Joe Budden Ain’t Never Lie

I’ve never been a Joe Budden fan.

The guy can spit his ass off, but I just never really got into him. I’ll listen to everything he drops a few times, respect his spit game, but it’s never really in heavy rotation nor do I plan on buying any of his solo records. Slaughterhouse, now that’s a different story. I look forward to hip-hop’s new four horsemen releasing an album this summer.

But back to Joe, I peeped this great Up Close & Personal interview on him last night. Shouts to my dude Executive Nick. He produces the piece. In any event, part 1 of the Budden series discusses the ongoing (is it a feud?) between Budden and Method Man. Now, I was the first person to cry foul when he first called out Method Man. My thinking was, out of the 128 rappers Vibe listed in the Best Rapper tournament, why in the world did Joe have to single out Meth?

As dope as he is, I think Budden has delusions of grandeur. I think he may think he’s better than MCs who would roast him anyday. Case in point, he always claims to put his foot in somebody’s ass on Slaughterhouse records, but that’s yet to happen. He has the weakest (still dope) verse on pretty much every Slaughterhouse record. I don’t think Joe realized that Vibe is trying to crown best rapper ever. If we’re talking history, Budden is absolutely not one of hip-hop’s top 50 best rappers. His catalog pales in comparison to Meth’s. That being said, as of June 4th 2009, Joe Budden is better than Method Man. That’s all he was saying. Now Meth is obviously pissed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up dissing Budden, but if he does, he’ll lose. Budden will merk him lyrically.

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL – JOE BUDDEN from Executive Nick on Vimeo.

As much as Budden usually gets on my nerves on Joe Budden TV (I think it’s his tone or arrogance), I couldn’t deny that he made great points during the Up Close & Personal piece.Sure, saying “I’ll cut his head off his shoulders” was a poor choice of words, but come on, you knew it wasn’t a physical reference, all lyrics. Joe’s being condemned for saying what every MC is really thinking. I’m sure these new kids respect the hell out of Meth, but I’m pretty sure they all think they’re better than him. And as Joe pointed out, they should. Every damn MC should feel like they’re the best out. When it’s all said and done. People have been trying to crucify Joe for his opinion. What kind of shit is that? And he’s willing to prove it too, but I’ve yet to hear anybody step to the plate.

My favorite part of the interview is when he broke down comments that Method Man and Busta Rhymes said on Ed Lover’s morning show. Meth claims Budden is dissing him cause his album’s coming out. But as Joe pointed out, if he really wanted to get promo out of dissing somebody, he would have A) dissed a bigger, more relevant artist B)dissed the artist when his album was coming out, not Meth’s. Secondly, Meth tried clowning Joe for being on the bench. While I’m not too sure Joe’s independent by choice and not circumstance, Meth isn’t in the best of situations either. Sure, he’s on Def Jam, but as Budden mentioned, most view him as being on the bench on the team (I know he said door but team makes more sense) he wants to play for. On another note, why is Busta Rhymes suggesting a Joe slap when all the dude wants to do is rap? Budden is talking music, but Bus is talking violence. I don’t see him catching flack for that, though.

I respect him tremendously for talking ish and be willing to back it up rather than speak on some politically correct BS he doesn’t even believe. By the way, I never would have wrote a blog like this about anybody other rapper. They too damn sensitive. I did cause I know Budden won’t take offense to it. He gets it. There won’t be no response on Joe Budden TV or no angry vlogs. He gets it. But apparently a lot of people don’t.-Jackpot

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    saigon killed button, ransom made him cry….HE’S OVERRATED AS A BATTLE RAPPER!

    if sai can get him, meth can!

    and button’s flow is awful in my opinion. he has great punch lines and shit, but his flow is garbage!


      First: Sai bodied Buddens with his last joint (was it pushin buddens over the protect your neck beat?)

      Second: Meth >>>>> Joe
      in 1999, in 2009 and in 2019!


      Joeys Girl >>>> Meths wife

      Still I do understand Joey. As an MC, without confidence in yourself you are nothing!

      • Superstar Extraordinaire

        Cosign homie….Best thing bout joe is his bitch



    • PMC aka PrimeMC

      Go kill urself now!!!!!

    • logan

      New York rappers stay dissing each other old and new. Make some music already.

    • http://XXl Shadow

      What the hell u been hearing joe budden is the best rapper n the game and u know it

  • Pierzy

    Joe Budden’s “Pain In His Life” is one of the illest diss tracks ever recorded. Ended that back-and-forth. Saigon’s got skills but that just wasn’t fair…

    As far as Budden vs. Meth, look at their most recent albums – Blackout! 2 is FAR superior to Padded Room. It’s not even a contest.


      What up p,

      i thought that the one sai did to the wu beat was the death blow….”lil tre is gay!”, LOL!

      sai completely disrespected that nigga, and if you recall, budden was the one who waived the white flag and started trying to make nice with sai.

      • General

        Saigon’s last track in that battle was hot and Budden’s even said that it was hot…I think at the end of the day they both get in at each other, but I have heard both talk about why it was deaded was because they thought they had both gone too far and didn’t want it to spill into something beyond records…

        I do agree that Blackout 2 is the better CD, but I don’t think that Meth’s rhymes on Blackout 2 are better than Joe’s on Padded Room, but the CD overall with Red is better…

        As I said below, I don’t think it really matters, because I don’t believe for a second that Meth is gonna step up

      • Pierzy

        Morning fellas…

        You’re right, I think I overstated myself up top. Both sides [Budden & Sai] came with it but I just thought “Pain…” took it. It definitely wasn’t a one-sided affair by any means, though. But I do agree that Budden was the one that wanted to dead it after that so maybe you’re right.

        As far as Meth vs. Budden, I don’t know…

    • mister whitehouse

      I’d check out a new Meth song before a new Joe Buttons song every time. Even that last Meth album that nobody bought (421 or something) was better than any Buttons shit I’ve heard.

      • BIGNAT

        i own all of meth cd’s and they keep getting worse after his first cd. i would rather to listen to all ober joe’s music over meth’s. also people how can you compare bo2 to padded room. padded room is a solo disc bo2 is a duo cd. meth got the real best rapper from jersey with him redman.

    • TeamSupreme

      Co-sign about Pain In His Life. Shit was the best Ether since Ether.

      And personally, Padded Room > Blackout 2.

      Pray For Me is an actually amazing song.

  • yoprince

    I just listened to Blackout 2 and umm…. Meth >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Budden.




