on some images for an upcoming feature when I overheard Mike D, our Photo Editor, bumping Devin The Dude’s “What A Job” featuring Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000.

I then hit up Mike D on AIM, at which point we began praising Three Stacks’ lyrical genius. The Dre kudos quickly turned into a lyricism conversation, in which Mike and I attempted to identify hip-hop’s super lyricist. See, Luda’s a lyricist, Beanie Sigel’s a lyricist. Nas and Jay are super lyricsts. Big Pun, Pharoahe Monch and Ras Kass are super lyricists. Here’s how the conversation went down.

Jackpot: Andre 300, his delivery is insane. The way he emphasizes the last word he rhymes or splits words up.

Mike D: Yeah he’s a master craftsman. We should do a piece about the superlyricists. The ones who REALLY go above and beyond about lyricism.

Jackpot: PHAROAHE MONCH! This dude said, “I touch the youth like catholic priests.”

Mike D: I’m not so hot on pharoahe but I think he’s dope, but Andre, Jay-Z, Big L, Black Thought, Big Pun.
I dont think there’s too many in that top class.

Jackpot: I dont think Thought is on that level. Early on, yes. Like, Illadelph
he absolutely murdered.

Mike D: It’s a good debate. Jay gotta be the king.

Jackpot: Nah

Mike D: Who then?

Jackpot: Jay ain’t more lyrical than Pharoahe Monch. Like, the thing with a Nas or a Jay, they dumb down sometimes. Monch never dumbs down. You got people like Ras Kass who is pretty damn insane too.

Mike D: And the old guys too, Kane, the early Eminem is pretty good too.

Jackpot: To be fair, Kane isn’t as good as Jay.

Mike D: No, but for his time.

Jackpot: Nas and them, they took what Kane, Rakim and them did and took it to another level.

Mike D: Yeah, but then after them it got dumbed down.

Jackpot: There’s still nothing as lyrical as Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt in 2009. Those albums are 15 and 13 years old, respectively.

Mike D: What does that say about rap? The evolution has stopped. We’re only going downhill from here, like the heyday of rock n roll or jazz. It still gets made but it sucks in comparison.

Jackpot: Yea

What do you guys think?

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  • yoprince

    early eminem? relapse is ridiculous in lyrical craftsmanship. there are a number of rhyme schemes on there that are absolutely mind-blowing… i can’t even pick one song..

    oh yea.. PIERZY

    oh and nas always.. this nigga rhymed texas metropolis and Czechoslovakia… i will never forget the first time i heard that shit.

    • Pierzy

      Word…Relapse is so complex

      • Chris S

        “this is Hello Kitty Bedspread Satin Funk/mixed with Egyptian with a little Rap and Punk/Zapp & Eric Clapton, Shaft, Frank Zappa, Crunk…i want a fresh batch of blood/so prepare your venacular for dracula acupunc-ture”

        yes, eminem is the all time greatest

    • yoprince

      just to be clear.. that was just the internal rhyme.. the nigga nas then said.. treacherous rastas, and the mexican mafias..

      so that’s… czechoslovakia, texas metropolis, treacherous rastas, and mexican mafias, all in the span of like 1 1/2 bars…

      not to mention.. the nigga NAS then said like 2 bars later.. one of my favorite lines of all time..

      “genesis is deep, my Features are that of a gOd, it’s not a FacAde, it’s a Fact these rappers wanna be NAs”

      sorry i had to go off on a tangent. nas is ridiculous!

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Lightin spliffs up to stay high like 24 hours/
        Sleep with my heat, wash with my gun in the shower/
        My tongue is power, it thrills women, kills demons
        Long as I’m still breathin I’m still winnin, I’ll teach ‘em/

        N.A.S. means Niggaz Against Society -

      • Dub Sac

        Yeah, that “No Ideas Original” is pretty much ridiculous.

        If niggaz could look inside my mind, youll find
        Where bodies are buried, first look past the hotties who dimes
        Go to the center, enter with caution, past the braincell graveyard
        Where weeds responsible for memory loss
        Lets witness, the horrific, the stenchll make you nauseous
        See what I seen every day I live with this torture

  • Pierzy

    Black Thought & Joell Ortiz

  • Detroit P

    I mean when you’re talking about lyricism in hiphop it’s always more of a blanket term that people throw around and never really define…when you’re talking about lyricism are you talking about just the act of putting words together?, are you talking about how you’re saying those lyrics to the beat i.e. Flow?, are you talking about the depth of the lyrics? creativity or originality of the lyrics? strength of purpose of the lyrics(meaning that you are actually rapping about something..and the level to which you are doing this…like are you making a point and how good of a point is it…you dont have to be rapping something “political or concious”, it can be anything, selling drugs, how good you are or whatever as long as you make a point as opposed to just putting together a bunch of words that have nothing to do with each other and don’t really say anything just for the sake of rhyming)..All of these categories deal with lyricism but many seem to be looked over more than others.

    If I had to use all of the above as criteria I would say that Andre 3000 is the best…and Jay-Z is second

    Also, in terms of Flow and having a bunch of different Flows i.e. NOT rapping the same way on every song…I would say Andre 3000 first, then Jay, then Lil’ Wayne….I think people always want to pan lil’Wayne as being a non-sensical lyricist and rarely give him credit for his flow(s)

    • yoprince

      co-sign.. wayne gets hated on on the nets.. but in the real world people love his music b/c his flow is always on point and it makes you wanna rap along. there was a time when Jay-Z was that guy, but I think right now Wayne has the illest flow… and in a little while it will likely be Drake.

      i’m not saying they’re the best… it’s just that flow is what crosses over, considering you have the right soundscape behind you.

  • Drama

    what do lupe fiasco gotta do to get recognized for his shit? i mean come on now, hes under rated one of the most lyrical in the game, possibly ever

    • Detroit P

      Oh shit I forgot about Lupe…Okay I put Andre 3000 first, then Lupe, then Jay-Z.

    • General

      Damn, you got me too…Lupe is a beast and he should be mentioned with them too…I can’t believe I forgot him too, cuz I’m still keepin his first 2 CD’s in constant rotation

    • yoprince

      yea.. def lupe..

      to me lyricism is purely putting words together.. rhyme schemes, alliteration, manipulating the sound of words creatively

      flow is how you manipulate the beat, which instrument you choose to blend your voice with.. and that has a lot to do with beat selection… flow is probably the main factor in whether a rap artist will enjoy commercial success b/c it has a lot to do with melody and melody is the key to mass appeal.

      content is what you’re rhyming about.. depth and subject matter and all that..

      way way way too many ppl lump content in with lyricism. for instance when ppl say 2pac was a dope lyricist. nooo he was decent, but he had a great voice, he was passionate, and he won many over with his content…

      the funny thing is… the “internet” tends to overemphasize lyricism as the crowning factor in who’s a great rapper.. but the “real world” cares about ALL of these factors, be it subconsciously or not..

      but anyway this blog is about lyricism and EMINEM and LUPE are top two right now… easily.

      other notables: 3 stacks, nas (when he tries), royce, pusha t, malice, jadakiss and prolly plenty others who i can’t listen to b/c they don’t actually make good music.

    • Max Profit

      Good Point! Lupe is alot like Monch – nobody wants to mention him because they always close the argument.

      Alot of rappers have great lyrics but their not super-lyrical.

