I've never been a Joe Budden fan.

The guy can spit his ass off, but I just never really got into him. I'll listen to everything he drops a few times, respect his spit game, but it's never really in heavy rotation nor do I plan on buying any of his solo records. Slaughterhouse, now that's a different story. I look forward to hip-hop's new four horsemen releasing an album this summer.

But back to Joe, I peeped this great Up Close & Personal interview on him last night. Shouts to my dude Executive Nick. He produces the piece. In any event, part 1 of the Budden series discusses the ongoing (is it a feud?) between Budden and Method Man. Now, I was the first person to cry foul when he first called out Method Man. My thinking was, out of the 128 rappers Vibe listed in the Best Rapper tournament, why in the world did Joe have to single out Meth?

As dope as he is, I think Budden has delusions of grandeur. I think he may think he's better than MCs who would roast him anyday. Case in point, he always claims to put his foot in somebody's ass on Slaughterhouse records, but that's yet to happen. He has the weakest (still dope) verse on pretty much every Slaughterhouse record. I don't think Joe realized that Vibe is trying to crown best rapper ever. If we're talking history, Budden is absolutely not one of hip-hop's top 50 best rappers. His catalog pales in comparison to Meth's. That being said, as of June 4th 2009, Joe Budden is better than Method Man. That's all he was saying. Now Meth is obviously pissed. And I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up dissing Budden, but if he does, he'll lose. Budden will merk him lyrically.

As much as Budden usually gets on my nerves on Joe Budden TV (I think it's his tone or arrogance), I couldn't deny that he made great points during the Up Close & Personal piece.Sure, saying "I'll cut his head off his shoulders" was a poor choice of words, but come on, you knew it wasn't a physical reference, all lyrics. Joe's being condemned for saying what every MC is really thinking. I'm sure these new kids respect the hell out of Meth, but I'm pretty sure they all think they're better than him. And as Joe pointed out, they should. Every damn MC should feel like they're the best out. When it's all said and done. People have been trying to crucify Joe for his opinion. What kind of shit is that? And he's willing to prove it too, but I've yet to hear anybody step to the plate.

My favorite part of the interview is when he broke down comments that Method Man and Busta Rhymes said on Ed Lover's morning show. Meth claims Budden is dissing him cause his album's coming out. But as Joe pointed out, if he really wanted to get promo out of dissing somebody, he would have A) dissed a bigger, more relevant artist B)dissed the artist when his album was coming out, not Meth's. Secondly, Meth tried clowning Joe for being on the bench. While I'm not too sure Joe's independent by choice and not circumstance, Meth isn't in the best of situations either. Sure, he's on Def Jam, but as Budden mentioned, most view him as being on the bench on the team (I know he said door but team makes more sense) he wants to play for. On another note, why is Busta Rhymes suggesting a Joe slap when all the dude wants to do is rap? Budden is talking music, but Bus is talking violence. I don't see him catching flack for that, though.

I respect him tremendously for talking ish and be willing to back it up rather than speak on some politically correct BS he doesn't even believe. By the way, I never would have wrote a blog like this about anybody other rapper. They too damn sensitive. I did cause I know Budden won't take offense to it. He gets it. There won't be no response on Joe Budden TV or no angry vlogs. He gets it. But apparently a lot of people don't.-Jackpot