      PRAY FOR ME>>>>>>>>>>>BLACKOUT 2

      DO TELL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BLACKOUT 2



  • General

    I feel the Joe Budden hate comin…Nice drop Jackpot. I think everyone in the rap game is way too sensitive. I watched the interview of Joe and I agreed with most of what he said.

    If you are an MC you should think your the best and you should be willing to step and prove it…I don’t see Meth doing anything with this, because I think Meth knows that in a battle he will lose to Joe.

    I laugh at Ed Lover tryin to instigate this shit even further, which to me is a bitch move to me, but what else would I expect from him anymore…

    Yes Meth is a fixture of hip-hop and his contributions are undeniable, but that doesn’t make him immune to someone challenging him and I think that is what Meth is upset about, because in his whole career he hasn’t really had someone straight up call him out to prove that he is as good as he thinks…

    As far as Busta’s statements, I don’t have much respect for what he says after he watched his supposed “friend” get gunned down and then tried to hide behind his “street” code as to why he ain’t do shit about it…I think he just needs to keep quiet and try to go get some more of that “arab money”

    • Detroit P

      and the Co-sign award goes to General…for making the most logical statements and making the most sense on here

      Also: Meth’s last SOLO album should be compared to Joe’s last Solo album….if you’re gonna use Blackout 2(a group album) then you’re gonna have to compare it to the Slaughterhouse album when it comes out. If you compared him to Big Boi, you couldn’t talk about Aquemini, you would have to talk about Speakerboxxx….group dynamics make some artist better and some worse than they would be if they were solo, so that’s a bad comparison

      • DETROIT

        what up gen,

        here’s my take on this situation:

        joe buddens is damn near a failure! dude has been in the game for like 12 years (he was even on a major) and has had very lil success. he even took shots at jay z a while back, and jay ignored him!

        In black culture as a whole, not just music, the crab in the barrel syndrome is very prevalent. i’m sure you know what that is, but for those who don’t, basically the niggas one the bottom try to pull down the niggas on top. i’ve said on many occasions that you’d never see an unaccomplished rock group talk shit bout the rolling stones. mike jackson has been wack for like 15 years now, but still no pop/r + b cats disrespect him! WU-TANG was one of the most groundbreaking empowering groups since PE. THEM NIGGAS REPRESENTED FOR BLACK PEOPLE AS A WHOLE. to take shots at any wu nigga is some clown shit in my opinion. 20 years from now you will hear “cream”, “all i need”, “how high”, etc. you can’t say the same for anything joe has been a part of!

        BUT, If you wanna take the battle angle then…why go after meth? why try to prove how good you are by trying to battle a non-battle rapper? what about corey guns? murda mook? lux?, why not fuck with them if it’s a battle you want. this is like rodney stuckey calling out terrell owens on the basketball court to prove how good he is. Battle rap is like “and 1″ basketball, it’s cool, but it takes much more skill and discipline to be in the nba.

        lastly, how the fuck do you try to battle niggas not on your level to get shine, that’s gay! you can’t just fight floyd mayweather cuz you call him out, you have to have a proven track record first to get to the level where you can challenge him. like i said above, sai killed dude, ransom had him cryin, mr. fab hoed him, and he’s the worst in his group! SO HOW COULD METH WIN BY BATTLIN THIS NIGGA?

        JOEY’S A STR8 BITCH! he even called out melly mel….WHAT THE FUCK?

        And lets not loose sight of the fact that Red + Meth were about to release an album right when joe pulled this shit. WHAT A COINCEDENCE! That’s why busta and rae are tight, cuz joe trying to fuck wit niggas bread! He was trying to use them for pub. THAT’S NOT HIP-HOP!

        and for the record, meth is 10x the mc joe is. being a mc is about more than just metaphores and similies. meth brings life and charisma to songs, and he’s one of the best performers in the rap game….joey is just some monotone nerd! WIT A BAD BITCH!

        • General

          I feel ya on the legend shit as far as being part of Wu-Tang, but I don’t know that I can certify him as a legend as a solo artist…

          I don’t know, this is what drives me nuts about hip-hop sometimes is that crab mentality that you talked about, but at the same time, I do see it in reverse where I think certain artists are held back by the bigger artists because they feel threatened…I’m not sayin that necessarily is the case with Joey, but I do think he is one of the few that puts a lot of thought and emotion into his music, which unfortunately the game is lackin right now…

          I know that I’m excited about the Slaughterhouse joint that is comin out and we will see what we get from that…

          There is no doubt on a commercial level that Joey is not in Meth’s league, but bar for bar I still do believe that Buddens would take him, but as you said Meth isn’t a battle rapper so its kind of a moot point…

          “joey is just some monotone nerd! WIT A BAD BITCH!”

          LOL he does have a bad bitch

          And as far as joints I think Joe has a lot of underratted tracks, shit after this whole shit started I went back and listened to Cd’s I have of both of them and that “Who Killed Hip Hop” is ridiculous

        • DETROIT

          it could be argued that “Tical” is a classic. back then, it was the worst of the 1st round wu projects, but that’s like being the worst mc in slaughterhouse….it doesn’t mean that you’re wack, it just means that the other cds were so cold. but if you put in “TICAL” right now, that shit sounds real good! authentic hip hop! even if you just look at the track listing, it’s numerous outstanding tracks on there, and a few classic ones. put it this way, i’ve seen people call “deeper than rap” and “relapse” classics, TICAL is head and shoulders above either of those cds. it’s even better than GRODT in my opinion!

        • yoprince

          Detroit is hitting the nail on the head over and over again.

          Budden is soooo lame… and confidence is one thing, of course you should think you’re the best, but there’s no reason to start naming names. what’s the point??… other than being an attention whore.

          and i think it is relevant to bring up Blackout! 2 b/c i still think verse for verse, all things considered, meth will service this nigga budden. corny metaphors and drawn out punchlines do NOT make a good rapper. budden sucks.

        • SbuJah

          Detroit you just put this ish to rest. I aint never heard rock/punk/rnb/gospel/country/southern rapcats dissing their predecessors, never ever. Cos them dudes have RESPECT. PERIOD.

          In any situation you might feel you better than so so and so but saying it out of your inner circle is douchery to the fullest, straight up. Fuck its bitchassness. Joe doesn’t even have the clout to even say he is better than Diddy just off what Diddy has done for rap as a industry and artform. Ninjas is/was eating cos puffy made moves to make this rap shit viable so assholes like Joe can rap in 2009 and show off they girls booty on the interwebs (is this what emcee have to do nowadays?).