      Lupe had two mixtapes before his 1st album came out and both of those were super lyrical.

      People who say that they aint heard nothin as good as ILLMATIC are just living in the past.


      There is a trend for a super lyricist. Every time they coin a phrase or word, it gets used in contant rotation. For example:

      EVERYONE started saying “thug life” when Pac said it.

      EVERYONE started saying “stan” once Em came out with it.

      EVERYONE started saying “ether” once Nas said it.

      Now, EVERYONE started using “dumbed down” or “dumb it down” once Lupe came out with it.

      I rest my case.

      “Truth is unlimited in its range/ if you drop a T and look at it in reverse it can hurt”.

      Drop the second T from the word “truth” then spell it backwards. What does that spell people?

      Case closed.

  • smog


    • El Tico Loco

      Co sign

      2nd verse of Demons was the clencher.

  • General

    Probably the one guy that is deserving that gets left out of every conversation on this and has done it longer and more consistently than almost anyone in my opinion is Scarface…

    I would say he is every bit the equal of a Jay-Z with the exception on makin pop/radio singles…

    I don’t know how you say only the early Eminem either as his flows and wordplay have only grown since then…

    Joell Ortiz and Crooked I should be put there too as they both murder just about every track they get on…

    As far as Jay, I don’t know, there was a time he was top 5, but he has just gotten lazy with his rhymes over the last 5 years…everytime I hear him anymore I think of the Joe Budden’s line where he raps, “the more people brag about not writin rhymes, the more it sounds like nobody si writin rhymes…”


      yea, face is a beast!

      as far as being super-lyrical, i’d like to throw Inspectah Deck into the argument. when i think about super lyrical, the first verse that comes to mind is Deck’s verse on “Triumph”!

      • DV8

        co-sign Deck the most slept on MC in hiphop. I challenge anyone to find a weak verse from Rebel INS.

        • BLack

          chech out “harbour masters” over on hip hop game..Deck isnt wack..he just doesnt have that same energy as the glory days.. same thing with Rae imo

  • DV8

    Pharoahe Monch
    Black Thought
    Joell Ortiz
    Crooked I
    Andre 3000 ( If only he would rap more, but I understand why he doesnt)

    BTW, where the hell is Ras Kass? To bad Priority was run by retards. Golden Chyld and Van Gogh where dope albums that only saw the bootleg circuit. The best lyricist most people dont know about.

    • Enlightened

      Ras just got out of jail again, but even before that – that whole “battle” with The Game look like it sucked the juice out that nigga or something.

      He came out of that lookin like a gay, corny, nerd. That was not a good look for him

      • DV8

        what do you mean? RK ate Game on wax. Game looked like a bitch sucka punchin a man in the club half his size because he wouldnt kiss his ass.

        • L-Y, NawfWestSide

          Size doesn’t matter first of all, cuz i know lil’ niggaz who’LL eat a big nigga 4 lunch. Kass played himself when he hopped on the net talkin’ shyt wit a black eye, and a bunch of korny azz co-signerz behind him talkin’ bout whut they wouldn’t do if they had got slid across the room they damn selves.

        • DV8

          true…but Game hit dude for no reason RK didnt say anything about Game son

        • Enlightened

          Ok. You just explained what I mean. He should have let the wax speak for itself
          INSTEAD OF….
          Getting on youtube with a bunch of corny lookin white dudes, holding bullet shells in his mouth,
          talking about “ahh haa haa we’re going to get you” like he the muthafuckin boogie man or something.
          “We’re on you’re muthafuckin head.”

          That’s what made him look like a gay, corny, wierdo and I haven’t heard nothing from him since so thats my last impression of dude.

        • DV8

          Oh OK I get what your saying. I only saw a picture of RK after the beatdown. I didnt know he was running around vlogging about the shit.

          Did 2 goons approve RK’s message?

  • Enlightened

    The nigga who get’s left off and I’m tired of that shit is TWISTA!!
    If y’all niggas can’t listen fast enough, don’t blame him for rappin fast. That nigga spits SUPERLYRICISM

    I’ll put his lyrics on paper next to any of those niggas 3 Stacks, and definitely Jay-Z. He killin Jay-Z

    Y’all forgetting about COMMON SENSE nigga and I said COMMON SENSE, no Common.

    I guess y’all just like fuck the Chi

    • DV8

      yeah Twista and Common are two ill ones too. Adrenaline Rush still gets heavy rotation from me.

  • westcoastaggie

    These debates will rage on until the end of time. Everyone’s answer will depend on their own life experience and personal taste.

    I guarantee you that someone thinks that Gucci Mane and OJ The Juiceman are some of the most lyrical artists ever because they speak to that person.

    And there is nothing wrong with that.

    Personally, my favorite Lyricist is Andre 3000. From Southernplayalisticadilliacmuzik to International Players Anthem, he has simply been the best to me.

  • Eljoy

    Fuck any nigga scared to admit: Weezy is a lyrical god! No, Im not a kid (28); yes I rock wit all the greats (Jay, Em, 3Stacks, Big…), but I aint scared to admit on a blog that Weezy is one of them niggas when it comes to lyricism. Y’all might not want to admit it, and that’s fine, but I thought I should represent for the misrepresented in this conversation.
    Weezy aint do a millie a week during a reccession because he’s some cupcake artist. The nigga came wit major quotables on the tapes for 2 years straight (after his best album to date). Aint no other nigga in the game ever done that. Respect a young great you biased pubes.

    • DV8

      Wayne’s ghostwriters are pretty good. Wayne gets props for spittin the rhymes like he wrote them though.

      • miles archer

        “Wayne gets props for spittin the rhymes like he wrote them though.”

        Did someone actually just say that????

        Not having anything to do with Wayne, but, are we giving credit cause, “Dude said it good how they told him to say it”…

        I’m so young and feel so old.

        miles archer

        • DV8

          i was clowning….what I was saying is that Wayne recites the lyrics written for him like he wrote them himself. I havent dug Wayne since 500 Degreez because I believe thats the last album he actually wrote himself. Under no circumstances was I really give Wayne respect for saying another MC’s lines.

        • DetroitDraper

          Man I keep hearin about the ghost writers and Im really believin it. I dont think Wayne’s flow has changed so much over the years because of creativity, not that much. I just wanna see/hear more proof.

        • DV8

          want proof? listen to Wayne pre- Carter 1 then listen to him from Carter 1 on.

          Sqad Up, Gillie, Currensy, Brisco, Six-Shot, Boo & Gotti, Jae Millz, Drake and im sure im missing one or two more. And lets not forget his original ghostwriters who helped him with his rhymes B.G. and Juve.

          The nigga is a fraudlent rapper and I will never respect him as a MC.

        • Eljoy

          Are we still stuck on the “Wayne has ghostwriters” conspiracy?

          That theory is so old and played that it makes you sound desperate and redundantly rediculous for believing in such urban legends.
          I’m sure if anybody ever wrote for Wayne they would’ve used those same skills to blow themselves up instead of lettin Weezy get all the rockstar shine i.e. Gille. FYI: Drakes gone on record saying he’s never wrote for Wayne.

        • DV8

          “FYI: Drakes gone on record saying he’s never wrote for Wayne.”

          yeah and OJ didnt kill Nicole. Please dont tell me you cant hear simlarities between Drake and Wayne.

