Max B: Twitter Was The Case

This ain’t funny. So, don’t you dare laugh.

Harlem MC/songwriter Charly Wingate, better known as Max B, is currently defending himself in a murder trial whose verdict could come at any time. Wingate’s co-defendant, Gina Conway, has turned state’s evidence and fully implicated the singer. As life hangs in the balance, his assistant and lawyer have taken the meantime to explore… um… let’s be nice for now and call them “advanced social networking strategies”.

Seeking information on the fate of one my favorite Harlem rap representatives of the past decade, I came across the following last night on Max B’s Twitter:

-From @MaxBigavelli on Twitter [CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE]

I find it very hard to believe that during the most important moments of his life, Max B is sitting on defense row hammering out promotional tweets for his assistant, Amalgam Digital labelmates, manager and lawyer, Gerald Saluti.

The phone number attached to the Twitter account is also linked to Max B’s assistant on several occasions. As of today, it’s been made clearer that the number is for professional use. While this would mark far from the first case of ghost [micro]blogging, it’s how the social networking tool has been used during this time that alarms me. Max B has never been known for sound decision-making, but I don’t believe he’s been pulling a Jim Jones to the umpteenth power–let alone one that benefits everyone but himself. If convicted, selling his stored recordings and ghostwriting services may be his only financial recourse aside from whatever slave labor opportunities our wonderful penal system presents. But those masquerading as Max B online with personal gain in mind probably fail to realize that these court-time tweets show a contempt for legal process on Wingate’s part.

–Or maybe they fully realize as much and just fail to give a fuck.

Far more troubling than this has been the conduct of Saluti, whose Twitter bio reads “Criminal Lawyer/Hip Hop Manager”. As if the inherent conflict of interest between his noted professions weren’t enough of a red flag, the man has been using his client as a springboard for public fuckery at every turn. If you’ve been following the WSHH coverage, you’ve already seen Saluti’s best Zebrahead rendition while taunting the prosecution and co-defendant. In what appears to be an attempt at becoming hip-hop’s new favorite pet snowflake, Saluti then uses Twitter to give his finest Michael Rappaport, simultaneously endorsing himself and chopping down his opposition with the flair and candor of your favorite mixtape promo.

This isn’t Public Domain 3 we’re talking about here, people. This is a man’s life. And regardless of guilt or innocence, this is pretty fucking far from the professional grade quality paying clients deserve. I’m sure somehow Max B is paying quite heavily for all of this foolery.

If Biggavells goes down, at least he’ll likely be able to motion for a mistrial due to incompetence on the part of his counsel.

As a Max B fan, I hope for the best. As a member of society, I hope more that true justice is served.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Never wanna go back?

Right. Because Max B is totally making Follow Friday recommendations while waiting for a verdict.

Nigga, please.

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  • ?

    Na na na na na naaaaa!
    PIERZY hahaha…. wussup dude?

    • Pierzy

      Of all the greatest legal minds this country has ever seen, none of them {including the Founding Fathers} were apparently brilliant enough to use Twitter to proclaim their innocence.

      Max B is a herb of the highest order.

  • ?

    PIERZY hahahaha
    why the hell wont my comments post?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Who the fuck tweets from the courtroom?

    I’ve done everything from smoking a joint, trading stock, calling in a hit on a crooked cop, to getting dome up in the courtroom.

    But tweeting? Never that.

    That’s some bitch shit.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • New Money

    its sad. but. he did that shit. so he should go to jail.

    maybe he shoulda hired a black lawyer.

    black folks have instant karma, most of the time. his is upon him. the dumb ass.

  • Ya Boy

    Damn what were u thinkin getting into dat grimey shit Max. Owww!

  • Parsifal

    I just find it ironic that Ron Mexco is calling Max b one of his faviourte artists when he goes after Oj Da Juice Man so much for being ignorent. I mean Max B is’nt exactlly Brother Ali(am I Right)but in all serousnessI hopejustice is done but if Max B is guilty in the words of Jap City throw that N word under the jail

  • geico lizard

    I dont know if Max is guilty but this case is so shady. The man just thought he was going to have sex with a whore and now he is dead. How many of us could have been set up like this?

  • Ron Mexico

    people, this isn’t about max twittering himself. it’s about the people representing him doing questionable shit in his name that may actually harm him.

    • $ykotic

      This is foul as hell. Like they know he blew trial so they’re looking for the next client/work.

      That area code is Portland, OR.

      • money

        fuck wrong max b 30 stacks?

    • Doelowdoel

      WTF is this blog about???????

      the fuckin judge dont give a damn about no fuckin twitter!!!! if anything XXL is trying to hurt max b case by even making a blog about this shit………..

      at the end of the day the court know he’s a rapper and he has to make a livin so i dont see how this a hurt a case unless the case has something to do with twitter other than that shut the fuck up and take this blog down

  • Kaylan Waaldon

    if my nigga max b dosent want yo twitter while his case is going on he don’t have to don’t hate on max because his life sentence is more important than twitter

  • i

    ya all stupid and gay ..max is gon beat this case ..the jury aint on his twitter dickhead

  • Wallace

    when i saw max’s lawyer appear on worldstar a few months ago i knew he was in trouble…

    Coke wave>>>

  • c b w

    Tweeting from the courtroom is some DDN shit. Fo’ real. Next thing you know he’ll be having wings delivered during testimony.

  • D

    1- who says it was Max? That account is used by his team, he Tweets from his assistants account.
    2- who in their right mind thinks any Judge anywhere lets anyone sit and even look at their phone in court let alone use it.
    3-when a jury goes out 2 consider does everyone else sit in the courtroom waiting for them to come back?No.

    So what the fuck is this clown speaking about? Only time he’s been in court is on the fukin witness stand. PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THINGS YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT

  • NunOtha’

    Max B. will be forgotten LOL! Stupid idiot! He’ll come out when my great grand kids will have kids LOL!

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  • Nati Nig