          But with hip hop? Niggas are talking greasy as fuck all the time. How is soljah boy gon clown ice-t. **shakes his heard in disapointment** fuck ice-t said some of the illest shit on wax so that the EM’s and 50’s of this world can say whatever on record. Now this, jpe budden talking slick about a WU member. Was this nigga around in the mid 90’s. The WU gave rap groups a new blueprint and gave other rap artists a blueprint on how to merchandise ur brand and shit, im talking world tours son and they kept the east going when the west coast was straight fuego, fuck all kinds of positive shit was done by the WU. Im talking collabs (by grimey ninjas) with straight up rnb broads. Now joe wants to talk slick even towards melle mel? That was it for me. On some, Neo publicly saying Little Richard is ass and he aint done shit for the rnb artform. Or even Jodan publicly saying Wilt Chamberlain is ass compared to him. Joe took a major major L. I lost respect for pump it up dude [II] no fishsticks. Next thing this ninja is going to be dissing RUN DMC to shine. Fuck Joe is a above avg battle rhyme. METH shud just get an up and coming MCEE from the streets and let him eat Joe alive.

          ^^^ General

          Of course an old lion (METH) is gonna look after the turf he carved out by grinding. Fuck if some young cat came to my office (literally where I work) and started talking slick trying to shine on my watch, he best believe we aint gon have some spell bee type contest (battling), I would muck him on the spot rather for even trying to take food out my sons mouth, real talk.

          Any way fuck it… Back to my regular scheduled programs

        • General

          ^^^ General

          “Of course an old lion (METH) is gonna look after the turf he carved out by grinding. Fuck if some young cat came to my office (literally where I work) and started talking slick trying to shine on my watch, he best believe we aint gon have some spell bee type contest (battling), I would muck him on the spot rather for even trying to take food out my sons mouth, real talk.

          Any way fuck it… Back to my regular scheduled programs”


          You know the more I hear people make excuses for Meth the more I am losing respect for him…When 50 dissed Jadakiss them dudes was not even on the same level in the game. Yeah 50 had a huge first CD, but no one in their right mind would list 50 in the same category as Jadakiss in rap music. A battle between them is like a debate between George W. Bush and Barrack Obama, its going to be embarrassing.

          I’m tired of people in hip-hop thinking that they are above being challenged though. The fact is that Joe and Meth were both on that list and Joe thought, and rightfully so that bar for bar his 16′s are hotter than Meth’s…get over it.

          If Meth or Busta thinks that Joe is out of line for sayin that then get your ass in the booth and prove it…

          Meth’s status is based off of his part of Wu, not based on what he has done himself…has he had any hot solo songs? Sure, but he’s 3rd or 4th string in the Wu…

          People have success and get too comfortable.

          And making the lion analogy is just plain stupid, because males in a pack of lions are tested constantly to prove that they are on top. Name me one rapper that Meth has been tested by and showed he was better???…I honestly don’t remember him ever being called out…shit every rapper that is at the top of the lyrical food chain has been called out and battle tested at some point, including Rae and Ghostface from the Wu…So what makes you think that Meth is so far above having to be challenged…A true rapper and great lyricist relishes the challenge to prove his worth…

          The answer is that we both know the outcome…Meth is not gonna take Joe in a battle or in a bar for bar 16 even if they both wrote ahead of time…just ain’t gonna happen…


    “If we’re talking history, Budden is absolutely not one of hip-hop’s top 50 best rappers. His catalog pales in comparison to Meth’s. That being said, as of June 4th 2009, Joe Budden is better than Method Man. That’s all he was saying.”

    ^^^^insert Lil Wayne & Jay-Z name^^^^

    dats the same thing wayne was saying when he had the XXL cover standing on $$$ A Millie, A Millie, A Millie (do u remember that one?). it seemed like they was trying to get him to say hes better than jay. he said it, but he meant it in the same way Joe does.
    but he was making some good points. it made a lot of sense.

  • macdatruest

    Is this a Joke? April Fools part 2 or some shit

    Meth: Delivery, Tone, Punchlines, Story Lines, Hit Singles, Standout Verses on Collabos, Collabos with LEGENDS from East to West Coast, and Just overall one of the sickest styles to ever come out the East period.

    Joe Budden: Persistence in a shameful era of rap, Slaughterhouse, a group thats <<<<<< than Wu Tang who had an era, which was a FUCKIN MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE, a big booty bitch, average skilled lyricist, no standouts on collabos

    Meth gotta be scratching his head about this one. Joe Budden may seem cocky, but all throughout his career, nigga cologne been desperation. Joe Budden TV is some asshole shit, and I think after this Meth ethering he gonna get, Tahooie gonna be rockin Wu denim hahahahahahaha on her big ol ass…

    • L-Y, NawfWestSide

      LoL. The bottom Line of this Joe vs. Meth shyt iz that all Joey had to do, if he wanted to battle Meth wuz respectfully issue a challenge. Joey said he respected Meth n Red, then shii, use that same sentiment when you challenge the God. I dig both Joey and Meth, so this is an unbiased opinion. When you challenge someone in a dis-respectful/arrogant manner, then they’re liable to say fuc your challenge, how bout i just Maino>>Yung Berg yo’ bitch azz. Its as simple as that. So yea, itz Hip-Hop, competitive and all that, but if Carmelo got to talkin’ bout how Lebron would be cake in the paint dunkin’ on this nigga wit my nutz in his face (Whut up Em), then he would get crucified by all the geezers on ESPN, pbp, holla front – Screwston, Tejas -

  • Some Guy

    Shit, I don’t even support this “feud.”

  • Epinz

    Method mans legacy shits on joe buddens existence! That be’in said, joes better lyrically. Even if u compare his now lyrics to meths old and he still gets it in over meth. I luv meth and feel that he’s better overall, joes just got a better way with words.

  • FlapJack

    Real talk Jackpot. He has the right to say whatever he wants and we should applaud it. Still don’t like him tho. Only dude in Slaughterhouse I kinda feel is Joell.

  • Incilin

    I’m a huge Buddens fan, but as of June 4th, Blackout II is a great album and Padded Room plain old sucks. Joey will kill Meth in a battle, but Meth aint a battle rapper. He’s just a better rapper.

    Method Man > Joe Buddens

    • Ughhh

      how much of a fan can you really be if you dont even know how to spell his name and dislike a great album by him? you sound like a wu fan trying to show that your opinion isnt biased…

      • Arcey

        where did he mispelled the name? is it about the “S” in buddens? You use to work for Def Jam & you’re the one who got blamed cuz of that “S”/bad promotion fiasco, so you learned you lesson?