          Also, those guys I listed couldnt get on by themselves and Wayne probably payed them pretty good to take the backseat. Sqad Up was signed to Wayne but Wayne never put them out (maybe because they used to out rap him on the mixtapes). Everybody I listed was signed to Cash Money at one point or another but they album never came out (except Boo & Gotti, but nobody noticed)

        • DetroitDraper

          Yep all true stories. I think it is pretty obvious Wayne has ghost writers…maybe after Gillie he just got smart enough to make em sign a no gag order of some sorts but yea the similarities are stupid obvious and his flow distinctly changed with each cash money addition hmmm?????

  • Eljoy

    Weezy: “You might wanna fall back like August”

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I’ve never hid my liking of Ras Kass (no homo), but this nigga is just sick!! “Comin’ up short like a million midgets masturbatin”. Fuckin insane!!

  • Eric

    Through two albums, Lupe has become in my opinion a top 5 lyricist of all time.

    Jay of course is numero uno.

    Lupe is like a young Jay. The metaphors, similies, double entendres, and ability to stay on topic and put music out separate them from everybody else.

    And Hov’s ability to be superlyrical AND make crossover is a testament to his talent. His lyrics are not so dumbed down that there are just “dumb”. That is what makes him the GOAT. There are other rappers who are great lyricists, but they are not very succesful and haven’t had a song on the radio in years. In my opinion all of that has to be considered when seeing who is the “best”

  • Dr Flav

    Nobody never says G Rap. Thats sad.

  • Syler

    In terms of lyrical ability, no mention of Common or Talib?

    • DV8

      or Mos Def for that matter…

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Common and Mos should definitely be considered for super lyricists positions, Joe Budden also. My name iz Lyrik the Definition of Spittin’. Lyrikz are all about how u put ur thoughtz down on paper. Its the difference between telling the same story in a bland manner versus a Black Rob manner or Eminem manner. Rhymes is just that, how well u can rhyme. Delivery is the feeling you put into ur voice (2Pac, ScarFace). And Flow iz more or less how u ride the beat (Twista, Lil’ Wayne) . The most originaL niggaz have to be Ghostface & Andre 3000 tho’.

  • HNIC

    In no particular order, my list is as follows;

    Andre 3000
    Busta Rhymes

    Just to name a few…

  • HNIC

    I failed to mention…

    Lupe Fiasco
    Kanye (When he’s rapping, sans Auto-Tune)

  • Deez Nutz

    Andre 3000 is my favorite rapper and I’m amazed how he rarely releases anything and still gets put in every conversation. Never even released a solo RAP album yet. *gets on knees and prays 3 stacks will put out a solo album*

    • Enlightened

      To 3000′s credit. Even he admits that he gets a lot of those props lately BECAUSE he only drops about one verse a year.

      It’s not hard to put your all into one verse on somebody else’s song.

      That being said, he’s still the shit, but I’m saying he admitted that himself.

      • southcakc23

        so in other words, you’d rather have quantity over quality? Seriously, I’d take one verse from Stacks (which usually last as long as 3 verses) over an entire album from someone who isn’t putting his all into every bar. Whether Stacks raps one verse or an entire song, he goes 100 every time he grabs a mic.

        oh, and this is not directed at Enlightened…

        some of y’all need to learn the difference between a great RAPPER and a great LYRICIST. A rapper raps words together in great scheme, cadence, etc. A great lyricist does what great rappers do AND has some valuable substance to their rhymes.

        That being said, if Andre 3000 is not #1 on your list……you are missing the boat. No one has the flow, delivery, subject matter and rapping ability all packaged into one MC like Andre 3000 does.

        Andre 3000 is an MC’s MC.

  • El Tigre

    3 Stacks is the undisputed king bar 4 bar but everybody’s forgetting Bun B. Listen to “Murder’ if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will

    • DV8

      Bun is another dude that gets overlooked.

      • Reemycks!

        “…Rippin thru ya Pelle Pelle, and some smelly red jelly is flying outta ya belly”.

        He stepped it up on this joint.

        • Enlightened

          Let’s not forget BUN B EMBARRASSED JAY-Z ON BIG PIMPIN.

          That’s why in the video version, JAY SHORTENED THEY VERSES AND ADDED A FOURTH VERSE!

          He was trying hard as hell to take the shine back from Bun – coming with that “on a canopy/ my stamina be/ enough for Pamela Anderson Lee” shit


        • DV8

          @ Reemycks & El Tigre

          Ridin Dirty is my shit. Damn I miss Pimp C. Them dudes is/was really Underground Kings.

        • dopeman

          @ enlightened (the irony of the name isnt lost on me btw) the UGK verses were shortened because UGK wud own the publishing because the wud be featured on 2 out of the 3 verses of the song. Hence the additional jigga verse… furthermore Jay pretty much bodied Bun on that song and on get thowed even tho im a UGK fan.

  • Azhar

    In no particular order
    Andre 3000
    Big Pun
    Kool G Rap
    Black Thought
    Ras Kas
    Joell Ortiz

    Niggas got them kinda dreams from jail
    You in the streets nigga, make your move, get your get your mall’
    Niggas’ll coast in the S.L. but can’t post bail,
    Niggas’ll roast the el,
    But scared to throw your toast, well
    I’m here to tell niggas it ain’t all swell
    There’s Heaven then there’s Hell niggas
    One day your cruisin’ in your seven,
    Next day your sweatin’, forgettin’ your lies,
    Alibis ain’t matchin’ up, bullshit catchin’ up
    Hit with the RICO, they repoed your vehicle
    Everything was all good just a week ago
    ‘Bout to start bitchin’ ain’t you?
    Ready to start snitchin’ ain’t you?
    I forgive your weak ass, hustlin’ just ain’t you
    Aside from the fast cars
    Honeys that shake they ass in bars
    You know you wouldn’t be involved
    With the Underworld dealers, carriers of mac-millers
    East coast bodiers, West coast cap-peelers
    Little monkey niggas turned gorillas
    Stopped in the station filled up on octane
    And now they not sane, and not playin’
    That goes without sayin’
    Slangin’ day in and day out
    When money play in, then they play you out
    Tryin’ to escape my own mind
    Lurkin’ the enemy
    Representin’ infinity
    With Presidencies, ya know?

  • C. Hop

    Mac Dre, E-40, Royce, Lil Wyte, Sean Price, Yukmouth. Gotta look outside the mainstream and the NY/NJ tristate.

    • DV8

      Lil Wyte???? Is that the dude in 3-6 Mafia’s camp? I would have to give him a listen.

      Everybody else on your list I fuck with.

      • C. Hop

        yeah the phinally famous cd by Lil Wyte is fire. i was shocked at how tight it was.

  • dark vanilla

    T.I. aint superlyrical. And I’m not all big on Bay Area being superlyrical too. Most of the superlyrical come from NY. West coast and dirty south rap aint that superlyrical (although there’s a few). Only cats from the South that I consider superlyrical are Andre 3000, Ludacris, Pusha T and Malice. I can only think of 3 supperlyrical cats from the West Coast and one is iffy. Crooked I, Rass Kass,and Ice Cube (iffy). All the rest are from NY and there’s too many from NY.

