Is World Star down with 5-0?

You can hardly swing a dead cat on the Internets today without hitting a story about World Star Hip Hop. Vlad TV has a clip from World Star, in which it’s suggested that Q, the guy who runs World Star, is a snitch. And in my infamous hip-hop advertising email group, there’s another discussion about whether or not they’ll be able to make very much money.

Even on my own site, I did a post the other day about how World Star has been coming up with a lot of good cam hoo-er clips. This past weekend, I got an email from them about a video of a photo shoot Ice T’s lovely wife Coco did with Smooth magazine, which is somehow still in business, despite the fact that King had to wave bye bye. Let me guess: they spend less money on editorial. I wonder if they’ve received any kind of boost, now that they’ve got that much less competition.

So, I checked World Star, to see if this video was worth posting on my site – you know a brother’s gotta keep high standards. And I noticed the view count was way higher than any of the other clips that day. It was orders of magnitude higher than similar cam hoo-er clips, including a clip of this woman Elke the Stallion that I liked even better, though I know some beg to differ.

Elke the Stallion is just a huge woman. It could just be because she’s got the camera on the ground looking up at her, but it looks like she could play in the NFL. And while I’ll maintain that I’ve never seen a woman in person that I thought was too skinny (certainly not an ethnic woman), I’ll admit to having a certain fascination with extremes. All I’m saying is: if you’re gonna get one of these women with huge asses, you might as well get one roughly twice the size of a normal human being.

But I digress. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, WSHH.

People stay giving World Star shit, but like I said, I’m finding valuable clips there day in and day out. Alas, I think that’s people’s problem with World Star. If you couldn’t find such great videos of cam hoo-ers, people getting the shit kicked out of them, shit they obviously don’t own the copyright to, so on and so forth, people wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about World Star Hip Hop. They could just as easily go to YouTube or some shit. And so, people are pissed that World Star is making a mint (or are they?) doing shit you’re not supposed to do.

I’ll spare you any further discussion of my hip-hop advertising group, at least today, since I already once did a post for this site on a discussion we had about whether World Star can make any money. And lord knows I’ve had enough problems with eskay this week. I wouldn’t want to incite him any further, what with the amount of damage that’s already been done to our relationship, for no apparent reason. The two of us need to patch things up. No fishsticks.

(You’ll recall that, in my other post about the ads on World Star, eskay went on another one of his patented bitchfits, about how the people who run World Star are stealing bandwith or some shit, and I thought it was ironic that someone who’s essentially a bootlegger was trying to make an ethics case against someone else. But like I said, I don’t really want to get into that today.)

However, I will point out that one of the guys in the group, Hashim, who once famously ordered a shedload of pizzas to the XXL offices, posted a link to a site that shows that, according to multiple ranking sites, World Star now has almost twice the traffic of AllHipHop. And its traffic is growing at a higher rate. As Paris Hilton would say. that’s huge. And keep in mind World Star has only been around for a couple of years now, compared to AllHipHop, which has been around since I was like four.

In that sense, it’s hardly any wonder that Vlad TV would want to take shots at World Star. The two of them are basically in the same business. World Star deserves some credit for being the first out of the gate, but I do think Vlad TV is taking it to the next level as far as original content and… um, journalism. But I doubt it has anywhere near the traffic of a World Star. And I don’t care enough about you personally to check.

Today, Vlad is running that clip from the O’Reilly Factor in which it’s revealed that Q has been snitching. I guess Bill-O, who probably stays checking hip-hop sites for any more news about his wife, found a clip on World Star in which a child appears to be in danger. And you know Bill-O can’t have that. But there isn’t a whole lot he can do about it, since he has no idea who the people in the video are. But as the lovely Amanda Carpenter points out, Q has cooperated with the government in the past to help bust people featured in the videos on his site.

The whole thing is obviously a charade. Bill knows good and well Q has no idea who the vast majority of the people featured in the videos on his site are, or how to contact them. The dead giveaway is when Bill-O says he doesn’t want to give out the URL of the site, but it’s on the screen right there in the clip they used. You wonder if the whole point of the segment is to out Q as a snitch. I wouldn’t put it past Bill-O to engage in such shenanigans. He’s obviously well versed in hip-hop, just like his wife.

What this will mean for World Star remains to be seen. With all of this publicity for the site, eventually someone’s gonna find out how they get their bandwidth. Or has the government granted them some sort of immunity from prosecution of haX0ring crimes, in exchange for Q turning people in?

Then there’s the whole snitching thing. Will artists not want their videos posted on the site, because it’s run by a snitch? Let’s say T.I. somehow gets out by the end of the summer, and he’s got a big comeback video. You see the trouble he went through to distance himself from Alfamega. Then again, Alfamega was part of T.I.’s crew, wheras World Star is just a site that posts videos. I’d be more concerned if I was one of these people who send World Star videos of themselves doing shit that’s obviously illegal.

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  • Pierzy

    World Star is like that hip-hop video show that used to come on cable access at like 2 am on Saturday nights. They’d play obscure unedited rap videos and then go to the “hosts” who were in the middle of party in somebody’s basement. It was like where the last shot of the “Nuthin But A G Thang” video was shot…minus the 40s and good looking women.

    Anyway, that type of video has finally moved online to WSHH.

    • General

      Shit I miss them shows

      • latino heat

        i miss that show too. i believe the name of it was BET Uncut.