  • CashKidd

    I think Joe is better then Meth thats why he will not get on a track with him. Joe basically challenged eveybody on the list and no one stepped up. I think that says a lot

  • abdulnasir imam

    Well said, Jackpot. I agree wiv u

  • 92FS

    Joe is a battle rapper, that’s what he does. Mef is on legendary status. If they were to square off face to face for a freestyle battle. I’m thinking maybe Joe would win it. Mef doesn’t battle. So if they had to go toe to toe and battle I say Joe….but Joe can’t handle Mef as a music artist. Never in his life will he be able to match him on that!

  • Big Jon

    Im a fan of anybody that spits, and its nothing wrong with how a MC ranks himself. Rather he says hes the best alive or having a top five without including himself. No disrespect to the early MCs, why shouldnt a newer MC thinks hes better than who came before him. Joe Budden or any MC can say they are better than whoever. BUSTA RHYMES and MELLE MEL, you were out of line and showed some emotion on this one. So Chevolet shouldnt say they are better than Ford? Lexus shouldnt say they are better than Mercedes? Ferrari shouldnt best Lamborgini? Get the **** outta here !

  • murK

    Joe Budden>>>>Method Man (in a rap battle)

    much respect to method man, but joey is just way better. but of course method man is & always will be a legend, don’t get me wrong.


    to put an end to it, all Meth has to do is take the challenge!!!!! This is hip hop….

    If that man “Budden” thinks he’s better step up to the plate “Meth”!

    END OF STORY! this sh!t reminds me of today’s boxing era, everybody duckin each other its not like when Sugar Ray, Hagler, Hearns, Duran they got it in whenever there was a challenge made.

    Stop all the interviewing and get to spittin.

    • BIGNAT

      everyone not ducking each other in boxing it’s the managers. they don’t wanna risk there fighter losing the belt. that means no unifying the belts and that is what killed boxing. especially the heavyweight division last time i checked some mexican guy had a belt. he ring condition was terrible like literally he was just plain fat. he was gassed after 3 rounds but won because the other guy was just to weak.
      buddens is a more lyrical rapper but meth is more entertaining and has a better flow. in a rap battle if the weed has not slowed his brain meth might win. let us not forgot meth use to spit real freestyles on yo mtv raps. plus i am sure he could pull something great because what if he chooses to come with a song. with rae and ghost buddens would be done because who going help him. joel nah royce maybe and i don’t think crooked would bother either.

  • Trinidad

    Does Meth REALLY have a legacy. Come on other than group shit. Meth as a SOLO artist SUCKS. All his solo albums was ehh. Tical was probably the weakest Wu Solo Debute other than the UGod shit. IRONMAN, Cuban Linx, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, Liquid Swords, Bobby Digital were ALL better than Tical. And Tical 2 was wacker and tical 0 come on! Mood Muzik 2 was doper than Meths solo shit. Real talk.

    Red is a SOLO ledgend. All Reds solos are better than Meth’s. PERIOD.

    As a featured artist Meth is a beast so is busta but on some solo shit naaaa.

    Joe dont need to be in a group he can hold his own ALONE.

    thats just wat it is.

    Lets not talk legacy lets talk facts.

    What they need to do is go one on one MC shit. Period. Stop all the Ignorant talk for real. Battle MC’s Battle. All that slapp you shit is Corney especially when you knocking on age 40′s front door.

    GROW UP!!!

  • d.m.

    Blogging is an opinion on the internet
    Vblogs are video opinions on the internet
    What we all have said about this and other stories is our opinion on
    So if I say I dont like meth is busta gonna come slap me, is rae (who hasnt been relievent since 96 with OBFCL) gonna come see me, is meth gonna respond to me HELL NO.
    All Joe said was what other rappers think but dont say on camera. How are rappers so hard but yet so sensative? Its 2009 when is the last time yu heard Meth or Rae say a 16 that you was like ooooh run that back, Now I ask the same about Joe Budden? Its out with the old and in with new. Its called the cycle of life


      JOE ISN’T NEW!

  • romil

    Most of yall droppin opinions and havent even gave Joe a fair listen. I havent been a big fan of Joe. But he was a well known rapper especially in the Jersey and Philly area since and b4 he dropped his 1st cd. Joe is considered underground cat he gets respect! Joe has his fans as well, and after checking out his latest work I can admit he can outspit Meth. But the thing is he cant be better than meth because of superstardom and MEth’s overall presence. Now Meth hasnt dropped a classic solo cd since the 1st one. Thats why joe called him out. I think Joe shouldve name called someone else honestly it must be some personal reason he called him. Saigon didnt kill budden you cant be serious. Saigon made a good diss but wasnt as hot as Joey’s.

  • Nate

    2 MC’s from different periods.

    BOTH albums are damn good. Both rappers did good jobs. So I mean, I don’t take one over the other unless you have a formal battle, then it’s all on the line.

  • Dallas Penn

    Nice drop homey, the funny thing is that I feel exactly the same way you do about Joe Budden. I haven’t been a big fan of his through his career but I respect his talent, and I respect that respects the craft.

    While Meth has been one of favorite artists especially when he pairs up with Redman I have never met the dude informally. Joe Budden is engaging, honest and sincere. You are not going to agree with everything he says but you won’t feel a kind of way after you discuss shit with him.

    I definitely think his initial video reviewing gthe Vibe list didn’t put him in the right light. Son is an emotional dude and he can be off the cuff. The allusion of cutting someone’s head off at the shoulders is graphic but that is what emcees do in battle.

    Busta Rhymes is emotional too, and sonn is on the HGH. Dude almost Tyson’d me at the KanYe West concert in MSG

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Yo, I’m still on the fence with this one. I want to respect Budden for his lyricism, but nothing of his that I’ve heard recently was really moving. The beef with Saigon was meh. I’m looking forward to Slaughterhouse, but even the verses I’ve heard so far weren’t spectacular. Then you got Method Man who was somewhat lackluster his whole career until 4:21. He made nice songs, he just wasn’t that deep. 4:21 ain’t a great album, but he stepped up his shit and his been dropping some nice lyrics on everything since.

      Like the others, I can respect Budden’s skills, but nowadays I can even say that about Method Man. Method Man is no battle rapper, and Joe hasn’t had an anthem-type song come out yet. I’m starting to think that maybe these two can’t be compared on some apples to oranges shit.

      Off record, though, I’m riding with Method Man because I heard Joe’s still mad about what I did with Tahiry.