    • yoprince

      i’m not really disagreeing with you. T.I. prolly isn’t SUPERlyrical, but I gotta give him his props real quick as an ATL nigga, because I think he gets unfairly left outta the conversation…

      T.I. third verse of KINGOFDASOUTH from Trap Muzik:

      grab CHOPPERS cock em and BLOW
      STOPPIN the SHOW,
      bet a O, i’m DROPPIN the HOE
      you just keep WATCHIN the DO’
      POP EM, WATCH EM, DROP to the FLO’
      fluff his POCKETS and GO
      put a quarter BLOCK on his NOSE
      and a GLOCK in his CLOTHES
      he can keep his WATCHES and GOLD
      for his MOMMA to HOLD
      shoulda yelled ‘fire in the HOLE!’
      ‘fore the DRAMA unFOLD
      They know shawty OUTTA CONTROL
      GOT me HOT as a STOVE
      Puttin’ HOLES in YO’ GirBAUD
      Wettin’ up yo’ POLOS
      FORTY FO’s and CalliCO’s
      a black and a CHROME
      lettin’ loose and splackin’ your DOME
      hoppin’ back in the BROUGHAM

      c’mon now…. T.I. is no joke lyrically… also listen to ASAP from Urban Legend

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    Oh shyt, can’t 4get about Cee-Lo, and yea Lupe iz extremely dope too.

    • DV8

      Ceelo Green is another one. People forget he raps (but thats his fault)

  • Around and Around

    Since the dead guys are included (Pun & Big L)…..Talkin super lyrical..WTF about Biggie?

    “I got seven Mack 11′s, about eight 38′s
    Nine 9′s, ten mack tens, the shits never ends
    You can’t touch my riches
    Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches
    Biggie Smalls; the millionare, the mansion, the yacht
    The two weed spots, the two hot glocks
    That’s how I got the weed spot
    I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the lamb spread
    Little Gotti got the shotty to your body
    So don’t resist, or you might miss Christmas
    I tote guns, I make number runs
    I give mc’s the runs drippin
    when I throw my clip in the AK, I slay from far away
    Everybody hit the D-E-C-K
    My slow flow’s remarkable, peace to Matteo
    Now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniffed the yayo
    That’s crazy blunts, mad L’s
    My voice excels from the avenue to jail cells
    Oh my God, I’m droppin shit like a pigeon
    I hope you’re listenin, smackin babies at they christening”

    I rest my case

    • DV8

      im sure you could have picked a better Biggie verse then that.

      • BIGNAT

        DV8 you are right you gotta use his versus from victory some of the sickest rhymes ever.

        In The Commision, you ask for permission to hit em
        He don’t like me, hit him while wifey was wit em
        You heard of us, the murderers, most shady
        Been on the low lately, the feds hate me
        The son of Satan, they say my killin’s too blatant
        You hesitatin, I’m in your mama crib waiting
        Duct tapin, your fam destiny
        lays in my hands, gat lays in my waist
        Francis, M to the iz-H phenominal
        Gun rest under your vest by the abdominal
        Rhyme a few bars so I can buy a few cars
        And I kick a few flows so I can pimp a few hoes
        Excellence is my presence, never tense
        Never hesitant, leave a nigga bent real quick
        Real sick, brawl nights, I perform like Mike
        Anyone Tyson, Jordan, Jackson
        action, pack guns, ridiculous
        And I’m, quick to bust, if my ends you touch
        Kids or girl you touch, in this world I clutch
        Two auto-matoes, used to call me fatso
        Now you call me Castro, my rap flows
        militant, y’all faggots ain’t killin shit
        Ooops Cristal keep spillin shit, you overdid it homes
        You in the danger zone, you shouldn’t be alone
        Hold hands and say it like me
        The most shady, Frankie baby, fantastic
        Graphic, tryin to make dough, like Jurassic
        Park did quick to spark kids who start shit
        See me, only me
        The Underboss of this holocaust
        Truly yours, Frank White

        • $ykotic


          THANK YOU!



        • DV8

          @BIG NAT

          thats my favorite BIG verse right there. That one and his verse off of Dangerous MC’s (of the Born Again album)

        • BIGNAT

          @$ykotic i always revisit good topics like this. to see if someone tried to slip some bullshit on the list.

          @DV8 it is really hard for me to pick my favorite big verse because he could do all types of songs. he could flip all kinds of flows that suicidal thoughts. i think thats the name of the last song off his first album that song is sick. it was so dark and it felt like it was real. as if he really killed himself at the end of the song.

  • biggamike

    Nas….enough said.

  • biggamike

    Nas…enough said

  • Connor


    Case Closed.

  • Reemycks!

    Niggas is sleep on my nigga Kool G Rap! This nigga says:

    “Cant kill the solo, cause you’re still(o), soft like a pillow, my raps ruffer than brillo. So fear me, dont dare dare me, and dont compare me to him when you hear me.”

    No disrespect to Kane but, G Rap is the architect for New York rappers. Hell even Kane switched his style after fuckin with G Rap.

    • Reemycks!

      And then he said:

      Bitches picked up and dicked up, niggas get stuck up. Give up what u got or getcha ass shot the fuck up. Run em down and gun em down yeah thats how we do it. Niggas get kilt and then filt with embalming fluid. Check out the record that Im wreckin, pull out the tech an I reckon you’ll get murdered in a second. Bang with the Nine, boom with the pow, muthafuckaz are fallin and crawlin on the ground. Bitches get stiches, niggas that act snotty. Inside the party even the hotties get turned bodies.”

      This is Grandmaster type shit right here.

      • El Tico Loco

        Oh shit 2 to the head damn I’m have to play that now.

  • Curtis75Black

    The “superLyrical” term gets thrown around too much. Sort of like “Keep it real” back in the day. Most lists are gonna be on a bias curve because alot fail to listen to peeps other than their favorites. Everyone mention so far has been of a Mainstream factor except Lupe. And to say the Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt are the most lyrical cd’s since they dropped !! How old were ya’ll when they dropped ? Their songs were tight but on some “Superlyrical Shit” ?, Come the fuck on !! Talking about Street Shit thru a debut doesn’t mean he’s super lyrical. It just means you like their concept of song.

  • avon

    black thought
    jay z
    little brother
    mas def
    big boi

  • HNIC

    T.I. arguably had the best hip hop release, last year. If you listen to the rhymes that he spit on “Ready for Whatever”, “56 Bars (Intro)”, “I’m Illy” & “Every Chance I Get”. Those were some of the best verses to emerge from ’08, in my opinion.

    Regardless of how you might feel about him as an individual, due to his alleged snitching, I still think that he deserves his props for his creative wordplay & delivery.

    • General

      I agree that T.I. has def stepped him game up and seems to improve with each release…I think he gets slept on as a lyricist because he came out with that wave of Southern “trap” rappers and got labeled as being another gangsta rapper

      • Enlightened

        NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        THAT’S NOT TRUE.

        He came out way before those trap rappers, and I was mad at him for falling into their trap (pun intended). Trying to dumb down and fit into that snap/trap era.

        He didn’t get better or “step up” he took it back.

        You must have never heard his first album, I’m Serious.
        Some of the most lyrical conceptual songs you’ll hear.

        Ooh, the one where he raps about getting killed and going to heaven and riding on Satan for doing that shit to him – SUPERLYRICAL

        • HNIC

          We might just to agree to disagree on that one. On T.I.’s “Swagga Like Us” verse alone, he single-handedly slayed Ye, Hov & Weezy, respectively. He had them beat on lyrical content, delivery, flow, the whole nine. Dude went in, period.