  • General

    Worldstar is what it is and some people enjoy it and others not so much. As far as whether or not the guy that runs it is a snitch…who the fuck knows. I don’t see Bill O’Reilly as a very credible source.

    Of course the bottom line is that if you video tape yourself doing something illegal then your an idiot, because you have snitched on yourself

    • geico lizard

      co-sign recording yourself breaking the law is self snitching but if wshh is giving the feds your IP address they are snitching too. I have noticed the most ignorant videos with (fill in the blank)man showing off crimes only makes it video number 2 before that person doesnt post on wshh again. Are they locked up? Riley Freeman wouldnt appreciate the snitch tendencies of wshh.


  • $ykotic

    I actually saw that Bill O’Reilly show. For like the last month WSHH has had very few vids posted.

    And even now they’re JUST posting old news. So you can tell that something is going on.

    All of them cats vlogging, e-banging, gat holding, and basically dry-snitching should be worried.

    I remember when that “Smoke-a-Thon” was first bubbling and then I saw the Feds storming the “stores” in Cali on TV. That was the tell tale sign right there.

    I tried to get one of you bloggers to drop on it.

    And not to open old wounds but Ross was a featured artist over there.

    Anyone with a brain knew they were adjusting the “hits”. Jordan Towers(who?) had access to the hoods. The only site where you can comment without signing in. The whole setup was suspect.

    But I think when the sh*t hit the fan it was like 2 months ago. They put up a racial video and the white supremacists were spamming the hell out of that posting. My people that sh*t was sad to read. Real talk. The last time I heard that can be labeled as a hate crime.

    Enter Bill O’Reilly. The new Hip Hop police. The media watchdog.

    Again I’m not saying that’s the deal, but damn if I’m in my lane and I don’t see the signs. I’m asking for it.

    • General

      What up Sky?

      I think you hit the nail on the head with this shit…

      I will check out WorldStar every once in a while and it is usually for the same reason Bol does, but they have not have videos on their for shit lately…

      The only thing Bill O’Reilly hates worse than hip-hop is Democrats, no, nevermind, he doesn’t hate anything worse than hip-hop

      • $ykotic

        AHHH you killed my tag! LOL

        Yeah man.

  • Federal Ranga

    Media watchdogs are only as the people they are watching… the world is full of fuckups and ways to observe them in action and the tell everyone in the world.

    We are Big Brother… we just don’t know it.

    • valdez


    • BIGNAT

      Federal Ranga has a scary point if i am understanding you. what you are saying is that they make sites like wshh. to watch people as they freely talk about shit they should not. since everyone is always talking about things no matter how private. BIG BROTHER IS US IN A FORM OF COLLECTIVE INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max Profit

    I like WSHH – I dont know or care about who runs the site cause when you do somthing on camera without being carefull you are snitching on yourself.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Word to mutha I don’t even fuck with WSHH. I feel like I’m dipping my computer in a venerial disease every time I follow a link there.
    They have a good idea, and obviously have a following, but if they don’t clean shit up, somebody’s going to post a video of someone getting murked or raped or some shit and then it’s really gonna hit the fan.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Tony Grand$

    “We are Big Brother… we just don’t know it.”

    Word. Between vlogging, blogging, texting, tweeting, we just give up any information that “they” would want to know.

    WSHH is just capitalizing (?) off of it. Just like youtube. Vimeo’s next.

    On a lighter note though, any of y’all seen this chick on WSHH named LaStarya?

  • EmCDL

    Same here I don’t really go checking for that site at all. Unless someone gives me a link to something thats aon there because its not on youtube, I have no reason to check that site out.

  • Master CHeef

    This is off subject, but i got to get it off my chest. Why is the new banger by TI, “thats the way that you want it” not getting more shine?
    Everybody needs to listen to this song posted june 9 in the bangers section.

    The beat is on some ole soulfoul shit, reminiscent of old jayz and pac records. Tip’s flow is all his own and untouchable.

    The first verse is some sick ass wordplay. According to dallas’ multi-syllabic grading scale, this verse should put tip as one of the greats.

    The second verse is the worst ethering of a female on a rap record I have ever hear, reminiscent of some slim shady shit, except more realistic and even colder.

    My niggas got to give this song a few listens.

    • Master CHeef

      Also, the content matter in the first verse is inspiring. It’s got a message, reminds me of some nas “i can” ish.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up CHeef?

        You wasn’t lying man, that’s a premium track right there!

        I’m 3 weeks behind in the Banger section. All black headlines, very little purple. I gotta get caught up! Also, what happened to Mr. Len??? Please don’t tell me he got canned!

      • $ykotic

        Yeah man I heard that. He hurt that chick’s feelings with that one.

        • Master Cheef

          preciate it, guys.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Right chea, my dudes:

      Good lookin, Cheef. He banged out on that ho, word up.


    i never knew world star had stuff like that on it thanks bol. now Elke the Stallion ummm that chick look like she got the herp. she going give your ass something you can’t get rid of.

  • Mikey F Baby

    Amanda Carpenter is hotness

  • http://xxl All Dae

    somebody’s going to post a video of someone getting murked or raped or some shit and then it’s really gonna hit the fan.(Taken from OG Matt Herbz)

    I think this topic is too much for one post. We need to dive deeper into the b.s. happening behind the scenes at WSHH.

  • LowLo

    Eskay’s a crying ass pussy .Bomb on his lame ass