      @ Joe Budden: “You know the name of the game, your bitch chose me. Nigga, we can handle this like some gentlemen, or we can get into some gangsta shit…”

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Curtis75Black

    This has been going on from the beginning of Hip Hop. Just like basketball. If you feel you’re better than the next man, call him out on a challenge. If he accepts then it’s on. It’s not saying you don’t respect the mans skill but you feel you have an upper hand on certain points in the game. If anything, fans should want a real battle with true emcees except of the phony “beef” that’s been poppin’ off for the past years. My era of Hip hop embraced the Hot emcee’s getting challenged even if he was your favorite. No Favortism homie!! Don’t shield Jay-Z, Nas, Cube, Gza or any other emcee from your era from being challenged from New or elder emcee’s even if he’s a “Legend”. It’s apart of the game and will continue to be. Kool Moe Dee,Canibus, Ice-T, and MC Shan all called out LL and the fans went berzerk because at the end of the day, He accepted and no respect was lost. KRS called out Shan and Nelly, Ice Cube called out Common and NWA. Snoop and Dre called out Luke, Tim Dogg called out the West Coast, Jeru called out quite a few also.


      what up black,

      1. 90% of the good rap battles have either been between 2 rappers on the same level of success, or between 2 rappers that have had some sort of personal interaction that sparked a fued. not from niggas just picking names out of a hat!

      2. AGAIN, WHAT COULD METH GAIN FROM BATTLING JOE BUDDEN? this is not 1984, there’s a lot of bread involved in this shit now, niggas is makin movies and all kinda shit…WHAT MAKES BUDDENS WORTH METH’S WHILE? THE FACT THAT HE CHALLENGED HIM? HELL, I COULD CHALLENGE KOBE IN BASKETBALL, DO YOU THINK HE WOULD PLAY ME?

      3. gettin you ass beat for talkin shit has also always been a part of hip hop. everytime joey gets into a real battle, he starts apollogizing and blaming jordan tower and shit, cuz he don’t wanna get fucked up. REAL HOE SHIT.

      4. having a niggas name in your mouth everytime you get interviewed is not a part of hip hop (not traditionally), now everytime you see a nigga in an interview, he’s talkin bout another nigga, SOME REAL FAG SHIT!

      5. Ignoring a no-name nigga’s challenge has also been a part of hip hop. no one made a tim dog diss track! a few niggas said a few lines, but no diss songs or raps. hell, jay ignored 50! so did nas for that matter! if you battled every nigga that thought he was better than you, when would you have time to do your real shit?

      • Curtis75Black

        What’s up Detroit,

        1. Totally Agree.

        2. The challenge & reference to Kobe – Why not? Ever see the show “Pro vs. Joe”

        3. Totally Agree but that’s his downfall

        4. Totally Agree also but that’s his and 50′s Downfall !!

        5.I’m 50/50 on this point because if you was to go at a the nigga to clear the air and you kill him lyrically to where he can’t prosper, Nothing more can be said. We all know that most challenges pop off because they feel you’re soft or not as hardcore anymore because of your money, success or endeavors after HipHop. So if you prove to him and the rest of the world that you still can’t be fucked with…So Be It.

  • oskamadison

    I respect Joe’s pen game . You can’t deny the spit. Meth vs. Budden? If they battled on a corner or on stage somewhere, I think Budden will take him but it will be closer than a lot of people think. On this BO2 joint, Meth’s bars are up, so much so that he doesn’t seem overpowered by Red like on the first one. People don’t realize this but Meth has come a long way from “M-E-T-H-O-D Man”, lyrically. But like I’ve said before, Joe, at this point, is a little sharper than Meth. Now in terms of albums, no contest, Meth wins. “Tical” was the worst joint in that classic first wave of Wu albums (36 Chambers to Ironman) and all his other joints were worse than that but where he trumps Joe is beat selection. Imagine how much better Joe’s albums would have been if he had better quality beats (especially on the first joint.) Back to the topic: bar for bar Budden > Meth.

  • specialk

    Joe Budden is literally built for the battle circuit. Dude probably has a diss record for Busta, Red & Meth on his laptop. So what would Meth gain by engaging Joey in a lyrical battle.

    Padded Room lyrics – horrible production>>>>>any Meth lyrics – the production. Joey needs Black Milk or Premier to start lacing him.


    DAMN I’M LATE!!!!!!


  • Braille

    Joe Budden beat game,saigon,50 and all them dudes fa real and he dissed jay somewhat on a subliminal level on Mood Muzik three…I mean the nigga is nice…so all these people sayin ransom won (that nigga is booty) and saigon (that nigga also booty) yall psycho….end

  • kingequality

    This is some bullshit thats giving us garden state niggas a bad name we usually welcome everybody north and south being a battle rapper dont really get you to far if it dont make dollars it dont make sense plus in reality if your an mc your a battle rapper its always been mental warfare some niggas are good with grammer some aint as far as a legacy I really cant say meth has a great one from a mc stand point he does have a more successful career and has way more star quality lets face it more people will go see a meth show than joe budden show Most of us from new jerz know that joe is sweet as fuck anyway but that doesnt take away from his skill but its hard to market a homo thug thats probly why he’s been trying to showcase his girl to create a straight dude illusion plus who really gives a fuck Im a redman fan anyway bricks stand up

  • $ykotic

    Budden is a better battle rapper. Runs his mouth too much.

    Meth is a better artist.

    If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe you.

    Simple. But at least Budden had to respect NOT to reply to Melly Mel.

  • El Tico Loco

    The funny thing about Joe Budden right now is that he is not the nicest in his group but he’s the most outspoken member, he’s not the nicest in his state either (barely top 10 for Jersey) but yet he’s a beast, that says a lot. On the flipside Meth fits the same category. The matchup is even, although Meth is not considered a battle rapper you still gotta remember that he comes from an era when rappers did it all freestyle, write, battle and rock shows and there wasn’t that division that goes on today which makes him more rounded emcee, we just gotta sit and wait to see who throws the first dart.

    I bet is gonna be a mixtape battle.

    • $ykotic

      Tico did you see the comeback?

  • Datdude

    Joey will wipe the floor with Meth. Period.

    ppl are just livin in the past. Right now. Joey’s on top of his pen game.

    with that said. Busta’s just mad cause on “who killed hiphop” joey stripped him bare (… a million busta albums, he’s still not mentioned with the qoutes) truth.
    Truly urs from a budden fan, not without justification.

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Datdude,
    That wasn’t a Dis to Busta !! That was a diss to Hip Hop fans who don’t see him or never put him in that category !! That was for the peeps who looks him over. Just to let you know though, Busta did give a shout out for the love on a track he recorded afterwards.

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Datdude,

    “Packin’ Them Thangs” is the name of the Busta Rhymes track to be exact, Homie. Look it up.

  • corlione39


  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    Meth got this nigga….this dude needs to shut the fuck up n sit….go play in the minors nigga…..Meth is Major League!!!!!