        • Enlightened

          Oh…well we not disagreeing then, we agreeing. I felt like he killed them too.
          I was just saying he didn’t “get better” or all of a sudden get tight. The niggas was lyrically a beast from his first album on.
          But…after Jeezy came out, he did take a couple of years where he wanted to battle it out with them niggas for “Trap Star of the year” and made some simple ass shit like them for a minute.

          Then it’s like he snapped back to reality and started MCing again.

        • squadwildin

          Actually, T.I. said it himself. He stopped writing his lyrics after Urban Legend. He just went in the studio with no pad or pen and put shit on a track. That was a bad idea. But with Paper Trail, he started doin it the original way he used to. That’s the difference. If only Jay Z would pick the pad & the pen back up….


    KILLA CAM!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    This list is more for metaphor/punchline/concept rappers

    Kool G Rap
    Chino XL
    Big L
    Ice Cube
    Pharoahe Monch
    Tech N9n9

    • DV8

      Tech9ine from KC Mo right (not dude from Philly)? Yes Techanina is slept on major. I think some of the costumes he rocks turn people off but if they seriously sat down and listened to him they cant say he isnt dope.

  • HNIC

    I also have to mention, Scarface, Bun B, Lil’ Wayne (the mixtape Weezy, when he spits, sans Auto-Tune).

    And I’ve said it a few times before, of the new cats, Drake is lyrically the dopest, in my opinion. For proof, check tracks like; “Uptown”, “Successful”, “Ignorant Shit”, “Ransom”, “I Want This Forever” & “Say What’s Real”.

  • avon

    4got about the homie prodigy
    oh yeah bg be spittin nice 2 but he always get overlooked he aint just about bling bling

  • LyricallyC

    I probably go a different route and say that Early Eightball and MJG had lyrics though some might disagree. Royce and Ortiz got superlyrics and metaphores. Mc Lyte had rhymes back in the day and Da Brat on her first album.

  • DV8

    I wonder why Jay, Beans, and Wayne didnt respond to Mos Def battle challenge?

    Mos clearly said he would smash all of them and not one of them responded.


      THAT’S REAL TALK! this site devoted like 3 blogs to joe buddens talkin shit bout meth, but no one has anything to say about rappers totally ignoring the challenge that mos RESPECTFULLY put out there!

      • DV8

        IDK? maybe Mos should start camera stalking his BM and put it on the net so people would take notice.

  • dark vanilla

    UNITURNZ, I think Killa Cam is on list of lyrical artist (not superlyrical). People that I put on that list can be lyrical sometimes, but they don’t blow your mind: these artist include The Game, Killa Cam, 50 cent (well he used to be), Kanye West (see 50 cent), Lloyd Banks, Freeway, Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Drake(still don’t like him),and well you get my point. They have lyrical songs, but they also have shitty songs too. And their lyrics can catch your attention, but they don’t blow you away like the really superlyrical artist.

  • Moving Sideways

    I’ve had this conversation recently about lyrics, and the word I used to describe it is Hyper-lyricism. Hyper- is the prefix that describes something that exists in more than three dimensions, i.e. hyperplane. Another usage of hyper means essentially super. Also, ‘hype’ was slang back in the day.

    In that mold I’d throw a list of guys.

    Kanye West
    Andre 3000
    Inspectah Deck

    and I’ve heard some stuff from Cory Gunz that was crazy, but I’m not quite ready to sign on the dotted line yet.

  • Federal Ranga

    I am just glad nobody mentioned Pac… he is not nowhere near super lyrical, period.

    Lupe, Em, 3000, E-40(You gotta rewind him back a few times), Lloyd Banks, Common… yeah. That about do it.

    • El Tico Loco

      What up Fed

      Nobody brought up Canibus at all either, Chino XL, Redman, Celph Titled, Apathy, Esoteric, C rayz Walz

  • Cashkidd

    Kool G Rap is so ill

    Listen I’m like a seed from a demon, a blessing from an angel
    Way more mysterious than Bermuda’s Triangle
    Riddle fit to hit, put together bit by bit
    Like a do-it-yourself kit
    Then I’ll hold your soul on a remote control
    So-called MC’s will freeze so cold
    Then get viewed and examined in a test tube
    If you’re a square, you freeze into an ice cube
    Talent switches, words to riches
    You get stitches, rhymes are wicked like witches
    Horror, terror, pain, rip like a hurricane
    Freeze like cocaine, or you get a smoke brain

    And Pun
    You know Pun will dis you if your whole steez is unofficial
    I’ll come and get you and let the desert eez tounge kiss you
    With one pistol and two clips, I’ll make your crew do flips
    Like acrobatics, I’m charismatic, my gat is magic
    It makes rappers disappear, whipser in your ear
    Crystal clear, come here, let me kiss your tears
    Everything you fear is here, you ain’t got to search further
    The first murder’s the worst now I thirst further for reverse birth
    Every verse hurts, every curse word’s already more offending
    Than Eddie Murph’s worst

  • $ykotic

    Ha Ha. Some interesting listings up in here. This is not by ranking.






    ANDRE 3000(Drop more. Make the convo easy)

    EMINEM(GIVE IT UP. He tears the booth up)


    MONCH(Saw some rumors: Organized is coming back)




    RZA(e.g.”UNSTOPPABLE” Wu Tang Forever)

    Way 2 too many! Lyricists! Emcees and Rappers get different lists!

    Anytime you hear them you know it’s them!

    And I agree Mike D! All can randomize their lists and you will see that Rap Music has regressed, not progressed!

    Most lyricists start becoming the older heads. The Emcees sprinkle through all lists. Most rappers are the now…

    • $ykotic

      My bad.

      (e.g. “IMPOSSIBLE” Wu Tang Forever)

      • squadwildin

        You got a point about MC’s….to be an MC as Rakim said, you have to move the crowd. So I think an MC also has to be a performer as well as put hot lyrics out there. An MC has to be a GREAT song writer to make fans wanna sing along. And an MC should have a big following of diehard fans. Thats what an MC is. So in my opinion an MC>Lyricist>>>Rapper

  • oskamadison

    Let’s name all the overlooked cats:

    -Hieroglphics (Del, Souls of Mischief, Casual)
    -Critical Beatdown era Kool Keith (yeah, I said it, KOOL KEITH!!!)
    -CL Smooth
    -It’s Dark and Hell is Hot era DMX (Stop Being Greedy took Slick Rick’s style to a real dark, fucked up place.)
    -Chuck D (on the low, Welcome to the Terrordome is some of the most hardbdy shit ever)
    -LL (forget all the girl records for a second and go to Rock the Bells pt. 2. Want something more recent? Ringtone Murder).
    -The D.O.C.
    -Planet Asia
    -Even though I’ve seen his name mentioned already, he’s in my top 5 so I’ll throw it out there again: REDMAN!!!!!!!

    • $ykotic

      oska real quick because you dropped after me.

      See how your list just became all “old heads”?

      • oskamadison

        I guess it’s because these are the cats that came to mind first. These are the cats who have inspired me at one time or another and if given more time I’d probably name 10, 20 more. None of these younger cats are really doing it for me. Yes, I’m on the north side of 30 and I’ve seen almost every era of this shit come and go but I give props where it’s due.If you can spit, you can spit. The most recent new cat that’s really caught my ear was Lupe. I’m a little late on the whole Drake wagon but dude gets it in a little, even if he does sound like Wayne, or wayne sounds like him…

  • EmCDL

    Dang I don’t think I seen anyone up on here mention Slug from Atmosphere….how about Evidence from Dilated Peoples? DOOM? I see ya’ll put Lupe on your list so thats good. Phonte from Little Brother?

  • HNIC

    I find it amusing from how everyone responded; you can clearly see the generational/coastal divide that’s become so prevalent on most hip hop blogsites. Just an observation…

    Personally, I listen to almost all of the artists that were mentioned, regardless of era, coast or generational differences. But, I also live in the Midwest, so that might have something to do with the opinion that I’ve formed, over the past 20 years of being a hip hop fan. Considering that “lyricists” are few & far in between here, I’ve always had to look elsewhere to fill the void.

    • HNIC

      I meant to say Regional, instead of Coastal. Although, the statement that I made might be true in some instances, the South is considered a Region more than a Coast.

  • brand-new

    nobody mentioned jeru tha damaja!

  • shakes

    Line for line rhyme for rhyme nobody’s close to Pun if ur goin on str8 rhymes…if ur goin on overall package & thought provoking lyrics it’s 3000…but that’s only cos I haven’t come out yet

  • tiquan

    ghostface-greatest lyricist ever

  • Lowedwn

    3 Stacks(dude drops metaphors laced with other metaphors and similes…his verse on Royal Flush is still the sickest in the last 2 years)
    Lupe Fiasco
    Mos Def
    Cee-Lo Green
    Rass Kass
    Xzibit(use to be)
    Prodigy(use to be)
    Eminem(officially the king of the multi-syllabic rhyming pattern)
    Kanye(when he spazzes out)
    Royce the 5’9
    Joell Ortiz

    when it comes down to it though, the title of “Super Lyricist” is way too subjective.

  • Big Red

    Ya’ll don’t even know that Kool G Rap MURDERED Canibus on Allied Meta Forces

    Welcome to my world, danger and hazards
    Gang of bastards, bangin they ratchets
    King and the Jacker, slangin in traffic
    Claimin they cabbage, obtain half, they aimin for stackage
    Get brains from the (?), keep blingin with karats
    Cops see me in Maddox, then let ya dame have it, flames to the attic
    The stains on ya fabric, the paint in the graphic
    Canibus and G Rap, bangin a classic
    And if that beef on the street – hate you enough,
    blow out ya brain in ya casket
    Don’t you love this drug element?
    Where slugs crush ya melon and dome
    Chrome that’s known to break bones in an elephant
    Shotgun pellets and, gunsmoke; smell the scent
    Big bullets, wiggle ya guts like gelatin
    Cut through ya skeleton, knockage intelligence
    Ride, stand, and bite the dust
    Jake wanna be like a Russian cuffed on that Riker bus
    We raised in the slums, with haze in our lungs
    Raisin the guns, knowin;
    My day’ll come, razors under the tongue
    Clips in the steel, bricks in the wheels,
    chips in the field of fortune
    Dead men walkin with hits on the grills
    Late night at the spot, posted with goons, dope and balloons
    Coke and the doom, scheme; I’ll leave you open with wounds nigga
    Witness G Rap put it back in perspective
    Beat up shit with a dash of the peppers
    Get blast for ya necklace
    Leave ya brains on the dash in ya Lexus
    We up in the club, dash for the exit
    Make ya spread ‘em out – show you what this lead about
    Take it from an old thug, whoever clean cold blood
    Believe they bled it out (yo)
    Crave for the war, pop out rages with fours
    Hit the jackpot, blazin the raw – gettin bands in the pores
    Bitches and whores with dick in their jaws
    The frame drank sick of Valor, straight bandit spot
    Open up shop, turn the block to “Planet Rock”
    Shit with no chop, slept with the glock with the hammer cocked
    Servin the fiends, hop in the Suburban and lean
    Look at that don nigga swervin in Queens, playa
    Ballin a lot, brawlin for props, callin the shots
    Hit the curb, birds all on the flock
    Jockin, like “who that there covered in all of them rocks”
    It’s royalty bitch, fall on the cock, recognize one
    Giacanna G Rap, that live one – pay homage
    Get it fucked up, I spray comments, nigga what?!

    His delivery was sick on that track!

  • essem see

    yall sleepin on s.l. jones from grindtime

  • Kane Corleone

    That nigaa Suga Free is a beast on the mic people are on major overdose of sleeping pills if they aint up on game,plus the Camp Lo dudes flow is slick.

    • $ykotic

      Suga Free & Luni Coleone.

  • Corbyn

    this is the wackest shit ever, hands down Eminem is the greatest lyricist of all time, and you cats are arguing about fuckin lil wayne? he sounds like a bad attempt at real lyricism go to the underground if you want REAL lyricism….Cecil Otter shits on your favorite rapper…Astronautalis could destroy anyone in the mainstreams writtens with a FREESTYLE…Apathy is one of the most slept on lyricists ever…Copywrite, Holocaust(old shit), Blu is surpassing anything Black Thought has ever done, Percee P has schemes for days, Edan, Eyedea, Chali 2na, Del, even Mac Lethal is ridiculous with rhyme schemes, check yourselves a catchy hook and beat dont mean shit. Everyone I just mentioned could eat anyone in mainstream hip-hop alive plus they actually make music from the heart where it’s supposed to come from. Do you think the fathers of hip-hop made this shit to brag about money, degrade women, and get played on the radio they did it to express themselves the money and fame just came along with it.

  • chrswllce4ever

    idk if yall are retarded or what but people are going to talk about fucking drake? and not mention Biggie.?!. ready to die is possibly the best rap album ever, easily my favorite, closely followed by illmatic. jay isnt even on the same level.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    I dont think Thought is on that level. Early on, yes. Like, Illadelph
    he absolutely murdered.
    WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!! Hold UP. What is the difference between BLACK THOUGHT THEN, and him NOW??

    Have u listened to the last couple of ROOTS albums?? ESPECIALLY the last one. If not, u gotta check those out fam. I mean “75 BARS (BLACK’S RECONSTRUCTION) has to be one of the sickest verses he’s ever spit. Not to mention his verses off of “THE TIPPING POINT” (“BOOM”). BT has been ill since IH. I just wanted to speak on that, now back to the article.

  • Victor

    Black Thought has definitely NOT fallen off man, still a super lyricist.

    Wheres the love for Redman? TI is good but super lyricist??? I’ll throw O.C. in there. Lupe is definitely up there. The Gza, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon and Ghost all go beyond the call of duty.

    Jay is still a beast, American Gangster was derivative but lyrically he did go in hard “your boy’s off the wall these other niggaz is tito”.