    Ima go listen to M-E-T-H-O-D MAN

  • Real Talk

    I never was really into Budden til he was in Slaughterhouse, checked out alot of shit, now I really fuck wit him. This Slaughterhouse mixtape from DJ Critical Hype gots mad Budden verse and I’m tellin you Joey is nuts. His verse in Wack MC’s was easily better than Ortiz and Crooked I’s, although I think Royce had the best verse on that joint.

    On Royce’s Slaughterhouse shit “Onslaught” off Bar Exam 2 the album, I really can’t decide who had the best verse, either Crooked or Budden on that jon. That’s the thing about Slaughterhouse though they just fuckin out do each other on every track. Like Ortiz was easily the best to me on the very first SH track wit Nino Bless.

    As far as this whole Method Man/Busta situation, Meth and Busta two of the best that ever did it. Joey wasnt bein disrespectful he really is better than most of the motha fuckaz on that wack list (Bow Wow?). Also he may not be better than Meths body of work, but at this moment he is on fire while Meth is past his prime and not hungry like he used to be.

  • Pologod80

    What happened to niggas manning up? Why’re niggas coming up with all these excuses? You feel disrespected, swing back. Don’t run your mouth. This is hip hop. Fuck status or if you’re a legend. Get to the spitting, if you feel a nigga isn’t as nice as you, get at that dude. Niggas are way too sensitive, throw them things(lyrically). No disrespect too Meth, because I fucks with dude. But let’s be real, yes he’s part of one, if not the best ever hip hop collective, but solo he’s ok. Niggas don’t put Meth on the levels of niggar like Nas, Jay, Big, Pun, Scarface, G Rap, Pac, 3000, Kane, Krs not even Red. Let’s be real, stop making excuses. Niggas don’t put his solo work with the classics. Yes I do rock with Buddens, but best believe I’m no stan. I think the nigga was talking real spit. Why niggas want to cry?

  • FLiP is Shady

    Honestly, everything Joe Budden said was true. Real Talk, I’m a huge Method Man fan and a huge Joe Budden fan, but bar for bar Joe budden wins this no doubt in my mind. As far as people’s comments on here talking shit against Joe Budden leads me to reasonably believe that they have never heard a Joe Budden track outside “pump it up”.

    In all seriousness Padded Room is def not an
    incredibly strong album but there are some real solid songs on that disc. I know i can play Mood Music 2 from beginning to end no skips. But i cant say the same about a Meth album.

    And for people who are still saying that Joe was only saying that shit cause Meth had an album coming out aren’t very intelligent and have no credibility to me in anything they say.

    Honestly think about what your saying, Joe Budden…is dissing Meth….cause Meth is releasing an album???? Does that make sense to anyone???? what would Joe Budden stand to gain from that if anything Meth is the victor in that because he’s getting free promotion.


      when you release an album, you go on a promo tour. red + meth are on def jam, so their promo is extensive. if someone asks meth about joe budden at every stop, joe budden get free publicity. THIS IS NOT NEW! that would gain momentum for joey since that slaughter house shit is about to drop. and if you don’t believe that broke rappers relish free promo, goto worldstar and check it out for yourself! look up joey and see how he prostitutes his bitch for free pub!

  • MonstaDon

    Finally…some real talk. Good Blog.


  • Master CHeef

    method’s “what’s happening” joint off of tical 0: the prequel with busta was fucking fire.



  • Hostyle

    Nice write up. Joey is a better MC, not many could successfully argue otherwise. I disagreed with his choice to name Method Man though as Method will always command respect. Out of all the MCs on that list that he could have called out, and there was some horrible ones, i could not see the reasoning behind going at Meth.

    Even with that said, Joey’s point remains fact, he challenged them all to get in the booth and not one of them has.

    PS: Joe clearly beat Saigon in that battle, what the fuck is wrong with you people that think otherwise. Go listen to the tracks again, it really wasn’t even close

  • Azhar

    Battle rappin is what Joe Do…. I have no problem with him feeling like he would murk anybody on the mic…That’s what this rap shit was built off of…. As far as Mef goes every now again rappers need to be tested… Aint no rapper above reproach… Even the best (not sayin Mef the best cuz he’s not)get tested now and again…good for the sport…Mef should stand up and go at dis nigga..he prolly lose, but so what…its good for the sport!

    • SbuJah


      you are an idiot, would you fight little ninjas randomly just cos they think they can do you? GTFOH, you wud be trash within a year. big ninjas that done climbed up the food chain and dont have time for crabs below em are smart dudes. case in point, boxing, i aint never seen a world champ fight a random dude. the random dude must get to the champs level first.real talk.

      • General

        See this is where your argument derails everytime…Joe ain’t just some random dude…He has put in his grind and time in the game…No he is not an international superstar, but between his mixtapes, CD’s and Slaughterhouse group that he has put together he is not an “nobody”…stop makin excuses…shit startin to sound like Curtis Jackson’s fans

        • DETROIT

          “Joe ain’t just some random dude”

          LOL, yea he is! his bitch is more popular than him. if it wasn’t for his video camera, no one would even know he still raps! LIKE I SAID ABOVE, JOEY HAS BEEN IN THE GAME FOR LIKE 12 YEARS, HE’S A FAILURE! there are atleast 50 rapers that have more respect in the game than he does. he’s still tryin to get on! that’s why he always pulls this shit! HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?



        • General

          What up D?

          I don’t think I would classify Joe as a failure. Your right he been in the game longer than most people think. I laugh when a lot of people be talkin about he some new cat, but with that being said we will wait and see what pops off with Slaughterhouse…

          I do disagree that his songs are bland…no he is not a radio/club type of rapper and no he is not a Busta Rhymes animated rapper, but he is one of the better writers in the game right now…I get tired of all the swag talk and all that shit…and to me i like Budden’s shit, but that’s just my opinion…I always laugh cause I do think that he does say shit like this to get the kind of response that he gets because he is one of them artists that there doesn’t seem to be too many people on the fence with, either you like him or you completely hate dude…

          I like Wu and I like Meth with Wu or with Redman, but I never thought much of him as a solo artist…like I said before he does have some hot solo tracks, but is not in my opinion a stand out solo artist, which is not to say that Joe is “commercially” a stand out artist, because sales would dictate otherwise.