    Pharoahe is a bait one, Kool G rap, big pun, BDK, Mos Def, Kweli, Common (resurrections punchlines>most punchline rapper’s careers). Nas hasn’t lost a lyrical step. Eminem, Royce. I agree Xzibit was mad when he used to release material “with a dick in your ear still couldn’t fuck with my sound…” There are many more who dont get love, Scarface even…

    • oskamadison

      Nah, yo
      “I’m way too important to be talkin’ about extortin’/asking me for a portion’s like askin’ for a coffin…”



    andre 3000
    then i am going with kool g rap
    i give nas the nod
    then r.i.p. and big ups to big pun
    metal fingers doom, mf doom, victor vaughn doom whatever name you wanna use DOOM
    kruput hope i spelled that right
    black thought if you are a fan of the roots you would understand
    common when he is in his right fucking mind
    mos def when he is in his fucking mind
    jean grae yeah i said it jean can spit
    Lloyd Banks
    beenie his last album was very good that joint rain (bridge) with scarface wqas crazy. then the song right after that dear self (can i talk to you)
    luda come on luda be killing shit
    killer mike but only sometimes
    joell ortiz
    cee lo
    busta rhymes

  • newyawka631

    don’t forget about keith murray……..most lyrical……..big punnnnnn….undisputed champ..listen to capital punishment,and then look at your choices.

    • $ykotic

      @ newyawka631/BIGNAT/oskamadison

      My dudes! Again notice how we’re talking more “old heads” than anything?

      I feel bad the masses don’t know about Jean Grae. Someone holler @ her mgmt and tell her to try one more time.

      Keith Murray got blacklisted once he beat up whatshisname. Don’t remember.

      Pun is too easy a name drop. Should always be in the conversation. I like to get crafty without naming GOAT’s.

      Sh*t no one mentioned 8Ball & MJG.

      • El Tico Loco

        Maybe because we’re about a whole different standard that has not been met in a loong time, and nobody is trying either. This is the only assbackwards art were we get worse with time, we’re in the bizzarro world of hiphop I thought at one point that the newer would be sicker with time boy was I wrong.

        • $ykotic

          Yet Tico when did we allow the bar to lower? Because we did.

          Who out there remembers Kool Moe Dee? One one the original crop of lyricists. AND RAPPER TURNED ACTORS. Even his style of aviator shades was bitten.

          We as leaders fell off when the checks were being cut. Got paid to look the other way.

        • DV8


          KMD used to spit. Most people only acknowledge his hit singles “How YOu Like Me Know” and “Wild Wild West”

      • Victor

        Jean Grae is crazy, need to dig up more of her material for sure.

        How about unsung parts of duos? Big Boi aint that much worse than 3 stacks and Prince Po is not that much worse than Pharoahe.

        Elzhi, alongside Lupe, is the premier lyricist today.”I end careers years, pierce ears fierce with spears, they say im gifted, im lifted like the beers in cheers”

        • $ykotic


          Unsung parts of duos is another drop. Bet they took your idea!

          @ DV8

          They don’t know that Kool Moe Dee was the ORIGINAL BEAST MODE DEEBO EMCEE.

          Treacherous 3. Moe Dee birthed the first recorded rap battle(versus Busy Bee Starski) and ate Busy’s food!


        • BIGNAT

          to answer you about the age thing it’s not really because they are older. they have done it over and over bringing up tongue twisting and thoughtful lyrics. like for example i did not put lupe down because outside of his albums. he really does not come on others people projects and kill it. like common last album was mehhh at best. now his versus off the last song of luda’s last cd. gave me faith he can get back on the right path.

          I’ve been in this ‘ere since we were drinkin beers
          Years we’ve spent together, used to break up, get together, split a fight
          Every night, gettin cheddar, movin white
          Our thang, so we had to Do it Right like Spike
          Holdin 40s, gettin green on acres, these broads were our mules
          That’s when we used to serve in front of Com-wealth School
          Fuel for cars and jewels, chains and tools
          It was organized crime but we remained confused
          Mom in the pews, singin, “Lord, protect ‘em”
          You might not a-gree with our views, but you had to respect ‘em
          Diamonds in the rough, but were we reflecting
          a system that’s aburpt, the streets are no question
          One morning in the mirror, I seen my reflection
          A young man with good spirits, but needed direction
          I guess my man’s death, was my ressurection
          ’cause now I hear him saying from heaven, “Wake up! (WAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUaaaahhhhh-)
          Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! (aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh-up!)
          Wake UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!”

          thats some good stuff

  • DazzOne

    Hell yeah, Jean Grae be killing it!

    The problem is, some one needs to really define lyricism first, before we go off calling someone “super-lyrical”. Some are only thinking rhyme schemes, others content. Some are talking multi-syllabic rhyming patterns (Em is king of that, I admit), but then others want content that really speaks to them (Pac for example. His content is the reason why so many have considered him the best ever, forsaking or overlooking his lack of complex rhyme schemes and other skills).

    Others have a severe metaphor/simile fetish that needs satisfying (me), and some won’t pay attention at all if the delivery ain’t on point (ex:LUDA!). What about ‘Waynes use of onomatopoeiais (one or more words that imitate or suggest the source of the sound they are describing)ex:Bling-bling! Hey, man it’s in the dictionary!
    And the last thing I can think of is concept. To come up with a concept for a song(ex:’Wayne’s verse on Outkast’s ‘Hollywood Divorce’) or an entire album(ex: Nas-”Nigger”) is something that some mcs lack the focus to flesh out fully (bad ex: 50 “I Stay High All The Time” “Gotta Make It to Heaven”. WTF!?!?)

    But you have to assume what makes someone “super-lyrical” is incorporating all these things, maybe excelling in one lane above others, not being deficient in either.

    Rant. Once again.

    • $ykotic

      No rant.

      “Most lyricists start becoming the older heads. The Emcees sprinkle through all lists. Most rappers are the now…”

      Everything comes in 3′s.

  • Miles Long

    Soulja boy

  • 615banga

    besides the obvious rappers . jay z nas, ice cube, biggie, pac etc. etc.

    its hands down

    bun b
    the game
    busta rhymes
    styles p

  • Epinz

    123 comments and not 1 mentioned PHONTE? Yall niggaz r sleepin HARD!!!!

  • Incilin

    Honestly, no one has murdered more verses than Eminem. The best part is that his style is so accessible that he doesn’t need to dumb shit down. Lyrically, Em is the complete package.

  • $c!3nc3

    I never commented on here before, but after reading the comments, I have to put in my 2 cents…

    First and foremost, I think we’re using the term “Superlyrical” too loosely. Why is there constant mentions of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I. & (insert your favorite hipster rapper here)? I mean, I think Jay is ill, I think Wayne improved, and I think T.I. can spit, but they are NOT superlyrical.

    It’s just my opinion, but I think of it this way…would Wayne be able to hold his own in a cipher with Pharoahe Monch, Eminem, Nas, Black Thought, Talib Kweli, & Busta Rhymes, all who I consider under the category as SUPERLYRICAL?

    Jay, Wayne, T.I. they go by “it’s not what you say but how you say it sh**” but with superlyricist it’s about BOTH what you say and how you say it.

    Bottomline, a superlyricist is one who can spit with a plethora of vocabulary, is articulate, flip styles with substance, and is superb at conveying their thoughts over any soundscape.

    (P.S. you’re automatically not a superlyricist if you use Auto-Tune…)

  • Southside Reef

    black thought(anybody peep web off the tipping point he went in for like 4 minutes str8 joe and murdered it, i’ve honestly never heard him spit somethin weak)
    Big pun
    Rebel Ins
    Mos def
    Lupe is ridiculous
    andre 3k
    jay-z goes over alot of folks heads now days he’s still raw
    phonte(but im annoyed with how he switched up his flow after the separate but equal tape)
    pusha t is nasty
    the gza
    y’all gotta check out this dude from the westside of chicago Mick luter if u like lupe you’ll like him
    big daddy kane
    of course rakim the god of lyricism
    immortal technique
    vakill(check him out if u never heard of him)
    Jay Electronica(best in the south since andre 3k and face)
    and a bunch of other cats i prolly forgot

  • JayEveryDay

    I’ve looked at all of these comments and about only 3 of these comments mention Canibus. Now people forget that there was a time when Canibus was so nasty no one wanted to rhyme with him on a record because he would outshined them with lyrical ease. Before there was a Ether or Takeover, 2nd Round Knockout was the king of diss records of it’s time. I encourage you to check it out and listen to the second verse and how he damaged LL on wax. If there is a hip hop dictionary with super lyrical in it’s pages then Canibus should be the picture next to it. You wouldn’t find any MC’s that would disagree with that statement. And for the record, Canibus and Keith Murray are doing an album together. How many quotables do you think we are going to find on that album?


      COSIGN JayEveryDay. I completely forgot about Cannibus.

      I isolate a regime that works twice the pace of your team these Jedi Mind Tricks are no dream
      kill cold recieve you do not need to know what you need you will be uplinked to the feed
      The entrance to the cave is gaudered by a statue of St. Jermain holdin an oil lamp with a purple flame
      Shufflin down the dark cor-ri-dor chasin the voice of th or-a-tor the light brightins more and more
      your muscles tight and sore you fall to waist height and crawl as you are forced to recite bars
      From Ars Notoria what is the origin metaphoric euphoria labatomize the audience
      rap music recruited those who refuse will be uprooted then electrucuted then executed
      flesh is fluid lyrically it’s a strech to do it you wake cold wet and wounded playing my music
      The strong believe in me the weak try to weaken me but they are not allowed to speak to me that easily
      The fans get neglected can’t get they favorite record they only get to hear what’s selected not requested
      wisely worded speech frame and technique and thermal heat bridges the verbal to the beat providing earth for your feet
      I rip granite the universe shaped like this planet nobody understand it when my spit is mismanaged
      Virtuoso Vivaldi Aliester Crowley with a baldy flow flawlessly cathedral halls applaud me
      Red 3 delta they call me in the red army armory talking softly walking calmly the officer saw me cursing at the bastard commy pass the salami
      rhyming off beat they poured me caffeine not coffee


      Cannibus = potential G.O.A.T if he had a better plan for his career. Plus beefin with LL kinda fucked him up.

  • Crow

    Immortal technique
    lil wayne
    Bun b
    Jay Z
    Kanye West
    Busta Rhymes
    Ice Cube

  • bbe4eva

    every1 made good points and names,imma try 2 name my favs(jus my favs cuz i agree wit every1 on here and tha names they dropped but,sum arent a fav,also,i luv this shyt cuz it shows we all students ov tha game no matter where we from)

    biggie-lyrical gymnist
    jigga-he on g.o.a.t. status
    redman-especially in tha big nappy fro days(dare iz a darkside-tha redtape!)
    wu-ghost,rae,rebel ins,gza,rza,masta killa
    twista-A R (he ripped that cd!)
    tech n9ne-ill (check rednose and thats current!)
    t.i.- most lyrical trap rapper
    black thought-ill
    cee-lo-i luv goodie bag!!! not so lyrical but he went off on that song! but he is lyrical on other songs
    lil wayne-he kinna ill when he jus rap and aint on that whiny sing-song shyt
    kanye-super when he wanna b,good tha rest ov tha time
    big pun-no reason needed! og! lyrical gymnist like biggie
    bun b-murder!jus ridin dirty period!big pimpin 2!
    luda-ill i consider him on tha super level
    cube-og point blank period!
    mos def-ill
    rass kass-ill
    scarface-og ill
    busta-og ill
    e40-og ill
    drake-young ill
    cory gunz-young ill
    p monche-ill
    big l-og ill
    8 ball and mjg-give them both a chance!
    k murray-ill in tha most beautifullest way! haha
    styles p-ill

    thats all i can think ov now but those are sum ov my favs
    not all are “super-lyrical” but all are lyrical

    MEMPHIS,TN checkin in!

    • $ykotic

      Gotta give you dap homie. Most would think Memphis wouldn’t have access like that.

  • louie vito

    aint nobody seeing HOV…

  • http://xxl j nice

    jim jones

  • Ali

    besides the obvious picks (Jay Nas etc.) I’ma go with Lupe Fiasco & Brother Ali….they make me look back at my verses I thot were the best I ever wrote & just crumple them up & toss em haha those are the only 2 rappers on this planet that I’d be scared to collab with cuz they’d tear my ass up guaranteed…….the rest only MIGHT tear my ass up lol

  • the one

    soilja boy and jim jones have the game on lock

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah, Canibus is definitely super lyrical!! Never gets enough respect cause his beat selection was always garbage.

  • Brass Tacks

    Andre 3 triple 0, Ludacris, Field Mob yall might hate that but if you put Ortiz up there im giving Sean J and Smoke their props…

  • Zim Connect

    Willie Tha Kid = Most Under-Rated Superlyricist

    Not only is he spastic at painting vivid scenarios like a camera crew shootin in the hood with his bars; dude also has a mean yet cohesive flow. Please refer to DJ Drama’s “Makin Money Smokin” Ft Willie Tha Kid & LA The Darkman + try tell me otherwise!!

  • chillin mayne

    jus look at pun verse on “super lyrical” for yo answer

  • chillin mayne

    jus look at pun verse on “super lyrical” for yo answer

    ayo my murderous rap
    verbal attack is actual fact
    tactical tracks match perfectly with graphical stats
    half of you lack
    tha magical dap
    of tragical rap
    that tackles u back
    and shackles and laughs at you, thats
    the mathematical madness im on
    the savage, the strong
    the marriage, a bond
    of havoc and song
    the massacres on, as if picasso laced u
    theres lots of hateful skeletons locked in the closet of my castle of grayskull
    and apostle in gradeschool
    thats why i have to debate you
    im like a cable, slashin ya facial
    thats how a master degrades you
    im battlin jesus
    if he passes through my label, im snatchin his halo
    god ill trade u, jus send my father back as an angel,
    language is fatal, and its hipnotizin
    im only emphasizin, im still all about business and enterprisin
    im super lyrical, with brain booster chemicals
    that use the tentacles inside of my mental projectable

  • hiphopsince94/98/01/03/05

    Nas – untitled was the most lyrical album sice black album.relapse and blueprint 3 will be in the same bracket after its all said and done.
    im sorry i forgot about both of lupe fiascos albums.
    top lyricist today judged by lyrics,song quality,delivery and ability to pick beats(most important)
    lupe fiasco
    jay z
    andre 3000
    the game
    lil wayne
    kanye/common(are they the same person,seriously)
    michigan mike
    in no order because as on and off as these artist are today you cant put them in order.
    if your favorite rapper isnt on here look at the qualifications.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Not 1 of you named Immortal Technique? I mean not 1?Yo he might be underground but that dude is def super lyrical in my humble opinion

  • escalate

    without a doubt i would have to include….
    as far as top 15….
    Kool G Rap
    Big Pun
    Big L
    Black Thought
    Andre 3000
    K Rino
    Kool Keith
    Talib Kweli
    Krs One
    Tech N9ne
    Celph Titled
    Chali 2na

  • Reagan Cammarano

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  • Merri Sherr

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