          Last point, I will just repeat what I have said before that if Meth is so much better than bring it, if he is so offended than take Joey out…I’m tired of rappers thinkin they are too big to be challenged by other cats in the industry…

        • DETROIT

          what up gen,

          so let me get this str8, in your opinion, meth should stop promoting his album and focus on a battle that can’t benefit him in any way?


          also, i just saw raekwon on worldstar in a cyper explaining why he felt that he didn’t have to freestyle anymore. he said that he considers himself a vet that doesn’t have to prove himself. AND RAE IS A BEAST! he said that all of that type of shit was for rappers tryin to get on. and i would bet that alot of vets in the game feel that way.

          Listen to “paystyle” by too short when you get a chance….it’s funny as hell when you listen to it with this discussion in mind. it should be on youtube.

        • Curtis75Black

          What’s up Detroit,

          Here’s a question: What if Nas decided not to answer Jay-Z after The Takeover ? What if KRS decided not to answer Nelly of all people ? What if LL 11 years ago decided to just rest on his legacy of 13 years at the time and not respond to that Crazy diss from Canibus ? Would those Vets still have the respect in your eyes today ? It don’t matter if you’re a battle rapper or not, You’re an emcee and if someone calls you out high on the totem pole or not, you better say something !! I guess to you Jay didn’t really have to answer Jim Jones properly too huh ? Your money, legacy and catalog status don’t mean shit if you can’t back it up. If Method Man was to put homie in his place, that will PROMOTE his cd more than Def Jam can ever do.

        • DETROIT

          “Here’s a question: What if Nas decided not to answer Jay-Z after The Takeover ? What if KRS decided not to answer Nelly of all people ? What if LL 11 years ago decided to just rest on his legacy of 13 years at the time and not respond to that Crazy diss from Canibus ?”

          nas/jay = both top of the line mc’s at the time + they were beefin over a chick.

          krs/nelly = krs was a legend, nelly was a multiplat artist.

          LL/cannibus = ll caught feelings cuz canibus said some slick shit on his track, so he re-laid his vocals thus causing cannibus to attack. AND LET’S NOT FORGET…LL IS A BATTLE RAPPER!

          the only one of those situations where one rapper was lil known was cannibus, but cannibus picked the right dude, plus he was down with wyclef which gave him exposure.

          ” I guess to you Jay didn’t really have to answer Jim Jones properly too huh ?”

          that was the worst move jay made, it killed his career. and again, them niggas had a personal beef from the roc/dipset/damedash shit. the dips had been dissing jay for years before he responded! AND AGAIN, JIM JONES HAD THE #1 SONG IN THE COUNTRY AT THE TIME, HE WAS MUCH MORE RELEVANT THAN JOE BUDDENS…STILL IS!

          “If Method Man was to put homie in his place, that will PROMOTE his cd more than Def Jam can ever do.”

          all of budden’s fans are on the net, what did beating budden do for sai? what did smacking his man do for ransom?
          beef wit budden does not = record sales. there are no joe budden fans that are not already familiar with method man!

        • General

          I got that Too Short CD still in the crib…I can remember bumpin this shit when it first came out in 94, probably been 2 months since I listened to it last…

          I agree that most of the vets do feel the way that Rae feels, and no doubt Rae is a beast (can’t wait for that CD). My only problem was Meth talkin shit back on Joe, but not willin to go in the booth with him…I really ain’t feelin Busta talkin bout puttin hands on him, which is why I say you feel your such a better rapper than Buddens get in the booth…They can talk sales shit all they want, but we all know sales don’t necessarily mean you the best rapper (see 50 vs. Jadakiss battle)

        • General

          “all of budden’s fans are on the net, what did beating budden do for sai? what did smacking his man do for ransom?
          beef wit budden does not = record sales. there are no joe budden fans that are not already familiar with method man!”

          1. I still don’t agree that Saigon beat Buddens in that battle. If anything it was a draw and now they are both cool with each other. But it did get Saigon’s name back out there and it got people to check him out again and at the end he earned my respect as an MC (I realize the last one is probably worthless)

          2. Ransom got locked up for smackin Joe’s man, cuz the dumb muthafucka made a video of it and put it on the net while he was on probation, that was just stupid

          3. Your right that beefin with Buddens doesn’t necessarily equate to more record sales or at all, but I still think that as far as respect goes, it will drop for Meth if he doesn’t go in on him after talkin slick back. You are a rapper, get in the booth.

        • DETROIT

          i kinda feel you, but wu-tang has never battle rapped niggas. it has always been a situation where, if you talk about wu, they catch you and fuck you up! ASK 50! rae and ghost have both mentioned that shit on early wu cds. so i don’t see why anyone would expect things to be different now!

          as for busta, SOME CATS JUST DON’T LIKE BITCH ASS NIGGAS! rapper or non rapper! and weather you like joey’s songs or not, it’s pretty obvious that he’s a bitch ass nigga (see ransom beef where he went to ran’s house wit goons but waived the white flag when ran got at his man!). some cats think that bitch niggas need to be put in their place when they get too lippy, i think that’s what got busta tight.

          i have a question tho…SHOULD JADA RESPOND TO J-HOOD? cuz while he battled 50, he ain’t did no verses toward hood! why do YOU think that is?

        • General

          “i have a question tho…SHOULD JADA RESPOND TO J-HOOD? cuz while he battled 50, he ain’t did no verses toward hood! why do YOU think that is?”

          I think JADA not respondin for the same reasons you stated up above as to why Meth ain’t respondin, but I will say that JADA has been tested and proved himself (50 and Beans)…

          I’m just wonderin has Meth ever been tested? I don’t think that he has, but I could be wrong

        • Curtis75Black

          The only emcee out of the Wu to verbally squabble is GZA which is a shame because when I heard 36 chambers for the 1st time, they sounded like some battle ready emcee’s with how they presented themselves on the mic ! I would love to see someone try Rebel INS and Inspectah comes and rips the cat a new asshole just like he rips the mic !!

          If the fans what a battle, bring it. I for one feels that will be a interesting one with Meth Vs. Joe. They both have 2 different styles, flow, punctuation of words and have a history with the label Def Jam that will be brought up if it happens. They had their ups and downs but are both respected as lyricists.

          I can say straight up, I didn’t fuck with Buddens too tough until I heard the 3 part track “who killed it”. I appreciated his candor and felt his music eversince.

        • DETROIT

          i’d rather see joey battle mr fab or corey gunz personally! or maybe even serious jones.

          i can’t get excited about him battling a non battle rapper! i’d rather meth focus on the next wu lp, BECAUSE HE MAKES GREAT SONGS…WHICH IS WAAAAY MORE IMPORTANT TO THE CULTURE THAN HIS BATTLE RAP PROWESS!

      • Azhar

        @ SbuJah
        Your argument is stupid…like i said, rappers battling each other is good for the sport as long as it doesn’t turn into violence i.e.(biggie n pac) but LL vs Kool Moe Dee n Ice-T n Cannibus, Krs vs Shan, J vs Nas, etc… If those rappers thought that they were above battling somebody hip hop might not be where it is today… Just because a artist may not be on your level commercially doesn’t mean you should ignore them, if anything, u can use them to sharpen your skills or give u a renewed sense of relevance its not like Mef is sellin out stadiums and is on top of the world as an artist…given his career has been better than Joe’s, but again he’s not above being tested no rapper is, now Mef don’t have to respond, but Joe personally said he would cut his Fcukin head off lyrically, he didn’t just make a song comin at Mef… he said that verbally so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding, no indirect bs… Even J and Nas said their battle was good for hip hop…n at the end of the day again HIP HOP was built on Battle Rappin… oh yeah in the name callin its ur right but u only make yourself look like an idiot!

  • L Boogs

    I’ve read everyone’s comments and first off i’m a fan of both but this whole Joe budden is just a battle rapper thing is bogus to me. anyone who is saying that clearly hasn’t listened to his catalougue. Dude is nasty. the dude is a crazy story teller in my opinion. (check out three sides to story if u don’t believe me)

    on to this whole he’s been killed on every slaughterhouse song is bogus too. the first slaughterhouse track joey easily had the best verse. on onslaught Joell easily had the best verse imo. On move on it was three way tie for me wit Joey Royce and crooked.(ask me about swag, imma change the topic to lyrics and then brag plus look at u like a fag) wow!!!! so for people saying joey gets killed in these songs are crazy.

    Method is dope to me but right now i just don’t feel lyrically with the pen, ( i’m not talking about fame and status) i’m talking lyrically that he can hang wit Joey and that’s all joey was tryna get across from the jump



    “Fuck credit from a rapper, can you match my visa”

    go listen to “paystyles” on too short’s Cocktales album, IT’S VERY RELEVANT TO THIS DEBATE! short was going thru this shit back in ’96!

  • Walt Harp

    Personally I think they should get on a track with Red and Joell. Everybody spit 16 and we (The Fans) decide from there.

    Sounds like a plan to me. Make it happen!

  • DANJ!

    ’95 Meth tops Joe Budden

    ’09 Meth does nothing of the sort. A lotta niggas don’t wanna admit that because they’re caught up on who Method Man WAS. But let’s be real- Meth hasn’t had one of those “ohhhhh shit!” verses in a hot minute.

    But that’s neither here nor there, my issue is just the same with people bein’ HURT because a rapper thought he was better than another rapper. What rap nigga doesn’t think or express that he’s the best out, whether it’s true or not? I’ve never seen an artist say “well, I’m OK” and I never will. That’s the attitude you’re supposed to have. Nobody that’s ever been of some merit in hip-hop ever got there by NOT thinking or expressing that they’re the shit.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    I’m tired of people in hip-hop thinking that they are above being challenged though. The fact is that Joe and Meth were both on that list and Joe thought, and rightfully so that bar for bar his 16’s are hotter than Meth’s…get over it.

    Get over it??? FAM, IT’S NOT FUCKIN’ TRUE!! LMBAO!!!!

    WTF kind of shit is that?? Then on top of that, u say ur starting 2 lose respect 4 METH because of what so-called “excuses” his fans “come up with.” It sounds as though 2 me, u never had THAT much respect 4 METH in the first place. I’d cee if he was just flat-out wack, and fans were making excuses 4 his wackness. But METH ain’t one of these sorry ass excuses 4 MC’s nowadays.

    But anyway, the reason why I say that it’s not true, AT ALL, is because JOEY is carrying METH like he lost all skills throughout the years since his prime, snf JOE has the chances of killing him in a battle. METH’s music may not have been all that, BUT HIS LYRICAL SKILLS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE. HE HAS NOT LOST A STEP. With JOE BUDDEN being as dope as he is, he still is having WAAAAAYYY 2 much confidence (cockiness) towards METH who is FAAAAAARRR from wack. “I’LL CUT HIS HEAD OFF” NIGGA PLEASE!!! Lyric-wise, HELL NO!! I put this on everything I love, bar-4-bar, it will be an even battle. And I’ve said that shit too many times already. People are sleeping on METH 4 no good reason AT ALL. And also, I’ve said this:


    I can’t cee it, I just can’t.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    but I still think that as far as respect goes, it will drop for Meth if he doesn’t go in on him after talkin slick back. You are a rapper, get in the booth.
    Naw, JOE made the call, he should be the one 2 do it, NOT METH. METH was only defending himself. Why would u lose respect 4 METH?? Apparently u feeling a little salty about JOE even getting at METH in the first place. U know JOE ain’t getting at METH on the mic LIKE THAT. Just admit it, METH will give JOE a run 4 his money, and vice-versa. NOW THAT WILL BE A BATTLE THAT WOULD TURN UP AS A DRAW, IMO. I know I said up top that SAI crushed JOE, but on the real, that was more of a draw, I’ll give u that. BUT, that still doesn’t deny the fact that it was 3 diss tracks to 1, and that 1 equated to that 3. Meaning that JOE couldn’t cee SAI with just 3 for real. SAI got in his ass yo, WITH JUST ONE.


    ITS CRAZY JOE DAVOLA (FROM SEINFELD)!! Joe is the crazy kid that starts trouble on ya block gets his ass whipped then runs in the house. Moms yelling out the window leave him alone, he’s on medication.

  • icon (trillbert arenas)

    The guy can spit his ass off, but I just never really got into him


  • nellz

    in 2009 Joe Budden is the better rapper. Concept wise, and lyrically…he shits on meth. I love meths delivery though.

  • That nigga

    Meth never battled anyone on mainstream. Joey will mop the floor with Meth (2009). Sorry, and I am a fan of both. Just being honest. WTF? is wrong with XXL not posting my previous comments??

    • that nigga

      Niggas also gotta stop livin’ off reputation and put some work in Meth.

  • Brahsef

    Why would anyone want to battle Meth? I wouldn’t want to diss Meth just cause you might not be able to smoke some of the finest pearled blunts you’d ever have a chance to puff. You all know Meth be rollin blunts better than any of ya’ll or your friends.

    If they did battle, I think Budden would win lyrically but would come out with a song where his flow sucks ass and he once again uses an asstastic beat.

    Meth might call up RZA for an old-style Wu-banger, and even if they lyrics aren’t as good I know I’d be listenin to that joint.

    Budden needs to retire. He’s like one of those NBA players that the announcers every year says he has potential, but he’s now like 28.